Subject: A Neglected Boy Chapter 52 Please support Nifty to keep these stories fty/donate.html This is my first story at Nifty. Thanks Nifty staff for all your help. Please remember this is fiction and all the characters names are simply fabricated. **Note** All locations are accurate including mileage, Ian comes for the summer. Visit Jake and the Boys at~ https://jacoblion.weebly/ jacoblion@tutanota **Authors deserve your feedback. It’s the only payment they get. Please take a few moments, if you liked the story, to say so. Thank you.** . . . Chapter 52 . . .”No! …… Please don’t tell me that Kori’s uncle escaped.” Neil said . . . “Well when they were putting him in the van he kicked the Marshal in the balls and tried to run. Then there was a scuffle with Morgan. From what I heard he tried to get Morgan’s gun and the Marshal shot him 4 times. I saw the county coroner there so I think he didn’t survive. So for Kori I guess it’s over.” ….. I was relieved in a way but needed to hear it from Morgan and hope he didn’t get hurt. I asked Neil if that is why the boys are in such a happy mood but Neil just said it was because the room is finished and they had a fun day. Kori and I hadn’t finished getting things ready for dinner so while the boys were playing Neil helped with getting dinner ready. We were making homemade potato salad and half pound fat burgers as the boys call them. I turned from the refrigerator to catch Neil looking at me with a little smile. Somehow I forgot how cute Neil really is, maybe because we see each other so often. I had a flashback to when Neil and I were 12 and the day we almost got caught. I felt the lizard starting to move and had to adjust my shorts and think of something else, but those days were fun. Neil saw and there was that devious smile like Kori has all the time. I looked at Neil and said . . . . “Hey just keep making the burgers ok?” Neil just smiled and I am not sure what he was thinking but I swear he had that same look like when we were kids. We had everything about ready and called the boys and told them to get ready for dinner. Funny I am so used to Peter being here it just looked a little empty without him. Ian, Garret, Kori, and Liam were ready for burgers and I told Kori to start the grill. Neil and I are going to teach the boys how to make the burgers tonight so it could be a little interesting. I like mine medium rare not like a hockey puck. Well just as the boys were putting the burgers on the grill a sheriff’s car drove in. Deputy Morgan stepped out and greeted us. I asked Morgan to stay for dinner and he gladly accepted. He asked me to step aside while the boys were cooking and explained what happened today. The truth was a relief and startling at the same time; it seems Kori’s uncle was bent on not letting me continue as guardian and was willing to end it one way or another. He said Kori’s uncle was extremely strong and at one point had over powered the Marshal who fell backwards and had gashed his head really bad against the van door. It was at that point that Morgan tackled Dirk and Dirk tried to get his 45. Morgan pushed him away and the Marshal fired 4 rounds directly to the chest. Deputy Morgan asked to talk to Kori and let him know that everything was over and that his mother had no other relatives. Now Kori would know that there is no one that could separate us. I told Kori to go to the kitchen with Morgan and we would have dinner ready when he came out. It was only about 5 minutes and they both were back and at the table. Kori’s face was relaxed and he was sitting right next to Morgan as if they were best buddies. As we all sat we told the boys everything was over and that Kori’s uncle was out of the picture and would never bother anybody again. The boys understood and it was the end of the conversation. Every time Kori looked at me he had a huge smile; he knew then we would always be together. We finished dinner and played some horseshoes. Morgan said goodbye to everyone and so did Neil. Ian and Garret cleaned up and Kori, Liam and I went to bring Finley in and just check the barn for water. While we were in the barn we talked about the party for Ian. We decided it would be best to have the party on Saturday Aug. 22. Then Ian would have time to get his things all organized in his new room at Yale. Now we just had to tell Garret without letting Ian know. The boys figured out how to get Garret alone and let him know about the plan. At dinner Garret said tomorrow was the big day for his furniture to arrive. Garret was excited and everything was very similar to what Kori and Liam have except the bed is reversed with the full size bed on the bottom and the twin on top. Garret wants to have a big overnight party with all the boys Ian, Kori, Liam and Peter. Oh yes did I hear that . . . . Wow I am getting a night off . . . all to myself. Garret’s dad has been planning a big party for Garret and I just hope he understands that it is Garrets party and not a welcome home party. Our night was the usual and soon it was time for bed. With Peter home and Garret sleeping with Ian I had my boys tonight. Darkness surrounded the room and it was a peaceful night sleep; that is after I moved Kori’s hand several