A Little Teasing Goes a Long Way


“Just…please!” she moaned out to him, her eyes shifting quickly back and forth behind the soft red blindfold. He grinned and leaned down to lap again over her thick taut nipple, already crinkled and aching in its arousal. Her toes curled with each light touch of his tongue to a different part of her bound body: left nipple, right hip, her chin, neck, ear, right inner thigh, navel, the tops of her toes. It seemed no part of her was spared, except of course, her pussy.

He hadn’t touched it yet, although by proxy he had throughout their earlier dinner out to the favorite restaurant. He had given her the remote control butterfly vibrator that morning before work and asked her to wear it to dinner tonight. She delightfully agreed, having already discussed this purchase with them a few days before. She wanted that torment, by his hand, and the thought of having it done in public both excited and unnerved her.

By the time they had reached dessert, her nervousness had disappeared. Instead, she was nearly writhing in her chair, sure that the other patrons were watching her tremble as she gripped the edge of the table. He seemed to be an expert at controlling the small quiet toy already, and she, almost, was starting to regret agreeing to this purchase. No less than five times did he bring her to the edge of her orgasm. He simply stared at her, listening as her breathing changed, watching as sweat appeared on her face, smiling as her knuckles whitened in their death grip on the table. Each time, though, he backed it down to the lowest setting. It wasn’t his intention to humiliate her by forcing her to orgasm in public. He wanted only that she spend the evening being teased. Besides, he was only doing what she had asked him to do.

The car ride home was quite interesting. Normally, she swatted away his teasing gropes and attempts to slide his hand beneath her skirt while he drove. Tonight though, she spread arched as his hand slid over her large breasts and moaned for him with each tight pinch to her nipples through the bodice of her dress and bra. He had to keep shifting in his seat, as it was growing difficult to maintain a legal speed on the highway. His cock was painfully erect, caught in a thick fold of his jeans and he realized that he was teasing himself nearly as much as he was her. His grip tightened on her nipple and he flicked the remote to the high setting, backing down only when she started cursing at him, just as she usually did right before she came. The last time occurred just as they pulled into the garage and she tried to snatch it out of his hand. He was, of course, too quick and exited the car before she could reach it. He went in to pay the babysitter and left her in the car, cursing at him as she checked herself in the mirror and attempted to make it look like she wasn’t as crazed illegal bahis and horny as she looked.

By the time she made it inside, the babysitter had already left through the front door, and he was waiting for her in their bedroom. She didn’t see him, however, but felt him as he came up behind her, his hand pressing firmly over her mouth, the length of his body against hers. He ground his crotch forward, making her feel his arousal. His free hand groped her tits, returning to those nipples he adored and proceeded to twist and tug them again, his hand pressing tighter to her mouth as she let out a loud moan. Her eyes shifted quickly, towards the open door, which he saw in the mirror. He let her go, and said, “Undress and lie on the bed. Take off that toy but don’t touch your pussy. It’s mine tonight.”

Her eyes widened for a moment and she smiled. In only a minutes, she was nude, minus her thigh highs and garter. She knew he loved them and so kept them on. She tossed aside the toy, the strap drenched that had sat between her lips throughout the evening. He quickly closed the door, locking it to ensure that, in case they woke him, their son wouldn’t just walk in and witness his parents in a way they weren’t ready to explain to him yet.

Because the light was dim and she was so distracted by her incredible need to cum, she didn’t notice the scarves tied to the bed frame. First, though, he slid the blindfold over her eyes; she smiled broadly at him and he chuckled at her reaction. He would the scarves around her wrists, ensuring they weren’t too tight. He moved to her ankles and spread them wide, eliciting yet another moan from her. Finally, he undressed and she chided him for not letting her see his body. He leaned down and kissed her full pouty lips, telling her to keep quiet.

Then, he started. On all fours over her, only two parts of his body ever came into contact with hers: his soft wet stroking tongue and the tip of his hard cock. Well, 3 if the occasional smears of precum counted. She groaned and twitched each time any part of him touched her heated flesh. The randomness of it started making her crazy and each time she opened her mouth to beg for more, he shushed her. When she finally let out her loud plea, which he ignored, he knew that it was time to proceed to the next step.

She shuddered as his tongue swept across her toes then moaned as the bed shifted as he moved from it. She lifted her head to try and hear where he was, what he was doing but could barely hear a sound. Her mouth opened to call for him and it immediately was filled her panties she had on earlier. She growled at him and he responded by tugging hard on both her nipples, telling her again to quiet down. He knew that if her eyes were exposed, her glare would be piercing through him right now. With a deep breath, she forced illegal bahis siteleri herself to relax down into the soft bed and waited, with the little patience she had left, for him to continue.

