A Meeting


(I must thank not only patricia51 but also a new friend who appears to have a sense of my overwordiness. Enjoy. And please remember this and only the stories on this site are copyright to me.)

The messenger service was different than the usual one we use.

The bike rider was directed to my cube and stood by with a flat envelope and a clipboard for me to sign.

I opened the small envelope expecting anything than the single white piece of paper wrapped around an electronic hotel key.

On the paper was simply, “11:30 Regency Suite 325”.

I folded the paper and then decided to shred it.

My girlfriend and I had been having lots of arguments and yelling lately. I really didn’t expect to find myself in a club which used to be my haunt and hunting ground years ago, but I was.

And I met her there.

Younger, jet black hair cut in a bob, three piercings in each ear and a square tipped tongue piercing.

We talked. And danced. And all but made out on the dance floor and at a small table that I used to almost have reserved for me because of the privacy it afforded.

I asked if she had a place to go, hinting about my arrangements.

She looked at me as her hand rode up my thigh and squeezed with her knuckles grinding into my crotch.

Her answer was no, she was catching the Red Eye to DC tonight, but would be back in about a week or so. Casual for all the heat generated in the past two hours.

I thought, “You fucking teasing bitch!” but calmed when she asked me for my card and promised to surprise me when she returned.

We parted.

I know I rubbed a path in my tongue from the piercing playing tonsil hockey with her.

I went home, masturbated myself to sleep next to her highness who slept blissfully unaware I had even been out.

Now here was the surprise. I was floored, nearly in a panic, but also with a knotted stomach simply holding the key in my fingers.

I made up some lame excuse to take the rest of the day off.

The cab I caught in front of the office building I work in got me to the hotel at just 11:20.

The dining room at this hotel has a concept not seen in many business oriented hotels.

A diner, all female cooks and staff with a menu of “comfort foods” and friendly to female travelers, though also hearty food that men find comforting too.

I did not check in at the desk but went to the bank of elevators and rode to the third floor.

But, what was I? Cheating on my girlfriend, just going along with my wild instincts, or simply harkening back to my wilder younger days?

I was not sure, and that knot in my stomach did not ease until I slid the key into the lock and pushed the handle down when the green light flashed on.

A typical suite, the vestibule with clothes hanging in an open closet, that rack to hold and unpack luggage, the sparkly clean bathroom to the right and the beds out of sight also to the right.

Hanging was a suit, not unlike the one I wore, a ruffled blouse on hangers and I looked down to see a pair of leather shoes, ankle straps, not at all like the simple patent leather pumps with a three inch heel I wore.

I don’t know what I expected. Goth clothing? Knee high boots? Something to match the memory I had of her tight jeans and sweater of that one previous encounter?

I glanced to the left and saw her reflected in the mirror opposite the what I found to be a single king sized bed. That bob, her lips a succulent red parted in a welcoming smile.

Her back propped on two pillows, she was wrapped in a sheet covering her breasts, but a noticeable tattoo just over the left mound.

She said in a low voice to make myself comfortable which I took to mean disrobe.

I removed my jacket, shoes, then my skirt, blouse and hung them next to her clothing.

I walked to the larger portion of the suite in panties, bra and thigh high stockings.

There was still a chance I could realize I had made a mistake and wanted an option.

She complimented me, saying I was lovelier than she remembered which made me blush all over and my nipples to pucker.

I thought, “in for a penny, in for a pound” and released my bra to allow my breasts to bound free.

She licked her lips and tugged the sheet lower to reveal her smaller, but firmer breasts.

Then she continued to slide the sheet down until it was at her knees. Another tattoo just above her smoothly shaven pubis. I recognized this as a rose with one thorn protruding upward.

That was my cue to remove my panties, I rolled the still damp bikinis down to let her see my pink lipped mound.

She drew up her knees and wrapped them in her arms, nestling her chin on her forearms.

What appeared to be hiding, in fact displayed her full vulva, wide labia and a semi parted slit.

Some call it “cameltoe”, I simply called the display maddeningly erotic.

I knew she was looking me over too.

I stood with my legs parted. The wide bands of my stockings tight on my thighs, illegal bahis but otherwise nude.

I was conscious of the slight droop of my breasts as well as the crinkle of my nipples perking upward.

