A Long Time Coming Ch. 03


Cal and I sat across the kitchen island from each other. We sipped our coffee and snacked on fresh fruit.

“Do you like our sex play?” He asked.

“Yes, I do, I admitted. It’s the most exciting and satisfying sex I’ve ever had. Our play is very new to me, and it works well. And you? Is it working for you?”

Cal nodded, smiled, and said. “I think contrast is the secret. Your feminine side makes me feel masculine, just as my masculinity enables you be feminine. Together we can indulge in a deeper expression of our gender.”

I stared at him while I considered his words. Cal was very creative in our sexual games. He had obviously put some thought in this subject. I found this very sexy… very. I flashed memories of the carnal delights we’d shared. In the last eighteen hours we’d shared more intimacy than I had ever experienced.

I looked over to the mirrored wall and saw us, Cal in his black bulky bathrobe and me in the silky pale blue dressing gown.

I was also wearing a matching pair of panties. They were a little bit wet, as his seed leaked from me.

I said;

“I find this fascinating. On one hand I’m embarrassed and feel silly, on the other, I can step out of myself and surrender completely to you, and our connection.”

Cal met my gaze intently. He seemed to get more serious then he asked,

“Would you do something for me?”

I was taken off guard by the way he said this. It was a bit out of character for him. Usually he just told me to do things.

“It’s kind of a big thing.” He continued.

Cal was clearly uncomfortable with the request he was about to make. I felt a rush of affection for him. I got up from my seat at the island and moved to his side.

I put my arm around his big shoulders and answered, “Of course! What is it?”

It was Cal’s turn to be embarrassed. He looked down at his hands and said, “I’d like you to shave.”

I was just about to tell him that I was planning on shaving when we took a shower. My face was scruffy. Then it dawned on me that he meant something else. This fact swirled in my brain when Cal began to elaborate.

“I’d like you to be completely smooth, chest, back, armpits, legs…. your ass too.”

He looked up at me finally regaining his confidence and continued.

“We could leave a patch of pubic hair, but also shave your balls.”

Cal was hairy. Not exactly ‘bear’ nor ‘caveman’ but he was lightly covered with dark, moderately coarse, body hair.

I took a breath and considered what he was asking. I would do anything to please this man. In fact in the past 18 hours I HAD done several things that were well outside of my comfort zone.

With more enthusiasm than I felt, I agreed.

Cal perked up noticeably. “Really?” He said brightly.

“Yes, of course.” I answered quickly.

Cal stood up and wrapped me in crushing hug.

“Jump in the shower and get dressed I’ll call the salon.” Cal spun on his heel and hustled into his office”

Now I was confused… salon? Oh well, I was committed now.

Twenty minutes later we were in Cal’s car and on the way to the esthetician.

Twenty minutes after that, Cal and I were sitting in a private room in a spa that catered to gay men.

It was a bit like a doctor’s office. A white leather adjustable reclining massage table dominated the room. The lighting was subdued, the decor elegant, minimalist, and immaculately clean.

Cal and Elliot the esthetician, (Cal had told me Eliot was gay) were discussing the services to be performed.

I sat on the table swinging my legs and trying unsuccessfully to be cool.

I was only half listening to the guys talk. I really didn’t want to know any details. I heard terms that I understood, but it was like this was happening to someone else. A bit like a dream.

Then, Cal was out the door.

Elliot smiled (or was it a smirk) at me, and told me to take off my clothes. He called me ‘scotty’ because that’s how Cal had introduced me. It was a name that only Cal used for me. Having Elliot address me that way made me feel… exposed… I guess.

The story of the process is a story all to itself. I will forgo the details here. There was waxing mostly, some shaving and plucking.

Elliot gave me lots of instructions on skin care and maintenance. topkapı escort I walked out of the treatment room an hour and a half later with a bag full of lotions and creams.

Cal was standing in the waiting room. He opened the door for me and we walked a step or two to his car. We were both a little nervous. I began to get an erection.

When we were rolling onto the interstate for the short ride back to Cal’s condo, I realized our roles had flipped a bit. I was the one who had a secret now. Nothing about the procedure showed on me. My clothing, jeans and a loose short sleeved shirt covered everything that had been done.

Boldly, I reached across the console and slid my hand up Cal’s thigh and felt for his cock. He was hard as steel. He had time only to gasp before I pulled my hand back.

“Glad to see me?” I joked, acting cheeky and gay. Cal just chucked.

Quick as a snake he shot a hand from the wheel and pinched my closest nipple. I squealed and cowered back from his attack crossing my arms across my chest.

“So,” Cal said, “Did it hurt?”

“Eliot is very good at his job.” I said. “I had to grit my teeth sometimes, but in general it wasn’t bad at all.”

“Did it turn you on?” Cal asked.

I admitted to him that I had an erection for the whole thing.

What I didn’t tell him was that it was not the sensation of the experience that gave me sexual feelings. It was the fact that I did this for him that turned me on.

As the tingling of my skin faded I started to feel differently. My clothing felt different.

