A Little Motivation

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“Your turn to do the dishes, my dear,” she said to him in her singsong lovey voice as she added more dishes to the small pile in the sink.

He grumbled and made his sad I-hate-doing-chores face. She leaned forward and kissed him on the forehead. He reluctantly got up and trudged over to the sink, turned the faucet on and started washing. She sat down and poured herself a glass of wine and watched his hands squeeze the sponge, soapy water running little rivlets down his hands. She took another sip and watched him pick up another dish to rinse under the water. Her eyes wandered over the contours of his shoulder blades, down his spine, circling up his cute little round ass.

An invisible force pulled her body to his. Her hands rested on his hips and she leaned her forehead between his shoulder blades and breathed him in. He looked over his shoulder but could only see part of her shoulder. He smiled and continued washing, enjoying her warmth against his body. Her hands slowly but firmly wrapped around his torso, her fingers grasping at his abs through his shirt. They danced up his firm pecs and she could feel her heart beating faster. He stood still and listened to her breathing as she slipped her warm soft hand into his shirt. He started to get hard. He backed slightly away from the sink, pushing his ass into her. She quickly slipped her hand into his boxers and curled her hand around his stiff güvenilir bahis cock. The warm sensation made him drop the bowl and it clanged against the sink. They moaned together.

He turned off the faucet just as she yanked his hips around and slid down his body, kneeling in front of him. She looked up at him hungrily as she undid the front of his pants. He watched her intently and for a brief second wondered if he should help her, but his eyes were fixed on hers. When she finally freed his thick cock, she held him in both her hands. She watched him gasp when she poked her tongue into his slit to lick out his first drop of pre-cum. His eyes closed and a low groan escaped his throat. He opened his eyes again to the sight of his dick balls-deep in her warm mouth. He could feel her tongue pressed firmly against his hard rod. Her hand swirled up and down his cock, slick from her saliva, while her thumb gently massaged the area between his warm testicles.

She continued to massage him, slurping up and down, circling her tongue around the sensitive rim of the head. His hands clasped the edge of the kitchen counter as he tried to steady himself. He let her suck him down for a few more minutes before pulling her up by the arm, spinning her around, pushing her face down on the kitchen table. He yanked her tight jeans off her round ass, tearing off her panties, pushing it down to her ankles. He kicked her feet türkçe bahis apart and delve his fingers into her wet snatch. The sudden force almost threw her off balance. Her hand clawed at the smooth surface of the table, but before she could regain her stance, he held her hips still and slid himself into her wet folds.

“Ohmygod, yes, yes, uunnnnnhhhhhh! Fuuuck!” Were all she could muster as he steadily fucked her against the table.

He pushed her t-shirt up and off her back. He reached around and held her breast in his hand, roughly pinching her nipples between his fingers. His hand cupped her throat, pulling her body back up. He nibbled down her neck, sending static tingles down her spine. He rammed it in one more time deep before sliding back out of her. She swiftly turned and knelt before him again, slurping up her own cunt juices coating his hard dick.

“I love your dick in my mouth,” she said while her hand massaged his thickness. He laid his hand on the back of her head as he threw his head back moaning.

“Yes, moan for me,” she demanded before wrapping her lips around his mushroom head.

He moaned again, louder, just for her. The heat from the back of her throat almost sent him over the edge. He pulled her back up onto the kitchen table, spread her thighs wide and nestled himself comfortably against her wet pussy lips. He held both her breasts in his hands firmly as he sucked güvenilir bahis siteleri and bit at her erect nipples. He knew how sensitive they were. She closed her eyes in sheer ecstasy as he rubbed her nubbins with his thumbs. He wrapped one hand around her throat, pulling her forward to his lips. He plunged his stiff cock inside her wet folds, so deep she couldn’t help breaking their kiss, gasping for air. He slid his hands down to her ass and held her still as he plowed into her, so hard the table screeched across the floor. She laid back and her arms spread towards the two edges of the table, clasping on as she felt her orgasm building. He watched as her back arched, breath ragged…he knew she was close, so he started rubbing her clit softly, then furiously.

“Ohm’god… Don’t stop, don’t you dare stop!”

She clutched on til her knuckles turned white. She cried so loud when she came she had to put her hand over her own mouth. Her sopping wet spasming cunt drew his big O moment close and she wanted a taste.

He pulled out of her, she slid off the table and kneeled below him. She wrapped her lips around his cock head and gently sucked.


He shot the first stream of cum in her mouth. She let the second stream land across her face before squeezing out the rest of his man juices and lapping it up like a dripping Popsicle.

She stood up and put her hand on his cheek, “Thanks for doing the dishes, love.” And started walking towards the bathroom.

“What do I get if I clean the bathroom?” He called after her.

She turned and smirked. “You want to find out?”

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