A Loud Mommy

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A Loud MommyIt had been a long time since Kevin had heard his mom’s headboard banging against the wall. She used to bring random men home all the time, and within minutes, he would hear her screaming for sexual mercy. The headboard would slam against the wall, rapidly, and hard. Her screams would echo throughout the house while he pretended to sleep in the next room. The forest painting above his head would shake, making him afraid it was going to fall down, but it never did. Her screams, moans, groans, pleas, and begging were etched into his mind, allowing his imagination to create a porno from thin air. But, not recently. Recently, it was the quiet hum of a vibrator, accompanied by SOME of the same screams, SOME of the same groans, SOME of the same sounds of ecstasy, but not the same as when she was being power fucked by some stranger after a night of drinking, and chain smoking in a bar. Kevin got used to, and even looked forward to hearing his mother’s sex life, even after it cooled down. He used to lay awake at night when she would go out, looking forward to hearing her get fucked, so that he could pull his dick out and jack off while he pretended he was the one fucking her. After she stopped getting fucked on a regular basis, he would lay awake at night, and wait for her to get out of the shower, because he knew she would be drilling her self with a thick, vibrating dildo. Again, Kevin would jack off and pretend he was the one drilling her. She began getting louder, and more vocal during her masturbation sessions. He began to think that her cries of “I’M FUCKING CUMMING! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!” were especially for him. She had to have known he could hear her. There was no getting around that. His room was directly next to hers. To think her cries were hidden, or unnoticed would be naive. Kevin decided he wanted to be more vocal also. In the past, while home alone, he would jack off and scream for “mommy” while he was cumming. He would make sure his groans were loud, and as he was cumming on his wrist, stomach, chest, and in some cases, on his own face, he would moan over, and over again, “Mommy…mommy…mommy…” until his orgasm had faded. Now, he would be cumming all over himself, making those same moans while she was in the room next door. At around 11:45 that night, he heard the shower turn off. His skin was tingling with excitement as he considered his daring move. The neighbor’s dog barked at something, other than that, there was no sound. A few minutes later, he heard his mother’s bed creak quietly as she climbed in. He imagined her on top of the covers. Her entire body open, and obscenely on display. A comfort she could only have in her own room behind a locked door. Kevin did the same. He tore the covers off and lay on his bed with his legs spread, his knees bent. His cock was thick, and stiff. Pre-cum drooled from the tip, and dangled to his abdomen. A few minutes later, he head the vibrator start humming. She wasn’t loud enough to hear yet, but he knew she was working herself over. Kevin spit a large glob of saliva into his hand, and began stroking it into his cock. The first few wet strokes were always the best, only comparable to the last few as you’re cumming. He heard her breathing getting louder, and heavier. “Oh mommy…” he moaned quietly. He wanted her to here him. He wanted to scream it through the wall, but now wasn’t the time. She moaned a moan dripping with the frustration, and dire need to cum. The vibrator became quieter as she shoved it into her pussy. Kevin ached to be that vibrator. He continued stroking, and as he heard her pick up her pace, so did he. “Oh my-Oh my god!” he heard her exclaim.”Yes!” Kevin hissed quietly, but louder than he had ever thought he would be. His cock was tingling with each stroke. “Come on baby…” he growled. “Come on baby…” He didn’t know if she would hear that, but in his mind, she did hear it, and she kept going. His own breathing was getting heavier, and his moans were getting louder with his mom.”Oh, god yessss!” She hissed. “I’m so fucking clo-o-o-ossssseee!” “Please cum! Please cum! Please cum!” Kevin was getting louder. He was no longer just moaning for the sake of moaning, he was talking to her. He had no idea if she could hear, maybe she was too loud, maybe the vibrator drowned it out, maybe she couldn’t focus, but he was talking to her.”Cum with me! Cum with me! Pleasssse, cum with me!” Kevin groaned while he picked up the pace, his hand a blur as he stroked his thick cock, pre-cum slinging all over his hand and wrist. He licked some cum off his hand, and continued jacking off, as focused on his mom as he possibly could be. “Mother fucker! Mother fucker! Mother fucker!” she echoed throughout the house. A hard slap on the wall nearly knocked the forest painting down. He imagined it was her sweaty, pussy covered hand slapping the wall in lustful agony as the vibrator slid in, and out of her pink, wet, cozy pussy. The masturbating continued for several more minutes. Kevin moaned for his mother, and she screamed for her vibrator, until they finally covered themselves in cum. