A Meeting of Minds

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Two creamy white cum shots begin sliding down the side of my boot. My husband and I look at them as they make their way down the sparkling black leather leaving a filmy track in their wake. My fingers gently caress my clit, the sight of the boots and the cum and the events leading up to it have me on edge.

“How many is that, my love.”

“Seven, my queen.”

“Go ahead, clean it up.”

“Thank you my love.”

Having cum to my command it was now time to clean up his mess. I’d rub myself to an orgasm watching him submissively lick up his spend and recall where the story began.


It was a crisp winter morning last October with frost on the ground. It was my first chance to wear my favorite, warm and toasty, well worn black knee-high boots with a pair of black opaque ribbed tights. I knew the tights would keep me warm and give my legs a gentle hug all day long. My boots are like an old friend, comfortable and dependable and look great with everything. That day, I wore a black and white argyle twinset and a knee length black pleated skirt, just the right combination of professional and sassy.

My favorite parts of fall and winter is that it gives me the opportunity to wear boots and tights more often — sometimes every day when the weather gets cold. I wouldn’t consider myself a boot fetishist by any means. Most of what I wear is the type of stuff one can find in any nice department store. That said, I’ve always enjoyed the way a boot feels on my leg and I have more than a dozen pair that I wear often for their different colors and styles.

My interest in tights is also not so much fetish or fashion as comfort. I like the way they keep my legs warm on a cold day. I enjoy the feel of the fabric and the way it grips my calves and thighs. I mostly stick to the normal colors blacks, browns, blues and greys but every now and then it’s fun to spice up an outfit with a flashy color or interesting patterns.

Those who have read my previous stories might recall that my husband has a huge foot fetish and this ‘interest’ and my willingness to cater to it, is what resulted in the female led marriage that the two of us enjoy. I’m sure that my natural preferences and his ardent encouragement have played a big role in why I enjoy boots and tights so much, but the fact is I enjoyed these before I met him and the feedback from his attention has simply taken my, or maybe I should say our, enthusiasm to an even higher level.

One type of boot I had never had was an over the knee boot. I’ve always thought the look was incredibly sexy, but something I had always thought was a little, well, trashy for everyday wear. Last winter, over the knee boots became fashionably trendy, usually worn with jeans or leggings. A department store in town ran an ad in the newspaper showing a number of styles they had in stock and on sale. That ad planted a seed.

That night over dinner I mentioned the idea of getting a pair of over the knee boots to my husband and not surprisingly he was pretty keen on the notion. That night as we were romancing together on the sofa I teased him that he didn’t really care what I looked like in them, he just wanted me to dominate him while I wore them.

Whispering in his ear I said, “You just want to be ordered to kneel before me while I wear my brand new shiny black leather boots. I’ll be standing in front of you, wearing nothing but a garter belt, seamed black stockings, and my sexy over the knee boots. I know you’ll want to kneel before your mistress and beg to kiss my new boots, won’t you?”

“Yes,” he replied, picking up on the little mental role play I was beginning, “I would want to kiss them while kneeling before you.”

“So you’d be kneeling on the floor in front of me and maybe I will blindfold you so you won’t be able to look at them. That will heighten your sense of awareness. You’ll be able to hear the creaking of the smooth shiny leather as I move around you. You’ll inhale the musky scent of my arousal mixed with the erotic aroma of new leather and I’m sure you’ll be getting hard, won’t you?

“Yes my love. Your scent and the smell of your new boots would make me hard.”

“Well we wouldn’t want an accident would we? I’d probably need to lock you into your gates of hell chastity device first wouldn’t I? You would probably want to ask me for that, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes my queen. Would you lock me into the device and then allow me to serve you in your new boots.”

“That’s what I like to hear. I like to hear you get all submissive for me. Would you beg to kiss them? Would you beg to kiss my boots?”

“Yes my queen. Please. Please may I kiss your shiny new over the knee boots. They are so sexy on you. You look so beautiful in them. May I please kiss them all over?”

“You want to worship my boots? Is that what you want? Ask me again.”

“Please mistress. Please let me worship your new boots. I want to kiss every inch of them. I want to worship you and kiss your boots.”