times, I thought I was going to have to tie him up. He was in that mood and at twelve he’s in that mood a lot. Morning came quickly and breakfast was quick. Lessons done chores done we all piled in the truck and headed to Garret’s dad’s house and sure enough at 1o a truck pulled in and was loaded with all the furniture. We had all the tools and all the help we needed. I couldn’t help notice how Peter hangs on Neil a lot, a real lot. So the scene in the bedroom was Ian and Garret, Kori, Liam and me, and Peter and Neil. With three teams the room was finished at 4pm. Garret’s father arrived with a ton of food and drinks and it was party time. He even thought of yard games and I stayed and played till 11pm. I thought they would figure out where everyone was going sleep and how. I knew it would be interesting. I arrived home and I had the rest of tonight and most of tomorrow all to myself. I walked around the house, and then I walked around the house again; made an ice tea turned on TV. Walked out and checked the horses. It was great to be home alone, quiet, peaceful and I could do anything I wanted. You know this really sucks! …. I miss Kori and Liam. I just went to bed. The night was long and the morning sun was ugly and it felt like it had been 18 hours. … I didn’t get bursa escort any sleep I’m tired, miserable and in a bad mood. So Ok coffee and breakfast. … Coffee tasted horrible cereal was boring there’s nothing to do. I turned on TV that was a waste of time you think there is anything on TV that is intelligent in the morning; guess again! Stupid! …. Now I know just how miserable I was before Kori and Liam. I WANT MY BOYS! I went out and saddled Eric and went for a ride. I got to the lower pasture and then I knew there was something I could do. The right corner of the pasture was perfect to cut open and install a new gate. This would open on a right of way directly to the trail to the old apple orchard. I turned Eric around and went back to the barn. I put the horses in the barn and loaded everything in the truck. Noon and the new gate was in. I won’t tell the boys let’s see how long before they notice. This was a very important day for me as I look back at the summer and into myself. The summer has been amazing in one way and a thief in another way. I have enjoyed all the activity. There has been the camping, the trip to Yale, and a great number of sleepovers with Peter. We have had the adventures with Zip lining, canoeing and skinny dipping. Certainly having Ian and what he has taught the boys has been exceptional. Now looking at all this, all that the summer has offered also told me something about myself. I know that I have learned to love. As the summer gave so much to the boys it also took so much from me. It has robed me of so many hours of just loving Kori and Liam. I know what I am saying is selfish. The truth is I am looking forward to school and the humdrum routine of Monday to Friday and late afternoons and nights with Kori, Liam and Garret if he is with us. It is almost 4pm and I need to go get the boys. I hopped behind the wheel and drove to Garret’s house and as I pulled up Kori and Liam came running to give me a big hug. Instantly Liam’s hand was in mine. The boys all dragged me in the house to show me Garret’s bedroom. It was amazing and the color scheme was so masculine. I couldn’t get over how beautiful the ceiling was it truly looked like you were gazing at the night sky. When Garret shut off the lights the stars twinkled and it was just so real. Kori and Liam were ready to go, Garret said he and Ian were staying another night and having a special dinner with his father. That had me hoping that it would be a good dinner; and not turn into a disaster should Garret’s father tell him he needed to live there from now on. I asked Peter if he needed a ride home or was he going with Kori and Liam back to my place. …. Peter said . . . “Oh thanks Jake but Neil is picking me up to go to his place to help with the workshop project.” Hmm …. How Interesting. Kori and Liam jumped in the truck and we waved bye as we were drove out and passed Neil as he drove in. Kori waved and had a big smile. It was only about 5 minutes and we were home. Kori and Liam were out of the truck and up on the back porch in a flash. As I approached the bottom step Kori flew into my arms wrapped his legs around my waist and kissed me on the lips. He looked at me and said I’ll love you forever. Liam was pulling on Kori’s leg saying . . . “Hey it’s my turn.” Kori let go and Liam was in my arms in a heartbeat, he wrapped his arms around my neck and whispered in my ear . . . “I love you too and forever.” And it ended with a big kiss he got even and made it a sloppy one. I know that my boys will grow up knowing how to love and not be afraid to show their love. I asked if they were hungry, now that is a stupid question of course they are. Ok snack fresh fruit and juice and then let’s saddle up Eric, Dusty and Finley and ride both pastures today. Oh that was just what they wanted. Now we will see if they spot the new gate and who will see it first. We saddled up and Finley didn’t even move when I helped Liam up. We opened the gate and began to ride down to the lower