A Maternal Comfort


It was the summer of 2017 and I had just graduated from high school and I had been 18 years old for a few months already. I lived in a decent sized town at the time. My parents split when I was around 6, so most of my childhood and my teen years, I had been living with my father, whom I was really close with. But he passed away in 2015 due to cancer. Since then I’ve been living with my mother for the last year and a half. She and I however, did not have a great relationship. A lot of unresolved issues and she always had a drinking problem, since I was little. That is why I stayed with my father. Even during their divorce, she wanted my father to have full custody because she could not take care of me. Eventually things were slowly getting better with her and I and we were able to patch things up, more or less. Upon graduating, I immediately landed a job at a large warehouse, just stacking boxes and loading them onto trucks. The job was pretty crappy, but the pay was decent enough for my first job. I did not have that many friends in this town, I always had a small circle of friends and as luck would have it – basically all of my friends were gone for the summer, most of them had also gone off to college, while I decided to take a gap year and work, to save some money up. So I didn’t socialize all that much since my dad passed.

My only company was my mom, who thinks that me listening to her complain is an actual conversation. Aside from that, I had a little brother, he was born 10 months before my father had passed away, which was just gut wrenching. Now, just to specify – he is my half brother. My dad remarried in 2013 and had him with my step-mom. Her name is Julia and at the time she was 37. My dad and Julia met when I was around 11 years old, back then they were just dating on and off, but I would see her every now and again. She always tried to be nice to me, but once I hit puberty we didn’t get along too well. At that point, she had moved in with me and my dad. I admit: I was a little shit to her and she just took it at first and let it slide, but eventually her patience ran out and she became cold to me as well, for a while. Regardless, we haven’t had a great relationship, up until my dad’s death. I would visit my little brother and Julia multiple times a week. I would stay the night, since my room was still there and I would even stay over on the weekends. My mom hated it when I stayed over there, though. But I honestly preferred it that way. Julia was great she’s good at cooking, she always did my laundry, she kept the house clean and in all honestly – I just liked staying there because that is where I grew up. My room was there, my bed, most of my clothes and belongings and of course the most important part that makes any household “your home” for a young guy – my computer was there! So, needless to say, I stayed with Julia and my little brother quite a lot, therefore me and her started getting along really well. We were both shattered by the passing of my dad, so we found comfort in each other. What started as a thing of comfort for me, however became something different and unspeakable. See I was 18, a young and healthy guy and she is insanely attractive. I mean it when I say this: Julia is unreasonably hot and I had started developing a crush on her for the past year or so. I was insanely troubled that I have these thoughts, but lucky for me – no one can read my mind, so it’s whatever. I figured this crush would go away. You see, I’m 18 and stupid, I’m not at all emotionally mature, I of course did try to self diagnose myself, thinking this was just some silly mommy issue because of my problematic relationship with my mother or it’s the fact that I never saw Julia as my mother, because I always had my own mother, as troubled as she might be. But of course the latter version contradicted the mommy issues version, so I would just hurt my own brain in confusion, trying to understand why this was happening. I did my best to block it out though and I did a really good job of it. You’ve no idea how many times I was tempted to smell her dirty laundry or underwear, while staying at that house. How many times I had to force myself to not check her out and look away instead. Not an easy thing to do. Despite having given birth recently, Julia was in amazing shape. She was more or less skinny when she and my dad met. But since then she had gotten some amazing curves. She started going to the gym a lot to get herself into great shape, since giving birth.

She had an hourglass shape, her tits were perfect – large and round, D-Cups. Her ass was amazing, big, pear shaped and looked so nice and juicy. She had those childbearing hips. She had really nice legs too. She is slightly taller than me and I’m around 5’9”. She was very beautiful in the face too. She had luscious full lips, facial features all symmetrical, cute button nose. beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair. Like I said before, unreasonably hot and desired by many, whenever she and my dad would go out and I would be there too, I often saw how people were looking at her and there were instances, like when one of my dad’s co-workers approached her and tried to shoot his shot with her, while my dad wasn’t looking, this colleague was asking her if she and my dad had something “serious”. So, there being very unprofessional escort bayan men at a company picnic trying to steal my dad’s girl, was already an indicator that these dudes would’ve probably fought my dad over her, in the Elden times. So, trying “not to look” was not an easy task. Especially because she felt so comfortable around me she would often wear revealing clothes. At that point I had seen her in her underwear, swimwear, sportswear – hell, I even had a glance at her titties once, because she was changing and did not close the door. That was super awkward and we did not talk about it, though. Even though she did not say a word, I know that she saw me looking.

