A little fantasy work

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A little fantasy workThe soft light of the bedside lamp illuminates the room in a warm glow. Our lips press together insistently as our hands eagerly explore one another, each body responding to the other with a heat that gathers intensity quickly.My hand grazes along your breast, stroking the erect nipple as your delicate feminine fingers stroke the length of my already hard cock. Your warm soft skin feels so smooth against mine…so enticing…so sensual. My lips drop to your neck, kissing you lovingly. I hear you moan lightly and press against me more firmly as I nuzzle that sensitive spot just behind and below your ear. My fingers stroke your other breast, caressing each full mound, stroking the smooth skin. I peek downward at those lovely swells of distinctly feminine flesh, glowing in the dim light, admiring the dusky nipples, each one firm, erect, and oh-so-beautiful. Your fingers stroke through my hair and I feel you press more tightly to me. I kiss downward…making my way slowly to your lovely breasts, kissing that sweet flesh.”Yess….” you whisper…the need evident in your voice…as I kiss and caress your breast, taking the nipple between my lips and suckling tenderly. My fingers trail down over your belly, and I feel your hips rise, eagerly awaiting the stroking caress. My hand slides over your hip…down along your thigh…then back up the inside of your leg to the warm wet lips of your pussy.You moan with delight as my fingers stroke your heated mound, gaziemir escort parting the moist folds, stroking the sensitive button within. I can hear you whimper and hold my head closer as my fingers stroke your swelling clit. I caress it with small circular motions, feeling you grow even wetter…even hotter…you gasp with pleasure as my finger slips inside you and I feel your hips raise…trying to pull my fingers even deeper into you. My fingers stroke in and out as you get wetter and wetter. Now and again, my fingers slip out of the heated channel to caress your clit once again, eliciting moans of pleasure from you.My lips trace the path my fingers took just a few moments ago, placing loving kisses along your flawless skin.I hear your cry out as my tongue slips along your slick slit…up to your erect and eager clit, circling it, caressing it, before my lips close over the tender, sensitive bud.The heady aroma of your arousal fills my nostrils, making my head swim with pleasure..you taste so good, so sweet….Your warm secret flesh in my mouth…your sweet juices pouring over and into my mouth.My hands are now behind you, cupping the cheeks of your lovely, rounded ass….pulling you to me…pressing you into my mouth as I eat your hot, sopping wet pussy eagerly, hungrily…your juices gushing out and flooding me…your hands gripped in my hair, holding my face desperately to you as your hips rise to meet me.Your soft cries of delight gaziemir escort bayan are music to my ears. I need you…now…I break free and rise above you…sliding between your smooth thighs…feeling the heat of your pussy…my cock is hard and throbbing….wanting to be inside you….wanting it so desperately.”Yes!” you whisper excitedly as the head of my throbbing cock touches the swollen lips of your sex, “Yes, lover…now…please….”We are both so aroused that I slide into you easily, completely. Your insides grip me…never wanting to let me go…as our mouths fuse passionately once more. I feel your legs move around me…your warm thighs around me…the soft mounds of your breasts pressed into my chest as your arms pull me to you.I pull out slowly, until only the head of my cock remains inside your sopping wet pussy. I can feel your body straining for mine…your fingers grip into me, and I push quickly forward once more, burying my full length into you. You gasp. I can see the passion in your eyes…the need burning as brightly in you as it does in me.I can feel your inner muscles working, gripping me…and your juices flow even more as we begin to move together…our hips coming together in an erotic rhythm…your wet heat taking my full lenght again and again.The sounds of sex fill the room…our ragged breathing…our combined moans and sighs of pleasure…the wet slapping together of our bodies as we move faster and escort gaziemir faster. My lunges become deeper and harder as my entire body begins to throb with need for you. Your flowing pussy soaks my cock…my balls…our bodies flushed and gleaming with a thin sheen.I know I won’t last long this time…it’s been too long….I need you too much….I fuck you harder…faster ….deeper.But your passion is just as great as mine….your body flushed….your cries echoing in the room. I see that beautiful grimace of ultimate pleasure…your fingers dig into my ass as you pull me into you as deeply as you can and nearly scream with ecstasy. For a few brief moments I feel the gripping, flexing and rippling of your inner muscles…the hot rush of female cum and it is too much pleasure for me to resist. I slam into you as deep and as hard as I can, burying my cock in you and groaning loudly as my cock throbs and spurts…again and again…filling you with hot sticky cum as your steaming juices flood over me…our bodies trembling and quaking…until it slowly eases…our passion subsides…our ragged breathing slows…I slip out of you and fall next to you on the tangled sheets, my chest heaving, my heart pounding.You turn into my side…press against me….panting as well.Slowly our breath slows enough for us to stop gasping. But it is only temporary…Soon, one of your legs lifts over mine and your straddle my hips. I feel the soaked and swollen lips of your still steaming pussy slide back and forth along the length of my still hard cock.”I hope you’re ready for round two” you grin that sexy grin, your eyes twinkling.My cock throbs excitedly…”Who am I k**ding?” you giggle, “you’re ALWAYS ready.”And as your hips twist and flex, I slip into you once more……

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