A Midnight Woman Ch. 5


The portable bar in the spacious back of the limo just happened to have a cold, uncorked bottle of champagne and two fluted glasses with sugar cubes in the bottoms, awaiting Brian and Deanna as they began the ride back Brian’s place.

“You think of everything, don’t you Dee?”

“I try, Bri, I try.”

Deanna handed Brian a flute and poured in the bubbly. She poured some for herself as well, and then they toasted themselves.

“Here is to a great evening, Dee.”

“And here’s to the fact that it’s not over yet Brian.” That said, they clinked glasses and sipped, Deanna’s eyes locked on Brian’s.

Deanna noticed the clock on the console. It read 12:15; plenty of time.

“I love champagne, don’t you Brian? It’s such a romantic drink, it makes me want to make love,” Dee said as she refilled both their glasses.

“Well, I’m not sure I can keep up with you anymore tonight, Dee. I mean, in the last 24 hours, I think I’ve had more orgasms than I have in the last month. It’s just unbelievable.”

“Believe it, big brother, and don’t worry, I’ll take care of you. Trust me, you’ve got at least one more time in you. Just let me handle things.” She winked and gave him her wicked little smile again, as she started massaging his hardness through his pants.

When they pulled up in front of Brian’s building, he went into the lobby while Deanna took care of the limo-driver. She spoke with him, shook hands and then he drove off. Brian had an elevator waiting by the time she came in.

“I hope that didn’t cost you too much, those guys don’t come cheap,” said Brian as they entered the elevator.

“You know Brian, you worry too much. I told you I could afford it, and I can, so just relax.” With that, she unzipped his pants and pulled out his rapidly rising erection. He started to protest, but with the champagne bottle in one hand and the two glasses in the other, he was in no position to stop her. Once that warm mouth enveloped him he realized he didn’t want to protest anyway. Why would he? He leaned his head back against the wall of the elevator and watched the numbers record their ascent. He closed his eyes as Deanna continued to work her magic. He didn’t even realize it when the doors opened on his floor.

Deanna checked the corridor for onlookers. She saw no one was there, so she pulled Brian out of his reverie and they moved quickly across the hall and into his place. Brian yawned as he put the champagne glasses down on the hallway table and refilled them both, spilling a little onto the floor. He handed one to Deanna, took her other hand and walked into his bedroom.

Deanna set her glass down on the bedside table and pushed Brian onto the bed. She moved to the corner of the room and turned on the tiny desk lamp. She pointed it at the wall so that it barely illuminated the room: just enough for Brian to see her.

As Brian sat and drank his champagne, Deanna slowly pulled the straps of her dress off her shoulders and allowed it to flow over her breasts and down her body to the floor. She stood there in only a black lace garter belt, dark nylons and high heel pumps. She slowly swayed her hips to an unheard beat as she put her fingers through her luxuriant black hair releasing it at the back and allowing it to fall down around her face and shoulders. She held his gaze as she kicked off the shoes and then, unfastening the garter clips, rolled the nylons slowly down her legs and off. She removed the belt and stood naked in front of him. With the palms of her hands, she rubbed her nipples until they became erect. Then, as effortlessly as a ballerina, she raised one leg and placed it on Brian’s shoulder. She grabbed the back of his neck and pulled his face into her middle. Brian set his glass down and then let his tongue move along the moistness of her soft pussy lips. She held his head there as she arched her back and moaned as he hit the button.

Deanna allowed Brian to feast on her sex for several moments, feeling the warmth spread throughout her entire body. She could feel his tongue and lips pulling the precious fluid from her. Finally, she lowered her leg from his shoulder. She moved close and and pulled his face to her breasts. He began to kiss her nipples as she removed his jacket and shirt. She grasped his shoulders, and pushed him back onto the bed. She removed the rest of his clothing as he lay there, staring at the ceiling.

