A Mother’s Secret Needs Ch. 3


A bemused half-smile creased Jack Jenkins’ face. He had been in a deep sleep when the surreal dream began with Jack lying naked on soft grass in a beautiful garden. A cool spring breeze caused his loins to stir. Then Jack saw a lovely pink flower on a long, leafy vine slowly descending from its bush to hover just above his face. Its sweet perfume, oddly intoxicating, filled his lungs. He could see nectar on the delicate inner petals. It moved down his body, as if appraising every bit of him, until it came to his erect manhood. His penis was an clearly an object of fascination for the strange flower. It moved around sinuously to observe it from every angle. Jack wondered dully if the thing could really see it somehow. It hovered directly above Jack’s throbbing cock for a long moment, the nectar dripping onto the bulbous head & trickling down the shaft. Ever so slowly, the flower opened wide, lowering itself. The dewy petals then closed on his organ with a surprising tightness. The flower began to slide up & down his penis with great sensuality. A mounting heat radiated from Jack’s cock. He furrowed his brow & moaned. This was indeed a dream of unprecedented realism – even if he was he was having sex with foliage.

Jack slowly cranked his eyes open halfway. At first he saw the flower on his cock. Then the sleep-fog evaporated – and the blossom was magically transformed into his nude mother. Suzy Jenkins was straddling her son, slowly riding his 9-inch penis, her little pink-nailed hands on his broad chest.

“Mom! Jesus!”, Jack exclaimed, his eyes bulging suddenly. He was momentarily confused, his heart pounding; then the delicious memory of the night before came flooding back.

“Well, good morning, sleepyhead”, Suzy said, smiling gloriously. “I thought you’d never wake up.”

Jack sleepy head fell back to the pillow & he groaned with pleasure. “What a way to greet the day…”

Suzy giggled & picked up the pace of her ride. Jack reached up & took his mother’s bouncing breasts in his strong hands, rolling her puffy pink nipples in his fingers. He could see her lovely white butt sliding up & down on his shaft in the full-length mirror at the foot of the bed, and the way it jiggled delightfully when she ground her crotch into his.

“Yeah – take it, baby…”

Suzy threw her head back in open-mouthed ecstasy. Jack thought she looked incredibly sexy like this.

“God, what an adorable lady you are – a pornographer’s wet dream…”

“Oh, you say the most sinful things to your poor mother…” Suzy panted.

“And you eat it up, don’t you?”

“God yes. Oh, baby – this feels so wonderful…” Suzy mewled.

“You are the ultimate screw, mom. Nobody can hold a candle to you – nobody”, he said, meaning it, as he grasped her soft butt cheeks, spreading them so he could more clearly see her delectible asshole in the mirror.

Suzy hissed through gritted teeth as waves of pleasure emanated from her juicy vagina. She was bobbing up & down on her son’s cock frantically now.

“I’m almost there, sweetie,” she rasped. “Make mommy cum – please. Oh lord…”

Jack slipped 2 fingers in his mother’s anus & began shaking them. “Cum for your man, little one. That’s it…”

“Oh, Jack, I am – I’m cumming. God!”, Suzy squealed, her asshole clenching her son’s fingers like a thick rubber band, her buttocks quivering as she impaled herself to the balls one last time. Jack sucked his mom’s tit deep into his mouth, watching her expression closely, loving it. In the throes of her orgasm, her pussy spasmed uncontrollably on his thick rod. Tears flowed down her blushing cheeks as she became totally caught up in the moment.

It was all too much for Jack. “Oh, shit, mom – here it comes. Aw fuck!…”

Thick white ribbons of sperm spewed from his turgid knob over & over, saturating his own mother’s sacred womb. Jack bucked his cock up into Suzy as far as possible with every ejaculation, until her pussy overflowed & their blended sex juices oozed down his shaft, soaking his balls.

Then, with one final spurt, it was over. Suzy collapsed on Jack’s chest, his iron penis still buried in her vagina to the hilt. Jack lovingly stroked her hair, murmuring praise…

“Here, have the last sausage – you’ve earned it”, Suzy said with a lascivious smile. They were sitting at the kitchen table finishing a big breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage & blueberry pancakes.

“Um, thanks…” Jack mumbled, his mouth stuffed with food. Suzy laughed. “You look like a chipmunk.”

She sat back about the profound transformation of their relationship.

“No turning back now…” she muttered to herself.

“Huh?”, Jack asked as he chewed the sausage.

Suzy shook out of her reverie. “I said ‘no turning back now’.”