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!…Oh, f-f-f-ffffffuuuuu——ck! Ah! Ah! Ah!…” His mother’s screams were louder than they’d ever been with any man. As she was screaming, Kevin let loose with his own moans, and cries as if he was home alone. “Oh fuck! Mommy…mommy…mommy…I’m cumming…mommy…” he was nowhere near as loud as she was, but he knew he was loud enough to hear. Thick white ropes of cum launched from his cock, landing on his neck, chest, and stomach. Some of his cum drooled down his hand, and wrist, which he eagerly licked up after catching his breath. He was nervous, and lay in bed wondering what the fall out would be. The next night was nearly the same, in bed at 11:00, and just before midnight, a thoroughly strong, vocal, spine tingling masturbation session. And the same the next night, and for almost a week. Until after one night, things changed. Kevin had rolled onto his back, balancing himself on his shoulders. His ass was in the air, a cool breeze tickling his sensitive ass hole. His hips were positioned over his face, his feet behind his head, and his cock staring straight down at him. It was an awkward angle, but it allowed him to do something he had taught himself in high school. As he exhaled all the air out of his lungs, it allowed him the flexibility to get the first few inches of his thick cock in his mouth. He loved the feeling, and would only stop to offer his own vocals to the nightly masturbation session. His pre-cum, and saliva drooled down the sides of his cheeks as he gently suckled the head of his own cock. He would re-position himself, laying there jacking off, just to give his back a rest, but after he recovered, he was back to it, each time, getting just a little bit more cock past his lips. He would only stop sucking to offer canlı bahis some “Oh mommy!”s, and he could barely contain himself during her “Goddammit my fucking pussy!”s. Eventually, it was over. Her screams, and banging on the wall signaled the end. Kevin kept his thick cock in his mouth while he listened to his mother scream “I’m cumming! Fuck! I’m cumming! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Oh god yessssss!!!!” while banging a hand against the wall. Kevin exploded. But, there was no clean up. He hunched his hips downwards, angled his head upwards, and took in more than half of his thick cock. He felt the rubbery head pressed against his throat as the warm, sticky, sweet and salty cum flooded his mouth. Thick, white ropes of cum clung to the roof of his mouth until his tongue, and saliva worked them into a thick, hot, wad. Thick strands of cum rolled down his cheeks towards his ears, and into his hair. Kevin unrolled, and his body flopped onto the bed. He swallowed the load of cum, and laid there, relaxed, staring at the ceiling. A few minutes later, there was a knock at his bedroom door. “Sweetie, it’s mom. Are you awake?” She knew he was awake.Kevin paused. “Uh, yeah. What’s up?” his heart was racing. He was excited, and terrified to find out what she wanted. What awkward conversation awaited them? “I can’t sleep. Do you want to watch a movie with me? I was going to make some popcorn.”Kevin paused again. “Uh, yeah, sure. I’ll be right down.” “Ok, I’ll see you down there.” she quietly walked away. Kevin was scared. He had no idea what she would do or say when she saw him. He normally had a full night’s sleep between “I’m cumming mommy!” and “Good morning mom, have a good day at work.” He told himself to just play it cool.Kevin threw on a pair of loose, thin sweat pants, and a t-shirt. His cock was dangling freely between his legs, loose, and soft. As he got down stairs, he saw that the lights were dim, and the living room was cozy. A thick blanket was on the couch, and he heard the popcorn quietly banging away in the microwave. “Go ahead, find us something to watch, I was thinking something suspenseful.” she called from the kitchen. “Ok.” Kevin called back. He flipped through the guide channel and found nothing of any interest, definitely nothing suspenseful. He crawled on to his