Subject: A Neglected Boy Chapter 57 Please support Nifty to keep these stories fty/donate.html This is my first story at Nifty. Thanks Nifty staff for all your help. Please remember this is fiction and all the characters names are simply fabricated. **Note** All locations are accurate including mileage, Liam just rested his back against me and I heard him say . . . “I love you”. Tonight when Liam said those words it was so much the way Kori says them. I think to myself these two boys will grow to be special people. I looked at Kori and he was just smiling at me lovingly. We finished our shower and went to bed. Kori was rubbing my back and Liam with one finger was tracing around my eyes and down my nose. It wasn’t like teasing or fooling around, Liam was being so gentle. He reached forward and kissed me, turned over and said goodnight. I put my arm around him and he went to sleep. Kori stopped rubbing my back and hugged up close and I heard him say . . . “I’m the luckiest kid in the world to be yours, I love you Jake.” That was it he just fell asleep. Morning, it’s morning the alarm I forgot to set! We literally were running and it was eat breakfast as we were on the way to school, thank goodness for Pop-tarts. On the way to school I reminded the boys Ian would be here in 2 days. Today and the next day flew by. It was early Wednesday afternoon when Ian arrived at our house driving Professors jeep. I was at school and the day ended and then the knock at the door; it was Kori, Liam, Peter, Garret, and Riku all waiting for me. I looked at them and I didn’t want to disappoint them so I just took all my work and we headed home. There in the driveway back by the barn was the Jeep. I think Garret was hyperventilating and the rest were yapping a mile a minute. I stopped the truck and Garret was first out and he ran to Ian and in front of all of us kissed Ian right on the lips. Ian kissed Garret back and then hugged and twirled him around. I am beginning to think that these two boys are really in love. It was a free for all for 20 minutes and poor Ian didn’t have a chance. I was a little surprised at Liam. I thought for sure Liam would give Ian a hug and kiss but he didn’t. We were going to have a party and Neil and Yori would be along about 6. Ian helped all the boys with their homework and they all got to ride the horses. Right on time Yori and Neil came in and the party was in full swing. The Japanese food was delicious and we had ordered a number of things from the Chinese restaurant. At 9 things broke up and Neil, Yori, Garret (who wanted to stay) and Riku said goodnight. We sat in the living room for an hour and watched TV and talked. bursa escort I went to get drinks and when I came back Liam was sitting on Ian’s lap facing him with his legs straddling him. Liam’s head was resting on Ian’s neck and he had been crying. Ian motioned to me not to say anything and Kori had just been watching. Ian was going to sleep in the boy’s room on the twin bed. We all showered and Kori and Liam went to bed and Ian and I sat for a little while. Ian said Liam hugged and kissed him and told him not to leave again. I remembered when Ian and Professor drove out that Liam turned and hugged me and couldn’t watch Ian leave. This time I need to prepare Liam for when Ian goes back to school. Our conversation lasted about 15 minutes and Liam appeared and looked at Ian. Ian picked up Liam and disappeared to the boy’s bedroom. It was the middle of the night and I woke to find my arm around Kori and Liam next to him and Ian was behind me with his arm around me. If I had not promised to bring Ian to school I would have called in sick. The alarm sounded and it was time for showers. Kori and Liam ran for their shower and Ian and I well it was fast but interesting and I am sure we could do it again. Other than having Ian with me, school was as usual. Recess was a blast. There were all the regular groups and the kids were playing soccer and on the monkey bars. There down by the fence was Liam and Abby just walking along and I think they were working on the play. Ian wasn’t surprised and only said they looked so cute. The day went quickly and soon there was that soft knock at the door. It was Liam looking shy and cute he had brought Abby to meet Ian. ……….. Surprise! ……….. Ian was just great and said he wanted to hear their parts for the play. We all went home and the plans are that I will drop Ian at Garret’s house for tonight and Friday after school we are all going camping at D.A.R. and fishing on Saturday. At home Liam and Kori were so happy and Abby will be here at 4 to practice lines till 5 then her mom is picking her up. Kori and I did chores early and Kori was like hanging a little close. He kept smiling at me. I think I know where this is going. It was just after 5 and Abby had gone and Liam was in high spirits. We had meatloaf and smashed potatoes with mixed veggies for dinner. I helped the boys with homework and then we watched TV. Kori and Liam showered early tonight and Liam was done when Kori hollered to me. I went to see what he wanted and then I knew why the hanging and smiles today. He pulled back the curtain and wanted to be washed. I took clothes off and stepped in. Kori immediately had his arms around my neck bursa escort bayan and was hugging me. I took the big sponge and began washing him and he was very