A Long Ride Home


Jane stood shivering on the platform. It was a cold Friday in November and her boss had asked her to stay behind and finish off the project she was working on, so she had missed her usual train. She glanced up at the clock on the platform. Only another 3 minutes until her train arrived.

Sam had been sat on the platform for 20 minutes when the girl arrived. Long brown hair, pretty blue eyes and a body that would make any man hard. Clearly it was working because even in the freezing air on the platform, he could feel his cock stirring in his pants. He licked his lips and watched the girl looking impatiently at the clock…

The train arrived and Jane felt the familiar whoosh of warm air as she stepped through the doors and into the carriage. Unwrapping her scarf, she sat in the first available seat and sighed contentedly. Only an hour and a half and then she’d be in her boyfriend’s car, on her way home. To celebrate the weekend, she thought, maybe I’ll give him a quickie in the car. She felt her pussy get wet just thinking about it. She bit her lip and crossed her legs, trying desperately to ignore the throbbing heat between them.

Sam boarded the train behind her, watching her ass sway as she walked ahead of him, looking for a seat. He felt his cock twitch again and clenched his fists in an attempt to control himself. As she sat down, he took the empty seat opposite her. She didn’t even glance up. He watched as she crossed her long, slim legs and chewed her lip. Her breathing had sped up and her breasts were rising and falling rapidly. Sam shifted in his seat, trying to hide the bulge that was growing in his lap.

She sighed and glanced around the train, her eyes resting quickly on the man sat opposite her. Short black hair, green eyes and a tall athletic build. His body reminded her of her boyfriend’s and the throbbing between her legs intensified. It had been 2 weeks since she’d last seen him and they had fucked eachother senseless before she left. She sighed again, remembering the way his cock felt inside her. Still, only an hour and a half and she’d have it buried deep inside her. She glanced up at the man again and found herself doing a double take. He had an erection. And judging by the size of the bulge, he was even more well endowed than her boyfriend. She could feel her panties getting wetter as she stared at it.

Sam was doing a very poor job of hiding his hard on. He didn’t have anything he pendik escort could put over his lap to hide the tent that was forming. Self-consciously he glanced over at the girl, hoping that she hadn’t noticed but to his dismay she was staring straight at it. His stomach lurched, but then she met his eyes. She didn’t seem disgusted or offended, in fact her eyes were a little glazed – could this mean that she was aroused? She smiled at him, uncrossing her legs and recrossing them the other way slowly, affording him a good look at the black lace panties she wore. His cock grew harder still.

Jane was unbearably wet now, flashing the man her panties had been a risky move but he definitely seemed to enjoy it. The bulge in his pants grew bigger and she began to fantasize about just getting down on her knees and sucking his cock in front of everyone. She unbuttoned her shirt a little, revealing a glimpse of her 36DD breasts and the lace bra that held them. She looked up at the man, who was staring at her with lust in his eyes. Slowly she stood, removing her coat and heading towards the train bathroom, giving the man a meaningful look. The next move was up to him.

Sam’s eyes widened, did she really want him to follow her? He waited a few minutes, and when she didn’t return he got up and followed her.

She closed the door behind her and slipped her lace panties off, moaning as she peeled them away from her wet pussy. She couldn’t wait an hour for her boyfriend, she needed a cock now. She waited a few minutes until she heard a tap on the door. She smiled and opened it slowly.

Sam saw the door open, and there she was, smiling sexily. He glanced down and saw her panties laying on the floor. With a groan he entered the bathroom, closing the door behind him and pressing his lips hard against hers. She pressed her stomach against his cock and he grunted, ripping open her shirt to reveal her big, round breasts. Pausing only to save this image in his mind, he reached his hand into her bra and pulled out her nipple, latching his hot mouth around it and sucking.

Jane gasped with pleasure as his lips closed around her nipple. She fumbled with his belt, desperate to feel his huge cock in her hand and arched her back as his tongue worked on her breast. Letting out a soft moan, she grabbed his free hand and placed it between her legs. Without argument, his fingers began to rub her hot, shaven pussy kartal escort and she moaned again. His hand stopped for a moment and hiked up her skirt around her waist, she gasped spreading her legs wider for him. His hand returned to rubbing and he gently slipped two fingers inside her, rubbing her clit with his thumb. She moaned louder and fumbled more frantically with his belt, finally undoing it and sliding his pants down so they hit the floor.

