A Long Weekend with Mom Ch. 02

Angela White

I open my eyes slowly. At first, I don’t remember where I am. There’s light pouring into the room and I’m vaguely aware that it is not my room, nor is this my bed. Still half asleep, I roll over towards the center of the bed and find myself face to face with the naked back of a woman. In my haze, I tell myself that it must be Melissa. Groggily, I carefully move myself against her to snuggle, so as not to wake her. After doing so, I realize that it is in fact, not my girlfriend. Instantly, I’m awake and sitting up in bed.

“FUCK! I’m waking up in bed naked, next to a fucking stranger?!” I scream in my head. My heart’s racing now, as i panic slightly and run my hand through my hair. Then, looking back at the Woman; last night all comes back to me….

As if on cue, she rolls over. Just waking up, she peeks up at me from under covers; trying to decide if she’s ready to be awake. Seeing that I’m awake, she smiles at me and yawns. “Mmm… M-Morning love” She says, stifling another massive yawn.

My response is automatic, “Morning Mom.”

Mom moves over to me, displacing the covers in the process. I see that she’s completely naked and I feel my cock stir slightly. I’m propped up against the headboard, watching as Mom scoots over and nestles her warm naked body against me. She starts slithering her small left hand up and down my chest, making my heart hammer harder still.

“What the fuck did I DO?!” Seems to be the only coherent thought I’m capable of at the moment. My Mom is perfectly content with her head on my shoulder, almost purring slightly. She doesn’t seem bothered in the slightest by our nudity.

“Uh, Mom….” I begin. “Um…. I… Did… last night really happen?”

Her hand stops tracing my chest as she looks up at me, “Yeah Baby… It really did.”

I reach up and begin massaging my temples with one hand, putting the other over hers to stop it’s movement. “But…. You’re my Mom! I’m your boy…. What does this mean? What the fuck did I do?!”

Sitting up now, she places her finger on my lips. “Ssshhh, listen to me Baby. You didn’t “do” anything last night. I wanted you…. Son, I needed you.” She takes a deep breath and continues. “I’ve been conflicted about this for a while now Ben. I realized that I started to have feelings for you that aren’t typical for a Mother to have regarding her own son. I’ve struggled for a while about what to do…. until last night happened.”

Now facing Mom; my mouth is bone dry and I’m watching her eyes intently as she speaks to me.

“I never mean for it to happen like that Ben…. but the way that you held me; the way that you comforted me, just reminded me of all those feelings and… and I just gave in.” she smiles at me. “But I’m so glad it did happen, because I’ve come to realize that there’s no one else in the world who makes me feel as special as you do, Love. The ways that you see me and tell me how beautiful I am. Well, you complete me in ways that other men just can’t. You’ve been the only man in my life for so long now Ben; you’ve been MY man for so long… I don’t want to let go of that.”

“But… but what about Melissa Mom?” I finally manage, looking at her.

Holly takes a deep breath and looks at me for a moment before answering. “*sigh*… Ben, I know that you and Melissa are happy together, that you’re still seeing where it might go with her. I’m not going to make you choose, Son. I can accept you being with someone else, but when you are with me…. when we do things like this trip… You can have me, anytime you want. I can live with an arrangement like that.”

“Really Mom? You honestly feel that way about me?”

“Hon, I think last night speaks for itself, don’t you?” She replies softly, stroking my face with her free hand.

Thinking back, I know that she’s right. It was the best sex I’ve EVER had in my life… but it was with my Mom. Intellectually, I know that I should be repulsed by the thought of this… but if I was being honest with myself, hadn’t I always really felt more like a husband or boyfriend to her? Wasn’t that always the way I had taken care of her?

Breaking my train of thought, she continues. “And, Ben? If… If I’m being perfectly honest with you; I…” She blushes and looks away nervously. “I’m more than a little turned on by knowing that other people would say this is wrong and knowing that as your mother, I shouldn’t feel this way about you. It just makes me tingle, knowing what I’m begging my own Son to do to me.”

“I… I think I want this too Mom.” I finally whisper after what feels like an eternity. “I feel the same ways about you. I think I always have, but never understood it until last night. Whatever this is, I don’t care what anyone else thinks. I love you Mom… and I always will. I want to be here for you and take care of all your needs, whatever they are. I want to be your Man.”

Hearing that, Mom breaks into a huge smile and leans closer to kiss me passionately. Wrapping my arms around her and pulling her naked figure into me, I continue güvenilir bahis to kiss her for a moment before breaking away.

