A New Beginning Ch. 04


This is a story about lesbian older-younger domination/submission. I strongly recommend to all readers to read previous chapters first. All characters in the story are fictional and at least 18.

Chapter 4.

Jenny was settling in her new life, and in her role in the relationship. She was happier than she can ever remember being. Her days were so full, she barely had a lazy moment. She was attending her mani-pedi course still, but the course was nearing its end. Thank god for that. She liked the course very much, but she found that she needed those couple of hours, if she was to do all she needed to do in one day.

She was fully maintaining the house, top to bottom, and she kept it immaculate. She also cleaned the front and back yard regularly, mowed the lawn, washed and cleaned Diana’s car every few days. Between all that, and all the in-house work such as laundry, ironing, cooking, and of course the plenty of hours she spent on her knees each day, worshiping Her Lady in one way or another, Jenny found that a day could be too short sometimes. Yet, she knew she must find a way to be even more efficient, so everything can be perfect for Her Lady. Diana, on the other hand, always insisted that work can wait, and that Jenny should never skip their pool time together, and she took Jenny out often, on shopping trips, walks, going out for drinks, and lately theater visits as well. Oh, Jenny loved theater so much.

“Either way, it is not easy to finish it all in a 24 hours day, AND get enough sleep to be ready for tomorrow, especially with our nightly escapades…” Jenny thought and found herself aroused right away.

“My Lady likes keeping things on the flow, always mixing in something new… It makes everything so exciting, unpredictable. Last night after she has ridden my face, something she really loves doing…” Jenny smiled, “Oh, I love it as well… Anyway, she said her feet felt neglected and that I should spend the night with her feet in my face…So I slept across, at the bottom of the bed, those lovely feet caressing my face…. Best night ever!”

Engrossed in her thoughts, Jenny soon heard Diana enter the house, so she went to greet her as she recently started doing. Jenny went on her knees in front of Diana and kissed each high heel shoe then removed them from Diana’s feet, setting a mental note to clean them thoroughly later, and placed the mules in their stead.

“Thank you, my pet” Diana said, her thoughts elsewhere “What’s for lunch?”

“I made a goulash today.”

“A goulash? Showing off now, are we?” Diana said with a smirk.

The goulash was quite good, Diana had to admit. She chatted with Jenny, as usual, but her mind was occupied with different thoughts.

“Ah, to hell with it, It’s better if I drop the bomb right now…”

“Jenny, you should know that my daughter is coming to visit in a couple of days”

Jenny almost froze with a fork still in her mouth.

“Eh, okay…”

“I know it is a surprise for you, but it is better if you know in advance.”

“So how…what…” Jenny wasn’t even sure how to put the question.

“Yes, I know you have a million questions now and I will try to explain everything. I already told you she is taking her postgrad studies, and working for a law firm in another city, so she is basically living there now. She will still be coming to visit now and then, as this is still her home.”

“Of course, My Lady” Jenny hurried to say “I wasn’t implying different, I was just tr-“

“Sweetheart. I know. This is where I need to tell you about my relationship with my daughter in a bit more detailed manner. Vanessa is the only person who knows about my desires and preferences… It is something we share it seems. Yes, we are similar in some ways, but also different in other ways. She is more down to earth person and less emotional than me. Anyway, she is the only person who knows the true nature of our relationship, my pet. I did not share the details, nor do I intend to share them with her or anyone else, but she knows the basics of our relationship, and she is very supportive actually.”

“Oh, she is?” Jenny always thought no one else knew about her relationship with Diana, so she was surprised to learn otherwise. Also, at first, she was afraid that Vanessa will disapprove of her mother’s relationship with Jenny and will try to break it off. Hearing that Vanessa knew about it, AND was supportive, was something Jenny needed time to process properly.

“Yes, my pet. I know all this surprises you greatly, and I regret troubling you so, but this was something we had to do eventually. Anyway, let’s drop it for now, but we will speak again, once you had time to process it properly.”

That night in bed, Jenny was deep in her thoughts. Diana was already asleep next to her. Well, next to her is a relative term. After a wild reverse ride, with Diana sitting on Jenny’s face and having her ass eaten, and also just teasing Jenny and mersin escort denying release, Diana decided her pussy was neglected and Jenny was to spend the night kissing it. Jenny was hardly going to complain sleeping next to her shrine. Diana would also turn in her sleep, so Jenny would find herself with Diana’s ass in her face, and Jenny knew of no nicer or softer cushion. Enjoying the softness touching her face, Jenny thought about Vanessa’s upcoming visit.

