A Long Weekend in May Ch. 01


It was warm, the first warm days of Spring, The first Wednesday night of May. We were sleeping with only a sheet over us, because of the heat … not that there was anything over us at this moment.

“Oh, ohhh! Oh, David, David,” I moaned to my husband, whose head was between my thighs.

I strained for a moment, and shuddered, and lay still. David scooted up next to me, kissed me … I could taste myself on his lips … naughty feeling, but nice.

David stroked my hair and held me, as we lay side by side. I could feel his penis, hard against me. And he whispered, “My turn?”

I looked into his eyes, then reached down to give his erection a squeeze. “In a minute, darling. There’s something I wanted to talk to you about, before we get busy with house-guests.”

“Now?” asked David, his erection softening a bit. Maybe I had him worried. “What?” he asked.

David’s brother, Richard, and Richard’s wife, Megan, were coming to visit. Richard was four years older than David, and Megan two years older than that. They’d all known one another as kids. And these days, David and Megan worked for the same bank, but not in the same place. David was a local branch manager, while Megan worked in the regional headquarters office, a couple of hours away from us. We didn’t see them all that often, usually just holidays. This year, Megan had a bank meeting in a town near ours. David was attending that meeting, too. So, our home was the jumping off point for them.

“Is something wrong?” pressed David.

“Everything is fine,” I said. “I just wanted to clear up a little mystery in my mind.”

David lay quietly next to me, waiting.

“A couple of months ago, February, when we had Mum over?” I asked.

“If we’re thinking about the same evening, how could I forget,” said David.

“It was memorable, wasn’t it?” I smiled in the darkness.

“June is rather a handful,” grinned David. I could see the tips of his white teeth.

I said, “More than a handful! But, here’s the thing, when you were licking Mum …”

“With me in your mouth,” he interrupted.

“Yes, well, it struck me that you were rather familiar, somehow, with what was happening,” I said.

“Well,” said David. “You have had me in your mouth before.”

“With Mum, I mean,” I said. “Familiar, you licking Mum.”

David didn’t say anything.

“Had you been with her before?” I asked.

David sighed. Deep breath. Then, quietly, “Yes. Are you angry?”

“I’m not angry, David,” I said. “Have you been with her since?”

Long bahis firmaları quiet, I could hear him breathing. “Yes. Now are you angry?”

“Not angry,” I said. “With her often?”

Another pause. “Maybe once or twice a week,” David said, sheepishly.

“On your way home from work, of course,” I said. “It’s her hair, down there, isn’t it?”

“No! Well, not just that,” protested David, quietly. “I love your Mum. YOU love your Mum. She loves us, and needed something, asked for me. We’re family, she said. You’d be OK with it, she said.”

“I am,” I said. “And I’ve seen more.”

“You ARE OK with it?” asked David, astonished.

“Yes,” I replied. “Mum’s happier. You’re happier. Our sex life is better … Hell, our LIFE is better, so I’m happy with it.”

“Wow,” said David.

“Yup,” I said. “Wow. We’re living in an erotic novel.”

“Wait a minute, Karen,” said David. “You said you’ve seen more. More hair? On some other woman … more than your Mum?”

“Geez, you have a pussy hair fetish. But I’m not judging. Yes,” I replied.

“Who?” asked David. “Whose ‘more pussy hair’ have you seen, to begin with, I guess.”

“Evie,” I said.

“Evie?” David exclaimed. “Your Evie?”

“Our, Evie, yes,” I said.

“Well, I don’t know what to say to that,” said David.

“You don’t have to say anything,” I said. “But you should know that I’ve told Evie about me and you and Mum, together.”

“No,” said David. “You’re just winding me up now.”

“Evie knows everything,” I said. “She and I share all our secrets.”

“But they were OUR secrets!” said David.

“Wrong word choice,” I said. “I share all our love with Evie. We make love, not secrets, David dear. ‘I love you,’ is how I feel about you. Not ‘I secret you.'”

“OK,” said David. “I get it. We haven’t done anything to be ashamed of … consenting adults and all. But, Evie?

“Evie is on our side, David. I love her and trust her as much as I love and trust you. Does that make you jealous?”

David asked, “Would you ever leave me for Evie?”

“Of course not,” I replied. “I love you more than anything. Would you ever leave me for Mum?”

“Of course not,” said David. “We’re one another’s champions, you and me.”

“So, all I’m just saying to you now,” I said, “Is if you get the chance, check Evie out. To put Mum in perspective, you pussy-hair-addict. Evie’s on our side. She won’t be angry.”

“Huh,” answered David.

“And be extra-nice to Evie at dinner tomorrow,” I said. “She’s never kaçak iddaa met Richard and Megan. You should sit next to her.”

