A Maid In The Hands


Hey there, my name’s Sarah and I’m working this summer part time as a maid. It’s not the most exciting of jobs but it pays alright. I put up posters at the beginning of summer and found a few places that seemed nice to work at. Things were pretty good too, once I got into the swing of things. I only worked Monday to Friday, and it was pretty regular hours. Friday was great because I only worked a half day; every Friday morning, I cleaned for the Bradshaws.

The Brackshaws were an older couple who had retired and were enjoying it. Mrs. Bradshaw was a chronic bridge player and played every morning from ten until one, which meant that I rarely saw her except when I was just getting in. Mr. Bradshaw played tennis with a neighbour every morning from nine until ten and was usually really happy to see me. And it was Mr. Bradshaw who would pay me every month and throw in a nice little tip.

He was so happy, in fact, that I started to wear some of my sexier clothes on Fridays. First it was into tighter fitting jeans, which he appreciated, then I decided to move from the loose-fitting t-shirts to tighter v-neck tees to tank tops. The tank tops had only started this month, and today I had decided that it was time to give him a special treat.

This morning, I took a bit longer getting to the Bradshaw’s so that I would just be pulling up as Mrs. Bradshaw left. ‘Good thing she lives by the clock,’ I thought as we smiled and waved, passing each other. I pulled in front of their house and ran in before Mr. Bradshaw got back. I opened the door and walked in, wearing a white tank top and my jean skirt. Sliding my sandals off, I jogged over to the closet and took out the vacuum cleaner. Pulling it out, I took it to the living room and started vacuuming.

Not five minutes after I started, Mr. Bradshaw opened the front door and walked in. I heard the door close and took a bend at my waist nice and low, pushing the vacuum forward and pulling it back before I stood up and turned.

I brushed a stray bit of hair from my face as I smiled at him. “Hello, Mr. Bradshaw,” I said loudly over the vacuum. He looked at me, a bit sweaty in his loose t-shirt and shorts and grinned lecherously at me. I hadn’t seen him look that way at me before and I could feel myself get a bit warmer as he did. I turned back to the vacuuming and finished up the living room, bending as much as I could before turning off the cleaner.

I turned over and there was Mr. Bradshaw, not moved, still enjoying the show. He was still grinning and said, “Good morning, Sarah. You’re looking good today.”

I started wrapping up the vacuum cleaner cord. “Thanks, Mr. Bradshaw.” I turned to the vacuum and looked down. ‘Should I do it?’ I thought. It didn’t take too long for me to decide and I took a nice slow bend at the waist to fit the cord around the cleaner. I stood up again and he was there, just ogling my ass. I was pretty sure that I had given him a little view of the bottom of my ass — today’s undes were white thong panties and a matching bra.

I smiled again as I walked by him to the kitchen. I opened the cupboard under the sink and grabbed the little pail and sponge that were there. As I filled up the pail with warm water, I looked down and saw that my nipples could just start to be seen through my tanktop. I took a deep breath, turned the water off, and walked back into the living room.

Mr. Bradshaw was sitting on the couch and made no effort to hide the fact that he was checking me out when I returned.

“How was your tennis today?”

He nodded and just looked at my breasts. “It was good. I won.”

“Good for you,” I answered and walked over to the fireplace, starting to dust the mantle. I worked in silence, acutely aware that his eyes were following the movement of my ass. After the fireplace I moved on to the bookshelf next to it and started at the top shelf, wiping dust from it and izmit escort bayan working down. ‘Maybe just a little view,’ I thought as I dusted lower. I bent again at the ass as I wiped off the shelves and took my time wiping off the bottom shelves. By now I could definately feel myself hot under his watch. I took another breath and straightened myself then turned around and picked up the pail.

I was walking over to the coffee table, which was right next to the sofa. Mr. Bradshaw was still sitting there but had opened his legs now and was staring more intently on my chest. I stopped across from the sofa in front of the table and leaned over to wipe it down. My breasts hung freely and I let myself glance up once at him to see him looking down my shirt. I smiled as I turned down. ‘This game of tease has gotten me so horny,’ I thought.

“Sarah,” interrupted Mr. Bradshaw.

I turned my head up towards him. “Yes, Mr. Bradshaw?”

“Around here.”

‘What?’ “What do you mean, sir?”

“Why don’t you wash the table from this side?”

I stood up and picked up the pail. I walked over, next to him, and bent over to continue. I could feel my panties and they were now a bit wet as I moved my body close to him.

Just as I finished, I felt a hand slide up my skirt onto my ass.

‘What is going on?’ I wondered. “Mr. Bradshaw?” I asked.