Deanna crawled up onto the bed and sat astride his legs. She kissed and nibbled on his smooth balls for a moment before drawing the full length of his cock into her mouth. Brian made a sound that Deanna recognized as an odd cross between a moan and a yawn. His cock was hard now, so she wasted no time, but crawled into a sitting position over his pelvis and lowered herself until she was completely impaled on him. And then she began to move, slowly at first and then gaining momentum, she shifted so that with each thrust his hardness pressed against her clit. Up and down, to and fro she moved. Brian istanbul escort had closed his eyes, his arms lying at his side. She knew it wouldn’t be long now. Faster and faster she moved as the rapture neared. Moving, thrusting, faster, faster. Brian remained very still. Rising and falling, filling and un-filling herself with him. And then pressing her fingertips deeply into his shoulder muscles, she forced herself fiercely down onto his cock and groaning from her deepest self, she came. Her eyelids fluttered, as every muscle in her entire body tensed and the waves swept over her. It started in her firey sexual center and flowed like a current to the very farthest reaches of her body. Even her scalp tingled; it was delicious. Sitting up straight, as the throbbing inside her subsided, she could feel Brian’s softening cock slip out of her. He had not cum. He didn’t even know she had cum. Deanna rolled onto her back and lay panting beside her now deeply sleeping brother.

Deanna had wondered how long it would take for the sleeping pill she had slipped into his champagne flute to work. But now she knew that her beloved brother would sleep soundly for at least eight hours, uninterrupted.

When her breathing returned to normal, she got up from the bed and maneuvered Brian until he was under the covers. She pulled the blanket up over his shoulders and then stood looking at him.

“Well, Brian,” she thought, “years ago, you came on me when you thought I was sleeping, and now I came on you while you slept. What goes around cums around, I guess.” She laughed to herself. She bent and kissed his cheek.

******* Deanna went directly to the guest bathroom and turned on the shower. When the water was right, she stepped in, and careful not to get her hair wet, she washed the remnants of sex off her body. She stepped out and quickly dried off, moving into the guest room where she had put her things. She opened her case and pulled on a pair of red silk thong underpants. She pulled a black cashmere crewneck sweater over her head and a pair of black Capri pants on. She slipped into some red leather sandals, and moved back into the guest bathroom to check her face in the mirror. She quickly touched up her mascara and applied a new coat of crimson lipstick. She took a final look at the visage she knew few men could possibly resist. She liked it too.

Deanna went into the dark living room and found her purse. She pulled out a cigarette and lit it, drawing a deep drag into her lungs. She knew it was hideously stupid for her to smoke, but she enjoyed it and Deanna did the things she enjoyed. She looked out the window to the street below. It was quiet for a Saturday night. She pulled her digital phone from her bag and punched in a number.

On the second ring a man answered.

“Did you talk to him?” she asked.

“Yes,” was the answer.

She looked at her watch. It was 1:40.

“Is he willing to pay?”

Again, “Yes.”

“Good. When will you have him here? 2:00? Okay, I’ll be in the lobby watching for you.”

Deanna poured herself a straight scotch and drank it down as she finished the first and lit a second cigarette. Her heart raced a little. She was having fun and a plan was beginning to form in her mind.

At five minutes before 2:00, she picked up Brian’s keys, left the apartment and headed down the elevator to the lobby. She was a little tired, but her interest was piqued.

At one minute after 2:00, the same black limousine that had carried her and Brian earlier pulled to the curb in front of the building. It stopped and the same chauffeur got out and came around. He spoke a couple of words before opening the door. Deanna leaned into the opening and there sitting on the bench seat opposite was Anthony, the Sicilian waiter from Gino’s.

Deanna got in and sat opposite Anthony.

“Hello again, Anthony, I’m so glad you could join me. Did Martin explain my note?” she asked.

“Yes miss, he did.”

“And did he discuss a price with you?”

“Yes, he said an hour with you would be five hundred dollars,” answered Anthony.

“And would you like to spend an hour with me Anthony?”

“Yes, miss, very much.”

“And do you have five hundred dollars, Anthony?”

“Well, not at the moment, but I think I could get it.”

“And where would you get the money, Anthony?”

“At my apartment, miss, it is not far from here.”

“Well, Anthony, I don’t want to go to your apartment, so that won’t work.” Anthony’s eyes dropped to the floor of the car. He looked deflated.

“But, Anthony, I have an idea. Take off your pants and let me see what I might be missing.”

“Here, miss? Now?”

“Yes, here and now,” she said, authority in her voice.

Anthony looked at Deanna a moment, then at the front toward Martin the chauffeur, who immediately raised the dark privacy divider between the front and back seats. His eyes moved back avcılar escort to Deanna’s and then, hesitantly, Anthony began to unbuckle his belt. He unsnapped his slacks and slid the zipper down. He raised his hips off the seat and pulled his pants down to his ankles, leaving him sitting in only a black thong. Deanna had suspected as much, since she had felt no underwear when she fondled his ass in the restaurant. She looked at the huge bulge in the front of the thong and guessed that she was about to see a significant piece of equipment.