Julia was super thrilled that I had found a job and one that requires physical strength at that. She always disliked that I spent time on the computer and given that my dad had a desk job himself, she had hinted at the fact that my father’s unhealthy lifestyle could’ve contributed to his illness. So with her being obsessed with fitness, she was happy that I was physically active, often called me the “working man” and would touch my biceps and massage my shoulders, at times.

It was towards the middle of July when my mom went away on vacation, to visit her sister in another country. I was supposed to go with her, but I had to stay and work. So, naturally I did not even bother going to my mom’s place, I went and stayed with Julia, after work. She was an early riser and always made me breakfast, I started helping out around the house, cleaning, doing chores, grocery shopping. Did a lot of maintenance around the house and Julia was thrilled to “Have a man around the house”. It was so nice, not having the anxiety of my mom’s wrath lingering over me for staying with Julia, I really liked staying with her.

I came home on a Friday once and Julia had just arrived from work recently as well. She was working in an accounting firm at the time and made a good living, without having to work long hours. She asked if I wanted to go out for a drink downtown. My brother was at a sleepover with Julia’s best friend and her kids. Naturally, I agreed. I went to take a shower, put on my nicest shirt and sprayed a bunch of cologne on me that Julia had gotten me a while back. I came downstairs and Julia was also ready, she wore a nice green summer dress and some high heels sandals, her hair and make-up looked gorgeous. We got a cab and went out to a nice place, got some dinner and a few drinks. Afterwards we decided to go for a walk on the beach. We stayed out and watched the sunset. I don’t remember a lot of the conversations we had that night, but we did talk about how lonely we both were and that it’s been difficult to adjust to life. Then Julia asked me if I had a girlfriend, which of course made it super awkward. She started asking me if I’ve had sex before and my stupid ass being tipsy from 3 beers decided to be super honest and tell her that I’m a virgin. I had kissed a girl before and played around with her titties, while she touched my dick, but nothing more. I have watched an unreasonable amount of porn though, so I wasn’t completely oblivious to how sex works. Obviously, I just told her that I’ve fooled around with a girl, but that nothing happened. Julia played it off as if she did not believe me. Laughing and saying that I’m mean for lying to her. It got dark outside, I gave Julia my jacket and we walked towards the parking lot to take a cab back home. When we got home, Julia and I went out into the backyard and had some wine there. We just sat there, watching the stars and after a bit she said that she started feeling the alcohol. She got up and made me dance with her under the stars. We slow danced with no music. I mean, it was just awkward, because I had no idea how to dance, so it was just one of those “hold each other and sway from side to side” dances. But She was so close to me. Her tits were pressed up against my chest, her hand holding mine and her arm wrapped around my neck. She smelled so nice, despite the fact that I could smell the alcohol on her breath, I could still smell all the oils and perfume on her body, she smelled like raspberries. I just wanted to kiss her and taste the wine on her lips. But I restrained myself. I told myself that there’s nothing more fucked up than kissing the mother of your half-sibling. We danced for quite a bit and it actually got a bit more intense as she tried to do some rockabilly type of shit and I did my best to keep up, after a few minutes of goofing around and dancing, she stopped and hugged me. We were breathing heavily from all the dancing and we decided to call it a night. Julia returned my jacket to me and she went to take a shower. I went to bed. After taking a shower myself, Julia knocked on my door and came into my room. She was wearing a black night gown. She sat down on my bed next to me and told me how much it meant to her that I spent time with her. She said she was very fond of me and loved having me around. I was laying in bed already and she went in for a hug. She wrapped her arms around me and her titties were literally in my face. She smelled fantastic, she smelled like coconut now. God, I wanted to put her titties in my mouth. We wished each other a good night and she went to sleep. I could not get Julia out of my head. After tossing and turning kocaeli escort bayan in bed for hours. I got up and grabbed my jacket that Julia had worn during the evening and took it to bed with me. I hid under the covers and placed the jacket on my face and began to sniff it. Julia’s scent was still there, that raspberry smell. I got hard and started jerking off and I came almost instantly, that’s how horny she made me. I fell asleep shortly after.