Her silence didn’t last long. She cursed at him through the soft gag as she felt him start to slide that damn toy back onto her, tightening the straps to ensure she couldn’t buck it off. Her hands tightened their grip on the scarves and her legs strained as he flicked the remote to a midway setting. Her neglected clit remembered the teasing from earlier immediately and she bit down on the panties in frustration. The vibrations kept her on a level of arousal that would almost send her into orgasm, but it was never enough. He watched her for awhile, his hand wrapped around his shaft to stroke it, enjoying the sight of his wife grinding her ass down into the damp sheets, then thrusting her pussy into the air each time he nudged the speed higher, then back down again as he turned it down to low. He realized he was enjoying torturing her in this way more than he thought he would. His cock throbbed in his grip and he winced as he pinched just below his head, trying to keep his own arousal at bay…for now.

He knelt between her spread thighs and took a hold of her gspot vibrator. He flicked it on high, letting her hear it. She responded with a loud moan, her head shaking back and forth, knowing what he was intending to do. He edged in closer to her, pushing her thighs over his, making her open up wider. His left hand pressed to her slick right thigh, peeled apart her sticky bare pussy lips, held aside the strap and slid the humming vibrator easily into her hot wet cunt. Immediately she started cursing and yelling at him, then louder as he pushed the curved head across her swollen gspot.

Still, he kept the butterfly on the low setting. He could feel her thighs tensing over his as he worked the vibrator in deeper, then pulled it back with a slow stroke over that spot, again and again. Every couple of minutes he edged the speed of the butterfly higher and soon he was on the next to the highest setting. He knew she couldn’t take much more; her body was trembling and her moans and cries had subsided to low and constant mumbling growls and pleas. Finally, with a sharp flick to the remote, and a hard even push of the vibrator against her gspot, he gave her the orgasm she had earned. She let out a loud screech and he witnessed the strongest orgasm she had ever had.

He gripped onto his cock when she first started to cum; just the sound alone of her grateful cries made his shaft throb and his precum spurt from his swollen head. He rubbed the vibrator back and forth inside her and the butterfly did its job perfectly. Her sore and nearly raw clit was assaulted by the toy and for a fleeting moment, he realized canlı bahis siteleri that the toy had probably just displaced him as her main stimulus. Her body froze as it bucked upwards then started shuddering so hard he almost lost his grip on the vibe. He watched as the muscles in her arms and legs bulged against her flesh. He let out a deep groan as he stroked his cock faster. Her reaction was starting to become too much for him and just when he thought he would cum, she let out a shriek. His head whipped upwards and realized she was trying to work the panties out of her mouth. His slickened hand pulled away from his cock and he reached forward, yanking them from her lips.

“Please, take out the vibrator and fuck me. I need that cock, fuck me baby!” He complied immediately, rewarded with a hot splash of her slick juices all over his cock and balls as he pulled out the vibrator. In the bed, somewhere, he lost the remote but somehow he didn’t think she cared. The strap of the toy slid along the length of his cock as he drove it into her and the extra stimulus nearly made him cum the moment he sunk completely into her. He knew she’d make him pay later if he came that quickly, so he did his best to ignore the rubbing of the rough strap. Then he realized the vibrations from the butterfly added to his own torment and he squeezed his eyes shut, trying to focus on the chores he had to do tomorrow.

Within a few minutes, she came again, and the grip of her spasming muscles was becoming too much for him. He pushed his mouth down to hers, and kissed her deeply, desperately moaning his need for release to her. She sunk her teeth down into his lip and yanked on it as she pulled away, begging him to cum inside her. He pounded into her and a few strokes later, their bodies sealed together, his arms tight around her bound body, his teeth sinking into one of her nipples, he came. The sensation of his thick cock swelling inside her pussy and the still frantic vibrations of the butterfly forced her to cum again, this time almost too quickly and almost painfully, and her legs yanked at the scarves, wishing for freedom so she could wrap around him.

He knew, even through his lusty haze of the dizzying orgasm he was experiencing, that he had to get that toy turned off. He yanked out of her pussy, his cock still spurting cum. One hand went into the bed and found the remote, the other wrapped around his twitching shaft to milk the remaining cum out, the final spurts splashing down over her belly and thighs.

“Turn it off, turn that fucking this off,” she pleaded, even after he did. His body shook as he undid the straps, then the scarves, then took off the blindfold. He laid down next to her and they curled towards each other, her face streaked with black mascara tears as she clutched onto his body.

“Happy V-” his words were interrupted by her mouth pushing to his, kissing him softly. “Don’t even say it, darling. There’s no way in hell I’m waiting for a whole year to cum like that again!” He just smiled at her and nodded, in full agreement.

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