My crotch is covered in a slightly wispy carpet of blonde hairs, curly but not hiding the obvious arousal I felt with the pulsing of my vaginal lips.

Her eyes moved up and down, her head tilted slightly as she watched my reflection in the mirror behind me.

I looked closer and noticed a ring piercing one labia, the left, and wondered if she also had any other piercings than that, the tongue stud and ears.

She motioned to me and welcomed me to sit opposite her in the bed.

I moved and sat almost butt to butt when she wrapped her legs around my waist and ran her hands up and down my nylon encased legs.

The muted feel of her hands made me shiver and her eyes steadily held me even when her hand reached for my right foot and brought it to her lips.

I moaned softly when she licked the arch through the nylon, my toes wriggled when she kissed the ball of my foot.

Her lips quickly found the hallux and sucked on it, nibbling and bobbing her head with a wickedly evil smile. She continued with each adjoining toe until she had wetted my stocking and made me shiver by also grinding her hips to press our naked bottoms together.

For my part I rubbed my left foot along her buttock and hip finding the sensuality uniquely arousing evidenced by the slick wetness I felt from my pussy.

There was a rising aroma, definitely not simply my own well known scent, but her stronger muskier fragrance. She was also oozing and slowly building wetness bridged our bare asscheeks.

I was now supporting myself with my hands behind me and grinding and whimpering as she sucked and licked my toes and ran her tongue down the arch of my now wetly covered right foot.

The stud in her tongue was hard and sent odd shivers when it rolled over my toes or the ball or arch of my foot. I knew it would drive me insane if only she would tongue my pussy.

What I really wanted to do was rub my left foot over her nipples, to feel them stiff and pointy as I excited her but her posture forbid me any access than the ability to touch her ass and side.

I wasn’t sure if this was foreplay, or some new erotic stimulation that could evoke orgasm.

She was totally in charge. Totally involving me in a different passion.

Finally she told me to stay still as she moved her right leg outside my left and told me to rub the ball of my foot on her sloppy wet pussy.

I didn’t need to be told how, but ground until her lips parted and almost like stepping to crush a cigarette I used the full force of my leg to slide up and down over her swollen pussy lips. The ring through her outer lip flipped back and forth as I pressed harder soaking my nylon covered foot.

Her lips puckered as the roughness of the stocking touched her sensitive inner vagina.

She breathed in shallow gasps as I pressed her engorged clit under my foot.

I moved to feel my great toe mash the tender bud and her juices flood from her inner pussy.

I was caught up in the sensation now.

I not only wanted her to cum, but also to extend the shooting sense of pain she must feel from the close weave of the stocking covering my foot.

I was nearly bouncing, my tits did jiggle wildly as I almost kicked against her vulnerable genitals.

Her eyes rolled into her head, the dark eye shadow and liner made her appear to have holes where her eyes should have been.

Her mouth gaped open and she shrieked loudly as she shuddered and pushed back against my foot when her orgasm washed over her in wave after wave of exquisite pleasure/pain.

I continued to grind my foot against her now mushy pussy, her legs were slacked and she arched her back almost in a wave like motion.

Her lips, painted in a dark luscious red, pouted and her nostrils flared as she drew air deep into her lungs.

That stud pierced tongue lolled and the silver cube glinted in the low light.

I was mesmerized by the piercing.

My pussy was on fire and my juices spilled onto the already damp sheet under our asses.

Her dark eyes glowed and beckoned me.

As she shifted to lie flat on her back I straddled her waist then knee walked to hover my pussy over her face. My fingers gripped her hair as I settled fully to grind my sopping vagina brushing her lips.


The first swipe of her tongue along my slit was incredible. The second, tenfold.

Her tongue danced along my vulva. The tip curled upward and burrowed briefly, then I felt the hard stud push my lips apart until it scraped along my enflamed clit.

She worked her tongue like a magic wand, my juices sluiced and covered her face. My bush was matted and the curls abraided her smooth cheeks. I ground, gyrated, danced on her face.

My hands behind her head held her firmly to my pussy.

I was looser than ever illegal bahis siteleri before. Sopping wet and ultra sensitive.

