A Makeover for My Old Mum Ch. 03

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In chapter 2 Jack and his mother continue to have sex together, but their relationship is developing both physically and emotionally. Elizabeth starts to open up to her son about her secret desires and masturbates in front of him, even going so far as to slide a fingertip into her anus, something she has done to herself in the past to trigger an orgasm. Jack is by now besotted by Elizabeth both as a lover and as a mother. He dreams of anal intercourse with her but wants to take things slowly.

This chapter is about the continued development of the relationship and how the couple reach new heights of eroticism, including Jack’s eventual penetration of his mother’s anus. It is recommended that you read chapters 1 and 2 first as they contain important background on Elizabeth’s looks and character which are highly pertinent to the story line. I hope you enjoy this chapter.

* * * * *

Lying in the bottom of my mother’s bedside drawer were a small, red, plastic vibrator, a bigger plastic vibrator, a large, latex dido, with a realistic head and details of veins, and a slim, purple latex butt plug. I looked at the little collection for a few seconds.

‘You, er… you’ve used all these?’

Mum went very red and nodded. Leaning over, she picked up the bigger of the two vibrators.

‘I bought this because I thought it would be nice to, you know, do myself with it while I was masturbating, but it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be.’ She picked up the big latex dildo. ‘So I bought this and that was much better. And I practised licking and sucking it so that I could do it better for you.’

I could hardly believe my ears. ‘I’m surprised you didn’t use it when you made those videos for me, especially the second one.’

‘I nearly did, but I was too embarrassed.’

She hadn’t been too embarrassed to slide a finger into her anus on the second video, but I didn’t say anything.

‘Then this little red vibrator,’ her voice dropped to a whisper, ‘I bought that to put in my bottom while I was masturbating, but it wasn’t very comfortable, it was too hard, too unyielding. So I got this instead.’ She picked up the butt plug and held it out to me.

‘And that works?’

‘It’s lovely,’ she admitted. ‘I use it quite a lot, especially since we’ve been… you know.’

‘You’ve been masturbating in between us having sex?’ I asked, even more intrigued.

‘Oh God, Jack, every day. Sometimes two or three times a day. You do know what you’ve done to me don’t you?’ she continued before I could think of an answer. ‘You’ve woken me up to what sex should be like, what I’ve been missing all my life. And now I can’t seem to get enough of it.’

‘So do you put the plug in before you masturbate?’ I asked, curious.

‘Yes. Sometimes a long time before. One day I went to the supermarket with it in. It was a real turn-on, thinking that if only all those people in the aisles and at the check-out knew. I was absolutely sopping by the time I got home.’

My face must have reflected my growing amazement because Elizabeth laughed and flung her arms around me.

‘I’ve surprised you! For the first time in my life!’

‘Though not for the last, I suspect,’ I added. ‘Is there anything else you need to tell me while we’re on this sexual desires disclosure kick?’

‘Well I did wonder,’ she began, ‘if we could look at a website, like you suggested.’

‘Ok, well let’s get into bed and we’ll have a look on my phone.’

Mum stripped off her stockings and suspenders and we brushed our teeth and got ready for bed, just like any other mother and son who have just had deeply satisfying sex together on a Friday evening. She snuggled up with me under the duvet as I scrolled through the items for sale on the internet. The range was enormous and included some things that even I struggled to explain the purpose of. Two things caught mum’s attention: the first was a restraint system, straps and Velcro cuffs designed to secure the lady (or gent) in a spreadeagled position on the bed, or doorframe.

‘You’d like to try bondage?’ I asked, quietly. I’d never experimented with it but the idea was attractive, especially the idea of restraining my mother then having sex with her.

‘Is that too weird?’ she asked.

‘Not in the least.’ I said, adding the item to my basket.

The only other item that she expressed interest in was a gag, consisting of a plastic ball with holes in it, like a practise golf ball, and a securing strap.

‘Interesting choice,’ I remarked, adding this to the basket. I also added a pair of pink, metal handcuffs and a bottle of lubricant before progressing to the check-out.

Not surprisingly, we both slept well that night. Mum admitted that she normally had to go to the bathroom in the night but we both went through until past eight o’clock. She was the first to wake and when I came to twenty minutes later she was coming back into the bedroom with cups of tea, wearing a silky black dressing gown. Another recent purchase, I suspected. She put the mugs down on the bedside tables and illegal bahis went to take the robe off.