pasture. We were not even half way through the upper pasture and it was like both boys saw the new gate at the same time. Liam spoke first . . . “Hey Kori you see the new gate?” Kori answered . . . “Sure do and I bet it goes right to the old apple orchard.” I was a little surprised they spotted the gate that quick. We reached the gate and the one thing I needed to make sure the boys knew and would always do is to open and then close the gate going and then returning. We opened the gate and then closed it and continued to the old orchard. It was a perfect ride for late afternoon. We picked some apples and decided that the next ride here we would have our backpacks and fill them. That will be good for us and good for the horses too. On the way back I told Kori and Liam that children services will be stopping tomorrow to check on Liam and see how he is progressing living here. I didn’t have to say it but I reminded them how important it is to be on their best behavior. Then I was reminded that they already knew that and not to be silly. Thanks for the reminder Kori! Kori had a twinkle in his eye and that always makes me a little nervous. We talked about the party for Ian and how they were going to miss him. It was funny for some reason on the ride back it me that it would be just Liam and Kori with me tonight and I decide to make it special. We are going out for dinner and then to the movies and then it will be their choice a shower or bath. I can only imagine where that will take Kori’s little devious mind. Maybe tonight I will make him take a shower alone, like that will work, not. We arrived back at the barn and we turned the horses to the pastures. I looked at Kori and Liam and said . . . “Boys I have a surprise, tonight I am taking you out for dinner then to a movie. Right now go take a shower in your room and put on good clothes we are going out on the town.” OMG the boys were so excited now all I have to do is decide where to go. I decided the best place for the boys and a quick ride to the movies would be the Fox Towne, restaurant in Shelburne Falls, they have great food and inexpensive too. We arrived and right to a table and now it was what to have. Liam had the Meat Lovers Omelet, Kori and I had the 6oz Angus Burger with the works. We were stuffed and happy and on our way to the movies and tonight’s feature was . . . . Ant-Man and the Wasp. For me it was Ok, for the boys it was Amazing and Liam was so holding my arm in spots I think I still have indentations from his fingers. bursa escort bayan On the way home Liam called shotgun so he got the passengers window seat. Kori didn’t seem to care. I found out why, in the 15 minute ride home I had to move his hand from high up on my leg back to his leg or lap about 10 times. He got slapped good about 6 times and I told him he was distracting me so I said he would have to take his shower alone tonight. Geeez Kori almost cried when I told him that, well not really but he did throw a fit! When we got home we went about the standard nightly chores and with the weather being so good Eric and Dust stay out most nights. Chores done and back in the house I asked what they decided shower or bath. I have no idea why I ask such ridiculous questions of course it is bath. I think I will wear a bathing suit and 2 pair of shorts when I get in the tub just to see Kori’s reaction. Kori called me and said . . . “Jake the waters warm come on in and join us.” I was laughing to myself; I did what I was thinking. I said . . . “Kori and Liam I’ll be right there.” I walked in the bathroom and there like always were my amazing cute boys. I said nothing and stepped right in behind Kori . . . only to hear an exclamation …. “Hey! Jake you got shorts on.” I replied . . . “So what I just wanted to see if I could shrink them.” …. Liam was laughing. Kori said . . . “Well we’re naked so you have to take them off.” ….. “Ok Kori I’ll take them off just for you.” I dropped the shorts and there was the second pair of shorts and Liam was having a fit of laughter. Kori looked at me and said . . . “Ha-ha very funny Jake you can take those off too.” I did and now I had a bathing suit on and Liam was hysterical. Well Kori did laugh and I took them off and slid in my spot behind Kori. I love this tub with the contoured seats at each end. Kori slid back between my legs and Liam the same way in front of Kori. So far so good we were just relaxing and listening to some soft music. Just as I was really enjoying the feeling of Kori and Liam just in a relaxing and tender way I felt Kori’s hand as he began to rub my right leg just under my knee. I reached down and took his hand and placed it on Liam’s head and said . . . “Kori please lather Liam and I am going to start on you.” I handed Kori the strawberry shampoo for Liam and I poured some apple on Kori. I had Kori lathered good and then rinsed him. Kori pushed Liam forward a bit and then moved Liam between us. Kori was sitting in the middle of the tub and he started to wash Liam’s back and I started on his face and chest. Liam was singing . . . “The bear went over the mountain to see what he could see . . .” when Kori and I got down as far as we could Kori told Liam to stand and when he