A Love Like No Other


As the rain continued to fall lightly, Emily sat and read her book while waiting for the teapot to whistle. There was a chill in the he air and she pulled the afghan around her tightly. She looked out the window and her mind wondered to her best friend, her lover, her soul mate. She wondered if the trip was going well and she suddenly felt alone and began to miss her lover, her best friend, and she began to cry. The teapot whistled and brought her back to reality. They would be together in a few short hours. Emily fixed her cup of tea and wished the rain away as she sipped it. She must have fallen asleep because, she awoke to the ringing phone.

“Hello,” Emily answered sleepily.

“Hello, Emily, is that you, are you OK?” Came the beloved voice.

“Oh yes darling, Emily perked up, “I just miss you that’s all!”

She heard that familiar light laugh that she so loved,

“Oh baby you are to good to me!”

“Naw, Emily answered, Just honest!”

“Listen baby, I will be at the airport in about 2 hours, you’ll be there to pick me up, right?”

“Of course, my love, of course…and then be prepared for a long sensual night of love making!” Again Emily heard that adored laugh.

“I’ll try to get some rest on the flight, but I am sure that you will overcome my tiredness, see you in a few hours, baby bye”

“Bye my sweetness.”

Emily hung up the phone and headed to the bathroom to begin getting ready for the return of her lover.

Emily turned on the shower and she undressed, as she did her hands slid across and down her full figure. She touched her breasts and imagined her lover, she moaned. She came to her senses and climbed into the hot shower. Emily stood under the flow of the hot water and slowly began to lather her body, her hands slid over her full breasts and round stomach and down to her curvaceous hips.

Then her hand found it’s way to the full pouty lips of her pussy. She let her fingers linger there as she imagined her lover. Emily’s moans became louder with each circling motion of her finger until, she screamed, as she came. She giggled and finished her shower, washing her waist long fire red hair. She rinsed and got out of the shower and dried off with a big fluffy towel.

She walked into the bedroom and laid upon the king size bed. She finally got up and went to dry her hair a bit. She did so, then went to her closet.Hmmm, what to wear. Emily said aloud. She pulled out 2 of her favorite outfits, 2 that her lover had picked out and bought for her.

One güvenilir bahis was a short skirt and jacket, the other was a pair of jeans and a tee. The jeans fitting well and showing off her ass-ests. She decided on the skirt outfit, as she slid her lavender lace thongs on, she smiled remembering when her lover had given her the set.

She slipped on the bra, and pulled the skirt up, and then the jacket.It was a black and lavender suit, that was tailored and looked great on her. She buttoned the jacket, wearing nothing under it but the lace bra, she made sure that you knew that’s all she had on under it. She slipped on her shoes, went over to the vanity and carefully applied her make up. She never wore much, so it was easy to do, a quick coat of mascara, a little eyeliner and some lipstick, and she was done, she fluffed her hair and applied some of her favorite perfume.

Emily looked at her watch and saw that it was time for her to leave for the airport. She went out and jumped in her car and sped off, she passed a florist and thought how surprised her lover would be. So she stopped and got a bouquet of wild flowers. She got to the airport and went to the gate and awaited the arrival of her lover. A loud voice came of the loud speaker.

“Flight 209 from New York is arriving you can meet your party at gate 8 in approximately 5 minutes.” Emily straightened her outfit and popped a mint in her mouth.

In a few minutes passengers were disembarking from the plane, and she waited anxiously to see her lover. Finally after what seemed an hour, she spotted her lover and she smiled and waved. Her lover walked towards her, wearing tattered jeans and a tee. Emily couldn’t wait to hold her lover in her arms and in a few short seconds she was.

She handed the flowers over and then took her lover in her arms, it felt so good. They went and claimed the luggage and made small talk while waiting for it.

She snuggled in close “wait till I get your sweet ass home, darling!” Emily giggled.

“Oh really, chided her lover, and what’s at home?” Emily gave her lover a little push.

“Nothing, if you keep that up” she joked. They got the luggage and headed out the drive home was relatively quick.

They carried in the baggage and her lover gave her, her gifts. After that was done, Emily kissed her lover deeply.

“Thank you baby, you have the best taste!”

“Well, show me what great taste I have by going and trying that thing on, then.” Said her lover with a devilish grin. Emily ran off to the bedroom türkçe bahis with the new lingerie. She slid the silky material over her head, it fell in soft gathers along her body. It was beautiful, a red silk chemise. She walked back to the living room and modeled it for her lover.

“Hmmm, looks like I know what we like, huh baby?”