“So… what do you want to do today Mom? …or should I still call you Holly?” I add, remembering more of last night.

“Mmm, I like it when you call me Holly, Babe. Hearing you say it gives me chills.” She grins playfully at me.

“All right then Holly. What’s on your mind for today?”

Her eyes light up at my question. “Oh, I think I’ve got a pretty busy day planned for us, Ben.” She whispers as she leans into me, kissing me yet again. It starts off as a simple kiss on the mouth and builds from there. Soon, she’s running her hands through my hair as she slips her tongue into my mouth. When I gently bite her bottom lip, she starts moaning and reaches under the covers, gripping my rock hard cock. I gasp as she starts to slowly work it back and forth.

After what feels like a lifetime, I pull away from her. Leaning away from her, trying to take her in. Her beauty is staggering. Seeing her lying there in the morning sun spilling through the windows, with her sexy disheveled hair; naked and only covered from the waist down… ignites my need for her.

She’s confused at first by me pulling away, but the smile I give her says it all. She sees the need in my eyes. I wink at her and the naughty smile she returns to me makes me harden even more. I roll her on her back and roll on top of her. I let my weight settle partially on her, with my right leg in between her thighs and my hot manhood pressing against her. Running my right hand up her thigh and side of her ass, I whisper in her ear.

“I want you Holly.” …she only whimpers in response.

We kiss passionately again, but soon I’m softly brushing my lips down her neck and across her collar bone. I stop at her soft and inviting breasts, cupping them firmly. Loving the way that they fit perfectly into my hands… as though they were made for each other. Gently, I begin to roll her nipples in between my thumb and forefingers, making them hard.

After a few moments, I bury my face into her waiting breasts. Inhaling deeply, I take in her familiar scent; the vanilla-honey body lotion, mingled with the lingering traces of her faintly flowery deoderant. Two scents that I’ve known all my life, but now find irresistibly arousing. I run my tongue over her sensitive peaks once before sucking them into my mouth, causing Mom to moan loudly.

“Ooohhhh, god Ben. I love it when you do that.” She breathes

After sucking on her firm nipples for a few moments, I resume my progress towards my true goal. Though the need and lust is there for both of us, this is different from last night. The desperate urgency that made last night so animalistic is gone. I take my time, wanting this to last as long as possible. I kiss my way down her tummy, pausing to swirl my tongue in her belly button briefly and ever so slightly, tug on her belly button ring with my teeth. The latter rewarding me with a small gasp of joy somewhere further up the bed. I can hear her breathing harder now, her skin is flushed and I know that she’s as turned on by this as I am.

In between her breaths, I faintly hear. “Jesus Babe, you’re so good at this…” She interrupts herself with another moan of pleasure, “Ooohh, shit… you’re such a tease!”

I chuckle softly as i finally approach the soft patch of hair that crowns her smooth opening. Suddenly, I’m hit with her intoxicating scent; her real, natural scent. The arousal that I experience sends my mind reeling. I gently spread her thighs apart and, as expected; I see the evidence of her arousal dripping from her open slit into a tiny pool.

I immediately run my tongue up the length of her dripping crease, tasting my mother for the very first time. As soon as I taste her, my mind explodes as my raging member flexes. It’s all I can do to keep from blowing my load right here. I run my tongue up her length once more; this time swirling it around the fleshy hood hiding her sensitive bud, teasing it out into the open.

Holly and I are both moaning loudly now as I lick her. Without warning, I slip my entire writhing muscle into her moist hole; eliciting a huge “OH!!” from Holly as I begin to fuck her with my tongue. From there, I withdraw and move up to gently lap at her sensitive little bud. When I suck in into my mouth, I feel her buck as her whole body tenses while she continues to moan. Her hands have a vice grip on my hair, digging into my scalp and pulling me into her. She’s frantically grinding against my face, smearing me with her juices. I am in heaven, my moans muffled by her pussy.

“Ooohhh, god baby! I… i… don’t know how much more I can take!” Holly’s panting, trying to catch her breath; her face and breasts both flushed with color. “I… I need you inside me! I need you to make me cum… so… bad…” She barely manages between breaths. “Mommy needs it bad…. Put it in me, Baby!” Her body’s shuddering beneath my fingers and she’s pleading with me to fuck türkçe bahis her.