knees, checking the footlocker full of DVDs. “Suspenseful, suspenseful, suspenseful.” He said to himself as he thumbed through the movies. He came across an old movie called Crash, with James Spader. He remembered it not only being suspenseful, but incredibly erotic. The film was one giant mind fuck, interrupted by twisted sex scenes. Kevin remembered buying it, but he was sure his mother had never seen it. “Hey, what’s this Crash movie? Cover says psychological thriller, has James Spader.” he pretended he had never seen it.”Don’t know, sounds good, throw it on, I probably won’t be awake much longer anyways.” She called back. Kevin’s cock twitched as he put the movie in. Moments later, his mother walked in with a large bowl full of pop corn. His jaw nearly dropped. She was wearing a champagne colored nighty that barely dropped below her butt cheeks. Her legs were smooth, and naked in all their tan glory. her dark, wavy hair dropped down her back, and the nighty gave an obscenely open view to her large, heavy tits. Her cleavage in a bra was deep, and lengthy. The nighty allowed her tits to move more freely, allowing them to relax more to the side. Her cleavage now was wide. Kevin’s cock was no longer twitching, it was jumping, and flexing to life. She sat on the couch, and crossed her thick legs. The nighty rode up on her thigh, exposing her leg from the curve of her buttock, all the way to her knee. A t-shirt would have hidden more. And, did she put on lipstick? Or was Kevin imagining it? He took his seat next to her on the couch, trying not to stare, trying to hid his erection. The bravery that convinced him it was a good idea to scream “I’m cumming mommy!” at the top of his lungs while she was next door to him was lost now. He felt timid, and boyish. “Hope it’s good.” she said as she tossed some popcorn into her mouth.”Yeah, me too.” Kevin grabbed a couple pieces for himself. Within minutes, James Spader was on screen with his face in some woman’s pussy, eating her out from the back. His mother smirked, and giggled. “Good choice.” She joked as she jabbed an elbow into him. The movie carried on. Car wrecks, and hard sex scenes. Kevin’s cock was at full mast. Some pre-cum had soaked through his sweats, and his mouth watered to wipe the small blob up, and lick it from his fingers. Who was he k**ding, his mouth watered to roll onto his back, and stuff his cock down his throat again. The popcorn disappeared, and the bowl was no longer in her lap. She adjusted herself, laying on her side, leaning on her elbow, her head way from Kevin. He thought nothing of it, until he glimpsed over at her. Her knees were tucked up against her stomach, and the nighty rode up very high. He was able to look down, and see her beautiful, hairless pussy in all it’s motherly glory. The loose lips were pouty, and squeezed together by her thick thighs. He was sure that he could not only smell her wonderful scent, but taste her also. His cock jumped, and thrust as he took a long, deep, gaze. On screen, heavy breathing, and moaning helped the atmosphere. “This guy is crazy.” She said about the movie. Kevin was broken out of his trance. “Yeah, he’s definitely a nut job.” She rubbed her thighs against each other. Her labia moved back, and forth as she did so. Kevin’s cock was angrily hard. He was on the verge of pulling his cock out and jacking off right in front of her. “Sweetie, can you grab me a drink? That popcorn was too salty.” Her voice was sweet. But, Kevin was caught now. He could in no way hide this erection. The pillow he was holding barely did the trick as it was, getting up, and walking in front of the TV wouldn’t help. “Uh, yeah. Sure.” he was busted, he knew it. He gathered all his “I”m cumming mommy!” bravery, stood up, and walked to the kitchen. He knew she had seen his cock. It was impossible to miss. He came back with a Pepsi on ice, his cock still as hard as granite. He stood right in front of her. “Here you go.” he handed it to her. She looked up at him with “fuck me” eyes. Deep brown eyes, long lashes, pouty, red lips. “Thankss.” she over pronounced the “th” and dragged the “s” out for a second too long. Seductive. Before he walked off, she made a very deliberate glance at his cock, then back at him. Then back to the TV. Kevin was mortified. He didn’t know what to do.Before the movie ended, she re-positioned herself, crossing her legs again, this time her left over her right. Kevin took another glance and saw that her nighty had risen up again, allowing him to see her pelvis. Even though her beautiful, loose, pouty pussy lips were clean and shaven, she kept at bahis siteleri least a neat