A Long Time Coming

Big Tits

With a critical eye, she looked over the reflection of her curvaceous figure in the mirror, head to toe. Her auburn hair lay softly in loose waves against her pale skin. Normally, the redness of her hair and the pink hue of her skin deterred her from wearing dark, rich, crimson reds, but tonight she donned her sexiest lingerie. Her red bra trimmed with black lace paired with black silk panties was deliciously vampy. Her voluptuous body looked so feminine and seductive when adorned in only undergarments. Repositioning herself, she glanced at her ass in the mirror. So full and perky, she knew he wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off of it. Or his hands. Her phone vibrated on the bed and she lunged for it with a ridiculous grin. She had waited so long for this night, for this message. She held her breath.  “Come over. We can chill. Watch a movie and cuddle.” She knew it was a ploy. There would be so much more than cuddling. Especially when he caught a glimpse of her lingerie. She jumped up, shuffling through her closet for a low cut top sure to let enough of her lacey bra peak out from beneath it.  Dressed with effortless escort izmit sex appeal, she ran to her car. Before she could start the engine she took a deep breath. She had known Trey for just shy of a year. They had been working together and despite their obvious sexual tension, had been keeping their relationship strictly professional. Tonight would change everything. Their casual work friendship and harmless flirting was going become something more. Something secretive and smoldering and oh-so satisfying… She shivered at the thought of it. The drive seemed endless. She rummaged frantically through her purse at every red light, powdering her face, glossing her lips, spritzing herself with perfume. She was nervous and excited. She wanted to look perfect for him. When she pulled into his driveway, Trey was standing on the porch, leaning coolly against the railing. The easiness about him always intimidated her. He had such a quiet confidence, an effortless cool. “You sure got here quickly,” he called to her as she got out of her car, the porch light illuminating his smirking face. She blushed, but izmit escort the darkness hid her embarrassment from him. In truth, she couldn’t have gotten here soon enough. They both knew that. “What movie should we watch?” She inquired, sauntering towards the living room couch. “Not here, we’ll watch in my room,” Trey instructed, taking the lead. He started down the hallway, turning to grin at her before entering his bedroom. His smile was so perfect she felt her breath catch in her throat. God, she wanted to bite that beautiful lower lip. To feel his soft, full lips against her neck… She positioned herself carefully on his bed. She wanted him to catch a glimpse of her bra, to stare at her breasts, to rip off her clothes! He was fidgeting with the TV, his back to her and she couldn’t bear it. Her mind was racing. ‘Say something seductive!’ she thought. “How about we just talk,” he said, before she could utter a single, sexy syllable. He sat beside her on the bed. “Or we could cuddle.” There was that grin again. Oh and those mischievous, twinkling eyes. He lay down on the bed. “What izmit kendi evi olan escort do you want to talk about?” He questioned. She slowly flipped herself onto her stomach and lay down beside him. She was careful to make sure her breasts caught his eye this time. When his eyes darted down from her face to her chest she felt empowered. “You invited me here to watch a movie. Now we’re in your bed,” she said flirtatiously, “It seems like you lured me here under false pretenses.” Their workplace flirtatious was immediately reignited by her wit. “Well,” he retorted, rolling towards her, “I thought we might like to talk in private, outside of work.” He was close to her now. Not touching, but very close. He looked her right in the eyes. “Oh, is that what you thought?” Her eyes glistened and her voice oozed of playfulness. “I do have something to say to you…” He smiled at her curious face for a second before reaching for her, and kissing her lips ever so softly. They pulled apart and smiled at each other. The wait was over. It was finally happening. In an instant they were a tangle, her fingers running through his short, dark hair and his on her back pulling her body close to his. Their kisses were passionate and desperate. He licked her lips and she bit at his playfully, like she’d dreamed of for so long. While they kissed, still intertwined, she tugged at his shirt ‘til she’d rid him of it.

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