“How should I act? Do I pretend to be an assistant only? But no, My Lady already said Vanessa knows everything… But do I do stuff even in front of her? Do I need to do stuff FOR her…? I should stop racking my brain with this… My Lady will think of everything.” And with that thought, Jenny finally fell asleep.

“Hmm, let’s see…” Jenny said, completely focused on her task.

Jenny successfully finished her mani-pedi course today, and was now carefully studying Diana’s hands and feet. She sorted her tools, and placed a dark color nail polish with a purplish hue on the table.

“You sure that is the right color, my pet? I don’t think it is. I never used such dark nail polish…”

“I wonder if Michelangelo was disrupted this often when he sculpted David…”

Diana barely managed to stifle her laugh. Jenny’s submission to her was complete, yet when it came to caring about Diana’s body, Jenny was unmoving as a rock. The gesture said volumes about their relationship. It was a sign that they shared something much deeper than a simple D/s relationship. Diana wondered if Jenny will find some nuance her previous beautician missed. The girl was so good at everything she did, it wouldn’t be a big surprise.

A few hours later, Jenny was on her knees, Diana’s feet in front of her. Jenny was gently blowing on the nail polish. After a while, Diana extended her foot and placed it on Jenny’s face. She flexed her toes and took a good look. Well, as she thought, not a big surprise. Jenny did it again. She found an improvement. It was subtle, it was just a small change in the shape of her nails, but it was there nonetheless. Diana had to admit that the color looked amazing as well.

“Well, my pet, I am pleased to admit that you were right, again” Diana said, moving her foot back into Jenny’s lap.

“This color is fantastic and how you changed the shape of my nails is astonishing. You are so good at this.” Diana said with pride in her voice.

“Thank you My Lady!” Jenny replied with a happy grin.

“So, Jenny… Vanessa is arriving tomorrow. We need to talk” Diana said with a serious look on her face.

Jenny was now massaging her feet. Her amazing hands could relax her so easily.

“Well, ok… I did some thinking and all, but I am still unsure what to do actually” Jenny replied.

“Ok, we will go through everything now. First of all, I already said how my daughter and I share certain fantasies so I would like you to consider doing for her some things that you do for me.” Diana said, and as she saw Jenny staring at her, quickly added

“Oh no, nothing sexual! God no, that would be too weird. Honesty I don’t think I could ever share you with anyone… least of all my own daughter. What I meant is, she is also a dominant person and I would like her to experience some aspects of our relationship, to see how she feels about them. I meant things like caring for her clothes and footwear, maybe doing mani-pedi for her…. A massage is also quite ok… You know, things like that”

Diana said and looked at Jenny with a question in her eyes. Jenny just nodded.

“Jenny, I want you to know this is one hundred percent your decision. If you want to focus only on me, and taking care of the house, it is all perfectly fine, my pet. Vanessa can take care about herself, so no pressure. Think about it just. I will respect your decision absolutely. My daughter is very important to me, and this was bound to happen eventually, so it is only right that we set the proper boundaries as soon as possible. Second, we will need to stop all our sexual activities outside my room, for as long as Vanessa is here. Massages, occasional kisses and things like that are perfectly fine, but we have to do it clothed. So even at the pool I will be in my bikini and in the house I will be in some casual clothes.”

Jenny nodded again.

“Oh, come on my pet. You must have something to say about all this.”

“Honestly, I don’t know what I can add to all this. All the things you said are perfectly reasonable, and I am not yet sure how I want to approach things with your daughter. I suspect I won’t know until I meet her. I am still anxious about it all.”

“Ok, sweetheart, it is good we had this talk.” Diana smiled at Jenny, who smiled back and kissed Diana’s feet.

“Now, my pet, I feel I could use some further relaxation…” Diana said and spread her legs.

“Today is the day,” Jenny thought as she was preparing the lunch. Her Lady was going to pick up Vanessa from the airport mersin escort bayan and they are to be here at lunch time. Jenny was preparing roasted salmon with vegetables, and she already made the salmon soup with milk and potatoes. For desert, there was the creamy cake with a hint of coffee in it. She was aiming to impress. Soon, everything was ready and Jenny was counting minutes. She checked her clothes 10 times already, but now a new problem has made her panic… How should she greet Vanessa, how should she address her? Furthermore, it was her habit now to kiss Her Lady’s shoes when she enters the house. Should she do it now in front of Vanessa? Should she just disregard what has become a symbol of her devotion to Her Lady, to avoid being embarrassed? Why would that even make her embarrassed if Vanessa already knows the nature of their relationship?