‘Keep it on,’ I ordered, reaching for her. I pulled her down onto the bed and kissed her, ignoring my early morning breath, and hers, and ran my hands over the silk of her robe, feeling her small breasts underneath, the nipples standing out as I rubbed my palms over them. Without checking her state of lubrication, I parted her legs, went on my knees between them and penetrated her promptly and suddenly. She was only partially wet and she gasped as I thrust in.

‘God, you feel big this morning.’

I didn’t answer. I was imagining what it would be like to have my defenceless mother strapped to the bed, to fuck her at my leisure, to force my cock in her mouth and make her suck it. Or maybe strap her face down and lube her anus while she writhed in nervous anticipation, straining against her bonds, the gag stifling her cries. This morning, as I rammed hard into her, her juices started doing their job and she moaned in satisfaction, gasping as I scraped my pubic mound against her clitoris with my thrusts.

We came at the same time. Elizabeth was so wet by then that my final thrust slipped out of her and a final jet of semen spattered her inner thigh. Afterwards, I felt a bit guilty about my rough treatment and I kissed and nuzzled her and told her how much I loved her.

‘I didn’t hurt you did I,’ I asked, cravenly.

‘No, of course not. The first couple of thrusts felt big but that just added to the sensation. I really liked it that you just pulled me down on the bed and had me.’

We drank our tea and I got out of bed. ‘The guy’s coming round to my flat this morning to service the boiler, I really need to be there.’

Elizabeth pulled a face. ‘When will I see you again?’

‘Not till next weekend I’m afraid.’

‘Can’t you pop round during the week?’

‘Only if the company will let me fly back from Canada. Sorry, I guess you’ll have to masturbate instead.’

‘Guess so,’ she agreed. ‘Would you like me to send another video?’

I remembered my warning about explicit communications, which she’d already ignored once. What the hell. ‘Yes, that would be great.’

* * *

Elizabeth sent me a video on Sunday night, before I’d even left for Canada. I’d spent a rather dull day playing bad golf with some work friends and we’d then gone out on the town in Oxford until the small hours. I picked up mum’s message when I got back to my flat, dizzy with drink, but eager to watch what she had sent, and beginning to regret that I hadn’t changed my plans and spent the whole weekend with her. It had occurred to me, but some part of me wanted to savour the experience of her burgeoning sexuality, not just have it all at once.

I lay on my bed, naked, holding my phone in my left hand and gently stroking myself with my right. Elizabeth had set up her phone in the usual place and was sitting in the bedroom chair, stockinged legs straddling the arms. I couldn’t see her face, it was all too close up, but I could clearly see her middle finger, with its red nail, playing with her labia and sliding up and down, from clitoris to anus. The finger disappeared off the screen periodically, and I wondered if she were tasting her own juices. The thought made me very hard, and my stroking increased in speed and intensity. After about a minute of gentle masturbation, mother’s other hand appeared in view holding the butt plug. She slid it into her cunt, pushing it in and out until it was coated with her juices and holding it up to the camera so that I could see it clearly and closely. Then she touched it to her bum hole, lining it up and pushing it in, slowly, very slowly. I could hear her groan as the thickest section passed her sphincter and then it was in, just the purple base visible against the dark brown of her perineum. The middle finger continued to circle her clitoris, but now the fingers of her other hand had a new job. She pushed two into her vagina, sliding them in and out rhythmically.

‘It feels good, Jack,’ she said, suddenly. ‘I can feel the plug with my fingers.’ I could hear the gentle sucking and squishing noises as she finger-fucked herself. ‘Maybe next weekend I’ll be able to feel you inside me with my fingers.’

I came suddenly as she said this. Unable to stop the climax from breaking over me like an ocean roller hitting the beach. It was the utter eroticism of the act that had triggered my orgasm. What was my mother like? And what unimaginable pleasure lay ahead of us?

* * *

Elizabeth didn’t send another video that week I was in Ottawa, probably just as well as I was struggling to concentrate on my work as it was. She did send a message that the “goods” had arrived, and photographs of the items after she’d unwrapped them on the kitchen table — that same kitchen table that I’d briefly fucked her over. She also mentioned that the lubricant was cherry flavoured. I messaged her from Heathrow on Friday afternoon to say that I’d be round about seven that evening. Her reply was immediate:

I’ll illegal bahis siteleri be waiting for you, darling.