did I was looking directly at the cutest little stiffy. (now I know why Kori moved Liam to between us) Kory washed down to the bottom of the tub and so did I and then back up and gently washed slightly between his legs then up to his chest. I was about to rinse Liam when he said . . . “Jake you forgot my `willy’ and it needs washing too.” OMG seriously; I looked at Liam and asked . . . “Liam when did you start calling it “Willy” he replied …..”Oh Kori and Peter call it that all the time.” “Oh” …. I said “Ok well maybe you should do it because you know how best, it’s your “Willy” not mine.” Liam looked at me like a little sad like he was being rejected and said . . . “Please I want you to.” I reached up and . . . . handed Liam the soft soap and with that Kori spun Liam around and just gently washed his penis like 3 times and it was done, over, finished and Liam was happy. Liam rinsed and told Kori thanks and dried and was off to play a game on X-box. Kori looked at me and said . . . “that’s all he wanted, he’s started playing with himself you know, he’s almost 10.” I forgot I started younger than that but even so ……………… Well that left Kori and me and Kori was in horny overdrive. So was I and I decided to drain the tub and then I wasn’t sure what would happen. The tub was almost empty and I hit the handle for both upper and lower showers and at both ends. The whole tub was a fine spray of warm water and it felt super exciting. I pulled Kori to me his back against mine and soaped his chest with a combination of shampoo and lotion. He was a gooey mess and as I begun to caress and rub his chest and tummy …….. Liam came in hollering “Jake, Jake the phone it’s an emergency!” Why? I got out of the shower with a deflating hardon and mad as hell. I answered the phone and it was Garret’s father. His sister in Japan just died and he said . . . “Jake I am so sorry to ask this but could you pick up Garret and Ian in the morning I have to leave on the early flight at 4am. I think they will be fine till 10 or 11.” What could I say, “Of course I will no problem. I know you will have many things to do in Tokyo. Do you have any idea how long you will be and what should I tell Garret?” Garret’s father said . . . “Jake I am so thankful you are an amazing friend. Right now I have no idea how long I will be. I want to be back for the start of school in 3 weeks but my sister has a son, Riku, he is 13 and I have to make plans for him as well. Oh Riku can mean different things `land or wise sky’. I will try to get back as soon as I can and I have left Garret a detailed letter and didn’t want to wake them. Jake I am trying to understand everything ….. I looked in on them and they are sleeping together with arms around each other.” All I could say was . . . “You’re doing all you can just love Garret and eventually things will work out.” I hung up and called Liam and Kori. Kori wasn’t so happy looking. I explained that Garret’s aunt in Tokyo just died and Garret’s father had to go first thing in the morning. Then Kori asked . . . “Will Garret be with us after Ian goes back to Yale and when school starts?” I just had to say . . . “I don’t know I think Garret will be with for as long as things take to straighten out.” Wowww that put a big smile on Kori and Liam’s face; I can never understand how they think. How about we just go to bed; Liam took my hand and was tugging me to the bedroom. I think I got the idea the boys were looking forward to a cuddle night. I turned the air-conditioning to 68 and with Kori at my back I wrapped my arms around Liam. I kissed the back of his neck and drew circles on his little chest and in minutes he was asleep. I just felt so good to be like this with the boys even if I did escort bursa have to fight with Kori’s roaming hands and rushing fingers . . . yes Kori got slapped several times I moved his hand again and again. I gave up. After the few nights with Ian I knew what I really wanted Kori to experience. I turned to Kori and asked if I could do something. Kori said . . . “Yes anything you want.” ….. I reached down and gently took his penis and squeezed and pulled it 2 times and felt the end …. It was very, very wet and slippery. I asked him if he had started to squirt . . . “Kori said . . . “no not yet but Peter is, but just a little.” I told Kori . . . “Well I don’t think it will be long now some boys start early and some later but you are producing so much lube now that it could be anytime.” Kori looked at me and said . . . “I want the first time when I shoot to be with you.” I had to tell him that might not happen and to just enjoy it when it does and not to be in a hurry. I think Kori was real tired because as I was talking he fell asleep. I hugged up to him and beneath the covers at a certain place it was a little wet. It was about 3am and I felt the covers moving. Kori was stroking slowly. I stopped him and took his hand and brought it to his chest. I let my hand rest on his tummy and then in the most gentle circles I would go lower and then slightly lower. His breathing became shallow and faster. I could feel his heart beating. I continued till I reached his erection, so hard and hot he was breathing fast and in seconds it was over. He