I slide up her body and plant a gentle kiss on her soft lips; slipping my tongue inside her mouth. She moans in ecstasy, writhing under me as she tastes herself on my mouth and breath. Her soft hands are running over my body; caressing my balls with a feather-like touch, running her fingers over the length of my shaft.

I’m breathing hard too as I look down at her. I lean forward and my lips brush her ear. “Tell me what you want, Baby. I want you to say my name and beg for it….” I growl in a low and rough-sounding voice.

Hearing that makes Holly squeal and giggle. “Ooh, you ARE a bad Boy! Alrighty…” My Mom grins lustfully up at me, as both hands grip my ass. “I want you to fuck me Ben… Fuck your Mommy, please Baby! I need it so badly…. I have to cum…. You’ve teased me for so long!!”

I know that I can’t hold onto my load much longer. Pleasing a Woman and making her moan just makes me fucking rock hard. I spread her legs and grip my throbbing 7-inches. I start by sliding my bulb around her velvety folds, lubing myself with her own juices; before lining it up with her sopping hole.

“Uhhn! Do it Ben, I want you inside me!” She’s grunting and panting, desperately trying to get me inside. My weight keeps her pinned though; our eyes lock and we hold our gaze. I want this to be the best of her life….

With that last thought, I cock my hips. In one quick movement, I’m in Holly up to my balls. Her eyes go as big as plates as I ram it home, up into the place I came from so long ago…

“OOOHHHH! G-A-W-D yesssssss!!!!!!!!” She screams, squeezing her eyes shut. I stay like that a moment, reveling in her tightness. Her pussy feels like a fucking glove when she clenches her muscles around my shaft like this. Then slowly, I draw back and begin to fuck her.

The next thing I know, Mom has her legs wrapped around me and she’s raking her nails down my back. I know I’m close, so I start thrusting harder and faster.

“YES! …YES! …YES! ….YES! She’s yelling as she matches my rhythm, frantically writhing beneath me. “Fuck me Ben! I’m almost there…. I… OH GOD!!!” Her muscles clench my cock in a death-grip as her orgasm hits. “AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! YESSSSSSS!!!!!” Holly screams at the top of her lungs as her already dripping pussy literally explodes all over me. I feel her juices soaking my balls and thighs and some of the bed as I fuck her through her orgasm.

All of this is too much and I immediately begin emptying my load deep into her pussy. Firing spurt after spurt after spurt into her until I’m spent. But I’m not finished yet, I’ve got another surprise for my beautiful Girl…

Holly is quivering beneath me, slick with our sweat. Unable to catch her breath, she closes her eyes and lies there whimpering as the shocks of her orgasm move through her body. I can barely move myself, but I have a mission. I smile at her and quickly pull my half hard cock out of my Mom. Moving down to her sensitive pussy, I begin to carefully clean her up with my tongue.

“Fucking JESUS!!” Holly yells in shock, as I lick her through the passing waves of her massive orgasm. “God… Baby…. wait… I… I can’t…” She can’t string the words together between the sensation of me licking my own seed out of her already overstimulated crease; and being unable to catch her breath. I’m undeterred and smile to myself as I continue.

“Mmm… Mmm, yeah… Right there Baby…” Holly’s lying back with her eyes closed now, one hand on her breasts with the other aimlessly stroking my hair as I continue to clean her. She’s clearly enjoying this as I prolong the electricity of her release.

I keep running my tongue in and out of her stretched and slightly gaping hole; lapping up my own cum mixed with hers and the juices all slowly oozing out of her. I’m absolutely loving this and the taste is incredible. I’ve never tasted my own cum before, but it’s turning me on. Something about the new sensation of the sweet and salty taste of it. After a few minutes, I finish my task. Having even cleaned up everything that spilled out of Mom onto the bed. With a fair amount still in my mouth, I slid up her body and plant my lips on hers; when I feel her lips part, I deposit my surprise.

She happily accepts it and pushes her tongue into my mouth as she searches for more. I pull back and collapse on my back beside her, closing my eyes. Mom manages to roll over to lay her head on my chest, draping her arm across me. Her breathing is beginning to ease now, even though mine hasn’t.

“Ben… Where on EARTH did you learn to fuck like that?!” Running her nails across my chest. “I’ve never cum like that before… that was incredible! Oohh, and when you started talking dirty to me?! Fuck! That really got me going Babe!” She plants a delicate kiss on one of my nipples. “And what you did to me at the end!!! I’ve never had a man do that to me before. Where did you learn that?!”

