A Need To Experiment Ch. 02

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It was mid-morning when my cell phone rang.

No greeting on the other end. Just a voice, “Linda wants to see you.”

I quickly wrapped up what I was working on and with nervous anticipation drove to Bob and Linda’s house. I rang the doorbell, and Bob answered.

He looked me up and down while opening the door wide. “Upstairs. Go to the bedroom.”

I entered the house passing the couch and coffee table where our last meeting of mutual gratification took place oh so long ago. I heard Bob close the door behind me and lock it as I made my way upstairs with him close behind.

Upon entering the bedroom I found Linda sprawled on a large four poster style bed. She was nude. Her breasts capped with her large areola, and thick nipples stiff. Her legs were spread and overhanging a corner of the bed.

Her eyes were closed, but opened upon our arrival in the bedroom. I took in the scene, and quickly understood why her legs were hanging over the corner of the bed. Her hips were rolling and she was thrusting herself upon a dildo. It was generously sized, and from what I could tell from the inches sliding in and out of her was at least 10″ long, and 2″ in diameter. What held it in place was that it was tied to the post of the bed.

Her lips clung to the rubber phallus with each withdrawal, and were pushed inward with each thrust. Looking at us with half closed, post orgasmic eyes she told us both to disrobe. I guess I had missed her latest orgasm, but wanting to make up for lost time I quickly took my clothes off.

My cock, already half erect, and thickening rapidly with the site of her humping this rubber phallus sprang a bit when I pulled my boxers down. I looked to my left, and Bob was already fully nude, his dick growing stiffer with each pulse of his heartbeat. He certainly didn’t waste any time as I was still pulling off my shirt.

Linda backed up onto the bed, and the large dick popped out of her with a wet sound. Her hole was gaping from her artificial lover, and dew I hoped to know more intimately clung to her swollen labia. The dildo flopped a bit at her setting it free, and shined with the moist juices that she had covered it with so generously.

She pointed at me while she slid further upward, leaning back on the pillows piled against the headboard. She pointed at me, and her words were simple and short, surprising me. No “hello” or “how are you” or even a simple “nice to see you.”

Instead it was one single word. One single syllable that carried the full weight and meaning of what she wanted. She pointed from me to the dildo, and that word was simply, “on.”

I decided this was no time for chit-chat. Hell, I’m not even sure how I would strike up a conversation under these circumstances. It was very clear that she wanted me to do one thing, and nothing else until she asked or told.

I climbed onto the bed, slid to the corner, and slid downward. I reached downward and grasped the slippery fake dick in my hand. Scooting myself closer to the corner of the bed the tip of the dildo bumped against my balls, and my cock twitched hard in reaction. I slid the tip down my balls until I felt the dull, rounded end press against my asshole. It was throbbing, almost gasping, as if it knew what was coming.

I took a deep breath and hunched myself forward. I could feel it pressing against me hard, my sphincter contracting against it in little spasms. I clenched my hole hard, feeling the shaft of the dildo flex a bit as the head was pushed back.

I looked up. Bob was lazily stroking his cock while he watched me. With a deep breath I unclenched my ass, and pushed hard against the phallus. The blunt head pushed against me, spreading me open, and started to go in. I pushed a little harder, forcing my ass to relax. I felt the crown of it push into me, and pop past the ring. I let my breath out, and breathed in again as I contracted my ass around the head of the cock. I felt it flex again, but by holding the shaft straight it did not pop out. I let my breath out long and slow as I hunched forward while relaxing my ass again. A couple of inches slid into me.

My eyes opened wide at the invasion and I moaned softly. illegal bahis I lay back on the bed, and hooking legs over the corner of the mattress pulled myself downward. More of the cock slid into me. I groaned as I felt the head and then shaft press further into me pressing hard against my swollen prostate as it slid further in. The head of my cock swelled, as my whole dick and balls contracted.

I tilted my head back to see Linda cupping her crotch as she rubbed her clit with the heel of her hand. Her fingers closed over her oh so beautifully swollen and moist lips making them swell larger and seem so thick and large.

I shoved down further until the backs of my knees met the corner of the mattress. I’m not sure how much of the thick dildo was in me, but it was as far as it would go, and it had to have been many inches. I instinctively began to try and hump the dildo, but there was no leverage from my position. I shifted around a bit and found that my thrusting my hips up and down I could make it slide in and out of me. Slowly at first, but my speed grew steadily. I could feel it slid in and out of me. The veins sliding in and out of my clenching ass, and the shaft and head rubbing deep inside me in that spot that makes me quiver like nothing else does.

I was thrusting into the air, humping up and down, my almost hard cock bouncing up and down in time to my thrusting. I was in bliss. I closed my eyes and focused on the cock inside me. It slid in and out, my own cock flopping about with smacking sound as it hit me on each upward thrust.