little strip of soft, whispy brown hair on her pelvis. And, he had been caught. His eyes met hers as he looked up from her lap. Kevin’s face grew red with embarrassment. He looked back to the TV. “It’s okay, sweetie. I don’t mind you looking.” She could barely get the words out herself. She was as nervous as he was. “I know this is a little revealing.” “I’m sorry. I wasn’t trying to stare.” Kevin studdered.”Not a problem, baby. Uhm…By the way, I know it probably goes without saying, but I’m sure you’ve heard me, well, I’m sure you’ve heard me on more than just a few occasions throughout the years. And, I’ve also heard you more recently…”Kevin’s face was beat red. He didn’t know what to do or say. “Well, I was wondering…I don’t know, I don’t know what I was wondering really. But, I just want you to know, I’m okay with it. You don’t have to be quiet if you don’t want to. I know I’ve been quite vocal throughout the years, and uh, if you are too, then that’s okay with me. I guess I’m just saying…I kind of like knowing you’re…doing it also.” She was starting to blush, her eyes were darting around for something to focus on besides his large cock. Kevin didn’t know what to say. He was excited, he was nervous, he was incredibly horny. She was saying everything he had ever wanted her to say. What should he say?”Uhm…Yeah. I have definitely heard you…a lot. It would be kind of hard to not hear it.””Do you like hearing me?” she asked with a set of doe eyes. “If you want, I can be quiet, I’ll do it in the shower or something.”Kevin nearly came thinking about her in the shower. “No! No, not at all, no need to be quiet. I do- Uhm, I do like listening to you. Is that okay?” “Oh, absolutely sweetie. Absolutely. I just don’t want you to feel uncomfortable. I mean, we could be a lot more comfortable with each other around here if you want. Your sister moved out more than a year ago, so, it could just be our thing. No one else would have to know.” Again, everything she was saying was gold to Kevin’s ears. “Uhm…” Kevin swallowed. “What-uh, what do you mean?” “Well, baby. What I mean, is that this house can be our own little world. We can lock the doors, close the blinds, and no one has to know what we do, or why. If we want to be loud while having our own little fun, we can. If you want to have fun down here…while I’m up there, we can do that, too. If we want to…say…just walk around in our underwear around each other, we can do that…” She bit her lip and looked down at her nighty. “Or…if we want to walk around with…less…than our underwear…we can also do that.”Kevin’s heart was pounding. He was sure that if his cock got any harder he wouldn’t have enough blood to keep his brain functioning, and he would pass out. He was listening to his own mother suggest they have a dirty little secret. He was listening to her suggest they continue to scream to each other when they’re cumming their brains out. He was listening to her suggest they start using the whole house for their masturbation sessions. He was listening to her suggest they start walking around naked with each other. “I mean, if you were okay with all this, you could take care of that right now.” she smiled and pointed at his thick cock. Again, he blushed. “And I could take care of this.” She pointed between her legs as she spread them as wide as possible on the couch. There it was, her wet, loose-lipped, neatly trimmed pussy. It was dripping wet, begging to be fingered. No. Begging to be fucked.”In fact…” She slid her hand between her legs, and parted her lips. “I think, that if we wanted to, we could also, maybe, even touch each other. Your sister would never know. Your friends, and my friends would never know. It would be our little secret. And when your sister comes to visit, we could just go back to normal. Do you think you’d like that?” She dragged her wet fingers along her thigh.”Uhm, yeah, mom…I think I-” he swallowed again. “I think I would like that…” by now he was gently squeezing his cock through his sweats. The pre-cum had soaked through. She let her eyes linger on his dick, then she stood up with a smile. “Good, sweetie. Then I think I’m going to go ahead, and get a little more comfortable.” She pulled her nighty off. Her heavy tits gently swayed, staring Kevin in his face. Her tummy, hips, and cleavage had hairline stretch marks. Her dark areolas were inviting, daring him to lock his lips around them. She sat back down, her back against the arm rest, her pussy, and legs wide open to her son. He watched wide eyed as she played with her self. He no longer had to use her sounds to make a porno in his imagination, he was getting the