He squeezed my asscheek before answering, “what.”

‘This is too good…’ “Sir, what are you doing…”

“I’m just enjoying the maid service,” he said, bringing his other hand up onto my ass and rubbing it.

“But Mr. Bradshaw, you really shouldn’t…”

As soon as I started that sentence, he lifted my skirt with one hand and slapped my ass with the other. I let out a little moan of pleasure as he did.

“Why’s that? I can tell you like it, you little slut.”

“But Mr. Bradshaw… “

He slid his hands up my skirt again and latched on to my panties, sliding them off my wet pussy. I could swear that as he did I got even wetter.

He pushed them down to my ankles and then took my hips, pulling me down onto his lap. He had closed his legs and I sat on them, looking ahead. His face came into my hair and he took a deep breath as he slide my legs open with my hands. He lifted up my skirt. “Take this,” he said.

I held it up for him, exposing myself to the living room.

“Now I wanna see,” he said, hands moving up my legs, “how wet my dirty little maid gets.”

I tilted my head back as his fingers moved up and started stroking my pussy. “Yes, Mr. Bradshaw,” I half whispered. I couldn’t believe that he was doing this… or how good it felt, having his dirty old hands over my slit.

He just kept stroking me then for a bit. “You like that, don’t you bitch.”

I just nodded in pleasure, his fingers exploring my outer folds.

“Want something inside?” he said to my ear.

“Yesss,” I whispered again.

“Then ask for it.”

I smiled when he said that. ‘You’re going to make me your little slut, aren’t you,’ I thought. “Mr. Bradshaw, please. My pussy’s so wet… I really want to feel something in it…”

His finger moved near my hole and started circling it.

I spread my legs even more and continued, “please sir… I’m just a dirty little girl… I really want your finger in my wet pussy…”

That was all it took. He slid his finger up my pussy all the way nice and smooth and I let out a loud moan as he did.

“You like that, don’t you, you little bitch.” His other hand was up now at my clit, rubbing gently.

I writhed in pleasure as he probed my inner walls.

“Just look how wet you are, you little whore.” He started sliding his finger in and out of me and kept going, “and I’m just fingering your slit. I bet you finger yourself all the time, don’t you.”

I’ve never felt myself get as hot as fast and I started moving my izmit eve gelen escort hips against him.

“Oh? You’re gonna fuck my finger now, are you. Ride it good, you little whore. I wanna feel you cum all over it. Do you hear me, you little slut.”

I moaned again and he moved a thumb over my clit, making his hand free to grab my left breast over my shirt. There was no delicacy as he grabbed it, just a rough animal groping as I kept pumping.

My breathing got shallower. “Hot little bitch, you’ve been teasing me for months. Who knew it turned you on this much.”

I could feel my pussy get suddenly hot and I knew what was coming…

“You make a real nice toy, you know that…”

I let out a long moan as I felt the orgasm start over me. My pussy shuddered and I pumped hard on his fingers, feeling them slide in and out. My breasts tingled as I came, and I threw my head back, closing my eyes and letting it wash over me.

I slowed and his hands eventually stopped. I let out a satisfied moan.

“Good little girl. You like that, don’t you.”

I nodded, feeling happily pleasured. I let out a gasp as he slid his fingers from my wet pussy.

“You’ve made my hands a bit dirty.” His hands were brought up close to my face. “I think you should clean me up now.” He pushed them forward to my lips and slid them in. I had never tasted myself on someone else’s fingers and besides, I just didn’t feel like saying no to anything he said. I opened my mouth and stroked them with my tongue as they entered before closing my lips on them and sucking.

“Oh you little cunt,” he said gruffly as I sucked, “you’re really good with your mouth, aren’t you.”

I sucked a bit more now, knowing what a dirty slut I was becoming in front of him.

His free hand drifted to my breast and he closed his hand on it, pinching my sensative nipple. “Aren’t you,” he said again as he pinched.

I nodded quickly.

“Well aren’t you lucky. I’m gonna let you give me a full demonstration today.” He slid his fingers in and out of my mouth, clearly demonstrating what he was expecting. “But first, take that fucking shirt off.”

He moved his hand out of my mouth and pushed me out of his lap with two hands. I stood up shakily and turned around, looking at him for the first time since he touched my cunt. His face looked determined, like a man who wasn’t going to understand the word no.

And I hardly wanted to be the one who said no. I was fully turned on and pleasured now. I reached down and slid my tank top up and off my head, setting it down on the couch.

“The fucking bra too,” he said.

I reached behind and fumbled a second before unclasping it. ‘Fumbling?’ I thought, ‘what the hell is this? It’s not like this is my first time…’ It slid off too and I set it on my shirt.