The consequence of my choice started to sink in. But then, heck… it wasn’t THAT big of a deal. It was just hair. It WOULD grow back.

I allowed myself to feel like a changed man. That somehow I would not be the same because of this simple choice.

Cal took his hand from the steering wheel again, and simply put it palm up on the console. Putting my hand in his and interlocking our fingers seemed very ‘right’. I had never held hands with a man before, but I was very happy to be doing it.

I found myself smiling when he pulled his hand back to manage the wheel as we turned into the parking garage.

Then we were standing in the elevator. Everything was dreamy, my heartbeat was accelerated. It was almost like being a little high… or a little drunk, but of course I was neither.

Cal took my hand and pulled me close. We came together in a very soft but purposeful kiss. It seemed to deepen with each pounding beat of my heart. My face felt warm, I must have been blushing.

It felt like a first kiss. I released all the lust that I had ever felt into this sweet kiss. This was new, a new level of affection. My head was spinning. I wanted him, needed him. I realized I would do ANYTHING for him… everything for him. I was determined to show him all of these things via this magical kiss.

The elevator doors opened with a clunk, and I heard a woman’s voice say, “OH, excuse me Cal.”

Cal broke our kiss unhurriedly. “No Doris, please excuse US.”

Cal looked at me and smiled, took my hand, and led us past the woman.

Another milestone passed just then. One of Cal’s neighbors had seen and recognized us as lovers.

I was in a daze from the intensity of our mutual desire. Cal pulled me, almost stumbling to his door. I was breathing through my mouth, my face hot.

Still holding hands we went in, straight to the bedroom.

Cal reached and took the front of shirt in both hands and deftly tore it open. Buttons scattered. Cal spread his arms and opened my shirt.

He stared at my chest. Without the definition of hair around the areolas, my nipples were small and pink. Cal looked down at my hairless belly, the head of my hard penis peaked above the waistband of my jeans. I had not put on underwear when I dressed at the spa.

Cal took a deep breath and exhaled, “oooohhhh Scotty boy.”

I just panted. My mouth was open and my chest heaving.

Cal stripped the ruined shirt from my shoulders. He reached around my neck and pulled me into a kiss. Cal only lingered on my mouth for a moment this time, then he moved down my jawline to my neck. He kissed me under my ear and kissed his way to my adam’s apple, then down to my collar bone.

I was in swoon. The little etiler escort affectionate kisses transported me to a place of profound carnal yearning. I was confused by the yearning. It surpassed anything in my experience.

The kisses and bites and licks didn’t stop. Cal kissed my throat and my face and my eyes. He clamped his mouth to mine and slowed the teasing to indulge in deep tongued lover’s soul kisses that I returned with everything I had.

Cal pushed me backwards abruptly. The aggression surprised me and I fell back on the out of balance. I bounced on the bed and bewilderment must have shown on my face, because Cal laughed as he fell on me like a carnivore.

He took my triceps, one in each hand, and pushed up forcing my arms above my head. He began feasting on my tiny unprotected nipples.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuck,” was all I was able to say before my vocalizations turned into moans and yelps.

Still holding my arms up, Cal next attacked my armpits. He licked and sucked first one, then the other. He rubbed his grizzly face there as well. This produced and assortment of sensations. It tickled and chafed but the result in me was just another uptick of craving.

Cal released me and stood. He put his hands on his hips and told me, “Suck your man’s cock Scotty”.

I didn’t have to be told twice. I was in a state of high excitement. I needed to diffuse the buildup of urges by expressing some affection of my own.

I slid off the bed to my knees and reached up to open Cal’s pants. His penis was iron hard and protruded through the fly of his boxers. I gently grasped his cock, and carefully freed it from the underwear.

I stared at his organ, and fondled him with my fingertips. I gently laid the head of his cock on my extended tongue. I looked up at him. I was so very ready to suck him. I moaned long and loud when I took him deeply. Cocklust came upon me immediately and I closed my eyes and set about performing the best fellatio that I could manage. I kissed his penis, fondled his testicles. I sucked him alternately softly and aggressively. I rubbed his saliva slick cock all over my face, then dove back down on him, taking him to the hilt.

Cal said. “Ohhhh baby, what has gotten into you?”

“Just your glorious cock, lover,” was my response.

He grabbed my head and pulled me to my feet for more soul kissing. These were wet slobbery kisses. Every bit as naughty as cocksucking. I loved them. Cal poked his penis at my navel, and rubbed it’s wetness over my hairless stomach.

He reached down and opened my jeans and again laid me back down on the bed. Cal stepped back, grabbed the cuffs of my pants and pulled them all the way off.

Cal slowly stroked his cock as smiled down at me. He was looking me up and down.

“Scotty, you look very good this way.” Cal said. “I can tell you like it too.”

He was right, I did like it. But it was his reaction that I liked the most.

Cal knelt by bed, spreading my legs as he did. He put his hands on the backs of my knees and lifted my legs to expose my sex.