“I’d bostancı escort grant you permission and then I’d go sit down in my nice comfy chair and put my shiny booted legs up on the ottoman. Then I’d make you crawl over. Still blindfolded. Still with your raging hard cock trapped inside your chastity. Then I’d make you kiss them gently. Gently from the toe, up to the ankle, then up the shin. I’d make you give a kiss at the very, very top part way up my thigh. Up there you will be able to really smell my arousal. You’ll be able to smell the new leather, the smell of my nylons and the smell of me. I’ll make you run your tongue all the way around the top of my boots and tell you take all of those sensual smells inside of you. Fill yourself with the scent of my passion.”

“Then I’ll tell you to go back down and kiss my feet some more. I’ll order you to suck my heel. I’ll tell you to keep licking and sucking my boot and heel. Do you know what I’ll be doing while you submit yourself to me? Do you know?”

“No ma’am. What will you do?”

“I’ll be rubbing my hands all over my breasts and nipples making them hard and pointy. I’ll be slipping my long middle finger deep inside my slippery wet slot. I’ll be rubbing it up and down my clit while I watch you grovel at my feet. While I watch you submit to me. I’m sure I’ll give myself a great big orgasm long before you even get done worshiping both boots.”

“Will I be allowed to pleasure you my love? Will I be allowed to make you cum?”

“No sweetie. There would be no need, you see. Your submission will be all I need to get me off. Besides if I let you please me then you’d probably want to cum on my brand new boots and we couldn’t have that could we? You’d want to earn that privilege wouldn’t you?”

“Yes. Of course. I’d want to earn the chance to cum on your sexy, shiny new boots.”

“That’s right. You’d want to submit to me in a really special way wouldn’t you. Then afterwards you’d lick your cum right off those boots wouldn’t you?”

“Yes my queen. Yes I would. If you asked it of me I would do it. Lick my cum off your boots that is.”

The talk was getting me super hot, so without a word I broke out of character, grabbed my husband by the hand and led him upstairs where we had our way with each other for several rounds. All of this just from talking about the boots, let alone actually owning them or wearing them.

* * * *

The next day I couldn’t get our sexy little verbal scene out of my head. I had always known that the brain is the most powerful of all sex organs. We had incorporated some sexy talk in the past and done a little phone sex when he traveled. We had also employed a certain amount of sex chatter as part of our play, but that was as we were actually doing it. This was much different. It had a much different energy, almost a taboo to be speaking our secrets aloud.

It was very intimate. We were conducting a scene together in our minds. Building it step by step. We were creating and sharing a joint fantasy. There were no props. We weren’t really doing anything physical other than cuddling close together and maybe caressing each other a bit. It was surprisingly intense, all the more because of the possibility that we might really act it out some time.

As I thought about it I decided to press our game forward a little more, still in the realm of talk, to see how far he might be willing to go with our little scene. I plotted out another round of details and within a few days an opportunity arose to put them into action.

“I’d like to talk some more about the boots I was thinking of getting. Would you mind coming upstairs so we can discuss it?”

He knew immediately what I was talking about and with a sly smile and a nod he rose from his chair and silently followed me up to the bedroom.

“Please strip down to your panties,” I said “You are wearing panties today aren’t you?”

One of the little ‘rules’ in our female led marriage is that my husband is rationed out three orgasms a month to be given at my discretion. A further ‘rule’ is that if he wishes to get an orgasm on any individual day he has to have been wearing panties that day. As a result, since he never knows when I might be in the mood to let him cum, he will wear panties more days than not and almost always on the weekend.

He quickly stripped down and today he was wearing a pair of gray high cut briefs (Body by Victoria to be specific). His aroused and unrestrained cock was already tenting the front in a very noticeable way.

“Now I need you to trust me sweetie. I would like you to sit up on the center of the bed and let me cuff your hands behind your back. Then I want you to lay your head back on the pillows I’ve propped up for you. Is that ok? I know we don’t use restraint much, but I think you’ll like what happens next and I want you to just respond and enjoy the action without wanting to use your hands, Ok?”

He went along with my plans whereupon I disappeared fatih escort into the bathroom to strip out of my clothes and put on a pair of black stockings and garters and a pair of black nylon elbow length gloves. I added a heavy coat of cock-sucking red lipstick and gloss and then returned to my waiting husband.

