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Subject: A Natural Family part 14 This series involves the narrator and his teenage son, Adrian, as they explore their sexuality and create new relationships. In this episode, we learn more about Thomas whom we met at Adrian’s new school in the previous episode. Me Adrian (son) Franck (my tutor) Petrus (my ex-wife’s half sister’s half brother) Dominic (my ex-wife’s nephew) Margot (Dominic’s mother, Petrus’ half brother) Aidan (Adrian’s friend) Janice (Adrian’s mother) Fergus (Adrian’s school friend, and lover) Joris (a delivery driver) Anton (Joris’ teenage brother) Thomas (goes to Adrian’s new school) PART FOURTEEN – Thomas’ story Thomas’s father was English and his mother American, and his upbringing split between the two countries. For most of his teens he had been in the USA, but when his parents split up and his father’s job moved back to England, Thomas ended up moving with his father. It had been his father who suggested the school and took Thomas along for an interview with no explanation. When the teacher started to explain the school’s ethos, Thomas had been gobsmacked. He had never seen his father naked, never mind any friendly intimacy, and growing up on the US, Thomas had rarely been nude in front of others. He had fooled around a bit with other guys at school, but essentially Thomas was a virgin. The moment when he, his father and the teacher stripped off, was rather shocking. And exciting. Thomas’ solo interview was relatively short, after all there was little or no intimacy with his father and very little else to report on. Thomas was then taken off to the school’s barber who was on site and ready to shave Thomas. The loss of his pubes was shocking, Thomas had been proud of his bush, he wasn’t hairy anywhere else, and his cock was only average. so it was his bush that he had been proud of. And sitting there in the barber’s chair, naked with his legs high up and wide in stirrups, was very exposed. The barber was wearing a white coat and was very professional. First, he trimmed everything with clippers, kurtköy escort suddenly Thomas was virtually bald. You know, it didn’t look so bad. Then the barber washed it and put a warm towel over, then the shaving started, pubes, balls, round his cock but also his crack. Having a guy moving his cock about, handling it, and his balls, then parting his arse-cheeks and exploring his crack had repercussions for Thomas. Inevitably, he got hard; the first time he had ever been hard with an adult present. The barber simply smiled and said that it happened to everyone, and Thomas should enjoy it. Thomas tried to, naked and hard, exposed to whoever came in; Thomas was pretty sure the barber hadn’t locked the door. The barber was just finishing when another teacher appeared. He was naked, and of course shaved, slim and young, he had light brown hair and a friendly smile. Like most of the cocks that Thomas would see at school, the teacher was uncut; Thomas being cut put him in an interesting minority. The teacher watched Thomas being finished off and asked him a few questions, where he came from that sort of thing, and introduced himself as Gavin. But all the time, Gavin was watching Thomas being shaved, naked and hard as the barber’s hands explored Thomas’ crack and then, startlingly, one of the barber’s fingers found its way into Thomas’ hole, which was by then well lubed with the shaving foam. Thomas reacted, he was startled, no-one had ever done that to him before, it felt strange and exciting. Both barber and Gavin grinned, with the barber commenting that Thomas was nice and tight. As Gavin stroked his own cock, reaching in impressive size as it got hard, he asked Thomas if he’d ever been fucked before. When Thomas nervously shook his head, the barber grinned and said that Gavin had better take over. So, it was Gavin’s finger, then fingers which inserted themselves into Thomas’ hole, and then an event which Thomas had always dreamed of but which had seemed a long way off. He felt the head of Gavin’s cock pressing aydıntepe escort against his hole, he tried to relax but inevitably it hurt at first, Gavin paused but amazingly he was soon all the way in. When Gavin’s cock was balls deep in Thomas’ arse, Gavin stopped and grinned at Thomas and said welcome to the school. Thomas found himself having full on sex for the first time, with not one but two people, as of course the barber joined in. When Gavin, returned Thomas to the office with his father, Thomas’ arse was well and truly stretched and he was worried that he might be walking funny. Thomas found his father with a young pupil, both their cocks were still engorged and it was clear they had been having sex. His father, having gay sex; the older man smiled at Thomas nervously, but continued as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Thomas had one more shock, the teacher brought Thomas to climax (by wanking him) in front of his father. Thomas could not believe it. It was all a shock, but after a couple of days to think about it, Thomas decided that on balance, he liked the idea of the school. He had settled in well, and Gavin, the teacher who had first fucked him had sought him out, and the two had a regular relationship both in and out of school. After some adjustment, Thomas found it hot that the two could fuck virtually anywhere in the school. And his father? Thomas’ father still kept himself in shape, going to the gym in what he liked to describe as a vain war against incipient Dad-bod. Still, his father was a lot trimmer than some fathers in the States. But it had been a shock not only to see him naked, but clearly post-coital with his cock still half-hard. Thomas guessed his Dad and he had cocks of about the same shape and size, but his Dad was a lot hairier than Thomas, with a generous treasure trail and good sprinkling of chest-hair, though it was now going grey. And it wasn’t just that he’d been naked and such, his Dad had been having sex with another man (well a boy, but the same tuzla içmeler escort thing functionally). His Dad had rather nervously brought up the school’s ethos of encouraging father and son intimacy. They were sitting over a beer in the garden (his father’s pride and joy), and Thomas had the courage to bring up the subject of his Dad’s sexuality. The older man looked a bit embarrassed, but didn’t flinch and admitted that he had always had a weakness for younger men, and he mentioned two that he had fucked when visiting Thomas and his mother. They weren’t Thomas’ friends, but he knew them, and he was shocked and excited at the idea of his Dad fucking them. Thomas stood up and, without taking his gaze of his father, he removed his t-shirt and shorts, he was naked underneath, of course, shaved smooth and thanks to the school, comfortable with his nudity. He was also getting hard. Thanks to the school, Thomas had not only become comfortable with his nudity but was finding that he enjoyed sex, and did not mind an audience. Thomas was becoming more daring, and had been learning that quite a few of his friends at school had sex with their fathers. After all, it was something the school encouraged, so why not? His father didn’t move, so Thomas walked over and sat astride his father’s lap, his cock pressed against his father’s belly and he could feel his Dad’s own cock, hard. He kissed his Dad lightly on the lips and suggested that his Dad might like to get comfortable. When he finally sat down again, it was with his Dad’s cock firmly up his arse. His Dad was inhibited at first, but Thomas was making friends at school who had regular sex with their fathers, and Thomas wanted to be the same. They got there in the end, and Thomas and his father developed a loving sexual relationship. And his Dad got to fuck his friends too. END OF PART FOURTEEN Freedom is not free, please think about donating to Nifty http://donate./donate.html Someone asked whether the characters in the story are cut or not. Well they are mostly British, so the likelihood is they are all uncut. I like my guys shaved, so usually my characters all end up shaved smooth at some point. My fty//bisexual/incest/tom-sixteen/ I enjoy hearing from people, so feel free to contact me with thoughts and ideas. Rick ail

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