Panting, I manage güvenilir bahis siteleri to raise my head to look at her. “Honestly Mom? I’ve never fucked like that before. I’ve never been as hard as you make me…. Unnggghh.” With a huge groan and effort, I manage to roll to my side. Holly immediately snuggles up to me, pressing up against me.

“I don’t even know what came over me when I cleaned you up. I’ve never done that to another Woman. I… I guess I just wanted to make sure you did feel like I was… you know… Using you.” I finish my sentence quietly, not looking at her. I feel a little embarrassed for some reason.

“You are so sweet Hon,” Kissing my neck lightly, as I turn back to her. “I’m so lucky to have a man like you to take care of me.” And with that she buries her face into my neck. Looking over her shoulder, I see that it’s only 11am; making me smile at how much time we still have left together.

“So… Is there anything special you want to do today? I ask after a few minutes.

“Hmm…. What if I said that all I wanted was to spend the day here with you?”

“Yeah? I think that sounds like a great idea.”

“What did you have in mind for today, Love?” She asks as she nuzzles my neck.

“Oh, I don’t know. I can’t really argue with your idea though.” I gently rest my head on hers as I close my eyes and relax.


I open my eyes a few hours later, not even remembering falling asleep. As I lie in bed, the sun begins to fade as clouds roll in. I realize that even though I’m absolutely exhausted from what Mom and I just did, I just can’t sleep. My mind is reeling from how fast all of this happened. “Fuck. This just started as our annual trip together…” I think to myself, watching my gorgeous Mom sleeping against me with her face still buried in my neck. “… All of a sudden I find out that Mom has feelings for me and that I apparently feel the same about her.” I don’t really care what this is, all I know is that I love her more than anything and that I want this too. My thoughts are interrupted by a gentle snort from Holly.

Suddenly she rolls over in her sleep, rolling off of my chest. I sit up, looking down at her for a moment. She really is adorable when she sleeps. Deciding to seize the opportunity to take a shower, I carefully edge myself off the king-sized bed; realizing that Mom won’t be moving anytime soon. I make my way into the bathroom on the other side of the master bedroom and shut the door with a soft click.

I begin to run the water and crank it to hot before stepping in. Closing the shower door behind me, I feel an instant release of the tightness in my muscles as the water washes over me. I don’t even try to do anything else. I just place my arms above my head on the wall in front of me and lean into the steaming jet of water. Letting it roll down my 6 foot tall frame, taking my tension with it. I think about what this could mean for Mom and I… “We aren’t staying here forever and what would we do when we left? Could we possibly just go back to our lives? Go back to Melissa and James, pretending that this never happened?” The more I think about these things, I realize that I don’t want this to end… I don’t know that I want to end things with Melissa either, but then Holly did say that I wouldn’t have too…

I’m so wrapped up in my thoughts that I don’t even hear the shower door open as Mom slips in behind me. She presses her body fully up against my back and wraps her arms around me; sliding her hands up and down, from my chest to just above my cock. She’s slippery and wet now and she feels amazing moving against me. I’m already starting to get hard again.

“Mmmm…. You know it’s never polite to let a Woman wake up alone, right Babe? She might get the wrong idea.” I can hear the smile in her voice, which makes me smile too.

Straightening up, I turn around. “Sorry Mom. I didn’t want to wake you and I thought I could be back before you woke up.” I lean down and gently plant my lips on hers, bitting her lip as I pull away. She looks up at me with a look of longing in her big brown eyes.

“Jesus, are you ready for another round already, Love?”

“Mmm, not quite yet Hon.” She purrs softly, while running the nail of her index finger down my chest. “I think I’m going to need a little time after what you just did to me. I’m not used to getting it like that…. Not that I’m complaining!” She adds with a laugh.

Mom gives me that look again and I feel my penis stir against her matted pubic hair. She gives me a slight smile and softly says: “You know, I realized when I woke up that between last night in the hot tub and what you did to me this morning…. You’ve been getting a little neglected Sweetie.” Her lips push out in the sexiest pout I’ve ever seen. “And we just can’t have that, now can we?”

“Oh, believe me! I’m not complaining! This has been incredible, Holly.” I pull her close to me and slide me hands down her back, to her soft, pliable ass cheeks. “I just love that I finally get to complete ALL of you; to fully take care of all your needs. I love you so much Mom. You know that, don’t you?”

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