“Okay,” she said, “now the thong.”

She watched as he slowly but unabashedly pulled the underwear down and over the gigantic cock that sprung forward. Anthony sat back upright, with his mast pointing straight at Deanna. She smiled as she looked at what had to be at least eight or nine inches of manhood. Not to mention the balls. They had to be the size of Grade AAA eggs, a mouthful for even the most experienced fellatrix. If he was willing, he might be just the thing to fulfill her plans.

“Very nice, Anthony. Very nice,” she mused. “Do you know how to use it?”

“I believe so, miss.” Anthony smiled, starting to catch the drift of things. He spit into his right palm and to began to stroke himself. Deanna watch, amused. “Okay, Anthony, now take your shoes, socks and pants all off and let’s play a little.” She pushed a button. “Let’s go, Martin.” The limousine began to move.

Anthony pulled everything off until he was wearing nothing but a smile. Deanna knew she had been right; he was a perfect specimen. An extremely well proportioned body in excellent shape. Muscles bulged where they should and a not an ounce of fat. His chest was covered with a spring of hair that flowed down his stomach and joined the patch just above his groin.

“Now, Anthony, I want to see how you can please me. Maybe I won’t have to charge you after all. Come over here and undress me,” she ordered.

Anthony moved onto his knees in front of Deanna and gently lifted the sweater over her head. She looked down at the top of his head as he began to suckle each of her breasts in turn. She ran her fingers through his blond locks, as her nipples rose to the occasion once more. As he kissed the curving underside of each tit, he unbuttoned her pants. She lifted her hips slightly and he pulled her capris off.

He licked and kissed his way down her abdomen and Deanna could feel his rock hard cock bobbing and bouncing off her shins. He paused at her navel to thrust his tongue into her. He then moved lower, parted her thighs and licked his way to the top of her thong. He began to kiss her pubic mound through the fabric, pressing his chin into the softenss of the slit beneath the silk. He tongued his way down one thigh and then back up the other. Finally, he put his fingers inside the waist of her thong and eased it off. He sat back and looked at the smoothness of her shaved pussy.

“Beautiful, miss,” he said with obvious delight. Deanna smiled and leaned back against the window as she felt his mouth and tongue invade her.

Anthony flicked away at Deanna’s clit with his tongue and then ran it up and down her lips. Eventually, he put a finger into her and began to feed it to her, in and out while continuing to nibble on her hot spot for several minutes. After several moments, he took hold of Deanna’s hips and pulled her forward onto the floor of the limo. He rolled her over onto her front without removing his fingers from her, pushing her up into a kneeling position with her head and elbows on the floor away from him. This gave him perfect access to her pussy and ass. He moved his fingers up her engorged lips and began to caress her clit as he went back to work with his mouth. He started fucking his tongue in and out of her a little further with each thrust, his face now completely covered with her wetness. He used his other hand to gather some juices and spread them up and over the crevice of her ass, massaging the tiny ring there. He kept up the tongue-fucking, but then slipped his middle finger into her ass up to the first knuckle. He felt her tighten around his finger but then just as easily relax. He removed his finger and replaced it with his tongue. He licked around the ring of her anus and then pushed his tongue as far into her as he could, all the while continuing to rub her clit between his thumb and fingers.

“Yes, Anthony, that’s right. God, yes, that’s the spot. Suck my ass. Oh yes, that’s sooo good!”

Anthony knew the signals. He pulled his face away from her rear and raised up on his knees, aiming his cock at her pussy. He rubbed the head around just a bit to find the exact opening and then with one strong thrust, he buried his length into her, driving her face and elbows into the plush carpet. Anthony began to push into and out of Deanna as slowly as he could, each time pulling nearly his entire length out. Deanna, for her part, reached under her swaying breasts to play with her şirinevler escort own clit. Anthony continued thrusting as if he could last forever and Deanna played with her nipples and clit as if she was masturbating.