Her teeth also scraped my inner flesh, her studded tongue hard against my spasming tunnel. She sucked my nectar, her swallowing was loud and lusty as were my loud screams as I nearly smothered her between my stocking clad thighs.

Fluttering back and forth, up and down, the stud became the focus of my world.

It was hard, small, but it felt huge especially when she pressed it directly on my clit and sucked making the nubbin throb.

I could also feel the throbbing of my heart as I raced to cum.

But, despite my tight grip on her head she shook loose and pushed me off her.

I rolled backward and she quickly scissored her legs to push her pussy against mine.

Now the ring piercing her labia bumped and thumped between my swollen inner lips.

Hard, unyielding the metal ground the overly enflamed membranes.

She steadily rode me.

She pushed and jabbed her pussy into mine. The heady sexual scent filled the room.

The sheets thoroughly soaked.

Our bodies joined in Sapphic surrealism.

Quaking, shivering, babbling until the blinding overwhelming ultimate crush and flush of blinding O R G A S M!.

We continued to thrust against each other. Soft flesh, enflamed pink inner walls mashed and slippery.

Finally we simply went limp and though still touching calmed until I moved to hold her in my arms and draw her head to my breasts as my hand stroked her cheek gently.

We didn’t rest long.

She invigorated me so much that I rolled her onto her back and starting at her toes I licked and nibbled every inch of her legs.

I sucked all her toes on both feet in due course. Stretching my lips, lapping and drooling until I licked the bottoms and then round to lap her ankles wetly.

She parted her legs and I lay between them, kissing the insides of her thighs as her finger rolled her clit and she crooned, “come on baby, get that coochie. Eat it baby.”

I sniffed and the primal scent was intoxicating. However, I persisted in simply working my way up both thighs with nibbling wet kisses and quick bites.

She bent her legs at the knees now and lifted them until they formed a valley and at the vortex was her bubbly pussy, the silver ring piercing her labia and her erect little nubbin.

She rolled higher onto her back and exposed the bar of flesh below her vulva and her rosebud asshole.

My tongue was darting back and forth into and out of my mouth, wetting and rewetting her skin until I came to the silver ring and took it between my teeth and pulled my head back until the lip was drawn back and she uttered a moan half in pain and half in ecstasy.

Now I shook my head like a dog with a bone and clasped the ring behind my teeth and nipped the stretched skin through which it was impaled.

Refusing to comply with her urgent pleas for me to eat her pussy I wetted two fingers in the river of lubrication flowing from her slit and stabbed them into her asshole.

Twisting my wrist I felt her rectum try to expel the invaders then weaken and accept the now steady thrusts eagerly.

“Eat me, eat me, eat me,” were constant pleas from her scarlet painted lips.

The metal ring tasted…well…metallic but also the hardness was something totally unique.

When I flicked my tongue against the hard metal I knew vibrations ran down to her skin and the underlying nerves. The skin was taunt and the ring actually slipped around the piercing puncture site like moving an earring round and round.

I was more fascinated in the mechanics of the ring and flesh interaction then the oozing nectar she was now releasing in an almost constant stream.

I finally did release it though and pursed my lips to blow a long steady stream of breath over her swollen and effaced mound and slit.

My head moved up and down on my neck as the thin stream of air coursed over the flesh and the wetness moved like ripples when you skip a rock over a pond.

My chin nestled in her cleft and the current moved over her erect clit.

She twitched and rolled side to side begging me to please please please at least lick her throbbing labia, burrow between the inner lips and lick the smooth inner walls or she would “simply DIE!”.

I wasn’t teasing.

I genuinely enjoy this, giving my lover a long exciting foreplay before giving in to my desire to taste her sweetness and bring her to a state of mind numbing excitement.

Relenting, mainly because my lungs had exhausted the inhaled air, I lifted enough to run my tongue along the smooth inner lips and taste her hot musky juices.

Leisurely long laps of my tongue from vulva to her hood to tease her pink clit free.

I drooled over that nubbin adding my saliva to her pool of flowing honey.

Sucking on her clit, licking the loose inner labia side to side and nibbling on the silver ring through the puffy flesh of her outer canlı bahis siteleri labia made both her and I moan loudly.