live show. Her fingers dived deep inside of her, and her other hand squeezed and pulled at her nipples. “Oh fuck…” Kevin breathed heavily as he picked up his own pace. “Take your sweats off, baby…” she lustily continued fingering herself. “Let mommy see…” her grin was evil. It almost drove Kevin over the edge. He pulled his shirt over his head, and lifted his butt up to pull his sweats off. his cock sprang out of the waist band. “Oh baby…It’s so big. You’ve been stroking that cock right next door to me all this time?” His mom’s eyes were large. “Show mommy, baby. Show mommy how you stroke it. Show me, baby.” She leaned forward, getting up and sitting on her knees, still rubbing away at her pussy. Kevin couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He spit a large white glob of spit into his hands, and began stroking it in. Each stroke brought him closer, and closer to cumming. “Oh my god, baby. Do you need more spit? Here.” She leaned forward, gathered a ball of spit in her mouth, and dripped it down on to his shaft while he continued jacking off. The strand of thick, white spit broke in the middle, leaving half of it to dribble down her chin, and neck. She leaned back. Kevin kept his eyes locked on her tits. Her own spit slowly rolling down her cleavage. He positioned himself like her, his back against the opposite arm rest, legs open wide, cock and balls on display. “Oh, good boy, baby. Let mommy see it all…” Kevin started jacking off faster. “I bet you could suck that thing if you tried, couldn’t you?” she said it as a joke.”I did…tonight.” Kevin answered, breathing heavily.”Really!? You can suck your own cock? Haha! That’s so fucking hot! When do I get to see?”Without saying a word, Kevin rolled onto his back on the couch, his butt against the back cushions, his feet behind him, and he swallowed his cock. His mother scrambled to the floor on her knees to get a better view, her hand still busy between her legs.”Oh my fucking god, baby. That’s so hot. That’s so fucking hot.” She gently caressed her son’s legs, and butt while he sucked more than half his cock into his mouth. “I would give anything to be able to eat my bahis şirketleri own pussy!” She said it like a joke, but by no means was it a joke. “I’m so jealous.” She continued fingering herself. Kevin had to re-position himself, but continued jacking off for her. “Wow. That is an incredible talent, baby. I would love to be able to do that to myself. Do you cum in your mouth? Or on your face? What do you do?”Kevin’s breathing was heavy. “I love swallowing my own cum. I’ll usually just fill my mouth up.”Upon hearing that, she rolled her eyes into the back of her head, and quietly mouthed “oh my god”. The two continued masturbating for each other until, finally, it was time to cum. But, not in the same manner they had for the past week. It was time to really push the boundary. Kevin couldn’t take it any more. He had been dreaming about this for years. He maneuvered himself in between his mother’s legs. She was surprised, but went along without any objection. She wrapped her arms around her son, dragging her wet fingers along his back. Their lips locked for the first time. The kiss quickly evolved from passionate, and loving to carnal, and obscene. Their mouths tried to consume each other. Their tongues didn’t dance together, they waged war, invading the other’s mouth with ferocity. Kevin pulled his mother down onto the couch flat, and drilled his thick cock as deep inside of her as he could. She let out a heavy, raspy, gutteral grunt as his pelvis pressed firmly against hers. She had never felt so full. Kevin quickly began thrusting his cock in and out of her sopping wet pussy. Each thrust let loose a wet, sticky “shlick shlop” sound. His pace picked up. “OH YESSSSSSS BAH-ABY! YESSSSS! GIVE IT TO MOMMA!” she scratched her nails down his back, and spread her legs as wide as she could. She wanted as much of his thick cock fucking her as she could possibly get. She didn’t want a single bit of her wet pussy going without. “FUCK MOMMA! KEEP GOING BABY!KEEP GOING BABY! FFFFFFFFFFUCK!” her screams echoed throughout the house. What made it that much more erotic, aside from it being her own son, it was all taking place on the couch. On the same couch that she, her son, and daughter used to play Yahtzee, and Monopoly, and Sorry. The same couch they used to watch movies on. The same couch they napped on. Now, it was no longer used for board games, or movies, or napping. It was used for hard, wet, brutal fucking. “GOO-OOO-OOOD BOOOOYYYY! KEEP FUCKING ME, BABY! KEEP FUCKING ME, BABY!” She could feel a river of her own pussy juice, his cum, and their sweat rolling down her ass and soaking into the cushion. Shlick shlop! Shlick shlop! Shlick shlop! Each thrust made her pussy wetter, and wetter, and wetter. The sound of Kevin’s thighs slapping against her thighs was loud and bounced off the walls. “I’M FUCKING CU-U-U-U-UMMMMING! NOW! NOW! NOW!