And then she felt Anthony’s hands leave her hips where they had held her. She looked back between her arms to see him reaching into the pocket of his jacket. She saw the packet and smiled, as he applied the rubber to himself. He then pulled out a tiny bottle with a yellow-brown liquid in it. She saw him remove the top and then she felt the warm liquid flowing onto her ass. It ran down the crevice to her pussy and then dripped onto the floor. She felt Anthony’s hands begin to massage the liquid into her asscheeks. She realized, of course, that it was olive oil from Gino’s: Anthony came prepared. He worked the muscles of her ass and then let his fingers slide down to where his sheathed cock was sliding in and out of her again. She felt more liquid poured onto her ass and soon, the finger was back. But this time it was coated in oil and slipped in easily, soon joined by another. Together the fingers worked in and out, massaging the tight muscular ring.

Anthony leaned forward to Deanna’s ear and asked in a whisper, “Yes, miss?”

“Yes, please,” was all Deanna could manage.

She felt him pull his cock all the way out of her. She knew he was applying more oil to his massive invader, and she wanted it. She felt the slippery head of his cock push against her anal opening. And then, slowly it began to descend into the darkness of her.

For Deanna it began as excruciating pain that turned to delirious desire. She needed this and began to push back against his advance.

Anthony went slow, pushing and pulling in small increments until after about ten or twelve thrusts, she felt his pubic hair against her ass cheeks. Deanna reached back between both their legs and grasped his balls. She squeezed.

“Oh, yes, Anthony. You are so huge. Oh, my god, I love it there. Fuck my ass with your huge cock Anthony. Fill me up.” She continued her urgent massage of his balls and with her other hand she pulled on her pulsing clit, which was totally engorged by now. Anthony accelerated, pumping forcefully in and out.

“That’s it, fuck me, fuck my ass. Faster, harder. I’m ready, Anthony, fill me up now baby, fill me with your cum. I’m cumming. Cum with me baby, cum now Anthony.”

And he did. Anthony leaned his full weight into her backside and shot spurt after spurt of red hot cum as Deanna thrashed in the throes of her own orgasm. Between them it lasted several minutes.

Finally, Deanna felt Anthony shudder. She pulled herself off his cock and turned around. He stood proudly on his knees. She leaned over and grasped his length. She pulled the bloated rubber off and slowly stroked his cock, noticing that one last drop of semen emerged from the tip. Using her index finger, she took that last drop and licked it onto her tongue. “Mmmmm,” she murmured.

“You are as good as I thought you would be, Anthony. I think we can do some business together.” She pushed a button and said, “Martin, take me home.”

“Do you have a girlfriend, Anthony?” she asked as she slipped the pants and sweater back on, preferring to slip the thong into her pocket.

“Yes, miss, I have a girl.”

“What is her name, Anthony?”

“Her name is Cathy, miss.”

“And does Cathy allow you to do her ass like you did mine?”

“Well, miss, I have never tried it with her, so I don’t know for sure, but I think she might. She loves sex.”

“I see. Have you ever involved anyone else in your sex with Cathy?”

“I don’t understand, miss.”

“Have you ever had other people there while you had sex with Cathy?”

“Kind of, miss.”

“Kind of? What do you mean kind of?”

“Well, one time when Cathy and I got to her apartment, we were a little drunk and it was dark and we just took off our clothes and started to move onto her sofa when we realized her roommate was already there, passed out. And she only had on a t-shirt and panties.”

“And what happened then, Anthony?”

“Well, you see, Amanda, that’s Cathy’s roommate, well she had broken up with her boyfriend. Well, actually he dumped her, which I never could figure out, because she is great. Not beautiful maybe , but pretty good-looking and very smart. Anyway, it really upset her and she spent most nights drinking herself to sleep.”

“Okay, I understand, but what happened that night? Tell me Anthony.”

“Well, Cathy told me how sad Amanda was and how badly she needed a man to pay attention to her. And then, Cathy crawled up and pulled Amanda’s panties off, just like that. And she asked me if I liked looking at Amanda’s pussy. I wasn’t sure what to say, but I told her yes. And then she asked me if I would like to touch Amanda. I said I would. She said she thought it would be nice if I could help her roommate get off. And then she asked me to lick Amanda’s pussy.”

“And did you?” Deanna liked this story.

“Uhm, yes, I did. I pulled one of Amanda’s legs off the sofa and started to lick at her clit.”

“And what did Cathy do while you were sucking on Amanda?”

“Well, I was kind of surprised, because Cathy pulled Amanda’s t-shirt over her head and started kissing her nipples.”

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