“Sure does sweetie” answered Emily as she straddled her lovers lap.

She started kissing her lover at first softly and gently, and then with more passion and zest. She licked her lovers lips with the tip of her tongue, parted them and then explored the inside. Her lover pulled her close returned the passion!

“I’ve missed you” Emily whispered

“I’ve missed you to, my dear”, her lover answered. Emily stood up and then knelt in front of her lover and unbuttoned and unzipped the tattered jeans, she pulled them off slowly, to reveal her lovers beautiful love organ!

“God, you always look so delicious!” Emily said as she eyed her lovers sweetness! Emily leaned down and slowly moved her tongue around the entire surface, she felt her lover stir, and she looked up and saw the delight in her lovers eyes. “You like that, eh?” Emily asked.

“You know I do, you big tease!” Her lover responded.

Emily giggled and stared at her lovers beautiful, bare pink pussy. She leaned in and began to part her lips with her tongue, she found Brittany’s fat clit and licked it softly and felt it start to harden under her tongue. Brittany began to moan, and rotate her hips under Emily’s expert tongue.

“God, Emily, you know just where to touch and how to move to get me really going!” Brittany gasped breathlessly. Emily laughed as she continued to lap a Brittany’s beautifully, full, pussy.

Emily inserted a finger into Brittany’s tight pussy, and she felt her thrust up to meet her. Emily smiled and inserted another finger, and Brittany moaned louder. Emily giggled and started to pump Brittany’s plump pussy faster and harder. Brittany thrusted up to meet every thrust of Emily’s fingers, as she did so she thought how long it had been 2 weeks, too long fucking weeks!! Her own hand or no toy could ever bring her the pleasure and satisfaction as Emily did!

Emily felt Brittany start to tense up and she knew the time was close, so she increased her fingering speed and licked faster and harder.

Brittany screamed, “Baby, oh God, yes I am going cum , oh yes, oh, give it all to me!!!!!!!”

Emily pounded Brittany’s pussy hard and sucked on her clit, Brittany grabbed güvenilir bahis siteleri Emily’s hair and held her tight to her pussy, until her waves subsided!

Brittany pulled Emily up to her mouth and kissed her passionately, as her hands roamed over the silky material and Emily’s body. Her hand found Emily’s already hardening nipples, and she began to tease them more through the fabric.

“Oh, Brittany, please baby, you know what I want, I love it when you suck and nibble on my nipples, please!!!!!!” Emily begged. Brittany, giggled and smiled evilly and she bent her mouth to meet Emily’s tits and started to nibble on her nipples through the silk. Emily moaned lightly, as her hands roamed her lovers back. Brittany lifted the silky chemise off Emily and exposed her flesh. Emily loved the way Brittany touched her in all the right places, making her feel so sexy, and hot.

“Oh God Britt… please fuck me baby!!” Screamed Emily.

“You want it, don’t you?” Brittany asked her.

“YES” she replied.

Brittany began to lick and nibble her way to Emily’s pink, pouty pussy. As she neared it she inhaled the sweet musky smell, she loved that smell! Brittany slowly traced Emily’s outer lips with her tongue and slowly began to insert her wet silky tongue into Emily’s love nest. She darted her tongue in and out of Emily’s pussy, hitting her clit quickly with each dart.

“Oh baby, oh yes!” Emily moaned in a low sexy voice.

Brittany pulled Emily’s lips apart and began to lick her fat red clit. She applied more constant pressure to it and then she inserted her finger, one at first but, slowly adding another, and yet another, until she had three full fingers in Emily’s now full pussy. Emily thrust up to meet each of Brittany’s thrusts in, and then Brittany took her well lubricated thumb and started to play with Emily’s ass.

“Oh God babe, oh my…..oh” Emily’s voice trailed off.

She began to wiggle and squirm with all the attention the Brittany was giving her and she knew she was close to exploding. Brittany felt it to and intensified her tonguing and finger fucking. Just as she thought Emily was going to cum, Brittany pushed her thumb in Emily’s ass. Emily screamed with delight.

“OH fuck me baby, I am going cum, oh yes, yes yes.”

Emily’s voice was loud and demanding and Brittany obliged her, and fucked her pussy and ass hard and fast, as she licked her red swollen clit. As Emily exploded, Brittany pulled her fingers out and lapped up every ounce of Emily’s juices. She took her soaked fingers and held them up to Emily’s mouth, and she took them and sucked and licked them clean. Then Emily pulled Brittany up and kissed her passionately, and held her close.

“Welcome home baby!” Emily said with a grin on her face.

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