A London Nightclub


He hadn’t been back to England for more than 25 years and the changes were obvious to Greg. But this was Linda’s first trip and while everything seemed different from what she was used to she accepted it. She met a lot of people, Greg’s relatives and friends, and they stayed at his brother Jack’s flat in West Hampstead.

Linda was a very attractive red-head with a slender figure and nice legs. She and Greg had been married ten years and she’d allowed him to get her involved in numerous sexual adventures – which they both enjoyed.

Greg’s friend Ken, who lived a little farther out in Finchley, took them out to dinner at an Indian restaurant near Camden Town. The dinner was excellent and after coffee Ken suggested they might like to go to a night club. Ken said he was a member of a small club, no entertainment, just a small band and dancing,

“That sounds great to me, how about you Linda?”

She said it sounded fine. So after a few minutes they left and Ken drove the short distance into Camden Town, found a parking place and they found their way down a flight of steps through a door where a man checked Ken in and they were in a noisy, dimly lit cellar.

“Be careful, Linda,” Ken said. “The manager is a ladies man and will try to get you alone.”

“He’s given up on me.” Said Juanita, Ken’s Spanish wife. “He’s an Italian Romeo, and evidently does quite well with some of the club members wives.”

It was quite crowded and there was a four piece band playing and people dancing. They were shown to a table where they were joined after a few minutes by friends of Ken’s, Joan and Larry. Larry was someone Ken knew through his golf club and Joan, his wife, was a big luscious blonde with an amazing figure.

After a few minutes Luigi, the manager, came over to say hello and asked Joan to dance, and soon Greg was dancing with Juanita and Ken with Linda. At the table a bottle of champagne had been ordered and when they were all together again they drank a toast to Greg and Linda asked them to come back often.

They continued dancing and drinking until Greg found güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri himself dancing with Joan. He enjoyed the feel of her body in his arms, with that lovely pair of tits against his chest. When they got back to the table Linda had gone to the toilet, but the party continued until Greg remarked that she hadn’t come back after about half an hour.

Ken went down the hall to the toilet to look for her and couldn’t find her and tried the manager’s office but the door was locked. Joan went down to the women’s toilet but without success.

“I wonder where she could have got to, I told her where the toilet was.” She said.

“My bet is that she’s been dragged off to a harem.” Joked Greg.

Ken didn’t mention that he wondered about the manager’s door being locked, but

suddenly there she was, looking very flushed, and grinning.

“Where were you?” Her husband.demanded. “We’ve all been looking for you.”

‘When I came out of the bathroom I met Luigi in the hall, and he invited me into his office. I said I’d go for a hundred pounds, he said fifty and I agreed. But I told him not to try anything or I’d leave.” Linda said. “So, after a..aa few minutes I left.”

“So, in the few minutes in Luigi’s office, what happened?” Larry asked.

“Well….you know…”

“Did he kiss you?” Joan asked.

“Kiss me? Yes, he kissed me.”

“Then what?” Ken said, “Did he touch you?”

“I don’t remember the details.” Linda said with a sheepish grin.

“For God’s sake, say it!” Greg shouted in frustration. “Did he fuck you?”

Linda started to giggle drunkenly and hid her head in her hands. With her face down she pulled a fifty pound note out of her blouse pocket and held it between her two hands above her head.

“I don’t believe it. If I sold my body to Luigi I’d ask more than a paltry fifty pounds.”

Joan said laughing.

Linda looked up. “Ah yes, I’m such an amateur, Joan. You’d be more professional about it, I’m sure.”

Ken, “Good for you Linda, I hope you enjoyed it.”

“You should give it a güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri try, Joan, if you could make some money it would help the budget. Maybe you could make enough to buy that new Jaguar you wanted.” Said Larry as he laughed out loud.

The rest of the evening went very well, with a lot of joking about sex and particularly prostitution. At first it embarrassed Linda, because it seemed she was being branded as a prostitute for taking the fifty pounds, but actually it had just broken the ice and what she’d done was soon forgotten.

“I knew a woman in Madrid who was a prostitute; she was driven to it by having a worthless husband and two children to feed and couldn’t find a decent paying job. She was very nice and seemed to enjoy her work.” Juanita told them.

Ken drove them home at about one o’clock in the morning. Once in the flat Greg asked Linda about what had happened and if she’d really let Luigi fuck her for fifty pounds. The whole thing made him extremely hot and he had to know the whole story.

This is what she told him:

I was coming back from the toilet and I met Luigi coming out of his office. He asked me if I’d like to come into his office for a minute.

I thought for a moment and said, “Okay, for a hundred pounds.”

“How about fifty?” he answered.

Again, I thought for a couple of minutes. I was quite drunk, and this was beginning to be fun. What harm could it be? I could easily turn him down if he tried anything

“Okay, but don’t try anything funny. I don’t trust you.” I told him. What did I mean by that? I didn’t know.

He opened the door and let me go in first. I stood inside the door and felt his hand on my shoulder as I turned to face him. He kissed me. Harmless enough I thought. He kissed me again, and I returned the kiss as he took me in his arms. This went of for a few minutes and was very nice, with him becoming more forceful until his tongue parted my lips.

This was getting more enjoyable, hotter, and soon it was a full French kiss. Oh, so nice! His hands were cradling my bottom, güvenilir bahis şirketleri pulling my hips toward his. One of his hands came up to cup my breast and when he started to pinch my nipple lightly, well you know what that does to me.

He soon had my blouse undone so I unhooked my bra, which, as you know, does up in front. His mouth found my breast and after much kissing he started to suck on my nipple. My knees were getting weak as I held his head against my tit, and………….

Next thing I knew he’d pushed me back on to the couch where I lay while he kissed and fondled me. You know how sensitive my breasts are, Greg. He had me very worked up and when he slipped his hand up under my skirt my heart started to pound.

He pulled at the band of my panties and said, “Take off your knickers dear.”

As I pulled my panties down I felt a rush of heat through my body. I instinctively opened my legs and heard him say:

“Ah, that’s lovely.”

I felt his fingers on my labia, stroking, and slowly pushing into my vagina. My whole body was on fire. I wanted him. I wanted him to fuck me. His kissing was driving me as wild as his fingers. We had our tongues deep into each others mouths and were gulping each others saliva. I was almost faint with need and heat.

There was a pause and I looked up to see him taking off his trousers. He turned back to me and our mouths met again as he eased himself between my legs. I felt him pushing his penis into me and felt as if I’d explode.

Oh Greg, that felt so good! Soon he was pounding me, hard, and I reached a very nice orgasm quickly. He just didn’t let up and I had a series of small, sweet climaxes. He paused and kissed me several times, continuing to fuck me slowly.

He said something like “Are you okay?” and I must have answered that I was feeling wonderful.

He started to fuck me again, slowly at first but building up until I had a huge, shuddering orgasm. He didn’t let up but just kept on pounding, pounding, until he suddenly jerked several times and finally just lay there on top of me. He kissed me gently then:

“That was lovely, my dear. But now you must get back to your friends and I must get back to work. We’ll do this again, soon.”

Yes, Greg, to answer your question in advance, it really was lovely – better than lovely – Super. I have his card and will give him a call soon.

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