I felt the bed move and weight shift near me; next to my head as a matter of fact. I opened my eyes, and was greeted by the site of Linda’s beautiful pussy, lips wet and swollen, her hole still gaping above my face.

I lifted my head and tried to lick her clit. I could just barely reach. The musky aroma of her scent drove me mad, and the tangy taste of her juices just teased my taste buds. She held herself there, above me, my neck straining to try and lick her. I tried to lick her for her pleasure; for my pleasure; for both of our pleasure.

I tried in vain to hold my head up, but couldn’t. I relaxed my neck muscles and just watched her beautiful pussy sway above me, when I felt the mattress sag. I looked, and Bob was climbing onto the bed.

His dick was rock hard, and bounced as he straddled my chest. I couldn’t believe it! He was moving into position to mount her from behind. Right above me!

He scooted forward, and wrapped a hand around his dick. Shifting his hips and moving the tip about he sought the hole to Linda’s glory. I could see the head slide between her lips, spreading them. When it rubbed across her nub I saw her shudder.

Finding the hole Bob began to feed it into her. He slowly pushed forward, and the lips spread around his cock as the head went in, and the shaft slowly disappeared. He began to thrust into her, and his balls swayed forward, and smacked her clit with each thrust. I had heard of this happening, but never actually seen it before, and certainly never this close!

I looked up, and Linda was looking down at my from between her hanging breasts.

“Fuck!” She ordered me.

It was then that I realized that I had stopped humping the dildo. I began thrusting up and down again, humping the air to make the dildo slide in and out of me.

I looked up, and watched as Bob pounded away into his wife. I found myself trying to time my thrusting with Bob’s. Each time he thrust into her I let my hips fall to the bed. Each time he pulled out I pushed my hips upward letting the dildo slide out of me.

Up and down. In and out. Bob thrust. I thrust. Someone started moaning. I’m not sure who it was. Maybe Bob, maybe me, maybe Linda, maybe all three of us. Either way, we were all getting close to the brink, and it the excitement was building. Bob began to thrust harder into Linda. His balls flapping back and forth, banging harder against Linda’s engorged clit that poked between her lips. His dick was shiny with her juices.

I matched my speed with his, and soon found myself slamming my hips down hard on the bed. Between my thrusting, and Bob’s humping illegal bahis siteleri the bed was bouncing around quite a bit. I lifted my head and looked down between Bob’s legs. My cock was full erect, swollen, and had been leaking pre-cum from the tip onto my belly. All the flopping around had caused small droplets of it to rain all over my abdomen.

I put my head back down, and Bob was really going at it! He was pounding Linda for all he was worth, and she was groaning with each hard thrust into her. I reached up and rubbed my fingers over her clit. She must have been really close as she let out a wail and pushed hard back against Bob as she started to cum. I could see her hips roll in small movements, Bob’s dick, embedded deep into Linda, appeared and disappeared a tiny bit with her motions as I felt the muscles in her legs contract. Her arms gave out and she flopped her face onto the bed as Bob returned to fucking her.

With each thrust she moaned, and Bob’s balls wetly smacked against my hand still gently rubbing her button. I slid my hand down and cupped Bob’s balls. First time I had ever done that, and it felt good. I could feel the weight of them sliding back and forth in my palm as Bob kept his frantic pace of humping.

I gave a small squeeze, and suddenly they contracted. Bob let out a loud moan and slammed his hips into her ass as his muscles tensed up. His balls bounced in my hand, and I could imagine the cum pouring from them and into his wife. It must have been a huge load as some of it squeezed out past her lips, and onto his balls and my hand.

Bob shook hard and pushed into her with little thrusts as each jet of his seed shot forth to coat the inside of her. He held himself there against her as he did this until each micro-thrust got smaller and smaller until he stopped.

Bob relaxed and began to scoot his knees backward. Slowly he withdrew his cock from Linda. As it slid out I could see that it was covered with his cum. It glistened with moisture, and a small bead of his spunk squeezed out of the tip and clung there.

Without thinking I slid my hand from his balls to wrap around the base of his dick, and pulled him down. I lifted my head as I pulled down, and opened my mouth. I licked my lips, and then, did the unthinkable. Something I thought I would never do in my life, I licked the small blob of cum from the tip of his dick. I pulled my tongue back into my mouth and swallowed, the salty flavor just teasing my taste buds. I pulled him down harder, and opening my mouth I wrapped my lips around the tip, swirling my tongue over the head of his dick. He shuddered, and the taste was enhanced as more cum dribbled out.

With a moan he pushed forward meaning he accepted what I was doing, and I didn’t need to pull any more. The shaft slide past my lips and I could feel the head slide along my tongue to my throat. He groaned as I felt the head swell, and he thrust in and out of me a few times. My lips pushed the slimy mess down his dick leaving a musky, salty coating to my lips as he did this.