“Yes pendik escort – that’s right”, he replied, nodding seriously.

“How do you feel about that, hon? I mean really feel?”

There was no hesitation. “I can truthfully say that I feel great about it. Sure, I felt guilt at first – hell, maybe I still feel a little.” Jack shrugged. “I suppose it wouldn’t be natural otherwise, you know? But having you just feels so good – so right – that it far outweighs any negative feelings about it. How ’bout you?”

His mother sighed. “I always tried to live a decent, moral life – you know that. But – to my astonishment – now that I’ve thrown all that out the window & violated the ultimate taboo I’m happy, truly happy for the first time ever. I’ve never felt such a wonderful sense of peace & fulfillment – never even dreamed such joy existed.” Suzy laughed suddenly & rolled her eyes toward the ceiling. “Ya know, if a psychic had told me a few weeks ago that I would soon spread my thighs for my own son, I would have spat in his face…”

Jack chuckled. “Yeah, I know what you mean. I can hardly believe we’ve actually done it myself.”

Suzy leaned forward. “But it’s still the most terrible sin, darling – just awful…” she said in a scandalized whisper.

“Yes, I know it is – believe me, I do. But that’s what makes it so fuckin’ hot, ain’t it?”, he said with a wicked grin, as he slipped his hand into her pretty robe.

“Yes – yes. God forgive me…” Suzy closed her eyes tight & bit her lower lip, loving the warmth of Jack’s hand gently kneading her soft breast.

“I want you – right now…” Jack growled.

“What – already? Oh baby, you are simply amazing…” Suzy exclaimed as he hastily pushed the plates aside. They stood and he opened her silk robe the soft, slightly rounded belly; the hourglass hips; and her lovely legs, seemingly carved of the choicest marble by a master’s hand.

“Damn, mom”, Jack exclaimed in appreciation “You are as sexy as hell.”

“How I love it when you look at me like that…” Suzy said quietly.

Jack picked her up with ease & gently set her bottom on the kitchen table. Suzy laid down & drew her knees up to her breasts, slowly opening the gates of paradise for her son once again. Jack’s big cock jumped at the gorgeous image of his mother spread before him. So inviting – a vision of feminine vulnerability. Her neat triangle of rich pubic hair contrasted so beautifully with her creamy white skin. And the full pink lips of her pussy…

Precum began to pour copiously from Jack’s red knob at the sight. He stepped forward to drool it down onto Suzy’s bush in a thick, syrupy stream. She sighed as he began to rub his great white shaft against her box, sawing against the erect clitoris as he matted her pubic hair. The warm, silken folds of her vulva kissed the underside of his rod beseechingly. Then Jack slid his cock down between her spongy buttocks, lest her twitching anus begin to feel left out. Suzy shivered at the forbidden sensation. Her vaginal juices were flowing now. Finally, when he judged the time was right, Jack placed the burnished helmet of his conquering hero against the sopping portal of his mother’s womanhood.

“Are you ready, pretty one?”, he asked.

“Yes – oh my God yes…” Suzy whispered in a little girl voice.

Jack pressed forward, parting the hot, oily walls of her heavenly vagina with exquisite slowness. He paused for a moment when his taut cockhead reached her cervix, then pushed on past into Suzy’s holy of holies. She whimpered helplessly, looking up at her son with wide, doe eyes. Jack held still, his big testicles pressed snugly to her sweet asshole.

“Oh yes,” Jack growled, breaking a small silence. “I’ve got you now…”

“Oooo! Yes – you have. Pin meee…”

Jack began to hump his mom with measured strokes, bracing himself with his hands on the table. Suzy spread her milk-white thighs as far as possible, giving him total access – wanting every bit of his penis inside her body. She curled her little painted toes at the incredible sensations sweeping her away. Jack saw her beautiful breasts jiggling with every thrust. He leaned his head down & took a swollen nipple into his ravenous mouth, watching her as he did so.

Suzy swooned. “Oh yess. Suck Mommy’s titties – they’re yours, my love…”

Jack stretched her rubbery teat to the limit, lifting the boob off her chest, and released it with a hollow “pop.” It quivered like jello. Then he took in the other one. He entered her all the way and began to swivel his hips, reaming her buttery vagina with his rod of white-hot steel. Suzy gasped, open-mouthed.

Jack urgently picked up the pace of their fucking. Suzy reached down & grasped his pumping kartal escort ass with both hands, encouraging him.

“Yeah, pound me. C’mon – fuck your mother…” she panted.