The next morning, I woke up at around 9 and came downstairs to drink some water. Shortly after, Julia returned home from a run. She started teasing me for being a sleepyhead before she even walked in the room. I was just drinking my water. In she comes. Wearing her sportswear. A sports bra and black gym leggings. She asked if I could also pour her some water, because it’s insanely hot outside. She was drenched in sweat. I poured her some water into a glass and left it on the counter and she playfully hopped on over to it, her titties bouncing up and down, not even a sports bra can contain those milkers. All I could think about was giving her a tongue bath and lick the sweat off her back and her titties. She said that we should work out together sometime. It was at this point I decided to throw in some innocent flirting into this conversation.

“I would love to, I bet that you’d be the first woman to make me work up a sweat.” I said

She put her glass down and giggled.

“Definitely, we’d have a lot of fun together.” She said.

She made her way upstairs and I followed, on my way to my room. I was walking up the stairs and she was already down the hallway as she took her sports bra off, while walking and dropped it on the floor next to my room. She went inside the bathroom and left the bathroom door slightly open. I walked by as slowly as I possibly could and she had already turned the water on. She had her back turned to me and bent over to take her leggings off and I got to see it in its glory, that ass as she slid her leggings and panties down. I did not want to risk it so, I kept walking as I noticed the sports bra on the floor. I picked it up and went to toss it into Julia’s laundry bin, but I already had opened Pandora’s box the night before, so I went and smelled her bra and even gave it a lick. I felt so fucking pathetic, but it got me so damn horny, my cock was throbbing. I left the bra in the bin and went back into my room, leaving the door half open. Julia knocked on it and walked in, wearing nothing but a towel around her. Fuck, I could literally see one of her nipples, poking out. I just wanted to suck on it. She asked me if I wanted to go pick up my brother from the sleepover. I agreed and within the hour we got in the car and went to get him. We got to her friend’s house and they chatted for a bit in the driveway and Julia’s friend started jokingly flirting with me and gassing me up. Saying how lucky Julia is to have such a hunk at home all to herself.

Julia smiled and said “I sure am a lucky girl”.

We said our goodbyes to Julia’s friend and her kids and drove off. We stopped to get some ice cream in town. We sat outside, my brother, me and Julia and had some ice cream. I got ice cream in a little plastic bowl, because I’m boring like that. While Julia and my little brother had ice cream in cones. Naturally my brother made a huge mess and Julia asked if I could clean him up with some napkins because her ice cream was also dripping everywhere. So I did and as soon as I looked back over to Julia, who was sitting across from me, I got to see her licking the fuck out of that ice cream. It was unnecessarily sexual, she treated that ice cream like it was a big fat cock and licked the side of it with her tongue sticking out. It was so hot to see what that mouth can do, but it felt insanely awkward to have these thoughts with my 3 year old brother next to me. So I just looked away.

We went home and decided to just chill. We cooked some dinner together, I did the dishes, we ate together. Julia went and put my brother to sleep. She came down wearing an oversized flannel shirt, unbuttoned and nothing more. I could see that she was wearing panties, but I did not see any sign of a bra.

She asked if I wanted to watch a movie or something, so we went to the living room and decided to go on Netflix and we ended up watching this movie called “Womb” from 2010. It was a slow ass movie. Julia got “cold” after 40 minutes and she started cuddling up to me. That’s when I started picking up the clues. What this movie was about – I had already read the logline of the movie on Netflix, before watching and it was about a mother having intimate relations with her son. Julia cuddling up to me, telling me that that she is cold, when it’s 70 degrees F outside and she was obviously warm. Her legs and feet were rubbing against mine. We finished the movie and just chilled there, on the couch, cuddling. She wasn’t moving, I think she wanted me to think she was sleeping. But I could tell she wasn’t, based on her breathing. I couldn’t complain, it was nice. Feeling Julia’s body on my own. It was warm and pleasant. Her arm was wrapped around me. We stayed like that for a while and I began to fall asleep. Next thing I remember, I woke up and we were fully laying down kocaeli escort on the couch together. It was the middle of the night. Julia was on top of me, her thigh pressed up against my crotch and her head was on my chest. I was so confused, as to how we went from watching a movie to this. I tried to move as little as possible, because I thought she was sleeping, but she lifted her head as soon as I moved and said “We should get to bed.”