I got to my flat at six o’clock, showered, emptied my travelling bag into the laundry basket and threw some clean clothes in; I was planning on spending the weekend with my mother and my arousal was growing by the minute. I wasn’t fully erect, but not far off and I knew that by the time I got to her house I’d be as hard as steel, desperate for sex. Excited beyond measure at the prospect of bondage and restraint and darker pleasures.

Elizabeth was watching from the front room window and she came to the door as I pulled up in the forecourt. She was wearing yet another new dress and I couldn’t help thinking that gran’s money wasn’t going to last her long at this rate. This dress was dark red, slim fitting and long sleeved, with a scoop neckline designed to show off a cleavage she hadn’t got; her lipstick and nail varnish were the same deep red. She’d made her face up carefully, perhaps overdoing the eye make-up, though I found the Cleopatra look on her to be attractive, highlighting her lovely grey eyes and giving them, somehow at the same time, a “come on” and an innocent look. She was also wearing seamed black stockings, as per my standing instructions, and black suede high heels. I thought she looked enchanting, and the fact that she’d done it all for me was flattering and deeply erotic. My mother was looking forward to our evening’s sexual exploits just as much as me, I fancied. She didn’t have to wait long.

The toys we’d bought online were on the kitchen table. I dumped my overnight bag and examined each in turn, finishing with the pink handcuffs.

‘Let’s try these,’ I said, ‘make sure they’re easy to get off.’

Elizabeth shyly held her hands out in front of her.

‘No, behind your back.’ She turned around and offered her hands again. I clipped her wrists into the cuffs and adjusted them so she was comfortable but couldn’t slip her slim hands through the hoops. She said nothing, but her breathing had become noticeably heavier. ‘Right,’ I said, taking her arm, ‘upstairs.’

I guided her up to her bedroom where I instructed her to sit in her bedroom chair. She sat on the edge, wrists secured behind her, breathing heavily now.

‘What are you going to do with me?’

‘I’m going to strap you tightly to the bed and then I’m going to fuck you, hard.’ She gulped as I left the room and went down for the stuff we’d left on the table. Back upstairs she watched me quietly as I figured out how the system worked and fixed a restraining strap to each of the four short posts of the bedframe. When I was satisfied it was in place I told her to stand up and I released her from the cuffs.

‘Now take your dress off for me, slowly.’

She undid the back zipper and peeled the dress down slowly over her thin arms, then over her narrow hips until it fell past her stockings with a rustle of nylon into a heap on the bedroom floor. She stepped out of it and walked to the bed. She wasn’t wearing any knickers — also part of my standing instructions.

‘Take off your bra, too and kneel on the bed,’ I ordered. She did so and I went to the bottom drawer of her bedside cabinet and found the butt plug. Opening the bottle of lubricant, I put a dollop on my index finger and smeared it round her anus. She flinched slightly at the coldness of the jelly. I squeezed more onto my finger and pushed the tip into her, then slid it right in. Withdrawing slowly, I reapplied the lubricant until I was happy that she was well coated for at least the first three inches of her rectum.

‘Ok, Elizabeth, I’m going to put the plug in now. Tell me to stop if it hurts, I’ll be very gentle but you need to relax.’ I nudged the purple tip against her little rosebud and pushed, but her sphincter resisted me. I pushed harder, then harder still. The little crinkled band of muscle opened and the plug started to go in. I went very slowly as the thickened section penetrated her. I could hear some low moaning but wasn’t sure if this was pain or pleasure.

‘Does that feel alright?’

‘Yes, that’s good.’

Then it was all the way in and I was telling her to roll over and spread her arms and legs out. I spent a long time securing my mother to the bed, savouring the erotic act and the excited, slightly nervous look on her face. She said nothing but her eyes followed me as I went from arm to arm to leg, checking and tightening. Satisfied that she was properly strapped down, I picked up the gag. She looked even more nervous. Without a word, I knelt on the bed beside her and forced the ball of the gag into her mouth. She gasped but didn’t offer any resistance. Once it was in, and she was breathing through it, heavy, rasping breaths, thick, dark-red lips gaping, I secured the strap around the back of her head and got off the bed.

‘I’m going to unpack and have a cup of tea. I’ll be back in a few minutes.’

Mother shook her head and tried to talk, her eyes imploring me not to leave her like that. Ignoring canlı bahis siteleri her I went downstairs and sat at the kitchen table. I didn’t want to leave her long and make her anxious. I’d only done this to build up the tension; a cup of tea was the last thing on my mind. After five minutes I returned upstairs. I could smell her juices as I entered the bedroom. Her open labia were glistening with her secretions and a trickle of her clear fluid had run down onto the butt plug. Her breathing was loud and saliva was leaking past the gag.