“Who’s lady are you?”, Jack demanded. He now knew that his sexual power over his mom was total – and he exulted in it.

“Oooo! I am your lady, my darling – yours alone. Forever…”

“And is this my sweet li’l pussy, too? Huh, baby?”, he huffed.

“Yes, it is, it is. You own me – oh shit…!”

Jack gritted his teeth as he fucked his mother furiously. He was nearing orgasm. Suzy’s quaking flesh was covered in a sheen of sweat. Nasty squishy noises came from her sopping vagina every time he pistoned into her. Suzy made feminine little squeaks & whines as he rode her with abandon. They were completely engrossed in their incestuous coupling. Nothing & no one mattered to them at that moment. Their collective being was centered between Suzy’s thighs, an awesome Oneness – magnificent & monstrous.

“Do you have any idea how much I love this, Jack? How I live to have your penis inside me?”, Suzy asked in a otherworldly tone he’d never heard before, her eyes slits. “Well, I do. I could never live without it now – never. I’m hopelessly addicted to having you ramming into my belly. Screw me, my son. Fuck Mommy. Because I need it so fucking bad….”

Jack could take no more of that kind of talk. He roared as his cock erupted deep inside his mother’s womb.

“Pull out, darling – shoot it on my titties! Hurry…” Suzy said urgently.

Jack quickly withdrew his prick from his mom’s sodden pussy, making her gasp at the sudden emptiness. Suzy instantly wrapped her little hand around it the dregs of his ejaculation. Then, with a groan of exaustion, he stopped spurting at last. Suzy slid her thumb along the tube on the underside of his cock, greedily milking every last drop of his semen.

Jack looked at his mother. Her entire upper body was streaked & splattered with sperm – his sperm. It was in her hair, her nostrils, even her ears. Suzy saw him looking & began to sensuously rub his seed into her lovely breasts & belly with both hands, while sucking it off her frothy lips.

“Incredible. In – fuckin’ – credible…” he muttered, shaking his head…

So began a whirlwind month of forbidden pleasure. When Suzy & Jack weren’t working, eating or sleeping, they were copulating like crazed rabbits. One by one, every dark beast was loosed from the chains of conscience to run wild. And visual details were refined as well.

“What kind of clothes do you like me to wear, sweetie?”, Suzy asked. ” I want to look cute for you.”

“The fewer, the better…”

“Come on, now – I’m being serious here.”

“Hmm, let me see…” Jack thought for a moment, looking his mom over speculatively. “Well, for one thing, I’ve always liked silk blouses – tends to show off the nipples”, he said with a smirk.

Suzy laughed. “Yeah, I know. I love the feel of silk on my skin, too – so cool & smooth. What else?”

“I generally prefer above-the-knee skirts to pants. However, considering your delicious butt & curvy hips, I might just make an allowance there”, he chuckled.

“Uh huh. I thought you might…” Suzy smiled seductively, tilting her head.

“One thing I’m crazy about, for some reason, is flat shoes – you know, the kind you ladies wear when grocery shopping & doing the housework?”

“Oh, you like flats?”, Suzy replied, a little surprised. “Most men seem to prefer high heels.”

“I know! High heels leave me cold. But seeing a girl in flats or sexy little slippers always gets me hard – especially if they have those cute little bows on the toes. They’re so…” he looked up, searching for the right word. ” so ‘housewifey’. Sort of like Mary Tyler Moore in the old ‘Dick Van Dyke Show’ or something.”

Suzy giggled. “I’m glad you like them. So do I. They’re much more comfy than heels, but still feminine.”

“I’ll tell you something: I secretly used to get stiff when you wore your little pink ones, although I just thought it was the shoes then…” Jack grinned sheepishly.

“Naughty boy! Well now, how about undies & lingerie? And stuff like hairdos & makeup?”

“I love lacy bras & panties – and see-through ones, oh yeah, those are hot. Very few things are as sexy as seeing nipples & pubic hair when the underwear is still on. So tantalizing. I suppose you can guess that I also prefer sheer nighties for similar reasons”, Jack narrowed his eyes & inhaled through pursed lips. “As for hair, I love bangs. Bangs always make a lady look cute & fresh – with a sort of youthful innocence, know what I mean?”

“Sure I do. I wear bangs a lot – maybe you’ve noticed…” Suzy beamed.

“Damn right I maltepe escort have.”

“What about makeup?”

” I love well-applied makeup, especially lipstick. Very, very sexy. But I hate it when it’s over-done.”

“Oh, so do I,”, Suzy nodded. “Defeats the purpose.”