turned and hugged me and then he said . . . . “Thank you” Morning oh not today, let the night last a little longer. Nope not a chance and Liam is awake so there is so much for us to get done. I hugged Liam and give him a big kiss to start the day. Judging by the smile on his face he was full of it today and I’m letting him wake Kori. I jumped out of bed before the war started, and it did the two were all over the bed and the only thing that was left on was the bottom sheet. “Hey, hey remember child services will be here at 9:30 and let’s go. I’ll go do chores quick and you two just take a quick shower so you look awake, please. Kori after shower get some cereal on the table and Liam put toast in, oh start the coffee too. I was out the door and to the barn and had Finley out to the upper pasture and I checked Eric and Dusty in the lower pasture and all were in good shape. I walked to the kitchen and believe it or not the boys were putting things on the table. I had a quick cup of coffee and ran for the shower. Shower over dressed in nice shorts and best crew shirt and a quick piece of toast. Kori took Liam to the boy’s room and helped Liam pick the very best of his clothes. I ran sown to look at the bedroom. Wowww they even had it all straight. It was just 9:10 and I had no idea what they were going to ask me or Liam. I was nervous and Liam was too. Promptly at 9:30 there was a knock at the door. Liam opened the door and was supper polite and invited them in. It was the lady I didn’t like and the judge. I was not prepared for the judge to be here. I shook hands with them and reintroduced Kori. Everyone had smiles and then they simply asked to see Liam in private. I asked if they would like the kitchen or the boy’s room. It was the boy’s room and Kori and I sat in the kitchen. I think Kori and I were scared half to death. We waited and waited almost an hour, 57 minutes to be exact and they walked into the kitchen. They looked at Kori and I and said Liam was going to give them a tour of our property. What!!!!!? Oh this is not good …. Is it? Did Liam say something to make them think it’s not safe here? Kori was stuck to me like glue. We walked to the barn and Liam showed them the saddle for Finley, then the bikes and the camping gear not to mention all the fishing gear and how he catches more fish than all of us put together. I called Garret and Ian and told them I would call when I was on my way. We were walking back to the house when they asked about Ian. I was caught off guard and to explain he was at a friend’s house with Garret. They said they had time and would like to speak with him and asked me to please call and ask him to join us. Now I am in trouble Garret and Ian are alone and Garret’s father has gone to the airport. I called Neil. Oh thank goodness Neil will bring them here. As we were waiting the judge made a call and then they took Liam to the kitchen for more questions. Kori and I were completely a wreck. About 15 minutes later and Neil arrived with Garret and Ian. I explained what was happening and that it has been two hours and they are still with Liam and something is not right. All I can think of is that someone has stepped forward and claiming to be in Liam’s family. I knocked on the door and let them know Ian has arrived. Ian was invited in the kitchen and the door was closed. I asked the boys to go out and find something to play with. I paced up and down in the living room. Finally the kitchen door opened and I was invited in. Everyone was happy and talking and Liam looked as if he ate the cat’s meow. There was a big surprise for me. The judge explained that there were rumors that I had a tutor from Yale with me for the summer. Well that was true. They wanted to see just how and what Liam has been doing and learning. It seems that they brought a standardized state and national placement test with them for Liam. So here is the surprise, Liam tested more than two years ahead of his grade level. He will be placed a grade ahead. Then there was more the Judge said there should be one more person to arrive. I heard a car and looked out to see Deputy Morgan arrive and walk in. In a very unusual step concerning Liam and my guardianship they have determined that there is no further requirement for state wellness checks. The judge only has one question more to ask Liam . . . . “Liam I need you to tell if you would like to remain here with Mr. Roberts?” Liam already had his hand in mine . . . He looked at the Judge and asked . . . “Sir you mean like Jake is my dad now? . . . . The judge looked at Liam and said . . . “if that is want you want Liam, then yes he will be like your dad.” Well I know three of us had tears and Liam jumped up and his arms around my neck and legs around my waist. Morgan witnessed the state papers and then the Judge commended Ian on everything he has done and wished him the very best at Yale. Morgan congratulated me and then the Judge, social worker and Morgan left. The rest of the day was ours to celebrate. ……… To Be Continued …….. Chapter 53 Next Visit Jake and the Boys at~ https://jacoblion.weebly/ **If you liked the story, please let me know. Thank ota

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