“Goddamn, baby baby baby,” he said. “Your pussy is lovely.”

I was wide open and exposed to his view. Again I had a moment of epiphany. Another page turned. This was how sex was supposed to be. I got it. I knew what to do next.

I raised up on my elbows so I could see him better.

“Please eat my pussy. Make me wet for your cock. I need you inside me. I can’t wait any longer. Fuck me lover, fuck me Cal. Take me. Make me yours” I growled this through gritted teeth. I was panting. I was over the edge.

My ass… oops, my pussy was hungry for my man’s penis. I had to have him. I had never wanted anything as much as I wanted Cal’s fuck.

“You have turned into a wanton little bitch” Cal said matter of factly. He licked the length of my cleft, pausing only a moment to tongue my hole.

“goddamnit Cal, is this what you wanted? Is this how you want me?” I said this not in an angry way, but anxious to learn more about my lover’s preferences.

Cal laughed and said, “I want you in EVERY way.”

Then, he plunged his fat cock into me. He plowed in to the hilt. It was one powerful and aggressive stroke.

I yelled. I wasn’t expecting it. Cal had been forceful but gentle in our prior coupling, ataköy escort making sure there was copious lubrication.

This time, there was just enough lube to prevent any damage to me, but it hurt. I squeezed my eyes shut and saw stars.

I opened my eyes and my mouth at the same time. I gasped a breath of air and stared bug-eyed at Cal.

He was smiling devilishly. He pulled his rod almost all the way out and charged in again. He buried himself into me fiercely. Cal pounded me several times in similar fashion. The urgency of his fucking drove me to the middle of the bed. My smooth legs were on his shoulders and he held my thighs to his torso, preventing me from escaping.

I kept yelling with each stroke, but realized it was just fear causing my noise… the pain was pretty much gone. My ass had taken him fully several times in the past eighteen hours. We were a good fit.

I live and learn.

I met the next hard push with one of my own. My hunger to fuck him had returned.

Cal bent me double and owned me. My legs slid off his shoulders and I wrapped them around him noticing for the first time how his body hair tickled. He reached up and did the finger interlock thing with me. Cal plunged his tongue into my mouth in a kiss/tonguefuck. I grunted into his mouth in time with our fucking.

I pushed my hips up to meet his mating. This was different. The motivation for this lovemaking was Cal’s need. I could sense it. I was the object of his lust, the receptacle of his affection. Now it was his turn to be lost in the passion of our bonding.

His face was smothered in my neck. Every exhalation from him was also a mutter of pleasure.

Cal released my hands so that he could wrap his arms around me. I reciprocated by putting my arms around his neck. I held on to him with all my strength. My impossibly hard cock strained between my belly and his. The scratchiness of the hair on his stomach felt intense on my glans.

I humped my hips more quickly to increase the sensation on my cock but Cal interpreted this as hunger for his penetration. It WAS that too., why spit hairs?

God… this fucking was primal. We were linked by peak desire. Just as my climax was rising, all I could think of was how much I wanted this man. I wanted him just as I was getting him in the moment. His penis fully inside me, his arms around me, his skin on mine, our sweat mingling.

At the moment of my release, I still had the presence of mind to let the my exclamation to be my lover’s name. I rejected the generic shout of ‘oh god’ or ‘oh fuck’, and hummed through clenced teeth, “OH CAL!!”

Cal felt my spew between us. As usual, he let me come first. But as quickly as I took my next breath I felt his sperm coat my canal. He growled loudly into my neck.

“Yesssssss baby.” Cale said. “Take my sperm. I will make you pregnant. You are mine. No one can love you like I do.”

Cal lifted his head and untangled just enough to take my face in his hands. I followed his lead and did the same in return.

We stared into each other’s eyes for a long moment before he lowered his mouth to mine and we kissed… slowly and wetly and noisily.

Our kisses deepened, and we returned to the passion of the last few minutes. I think we were both surprised that in this moment of satisfaction, our kisses held new promise of deeper affection.

Cal release me and rose to his knees, perched between my spread legs. He pushed my knees apart and said. “I want to see your sloppy pussy.”

He didn’t seem to notice me look away in embarrassment. I had just been sodomized (I love this word and all the naughtiness it implies), but I still didn’t think of my anus as ‘pussy’.

Cal gently ran his fingers up across my opening, collecting the issue of his potency as it leaked from me. He added to the measure by shucking his penis from base to tip with the same hand.

I was horrified when he painted my lips with it. I could taste/smell flavors that I had only recently come to identify…. semen, cock, ass. Cal lowered his lips to mine. Again, our kisses became impossibly deep. My horror faded into resignation, then morphed into affection.

We were still sideways in Cal’s big bed when he climbed up next to me, snuggling behind me to spoon. He tucked his sticky softening cock between the globes of my ass. Cal wrapped his arms around me and kissed the back of my neck.

“This is love baby.” Cal said simply. He breathing was slowing and deepening. I felt myself dropping into sleep.

The last thing I remember is Cal saying, “You DO have a pussy.”

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