After a few thrusts he pulled back while I sucked hard trying to coax more cum from him, and with a pop his softening dick came out of my mouth. As I licked my lips he backed up and then climbed off the bed. I watched him until I felt something drop against my cheek.

I looked up and Linda was still above me. A long string of Bob’s cum clung between her red swollen pussy lips and my face. Glancing up I saw she was back on her hands and looking down at me. Without a word she spread her legs further apart and began to lower herself toward my face. I could feel the heat of her pussy as she got close, and without any teasing, without any delay, without any apprehension, and without any chance for me to protest she mashed her pussy against my mouth.

I opened my lips and drank with the heady scent of her sex mixed with Bob’s semen. I could taste their coupling, and could feel the cum ooze into my open mouth. My lips mashed against hers I sucked gently, and my mouth was filled with a rush of thick cum forcing me to swallow the mix of erotic flavors. My head swam and I was dizzy with pleasure. I thrust my tongue canlı bahis siteleri upward as deep as I could into her pussy trying to fuck her with it. I could feel the torrent of their mixed juices run down my tongue as her pussy clamped on me.

My breathing came hard as I fucked her, and her hips began to move smearing the slippery mess over my lips, cheeks and chin. I heard her start to groan so I shifted my position and sucked hard on her turgid clit. She rocketed into orgasm almost instantly riding my face hard, mashing her swollen lips against me.

With a scream she shuddered and came hard on my face.

Rolling off of me she panted. I looked over at her, and a light sheen of sweat glistened on her body. Her pussy was gaping open, winking at me while a thin line of fluids that I had missed dribbled from her to gather on the bedclothes.

I felt some stirring of the dildo still embedded deep in me, and I looked down. Bob was untying the dildo from the bed post. He released the straps, and stepping to one side placed a hand under my thigh and the other on my chest. He held my chest down and lifted my leg until I got the idea, and helped him. I swung my legs up over my head placing my feet on the bed. Bent double I could almost suck my own cock. It was merely the smallest of inches away from my mouth. I stretched my tongue out to try and lick the tip to taste the clear drop of pre-cum clinging to the tip. It was frustratingly out of reach.

I felt the bed move, as Linda got on her knees and crawled over to me. She reached out a hand and cupped my balls. I spread my legs, and she scooted between them almost grinding her crotch against my head. Her hand slid down to grasp my shaft, and she squeezed it hard. A groan escaped my lips. She put her thumb at the base and gave it a long, hard stroke causing more pre-cum to squeeze out the tip.

It dangled for an eternity then fell on my messy wet lips. I quickly swiped it up with my tongue savoring the salty flavor. She started jacking me off in long, deliberate strokes, and I was able to watch her hand move up and down the shaft. She started squeezing harder as she stroked and I groaned again hunching my hips desperate to close the distance between my mouth and my dick.

I saw her reach up and grab the base of the dildo. She started to pull on it, and I could feel the emptiness in my ass as she pulled it out. She then rammed it home, filling me to capacity while milking downward on my swollen, purple headed cock. She pulled it out again, and then quickly rammed it home again. She started doing this faster and faster. The hand though continued to stroke slowly. Up and down my cock. Soon my dick was leaking pre-cum constantly, and with her stoking left a long sticky, stringy trail of it over my nose, my cheeks, across my lips, sometimes (thankfully) across my waiting tongue, and my chin. I tried in vain to catch all of it, but to no avail.

She didn’t have to keep up this routine for long though as my legs began to start shaking and my asshole spasmed around the dildo. The head of my dick flared and my legs began to shake. My feet lifted off the bed as my ass and leg muscles tensed in anticipation of what was about to happen. I started to cum. With a huge gush my cock began to spit, and after the first shot Linda began to aim. Each subsequent explosion went straight into my mouth, and my dick spewed hard with each thrust of the dildo. After several shots of thick, ropy jism that sprayed my tongue and tonsils she pulled the dildo from my ass with a loud plop, and a thin stream of cum flowed from the tip. This last bit was a little more bitter than the sweet yet salty individual shots that had now pooled at the back of the throat, but it tasted just as good as it flooded my taste buds to mix with the thick puddle of my spunk.

When my cock stopped spewing forth my seed I closed my mouth, closed my eyes, and swallowed. That thick load slid down my throat in one swallow, and I felt a fire spread through me when it hit my belly.

I opened my eyes to Linda getting off the bed, and walking out of the room. I looked over at Bob and he was opening a drawer to the nightstand. He handed me a bunch of tissues.

“Get yourself cleaned up. Linda has plans for you, but you’ll have to wait until we call.”

I cleaned up, went back to work, and spent the rest of the day, and many thereafter wondering what exactly Linda’s plans were.

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