Sam groaned as his pants fell to the floor, freeing his cock from the restriction and started to finger fuck her hard, determined to make her cum. She started writhing with pleasure, pushing her cunt down on to his fingers as they slipped in and out. He felt her hand reach into his boxers and close around his cock. He moaned with pleasure as she started pumping his cock. He pulled his fingers from her pussy and lifted her onto the sink, reluctantly pushing her hand away from his cock and dropping to his knees in front of her.

Jane felt disappointed as he removed his fingers from her. She needed to cum so badly, but when he dropped to his knees she smiled her understanding and spread her legs. When his tongue touched her clit she shuddered with pleasure and put her hands on the back of his head so his face was buried in her pussy. His tongue swirled and licked so furiously that she started to grind her cunt against his face. She felt him moan into her pussy, his tongue still licking at her clit, delving into her slit. She felt her orgasm nearing and started to moan loudly.

“Oh god…oh fuck…don’t stop…I’m cumming!” She gasped as the orgasm took her, rippling through her body so intensely that she wanted to scream. He pulled away, stood up and lifted her off the sink. He kissed her again, and she tasted her juices on his tongue. He pulled away and turned her around so she faced away from him. She bent over and spread her legs, desperate to feel his cock inside her.

He held his cock, so desperate to fuck her that he couldn’t bring himself to stop and put a condom on, instead he guided the head to her slit and gently entered her. She gasped at his size and he allowed her a minute to adjust to it, but she started to push back against it, impaling herself on him. He grunted and pushed it in until he was fully inside her and she moaned again.

“Holy shit, you’re so big…fuck me…fuck me hard!”

He started to fuck her, maltepe escort slowly at first, then faster. He watched her face in the mirror as she begged him to fuck her harder. Suddenly her phone rang, and she checked the caller ID.

“It’s my boyfriend, I should probably take this” she whispered, grinding against his cock.

Sam grinned “I’m not stopping you, go ahead and answer, I’ll keep quiet” he thrust into her again and she moaned.

Understanding what he wanted, Jane answered the phone.

“Hey baby, what’s up?” She said breathlessly as Sam continued to thrust in and out of her.

“Hey, sorry baby, I can’t make it to pick you up, I’ve been held up at work. Are you okay to get a taxi?”

“Yes! Oh yes!… I mean sure baby, that’s fine, I’ll find a ride”

Sam began to pound her harder and she stifled a moan.

“Cool, I’ll see you later then?”

His hands reached up and grabbed her tits as he fucked her.

“Ohhhhh… I’m uh… Actually kind of… Tired tonight… Can… We… Rain check?” She said, gripping the sink with one hand.

“Well, yeah I guess, sure, see you tomorrow.”

“Bye!” She hung up and threw her phone to one side.

“Did you feel naughty? Talking to your…boyfriend while I’m…fucking your hot little pussy?” Sam whispered into her ear

“Ohhhh yes…I’m so naughty…punish me…by fucking…me harder!”

Sam started pounding into her hard, he could feel that he couldn’t keep this up much longer before cumming in her so he slid his hand down and started rubbing her clit as he fucked her.

“Oh! Oh fuck… Yes fuck me hard… Right there… Don’t stop… I’m so fucking close!” She screamed as he fucked and rubbed her.

He grunted and raised his hand, slapping her across her ass.

“You’re a dirty little whore aren’t you? Fucking a total stranger in a train bathroom. Talking to your boyfriend on the phone while my cock is buried deep inside you”

“Oh fuck… Yes I’m a dirty whore… Don’t stop fucking me, I’m gonna cum on your cock”

He felt his balls tighten but he held back, fucking her hard and fast.


Her back arched as her pussy tightened around his cock and she screamed in pleasure. He stopped holding back and released his cum deep inside her cunt.

“Oh fuck yes… Fill me with your cum” she gasped

He groaned as wave after wave of his hot sticky spunk spilled into her, and when it finally stopped, he pulled his cock out and there was his cum dripping down her leg.

They looked at each other and smiled.

“So, do you need a ride home?” He said, slipping his hands back into her bra and caressing her nipples.

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