I was bummed out, I kinda enjoyed feeling her titties on me. But I didn’t want to press my luck. We went upstairs together. She headed towards her bedroom and I was about to go into mine when Julia said “Are you coming?” as she opens her bedroom door. I was baffled. But I did not think twice. I immediately went after her. She got into bed and I laid down next to her, under the covers. She laid down on top of me, same way we were laying downstairs on the couch she exhaled loudly. A few minutes went by and she started tossing and turning and said that she was hot. This woman is a fucking Katy Perry song, I swear. So she sat up and took her flannel shirt off.

“Holy shit” I thought to myself.

It was pitch black but I could see the outline of her amazing titties.

“Aren’t you hot?” Julia asked.

“I am” I replied and started taking my t-shirt off.

So I laid there in Julia’s bed with nothing but my shorts on and she laid down on top of me, almost naked, nothing but her panties on. I felt her skin on mine, I felt her breasts on my chest. She wrapped herself around me. I could feel that her nipples were hard. I wanted to do more, but I was so afraid that I would fuck it up. So we just laid there in her bed, half naked. I did not know what to do with my hands.

“You can touch me” Julia whispered.

I was baffled. I did not know what to do or say so I just remained completely still.

Julia grabbed me by the wrist and guided my hand to her tits and I cupped them.

Dear god, they felt amazing. I got bold and I reached down and grabbed her ass with my other hand. I felt Julia exhale through mouth.

“Good boy” Julia whispered.

“Oh my god” I thought to myself.

Julia’s arm was wrapped around my neck and I felt her lift her hand. Her hand started going down my chest and eventually it reached my crotch. She started rubbing my dick through my shorts. I’m rock fucking hard.

“Your cock feels so nice” she said.

“It’s big and thick” she continued.

I do admit that my cock is pretty decent, but from all the porn I was watching, I convinced myself it was just average. But Julia liked it. It was still night time and dark. Suddenly Julia lifted her head up and I could feel that she was right up in my face. She kissed me on the lips. I kissed her back. We start kissing, just smooching. I’m touching her titties and she’s touching my dick, we’re kissing. This is amazing.

“Open your mouth” Julia said.

I’m a little confused, but I do it and Julia sticks her tongue in my mouth and we start French kissing. She starts moaning ever so slightly. It feels amazing, she tastes amazing. God, I always wondered what her mouth feels and tastes like. She’s such a wet kisser. I feel like I’m in heaven, already and then she reaches down my shorts and pulls my cock out and starts stroking it. My fucking toes curl up, this is like a dream come true. She stops stroking me and removes her hand. “Why’d she stop?! Does she not like this?!” I’m thinking to myself. She then pulls her hand to her face and gently spits into her hand and goes back to stroking me. Now my dick is all wet from her saliva. She is kissing me and jerking me off as I lay there motionless, I felt paralyzed, but in a good way. She’s kissing me passionately, biting my lip, sucking on my tongue as she jerks me off. Finally I decide to do something, so run my hand down her chest and I stick my hand down her panties. She gasps. I feel how clean shaven she is and I make my way down to her pussy. I start rubbing her clit. She moans softly, not to wake my brother. I rub it for a little while

“Put your finger in” She says.

I do just that and she exhales loudly. I start moving my wrist back and forth, she is so fucking wet, I’m finger fucking my step mom while she is jerking me off and we’re kissing. We do that for a minute or two. I can feel that Julia’s breathing is accelerating, she’s either really liking this or she is faking it. She buries her face in my neck, kissing my neck and my shoulder, even biting me. She continues to jerk me off while I’m fingering. She’s moaning and moving her hips up and down and that’s when it just hit me out of nowhere. I’m guessing I was too nervous before, to notice, but now I’ve started feeling it. “Oh fuck!” I gasped out and seconds later I shoot a huge load out all over my own chest and all over Julia’s titties.

“Oh fuck, fuck, I’m so sorry” I said.

Julia grabs and pulls my face towards her with her other hand and kisses me sensually. “Shhh… sweetheart, don’t apologize”.

We stay in bed kissing for a few more minutes. She gets up and walks into the bathroom. Comes out with paper towels for me and wipes me down.

She sits down on the bed, next to me and leans in for a kiss. We kiss, passionately.

“I really loved that” she said.

“Me too” replied.

We laid down in the same position as before, cuddling and we fell asleep in each other’s arms for however many hours were left that night.

End of part One.

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