A Nasty Night in North Carolina


I was on my way to visit my grandmother’s house in Florida. I live in New York city so I knew the drive was going to be long and hard. Driving such a long distance by myself was kind of a scary thought at first, but being the adventurous person I am, I went for it. 9hrs down the I-95 I reached North Carolina and decided that I would find a place to eat and sleep for the night since I was so tired. I found a small and cheap Inn that was connected to a Dennys restaurant. It was perfect for my fat lazy ass. I found a room washed up and headed down to the Dennys. I walked in the restaurant and had no choice but to notice I was the only black person there. Something I’m not fully used to coming from the Big Apple but I managed. The food was so satisfying. I asked for my check when all of a sudden two tall, muscular, and young white boys walked in. I couldn’t help but stare at them and drool. One of them smiled at me and my booty hole quivered. Before I flew too deep into my hoeish tendencies I snapped myself out of it and headed out the door.

As güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I walked down the block a third tall white boy appeared out of nowhere in front of me headed straight into the restaurant. I smiled at him nervously and awkwardly because I was so thrown off guard by this Roman God. We happened to lock eyes and immediately he could sense I wanted the dick. As he walked pass me he slapped my ass. His heavy large hand made my black booty jiggle so aggressively. I gasped and yelled “what you doing?!” (Trying to act like I didn’t like it). This tall sexy white boy said “I just wanted to know how it felt” with the sexiest country accent I’ve ever heard. I could no longer front and said “it feels better without the clothes”. He grinned so hard and asked me if he could feel it now without hesitation I told him to follow me and we headed straight to my room. The energy was so intense I began sweating. He started breathing heavy like an animal and I knew he had to be a college football player or some thing at this güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri point it didn’t even matter. I couldn’t get my room door open before he started dry humping and rubbing my bubble butt so hard. I could tell he wasn’t used to it.

Once we got in the room, I got on my knees pulled his thick white penis out of his pants and started sucking the living life out of his hard bare cock. I don’t know what came over us but at this point we sounded like bears. He had a really hairy crotch that smelled like man musk. It made me deep throat his cock even harder spit was coming out of my mouth like never before.my mouth was a waterfall. I was choking and gagging so hard on his dick. All he could do was moan and says he’s about to cum on my black face repeatedly . He still had his clothes on that’s how intense it was. The room felt like 100 degrees and I couldn’t stop sucking.

Next thing all i heard was “FUCK Im cumming!!” he nutted so hard down my throat I choked and coughed. His cum tasted like sweet güvenilir bahis şirketleri and sour sauce. Yum! We both knew we weren’t finished. We proceeded to take all of our clothes off. He admired my huge ass and said he never fucked a black boy or a big butt before. Something about him saying that made me assume my position face down, bubble butt in the air. He put on a condom and I told him to “go slow” because it was a long time since I had done anal. He said ok. All of a sudden I remembered I didn’t douche and warned him. “I don’t care, I’m a nasty wild boy!” He proclaimed in that accent that made my nipples hard. White boy then rammed his fat pink cock in my ass so hard I yelled “aaahhhh”. He told me to shut up and he beat my hole so aggressively I could only screech. At this point his pink cock was brown and he loved it. My moist fat ass was jiggling all on his stomach. He kept slapping my ass so hard it got numb. His wet cock felt so good I was speechless.

He commanded me to sit on his dick and I did, like the little slut bitch slave boy I became. I started bouncing up and down on his thick cock. I felt his Roman God dick in my stomach. Shit was still on his cock, the condom was covered. I couldn’t believe something so nasty could feel so good.

All of a sudden his phone rang and it was the other two white boys from the restaurant…

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