…OH…FFFFFUUUUUCK!” Kevin felt her tense, squeezing his cock with her convulsing pussy. He was sure he felt a rush of fluid as she ejaculated, but it didn’t stop him. He continued fucking her as hard, as savagely, and as brutally as he could. He had been dreaming about this for years. He had listened to her getting fucked like a whore on a nightly basis his entire life, now he was the one making her make those noises. He was the one getting to see her fat, heavy tits jiggle and shift with each pump. He got to see her bite her lip, and look up in desperation as she ached to cum. He continued his brutal fucking, until she told him to roll onto his back. They switched places. She climbed on top of him, straddling his waist. Her left leg sunk into the back couch cushions, allowing her to lock him into place even more. Her pussy swallowed his cock and she immediately began a violent rocking back and forth. She squeezed her pussy with each downward thrust, impaling herself on the thick cock. She wanted him to cum. She was tired of hearing his muffled “I’m cumming mommy!” through the wall. She wanted to hear it screamed into her fucking neck. “How’s that feel baby? Hmmmm? How’s that feel? You like mommy’s pussy?” She reached down and brought his hands up to her tits. He began squeezing the warm, sweaty flesh, gently pulling at her nipples. He leaned up to suck on them, but she shoved him back down, placing a hand firmly around his neck.”I asked you a fucking question…Do you like mommy’s pussy? Huh? You like mommy’s pussy?” She sped up her pace.”OH FUCK YESSSS! I LOVE MOMMY’S PUSSY!” Kevin loved the feeling of his mom’s hand around his neck. He loved looking up into her heavy, jiggling tits. He loved the feeling of her pussy swallowing his entire cock. His pelvis was wet with her pussy. He couldn’t take it any longer. He dug his fingers in to her fleshy hips, she squeezed his neck tighter. “You going to cum for me, baby? Huh? Are you going to cum for momma?” “Uh huh! I’m cumming mommy. I’m cumming mommy.””Scream for me baby. Tell me you’re cumming baby.””I’M CUMMING MOMMY! I’M CUMMING MOMMY! NOW! NOW! I’M CUMMING MOMMY!” Kevin pulled her down on top of him, wrapping his arms around her back, thrusting upwards inside of her, deep and hard.”I’m on the pill baby, you can cum in me. Cum for mommy, baby.” she whispered in his ear. “Cum in mommy, baby.””FUCK YESSS! I’M CUMMING MOMMY! I’M CUMMING MOMMY!” and with that, Kevin tensed, pulled his mother’s hips down on to him, and came deep inside of her wet, hot, sticky pussy. Thick, white ropes of hot cum quickly filled her up.”Good boy…good boy…cum for mommy…” she continued to coo in his ear. He continued with deep, slow, lengthy thrusts. Their tongues went back to fighting. Each thrust of his cock squeezed more cum out, letting it dribble down his cock, and balls, and onto the couch. They were covered in sweat, pussy, and cum. He ran his hands through his mother’s tangled, sweaty hair. They lay there, out of breath, kissing and stroking each other. After she caught her breath, she rolled off of the couch and walked into the kitchen, dripping a trail of cum on the floor. As she came back into the living room, she was lighting a cigarette. Kevin had always like watching her smoke. There was something very sexy about it. She took a seat back on the couch, staining it even more. Without hesitating, Kevin dropped to his knees, and buried his face in her pussy. He began to lick and suck his own cum from between her thighs. The river of thick, chunky, hot cum that had been dripping down her legs as she walked was quickly slurped up. He then worked his way back to her pussy. She kept her eyes on him, an evil smile on her face as she watched her son begin to slowly clean her up. “Good boy…” she ran her hand through his hair, gently pressing her hips against his face as she took a drag from her cigarette, seductively letting the smoke drift out of her mouth, then blowing the plume of smoke over her head. “I think we’re going to have quiet a bit of fun, baby. Mommy is very proud of you. Very proud.” Kevin looked up, his face dripping with strings of cum, pussy juice, and spit. He smiled, then went back to eating her out. His loud mommy would only be loud for him, from now on.

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