A Lustful Dream

Foot Fetish

Her fingers gently tangled in his thick wavy hair.

Their kiss was electrifying as their lips lingered, barely touching. His hands roamed up her slender waist lifting the loose fitting blouse up and over her head, tossing it aside on the sandy beach. He gently kissed a path down her chin. Nipping gently at the tender flesh of her neck.

She released his hair scratching her nails lightly over his muscular chest pushing him away gently. She shook her head lightly causing her free flowing long auburn hair to fall over her body, barely covering her firmed, ample breast.

Looking deeply into her blue eyes he brushed her hair back over her shoulder gently with the tips of his fingers as he wrapped his free arm around her back. He gently rubbed his palm down her spine, circling the small of her back he gently but, firmly pulled her against him.

He anadolu yakası escort kissed her lips with such force and passion that she had never felt before. He gently cupped her ample breast in one hand as their tongues explored the hot, wet caverns of one anothers mouth.

He circled his finger around her taunt nipple, squeezing and pulling it teasingly between his thumb and forefinger. She let out a low moan and he bent his head kissing and biting the area of her throat that the moan escaped from.

He laid her down on the beach, close enough for the waves to gently lap against them as he gently kissed and sucked upon her nipples and breast. Alternating his mouth and his hand from one breast to the other.

She moaned loudly as she arched her back shoving her body tighter against ataşehir escort his exploring mouth.

Gently his free hand roamed down her slim figure until he reached the waistband of her satin panties. As he gently teased her tender flesh thru her panties she lustfully unzipped his pants and pulled out his already hard erection.

She gently milked a drop of semen from his him as he kissed and gently bit at her wet, tender lips from the crotch of her panties.

Driven wild by lust and her insane desire of a man with no name. She forcibly pushed him to his back. After a couple of endless seconds she roughly stripped them of their garments and straddled his face. Her hot, wet pussy a mere breath from his loving lips.

She gently stroked his erection as he slowly roamed he thick tongue over the outer recess ümraniye escort of her womanhood.. Using his tongue he gently probed her opening.

Moaning she bent low and ran her tongue over the length of his massive erection, biting gently as he worked his fingers gently… deeper inside of her and sucking tenderly on her clit.

Finally she could take no more and roughly mounted him. After picking up her pace she tossed her head back and roughly scratched her nails along his chest. With a moan he reached up and began massaging her breast, he tenderly squeezed her nipples sending small jolts of pain up her spine like the electricity in the air.

He wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her down on top him. Kissing her harshly as he raised his hips and slammed his erection harder and deeper within her.

The two laid side by side, spent and exhausted as the waves gently washed away the remnants of the nights adventures.

Dawn eased thru the blinds of her condo and our fair maiden jerked awake. She was lying in bed gripping a pillow tightly to her crotch, her satin gown in shambles.

“Was it all just a dream…” she wondered aloud.

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