“I’d like to talk some more about the over the knee boots I want. Don’t you think they would look really good with this outfit.”

“Yes. Yes of course they would. I thought you were going to buy some?”

“Ohh I want to. But I know you’d like to come with me to try them on wouldn’t you? You’d love to spend a day helping me try on boots wouldn’t you?”

His stiffening cock told me the answer as it peeped out of the top of his panties, “Of course I would,” he said.

“And I’m sure you want to earn the opportunity to cum on those boots don’t you?”

“Yes my love. I would like to earn that opportunity.”

“Good. I thought you might,” I said as I stroked his cock gently with one of my satiny nylon hands while I removed his panties with the other. “Now I’m going to put this blindfold on you and I’ll explain what I have in mind for how you earn your reward.”

With that I let go of his cock and put on his blindfold. Satisfied he could see nothing, I then climbed up on the bed and straddled myself over his cock.

“Focus on my voice my love, we’ll start in just a minute” I said. I then gently and slowly lowered myself down upon him until, with a few wiggles and starts, I had him buried full length inside of me.

Then, without him knowing it, I pulled a blindfold down over my own eyes. So there we were, him naked and me dressed as his sexy dominatrix, joined together but not moving, both blindfolded in the center of the bed. Situated and with heightened senses, I began my little scenario.

“This weekend we’re going to go shopping for the boots and you are going to be my little shoe boy helping me to try on every boot in the store. Do you like that idea? Does that make you happy?”

“Yes my love. I’d be happy to help you try on boots.”

“We’ll start at the open rack stores and I’m going to try on lots and lots. You’re going to have to be very sweet and helpful. I’ll want you to give my foot a little rub before you put on each one. I might even make you give my foot a kiss before each one. Could you handle that? Could you kiss my foot inside a shoe store?”

“I don’t know my love. It would be a little embarrassing. I suppose if it pleased you and I could do it discretely I would do it.”

“But you like the idea don’t you? You like serving my feet? I can feel how hard you are inside of me at the idea of serving me in public. Don’t cum. Be sure you don’t cum.”

“Yes my queen. The idea makes me hard. I love serving you. I love serving your feet. I won’t cum. I’ll tell you if I feel close.”

Hearing him submit to me in our little private fantasy was making my juices flow. I could feel the wetness and hear the squishing sound of his cock inside of me as I gently rocked back and forth on him teasing both of us.

“After we finished at the open rack stores we’d need to visit the department stores too. Do you think you could handle watching someone else take care of my feet? Holding them in their hands and caressing my arches. Could you handle that?

“Yes my love. I could handle that.”

“Would you get hard? I’d probably need to put you in you in the device so you wouldn’t get too worked up. Would you like walking around the mall and being my footboy and not be able to get hard? Would you do that for a chance to kiss my new boots? To suck the heel and maybe, just maybe get a chance to cum on them?

“Yes my love.”

“Ask for it.”

“Please my queen. Please put me in my chastity device and let me be your shoe boy at the mall.”

“My feet control you don’t they. I control you.”

“Yes my love.”

“You like it when I control you with my feet? You like to submit to me don’t you?”

“Yes my love.”

“Tell me.”

“I love it when you control me with your feet. I like when you use your feet to make me do things for you…to please you. I like to submit to your feet. I love it when you make me serve you, serve your feet. You control me. I love it my love….oooohhh please stop rocking, I’m close. You’re going to make me cum.”

Hearing that I immediately lifted up off of him not wanting to let him cum just yet, but I knew why he was getting close because I was very close to an orgasm myself. I had been rubbing my breasts and gently rocking back and forth as we shared our fantasy and I’m sure despite all the wetness my vulva was starting to convulse and massage his shaft bringing both of us right to the edge.

I kneeled back and suggested a short rest. After a bit, a couple of quick rubs brought him back to hardness. I positioned myself as before and began again.

“At the department store, I’m sure I’ll find a really sexy pair. They will bağcılar escort be very shiny and black with a sexy four inch heel. They will surely be the most expensive ones but you’ll buy them for me won’t you.

“Yes my love. I’ll want you to have them.

