A multiple Screw


My GF and I had just booked into a lodge for the evening and feeling rather tired after a long journey; we resorted to our usual shower and relaxation time. I say usual ‘cause whenever one of us get into the shower , it’s all about fondling our anatomies and culminating in whatever we desire to satisfy our lust.
This time around she stepped in first and as I heard the clatter of water, I decided to move away for a while and take a breath of fresh air. Unknown to me, and by some strange chance the next door occupant threaded into our room by mistake and without a hiss when straight into the bathing area. I still did not know and I imagined that my GF would come out soon so I could than proceed to have my refresh. As it took her a long time to finish up, I went over to the shower and to my surprise; I heard moans and voices of grump coming from inside. “Hey are you alright” I called out, but there was no answer. I pushed the door open and that’s when I heard the words “Fuck my Ass hard” noticing a huge cock sliding in and out of my GF’s anal area. I instantly had a hard on and shouted to the guy “Hey how did you get here!”. ” I made a mistake” replied he, “but this woman just started sucking my cock” . “Is this your Wife?” . I said “no, she’s not, but game kocaeli escort for anything and so am I”. He started pumping into my GF’s ass with such vigour that she screamed and without further warning shot a load into her passage and just flipped back his head, his cock now limp. My GF went down on him and cleaned him out, and at the same time he developed an urge to urinate, and without fail just released it all in her mouth.
Now pissing was not one of her favourite, but from pass experience, if the necessity arose after an oral or sex session, it was fun for her to gulp it up and felt quite contented in doing so. More often than not, when we showered together, I would return the favour and have my mouth gaped for a golden shower.
Back to the scene in the shower. This burly guy had hardly finished relieving himself, when he stated to develop a hard on once more. By now I was just as hard, and grabbing my GF by the hair pulled her down towards my cock. She started a sucking motion and within a few minutes I could feel that my explosion was at hand. The three of us moved out of the shower area, and into the room area.
Letting her lay on her stomach and grip the single bed across, her ass and cunt were now beautifully exposed, and on the other side a mouth darıca escort wanting to be fucked and ready for a take.
Knowing this is going to be interesting, I motioned to the other guy to move his cock into her mouth while I penetrate one on her exposed holes. He obliged and so did she, without a wink, taking his cock into her mouth, she waited for me to fuck her from behind. I first opted to straddle her swollen pussy, and as I pushed my cock in, the force of the push , instantly caused her mouth to slide over the other guys cock. I controlled the rhythm and started a motion, first slowly, gradually increasing the momentum, and then pumping with wild vigour. The other guy just stood still as his cock was receiving a slide, which put him into a frenzy. In the meanwhile my GF was just enjoying every minute of it as she had almost nothing to do but suck with her mouth and grip with her pussy.
Knowing well she wanted variety, we stopped for a while and decided to change position. I went with my cock into her mouth and he, instead on pushing his cock into her cunt, opted to penetrate her protruding ass. It seemed as if this guy was an expert ass fucker, and could drive any woman to a point of ecstasy. He rammed his cock with such vigour and urgency, gölcük escort that in no time my GF was screaming from pain, but also shouting for more. The screams brought another man into the room, and seeing the positions we were in, he, without thinking twice, decided to join in the grouping. We repositioned ourselves once more, whereby, the new partner laid flat on the bed, with his cock facing upwards. My GF sraddled him from the top, releasing her pussy onto his erect cock. The first guy than proceeded as usual , but from a different angle and banged his cock into her ass. Her gaping mouth was still ever so ready and locked over my cock..
Movement after movement we intensified and screwed, as screams and moans engulfed the room. It was an experience so eventful that all four of us enjoyed it to the fullest. Timeously the guy penetrating her ass would stop, and I would retract my cock, giving the other guy more motion to fuck my GF upwards. The first partner and I swopped positions, and I was now up into her asshole. She sucked on his cock, literally ripping his head apart and then it happened: What we would say the ultimate. Three loads of cum almost spurting simultaneously, drenching my GF on her face, over her lips, onto her tits. Her cunt was dripping from sperm and as I could not contain any longer, I shot my load into her ass, and then pulling back with a force she pushed us all off and sucked all our cocks dry.

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