“Huh,” answered David.

“And I can feel you getting hard again,” I said. “Your turn, now.” I moved down the bed and took his hard penis in my mouth, thinking about what he must be thinking about.

On Thursday, Evie and I closed up our shop, K&E Gals, a little early, at 6:00 PM.

“Damn, it’s hot already,” said Evie.

“Sun dress weather!” I announced. “Did you bring one to change into?”

“Yup,” she answered. “Although I would like to have better boobs to hold that top up more fetchingly, and a smaller bum so that I wouldn’t need such a large dress-size to begin with. Catch-22.”

“You know I think you’re beautiful,” I said.

“Thank you, Karen. I love you, too,” said Evie. “It’s been a while since our spa tub party. I’m still waiting for the return engagement, my quid pro quo.” She laughed.

“Soon, I think,” I replied. “Soon, I hope.”

“Do we need to pick up food for this shindig?” asked Evie.

I shook my head. “No. David picked up a gourmet to-go feast and a few more bottles of wine on his way home. He’s there already, with Richard and Megan.”

We both went into the back of the shop, to the changing rooms, and put on our colorful sun dresses. When we emerged, I said, “Damn, we look so summery!”

Evie laughed, and slapped me playfully on the bum, as we walked together to the front door of the shop.

“Thanks for letting me crash your family get-together,” said Evie, as we locked up. She turned to walk behind the shop to get her Volvo.

“Oh, Evie. I forgot to mention. Driveway parking only tonight, because of some street-work. David and Richard were going to park their cars to leave room for me. So, you ride with me, OK?”

Evie frowned. “Then how do I get home? Or back to my car?”

“One of us will run you home, don’t worry,” I said, unlocking my Prius, parked out front of K&E Gals. “Hop in!”

We buckled up and I started up the car. “By the way, Evie?”

“Yes, Karen?”

“I’m not wearing any panties,” I said, smiling.

Evie didn’t say anything.

“I don’t think you should, either,” I suggested.

“I don’t know where this is going, but, OK,” said Evie. She unbuckled her seat belt, lifted up her bum, and slid her panties off. She stuffed the large pair of panties in her purse, smoothed her sun dress, and re-buckled her seat belt.

“I feel fresher and cooler already,” said Evie.

I put the car kaçak bahis in drive and we started the short trip to my house.

There was sort of an odd silence for a minute. Then I said, “I told David.”

“Told David what?” asked Evie, with a bit of surprise. “About us in the spa tub?”

“No, don’t be so worried, silly. I don’t think he’ll care about that when I do tell him. I’ve just had other things to talk to him about, first.”

“Like what?” asked Evie.

“I told him that I told you about me, and Mum, and him, our surprising threesome.”

“Oh, shit,” said Evie. “Is this going to be an uncomfortable evening at your place?”

“No,” I replied. “Because I also got him to admit he’s been having it off with Mum once or twice a week for months.”

“Wow! You are just dropping major sex-and-relationship bombs all over the map this year, Karen!”

“Well, here’s the bottom line,” I said. “I told him that I loved him, adored him. And that I loved Mum, he loved Mum, and she loved us, and we all trust one another. And, since things have been even better for him and me, in bed and elsewhere, since he began spending time with Mum, and since Mum is clearly really happy, I didn’t see why we shouldn’t continue.”

“Oh, my God. That makes sense, but it still sounds kinky,” said Evie.

“And I told him that I loved and trusted you, and you loved and trusted me, and so it was OK for me to share what was going on with you,” I said.

“I feel like such a privileged insider … like a semi-member of your family,” said Evie.

“You’re a full member of my family, Evie,” I said.

“God, I’m so grateful for that, Karen.”

“And I told David that you’re really hair down there,” I said.

“WHAT!?” yelled Evie, as we pulled into my driveway.

“I told David that you were really hairy down there, and he should check it out if he gets the chance.”

“WHAT!?” shouted Evie, again. “What am I supposed to do with that?”

“Whatever you like. Really. I told David to be nice to you, and to compare your hairiness with Mum’s hairiness, if he gets the chance.”

“Your life is so crazy, Karen,” said Evie, shaking her head. “And I am so happy to be in the chaos of it.”

“So, let’s go in. No panties. David wanting to check you out. And my encouragement to you both.”

“Jesus,” said Evie. “I love you so much, Karen. But don’t think this gets you off the hook with licking me.”

“I don’t need to be off the hook,” I said. “I want on.”

We got out. Karen locked the car. We walked to the front door.

“Life is crazy, right now, Evie.”

“I know, Karen.”

“I’m so happy we’re sharing it.”

“Me, too.”

“Let this evening’s games commence!” I said, opening the door. We walked in.

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