“Good. We’ll buy them and then I’ll insist on wearing them out of the store. After that we’ll strut around the mall looking in every store with me wearing my super sexy over the knee boots and you all locked up inside your little cage. Will you like that? Will you follow me all around the mall like a lost puppy, carrying my bags and watching all the men lay eyes on your hot lady.”

“Yes. I would do that for you.

Once again I could feel the wetness and hear the squishing sound of his cock inside of me as I gently rocked back and forth on him teasing both of us.

“Eventually those high heels and new boots are going to make my feet tired. I’d probably want to sit down and have you rub my tired feet a little. Would you do that for me would you sit down next to me on the other end of the bench and agree to my request?

“Mmm, maybe. I guess. Yes. I’d do it.

“I’d start by putting one foot up on your lap and then I’d order you to carefully take-off my boot and begin to massage my toes, heel and soles. Could you do that? Sitting there with my feet in your lap and smell of new leather wafting up to you? You would be so hard wouldn’t you? Submitting to me like that.

“Yes my love. I’d be very hard for you.

“Then I’d say, a good foot slave would kneel in front of me, rather than sit next to me. I bet that would make you turn red. Would you kneel for me? Would you kneel for your boot wearing queen.”

“I’d be so embarrassed my love. Please. Please don’t make me.”

“Oh you’d do it. I know you would. I’d encourage you. I’d tell you the only way you’ll get to cum on these boots is to do it. To kneel before me in the mall and rub my feet. No doubt a few passers-by will gawk at the display, but you’d love it wouldn’t you. Tell me you’d love it.”

“Yes my queen. I would love it. I’d love to serve your feet in the mall.

“I bet there would be a few twitters of laughter as you did it. But you’d keep going wouldn’t you. You’d keep going until I said to stop. You’d love the submission, submitting to me. Submitting to my boots.

“Yes my love….ohh I’m so close, please.

“What if I ordered you to kiss them. To kiss my boots right there in the mall would you do it. Would you submit to my boots with a kiss. Would you give your queen that gift? You know you want to kiss them don’t you. You know you want to please me by submitting to me here in the middle of this mall.”

“Why don’t you go ahead and do it. Just a little kiss on each of my toes. Ten little kisses to show me what a good foot boy you are.”

“Come on now. You know I will sit here until you do it. You know you want to do it. Go ahead and kiss them. Kiss my toes. Kiss each one.”

“Its time sweetie. Its time for you to give in to your desire and mine and kiss my toes. I want it and more importantly I know you want it. Time to give in to your desire. Kiss my toes. Submit to them. Submit to my toes. Submit to my feet. Kiss them right now in front of everyone. Submit to your pretty wife. Submit to my toes right here.”

“Ohhh, Yes. Yes my queen”

With that submission, real or imagined, we both began to cum and it was amazing. Blindfolded, in the middle of our bed, no one around, hardly even moving we both shuddered and moaned our way through an amazingly intense orgasm.

I usually scream out when I cum but this was different. It was very deep and very intense my body shuddered and shook and I moaned my way though. I could feel each spurt of his cock. Hot firey spurts that went deep, deep inside of me.

When we finally calmed down we cuddled, caressed and touched for hours. It was such a deeply shared personal experience. His submission, my reaction to his submission. We both knew it wasn’t ‘real’ but at the same time, it felt real. We made it feel real and we both knew the intensity was real.

* * * *

The following weekend we did go to the mall and we did try on boots. I wore a casual gray cowl neck dress and black opaque tights with a simple pair of flat shoes as we made our way around the mall. He did help me try on boots in the open rack stores and we did end up buying a pair at a department store that fit perfectly and felt fantastic.

As we made our way along there was a lot of sexual energy. We both fully remembered our little scenario and for him particularly, he had no idea if I’d ask him to do any of the things we had mentioned. I knew that I didn’t have the nerve to do most of it, but he didn’t know that. That little bit of mental control was thrilling to me and added to the sexual frission between us.

Unlike the fantasy, I didn’t wear the boots out of the store although we exchanged very sexy knowing looks as the clerk boxed them up. We did shop awhile more though and then eventually I did sit down on a bench with a sexy leering grin.

“You know what I want don’t you”


“Will you do it?”

“If you ask it, I will try to do it.”

“Are you already hard for me?”


“Yes what?

“Yes, my queen.”

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