He smiled. “Get them over here,” he told me.

I moved closer and leaned in a bit but he had other plans.. he grabbed my right tit in one hand and my hip in the other and leaned forward quickly, sucking hard on them.

“Oh, Mr. Bradshaw.. ” I moaned a bit as he sucked on me.

“What,” he said, looking up at me. “Come on, undo my pants, you little slut.”

I reached down between his arms and clumsily undid his pants as he kept sucking and biting at my tits. When he moved to my left tit I could see my right one, with light bite marks on it and red all over. Finally his shorts were open and he pulled my hips down now until we were face to face.

“Now you’re gonna suck my cock,” he said to me. I don’t think I’ve ever been more ready to suck in my life as when he took my head and pushed it down, in front of his meat.

He was fully erect when I got there and I looked at it for a second. I stuck my tongue out and rolled it over the tip of his tongue, tasting his precum a bit.

“mmm, so you’re an experienced izmit otele gelen escort little thing, are you,” he told me as I continued licking, this time over a wider surface of his cock head. I looked up and nodded before I started kissing his cock head.

“Good. I can’t even remember the last time I got some decent head. You’re gonna swallow this, Sarah.”

I didn’t need to be told… I loved sucking cock. And I loved swallowing cum too. There was something about sucking down hot cum as it came squirting into my mouth that always made me feel… good… As if that was my cue, I pushed forward with my face and his cock slid between my lips down to his cock head. There I started sucking and swallowing, my tongue licking it thoroughly.

My hand had reached forward to stroke his hard shaft. I looked up at him and took it in my fingertips, running them up and down.

“mmm, you can take more that that in your mouth. Show me how you really suck cock.”

I moved my hand from his cock to his balls and grabbed his ass with my other hand. Slowly I started taking more of his cock between my lips.

His hands came on either side of my head. “Let me show you what I mean,” he said. Before I knew what was coming, he shoved my head down and thrust his hips up, forcing the entire length of his cock down my mouth.

My eyes watered and I started to gag on his cock. My throat muscles tensed on it and he let out a moan as he slowly withdrew. ‘Oh God,’ I thought, ‘he’s really gonna fuck my face hard…’

“Swallow that up, Sarah…” I closed my lips and sucked hard, swallowing as best I could as his cock slid out my mouth. “Good girl. Let’s try again.”

This time I opened my mouth a bit wider but that didn’t stop me from gagging on it again. “That’s right, just like a good whore.”

He slid it out slowly again and I sucked on it. “You learn quickly. I don’t even want to know how many cocks you’ve sucked. But don’t worry bitch, I’m gonna cum soon.”

I looked up at him with only his cock head in my mouth. He met my gaze and smiled. “You’re loving this, aren’t you,” he said.

I nodded, truthfully, and swallowed.

“Then you’re gonna love the finale.”

Grabbing my head even harder, he started to fuck it hard and fast. He slid his cock down and up my mouth so fast that I didn’t even have time to gag on it.

“Shut your lips, bitch… I don’t wanna clean anything up.”

I closed my lips as well as I could and just felt him slam himself into my face over and over. My hand had dropped from his balls but I brought it back up, stroking them with two fingers. ‘Did they just tense up?’ I wondered.

His hands moved to the back of my head and shoved. “Ohhh, suck it you little slut,” he cried as his cock started to cum deep in my throat. I gagged on it as he came and he rocked his hips back and forth, his cock not getting so deep anymore as he kept squirting in my mouth. I tried to keep my lips closed but some came dribbling down my mouth and I lifted a finger, catching it. He kept moaning and I sucked on his tip until the last squirt came out. I tried to move my head back but he held me there.

“Finish up,” he said.

I stayed there and a half-minute later a little dribble came from his cock that I sucked and swallowed.

“Good girl,” he said, releasing my head and lying back in the couch. I stood up and sat in the couch, still a bit taken by the face fucking. He reached over and touched my breasts again. “Ahh, what a nice way to end a good blow.”

I sat there as he groped them. A minute later he started sucking them and turned, putting his head in my lap to keep sucking. He sucked on them for another ten minutes at least before standing up.

“I’m gonna have a shower,” he announced.

I nodded and grabbed my bra.

“You get out of here,” he said to me.

I opened my eyes a bit wider as I put it on. “The house?” I asked.

“Fuck the house.” He took a few steps away and I picked up my tank top. “Oh, and Sarah,” he said.

“Yes, Mr. Bradshaw?”

“I expect you back next week.”

I blushed hard as I put the shirt on. “Yes, Mr. Bradshaw,” I said as he walked out.

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