I took my clothes off while she watched, mute, from the bed. My cock was like glass, and my seminal fluid had soaked into my underpants. I knelt beside her again and removed the gag, then I leaned over and guided my penis into my mother’s mouth and told her to suck it.

It was awkward for her, being tied down, but she did her best, raising her head from the pillow and fucking the head of my cock with her large lips and velvet soft mouth. Eventually her head fell back.

‘I’m sorry, Jack, my neck’s aching.’

I kissed her, tasting my saltiness on her lips, then moved between her outstretched legs and guided my hardness into her wet and waiting cunt. She gasped as I entered her and almost immediately gave a cry as an orgasm swept over her. I fucked her hard, as I had promised, and tears ran down her cheeks.

‘Oh, Jack, my darling, I’m all yours. You can do whatever you want to me…’

I continued to thrust in and out of her but a climax was approaching and I wasn’t ready to come yet. I slowed and then stopped and spent some minutes kissing mum’s lips and chin and cheeks and whispering in her ear how much I loved her, my erection still filling her vagina.

Withdrawing eventually, I undid her wrist and ankle straps and told her to turn over. In my one and only experiment with anal sex I had found it very difficult to penetrate Jess while she was in a kneeling position, so I ordered my mother to lie flat before parting her legs and taking hold of the base of the butt plug. It was surprisingly difficult to pull out and I was worried about mum’s comfort, so I took it slowly, twisting the latex with a corkscrew motion until it popped out, glistening with lubrication, but otherwise clean. For good measure I applied a second lot of lubricant to her anus and a dollop on the head of my penis. It felt cold and as I rubbed it around my glands; my hands were shaking with excitement. Supporting myself on one arm I took my cock in the other hand and guided it towards Elizabeth’s little brown rosebud. As the head touched her she stiffened.

‘Aren’t you going to tie me down?’ she whispered.

I hadn’t planned to, thinking that she might wish to retain some control during her first anal penetration. ‘Do you want me to?’

‘Yes, please,’ she said, quietly.

I secured her ankles and wrists again then knelt between her legs, taking a moment to savour the sight of my mother, face down and naked apart from seamed black stockings and a garter belt, arms and legs tied securely to the corners of the bed, anus exposed to me, ready and waiting, glistening with lubrication, promising exquisite and forbidden pleasure. I lowered my myself to her again.

‘I’ll be very gentle. Just tell me to stop if it hurts.’

She mumbled something in reply then gasped as I touched the head of my penis to her anus and pushed gently, rubbing the tip around then pushing a bit harder.

‘It that ok?’

‘It’s fine,’ she said tightly, as though she was holding her breath.

I pushed harder, remembering how much I’d had to push to penetrate Jess, and the yelp she’d given as the head went in. Should I use more lubricant? I wondered. Was I just too big for her? Elizabeth was silent, and still, although I could tell she was tensed up.

‘Relax,’ I said, and saw her narrow shoulders droop slightly. I pushed a tiny bit harder and felt her sphincter begin to open. This was the critical moment. I wanted to carry on, but instead I forced myself to stop, to let her muscle adjust. She moaned softly, but again I wasn’t sure if it was pain or pleasure. I told myself it didn’t sound like pain and, gripping my shaft more tightly, I pushed again.

The head of my penis slipped into my mother’s anus and her sphincter closed around the shaft. Elizabeth gave a little cry which tailed off into a moan. This time, I thought, it did sound like pain. I stopped again and waited.

‘Does that hurt?’

‘A little bit as you went in,’ she stammered. ‘It’s ok now. It doesn’t hurt.’

So I continued, gently inserting my whole length into her rectum. It went in easily and I felt the indescribable sensation of her soft rectal walls enveloping my manhood.

‘It’s all the way in, now, darling.’ I was supporting myself on both elbows and kissing the back of her neck and her shoulders. ‘I’m going to start moving in and out…’ I felt a slight suction as I partially withdrew, then pushed back in, the whole way. Elizabeth moaned again as I started a slow and gentle rhythm, coming out three or four inches and pushing back in until my balls touched her labia. It felt glorious. Utterly taboo, utterly forbidden, utterly wonderful. I increased the tempo slightly, coming out of her nearly to my glans before pushing back in, slightly harder with each thrust.

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