A lucky meeting


A lucky meetingMike met Sandra in a bar after they had both been out with friends, and discovered they each had an interest in second-hand shops and some of the treasures that could be found in them. They arranged to meet the next day and spend a bit of time together.11.00 the next day they met up, went through the local market looking at the stalls, then on past an “Age Concern” antique shop. They wandered in, Sandra said ” Oh look at that!” It was a martinet whip! She picked it up, it had about 12 thin strands of leather, 20″ long leading from a leather covered wooden handle. ” Bit kinky, are we?” asked Mike! ” Just a bit Darling!” replied Sandra, who paid £3.00 for the whip, ” Come on, let’s go to that pub!”Off asyabahis yeni giriş they went, Sandra had about 4 drinks fairly quickly while Mike had one! Mike said ” You said you were a bit kinky, do you want to take that a bit further?” Sandra giggled, ” Yes, what do you have in mind?” Mike asked ” Would you like me to use that whip on YOU??” Sandra gasped ” Oh this is like a dream come true, YES I would love it but you have to be stern and severe with me!!”Mike went to the bar, bought a bottle of wine and paid for one of the upstairs bedrooms, came back and escorted Sandra upstairs, ” Now, up you go Sandra I mean to have serious words with you! Hurry up now!” Mike opened the door to let asyabahis giriş them both in, closed it and locked it with the key.” Stand over by the bed Sandra, you have been teasing me and need taking to hand! What did your father do to you when you were naughty?” Sandra replied,” I used to get spanked !” “Well” said Mike, you are not so little now, a more serious punishment is in order, I think that whip may be suitable, what do you think?” ” Oh yes!” replied Sandra, ” and spank me too!!”Mike sat on the edge of the bed, pulled Sandra across his knees, held her hands in his left hand grip behind her back, said” You are getting it now Girl!!” Mike spanked her for 5 minutes, let her up then put two asyabahis güvenilirmi pillows in the centre of the bed, ” Now Sandra, panties off and lie face down across those pillows!!” Sandra jumped to obey. Mike removed his belt, tied Sandra’s wrists behind her back with it, she was shuddering with anticipation! Mike raised her skirt and felt her reddened warm bottom with his hand…” How many with the whip then?” he asked. ” Don’t know what it’s like!” replied Sandra, Mike stood back, measured his stroke and SWISH! down onto Sandra’s bottom! ” OOOOOOOH!!” she cried ” I’ll leave it up to you!!”Mike thrashed her, every stroke brought multiple thin red lines across Sandra’s bottom, she was crying and moaning ” Oh my this is heavenly!” Mike started on her thighs, then Sandra yelled ” I’m fucking COMING!!” Mike gave her another 5 minutes on her bottom and thighs, stopped, said ” We have the room for the night, more in the morning Girl!!” Let’s drink the wine while you sit on my cock!”

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