excited. I turned Kori around so his back was against me and hung the sponge. I began to use just my hand to soap him from his chest down. I can feel he is beginning to have a few hairs so soft. He was hot to the touch and erection was standing straight up. I heard Kori say . . . “Please”. . . I let my hand go slightly lower and it was over in seconds. The throbbing was more intense and I think he is very close to having a full orgasm. It was a full night sleep and the day at school was the same as always. Ian had everything ready for camping and the chores were done. We had the tent up in minutes and were fishing. It got cool quick and we had burgers and chips and were in / under sleeping bags early and that led to fun for the boys. I must say the sleeping / non sleeping was most interesting. I kept Liam close I know he was asleep. Just by the breathing I know Garret was fully excited. I have no idea what was going on with Kori, Peter, and Riku but definitely something. I could see Kori and Peters head but not Riku. I am not positive but I think Kori and Peter may be getting more than a handjob. I’m jealous. The morning came and so did some of the boys. After coffee and scrambled eggs we did fish and only one person caught any fish, well 4 to be exact. As before Liam proudly walked around letting everyone know he was king of fishing. We packed up and headed home. It was just 2pm when we arrived home but there was much to do. Pack everything away for winter and most likely would not be camping this winter. Ian had to pack and I needed to talk to Liam. While Ian had been visiting he had spent quite a lot of time playing with Liam and it was easy to see how much Liam loved Ian. Garret was ok this time as he knew and was looking forward to Ian being here for 17 days at Christmas and knew he would have nights alone with Ian. Tonight we didn’t even pretend to go to bed in separate bedrooms. It was showers first and Kori had learned something important, I think. It was about 9:30 and Kori announced he and Liam were going for their showers in the boy’s bathroom and said to save time Ian and I should take our showers together. Now he did say it quietly so only I could hear. I took the hint and Ian and I showered together. When we were in and all wet he handed me 2 tubes one was Strawberry and the other Vanilla. I chose strawberry for me and Vanilla for Ian. Now I know why Ian tasted so sweet, a bit salty and with a slight hint of Vanilla. We began to play and I was up and escort bursa super excited. There was lots of touching and then Ian kissed me. My mind flashed back to when Garret kissed Ian and Ian kissed Garret back. I stepped back and looked at Ian and asked . . . “When you’re with Garret do you love him? You told me you have had some sex, but it is just for sex Ian or do you love Garret?” Ian looked at me and for a moment it was a slightly confused look. Ian was trying to think how to explain it. He’s twenty. Ian looked at me and said . . . “At first it was super exciting because Garret is really hot and sexually always in overdrive. After a few times we slowed down and I began to love him, he is so delicate. When I went back to school Garret was constantly on my mind. So the answer is yes I’m in love with Garret.” Ian handed me the tubes of oral gel and I took the sponge and washed him from neck to toe and back but nothing more. Ian did the same for me. We dried and went to the kitchen. So the whole shower thing was anticlimactic. When I was in the shower and Ian kissed me all I could think of was hurting Garret. I see how Garret worships Ian and I couldn’t do it. We were all in bed and wrapped around each other and I know 3 of us were sporting hardons. The night passed quickly and the morning came and Ian showered first than I showered and followed the smell of coffee. Kori had scrambled eggs on the stove and Liam was feeding the toaster. At ten we said goodbye to Ian and Liam gave him a big hug this time. We waved to Ian as he drove up the driveway and was gone. Two weeks flew and it was the day before Halloween and the boys were deciding what to go as. Finally Liam decided to be a monster and Kori a Pirate. The town had helped and the Middle School gym had been turned into a haunted house and everyone kids and adults had a great time. Halloween is over and now we are only a few weeks away from Thanksgiving. I told Kori we need to start Christmas shopping. Kori you know those Hot Wheels you like I think we should get a set to take to London if we stay with the friend of Professor. I know he has 2 boys about your age. I know Professor wrote his friend and we will know something soon. “Hey Kori I haven’t heard Peter or Neil mention that project lately, have you?” . . . Kori said . . . “Nope” The weather is turning cold and the temperature has been mostly in the 30s. We may have snow soon. Tomorrow is back to school and I need to check the boy’s homework and listen to Liam and his part in the school theater production. “What if Liam becomes a famous actor” . . Kori asked. I said . . . “Well I guess we would live in his mansion and sit by the big pool” Kori laughed and said . . . “More like we would be cleaning the pool!” Chapter 58 Next Visit Jake and the Boys at~ https://jacoblion.weebly/ **If you liked the story, please let me know. Thank ota

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