I was lying flat on my front and my nipples were hardened and mashed into the sheets, I held my legs together and slid up and back, my own slit oozing what felt like gallons of my heady juices. My muscles were tense, my nose filled with the tangy pheromone laced aroma.

She was grinding, her legs wide apart, her hands holding herself open and then I danced my tongue down that bare space below her vulva to her star.

Drooling again I dripped saliva onto her asshole. She rocked like burning embers touched her naked flesh and humped upward to try to force me to lick her there.

I parted my lips and sealed the wrinkle to suck and make the muscular ring throb before I darted my tongue into the now open hole.

Humming, I drove into her ass and licked first with pointed tongue then when she loosened with a more rubbery length of flesh burrowing and darting in and out.

Her position allowed my nose to slide upward and tap her clit over and over.

Humming, sucking and thrusting I tongue fucked that wicked temptress.

I swear I could hear her tongue stud tapping against her teeth as she lisped, “Oh fuck, Oh fuck, OH FUCK!”

Shaking my head side to side drove my tongue into her ass and flicked my nose over her steamy pussy.

Bobbing and humming I felt her tense just as I felt my own body tighten.

She screamed loud enough to test the soundproofing of the rented room and her ass clamped tightly enough to expel my tongue just as her pussy exploded with an oozing slick flood.

I buried my face in her molten vulva, bubbling breaths pushing air into her hot inner tunnel.

A much smaller orgasm washed through my body. A warm glow rather than the thundering light flashing cum I had taken from my companion but satisfying in itself.

I moved slowly up her body to enfold her in my arms and snuggled in the warm afterglow but invigorated for much more.

She told me it was my turn and informed me to kneel facing the headboard of the bed and grip the crosspiece.

As I moved into position she left the bed and I heard some rustling then the bed moved again with her behind me.

She pushed the pillows that were bunched at the head of the bed aside and I felt her hands on my asscheeks and her hot breath spuming up toward my wayward pussy.

Her teeth nibbled at my soft inner labia, almost painful, but also sensually exhilarating.

She raked her purple painted fingernails along my ass cheeks as she bit and ran the square metal stud embedded in her tongue along my slit.

My knees spread wider as I writhed with the pleasure pain she was giving me and one hand left my flesh as she licked into my hot pussy, lapping my freely oozing juices and drawing me to a real orgasm.

The stud tapped and rolled over my clit with noisy squishing sounds and moans from her mouth.

As I writhed and rode her face I felt the blunt tip of what had to be a dildo rolling round the puckered ring of my asshole.

I bucked forward with a sharp exclamation as the cold latex stabbed inward. I wasn’t prepared: only slowly did I realize that there were thick globs of lube slathered along the tip and shaft of the pseudo cock.

It would not have mattered to her if it were bare though as she savagely thrust the object past my burning anal ring and started to pump as her mouth devoured my pussy.

I turned my head to look down and along her body and was shocked to see something jutting obscenely from her center. No straps, no harness at all. Simply a curved red shaft jutting out and up.

My attention was drawn back to the effect of the probing dildo and the magnificent chewing and licking my ass and pussy were receiving. I gripped the headboard tightly and rode her face, my inner muscles both clamping around the dildo and spasming from the hard raking of the stud on my clit and along my pink vulva.

She then steadily pushed against my thighs until my grip freed from the crosspiece and I moved along her body until she once more gripped my hips and told me quietly to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Her laughing voice said it was time to enjoy the thorn on the rose.

She drove the dildo almost completely into my rectum and pulled me down on the towering red shaft which looked as if magically attached to her red slash.

Her rhythm was primitive, sensual but definitely controlling my actions and reactions.

She thrust inward and the two shafts rubbed through the thin membrane deep in my body.

Her outward and inward thrusts swabbed the tip of the, what to call it strapon? Words escaped me.

But then I was not thinking about anything other than the driving pummeling my pussy was receiving.

Achingly sliding in and out.

Fucked. I was fucked and loving the body controlling sensations from such an unexpected source.

She was moaning almost as loudly and plaintively as I.

Could she somehow be receiving similar stimulation in her pussy?

I didn’t care.

All I wanted was to feel the orgasm that was rushing to overwhelm me totally.

Soon enough and too early I experienced a bucking color filled crashing orgasm.

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