“Right. Too much makes a woman look cheap & nasty. And that goes double for real long nails.”

“How true! Nothing tackier than that”, Suzy said, wrinkling her nose prettily…

Armed with this knowledge of his preferences, Suzy made herself up accordingly. The effect, of course, was to make Jack want her even more, if that were possible. One day Jack playfully grabbed his mother as she was walking by & sat her in his lap.

“Now, honey, I’ve got to make dinner. Wait ’til later…” Suzy chided gently.

Jack saw her big nipple through the emerald green silk of her blouse. “This is all the ‘dinner’ I need…” he said as he began to suck it through the thin fabric.

“Oh, you are just incorrigible…” Suzy gasped, reaching for his zipper. His cock sprang free like a pervert’s jack-in-the-box. She got off his lap & quickly began to strip. When she removed her panties (sheer ones, naturally), Jack took them from her and, with a dirty old man leer, stuffed them into his mouth. Suzy gaped as she watched her son sucking her essense from the slightly-soiled crotch.

“God, that is so wicked, baby – but I do love it…” She got down on her knees on the couch, wiggling her pretty fanny at him. “Here – we haven’t done it doggy-style yet.”

“Now, how could I refuse that?.” He leaned down tasting, exploring. Then he reached out to grasp her dangling titties, kneading them gently as he feasted.

“Ohhh, yess. That’s the way…” Suzy panted.

Next, Jack turned his attention to her lovely puckered asshole, slowly licking it, as if it were an ice cream cone.

“Oooo, Jack! Jesus!”, she squealed at the taboo contact with her anus.

With a growl of animal lust he sealed Suzy’s bunghole & sucked hard, as if trying to draw out her very bowels. They were both swept up in a tornado of illicit lust, utterly beyond caring. Jack shook his face, making his mom’s sweet butt jiggle delightfully. He tweaked her swollen nipples with his practiced fingers, driving her wild. Jolts of intense pleasure surged from her breasts & her butt, causing her whole body to jerk as if she had gripped a live wire. It was more than she could stand.

“Oh, Jack – I…you, you’re making me…ohhh shit!” The shattering orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. Her sweaty buttocks tightly clenched her son’s face. She let out an invountary fart – right into his still-sucking mouth. Suzy whimpered into the couch pillow, momentarily helpless.

Jack lifted his face from his mom’s ass, the brassy taste of her rectum strong in his mouth. He knew he should be disgusted by this, but he wasn’t; on the contrary; he loved it. No part of his mother’s body could repulse him now. He adored every precious inch of it.

Jack’s cock was engorged almost to the point of pain; the enormous ruby head shining like a mirror. Suzy gawked. “Oh! It looks like it’s gonna explode, baby – it scares me!”

He placed the cockhead against her juicy vagina, preparing slip into her velvet sheath once more.

“No – wait. Not there…” Suzy blurted out, looking back at him sheepishly.

“Eh? You – you mean…” Jack said, his pulse quickening.

She nodded slowly. “I-I want to try…” she said quietly.

First Jack lubricated his mom’s gorgeous puckered anus with copious amounts of precum; then, gently but firmly, he pressed his great knob against it until it popped inside. Suzy gasped, her sphincter twitching in protest at this outrage.

“Oooo, Jack! You will go slowly, won’t you? Please don’t hurt me!”, she cried, suddenly afraid.

“I would never hurt you, sweetheart”, Jack reassured her, patting her delectible butt lovingly. He began to ease his fleshy rod into Suzy’s rectum slowly, gritting his teeth as he fought the almost overwhelming urge to start thrusting. He watched as inch after inch of his penis slid into his mom’s most forbidden body cavity, stretching the hot, elastic tube open. The tender flesh molded tightly to the bold invader. Finally Jack bottomed out, his big testicles pressed to her wet vagina.

“Ohhh my God… it’s huge, so huge…” Suzy whined, a sexy grimace of pain/pleasure on her face. Jack reveled in the magnificent feeling of having his own mother’s butt speared on his cock. After giving her a long moment to get used to it, he slowly started to move; withdrawing his thick white dick until just the inflamed head remained in her clenching anus, then sliding back into Suzy’s rectum, just quickly enough to elicit an open-mouthed gasp from her. Jack looked down as he withdrew again, loving the outrageous sight of Suzy’s delicious pink asshole distended on his penis, stretching nearly 2 inches on the backstroke. Soon his precum combined with the secretions of her rectal glands to make her butt as slippery as an amusement park water slide.

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