Jenny realized that all the panic was coming from the fact that Vanessa was a complete stranger to her. But knowing the cause, didn’t make her feel any less crazy.

“Oh my god, she isn’t even here yet, and I am completely out of my mind…. I’ll just leave everything to intuition. Thinking about all this in advance is just going to make me ready for asylum.”

Soon she heard the sound of Diana’s Mercedes and her anxiety has hit 11. The doors opened and in walked Her Lady and a young woman, and Jenny found herself studying the newcomer right away. She was shorter than her mother, but not by much. She wasn’t wearing high heels like Diana, but Jenny had a good eye for height, so she could take it all into account. She had black hair, longer than Diana’s, with streaks of red in it, which somehow made her look more exotic. And well, she was beautiful. Jenny could see the resemblance. All this evaluation done in the span of 2 seconds. Jenny’s eyes were now on Her Lady.

“Jenny, this is my daughter Vanessa”

Jenny noticed how she didn’t call Jenny ‘my pet’. “She doesn’t want to put me on the spot. She wants me to be free to choose what I want Vanessa to see of our relationship. I suppose It was one thing to be told of their relationship, and completely another to actually see it in real life…” Jenny thought as she looked at Diana’s eyes. She could see anxiety there, but there was compassion also. Diana knew how hard this will be for Jenny to fit into.

“To hell with this, I am being such a coward. Nothing will stop me from showing all my devotion to My Lady.”

“Welcome home, miss” Jenny said with a smile, as she moved closer, then went on her knees before Diana

“And welcome home, My Lady.” Jenny said, looking at Diana from her knees with adoration, then bent forward and kissed both of her heels, and went to remove them, as she did every day.

“I hope your flight was ok, miss?” Jenny asked, feeling the anxiety in the air. Both mother and daughter were surprised by Jenny’s confidence and willingness to show her submission to Diana right away.

“Eh, yes, it was ok…” Vanessa replied after a moment.

“Good to hear. You know I’ve never been on a plane myself, but I always hear people asking that question. I wonder why that is?” Jenny said with a smile as she was putting mules on Diana’s feet.

Diana and Vanessa looked at each other, and then started laughing, and Jenny joined in happily.

“Haven’t I said 10 times already not to underestimate her…” Diana thought while she laughed, her eyes radiating love.

“My Lady, lunch is ready, so whenever you want…”

“Let’s give Vanessa some time to freshen up. I’ll have some juice in the living room”

“Right away” Jenny said. “This will give me few minutes with My Lady…”

Vanessa went to her room, and Jenny brought cold juice to Diana who was sitting in the living room. Jenny placed the drink, then went on her knees, kissed Diana’s feet and started the massage.

“I am so proud of you, my pet. You handled that so effortlessly”

“I assure you it wasn’t effortless. But I also decided I am not going to be a pussy. So, we will do all you allow me to do. Meaning, you will set the limits of our interactions as you deem proper, and I will act as always.”

“You are so amazing Jenny” Diana said as she caressed Jenny’s face with her foot. There was some perspiration on Diana’s foot, but for Jenny it was all rose and lavender.

“Oh, yes. To answer your earlier question My Lady. I will do all Vanessa needs me to do. It is only right.”

A while later they were having lunch in the dining room. Diana and Jenny usually ate in the kitchen, but Diana felt they should have it in dining room today.

“I have to say, this salmon is really good. And the soup was incredible.” Vanessa said.

“Yes, you have really outdone yourself, my pet”

Jenny smiled when Diana used her special name.

“Thank you! I hope you’ll like the cake as well.”

“If there is any room left in my stomach after all this. Maybe later though” Vanessa said.

Jenny felt Vanessa was mostly reserved escort mersin so far. She did throw curious glances at Jenny every now and then, though. It was obvious that this relationship intrigued her very much.

“Ehm, miss. I wanted to tell you that I am completely at your disposal. If there is any assistance you need I will be happy to be of service.”

Vanessa threw a questioning look at Diana, who just nodded smiling.

“Thank you Jenny, I might take you up on that really soon. I could use some help unpacking.”

“No problem. As soon as I am done with lunch chores I will knock at your room door?”

“Yes, that would be great.”

Half an hour later Jenny was knocking at the door of Vanessa’s room. Usually, Jenny would now be at the pool, massaging and worshiping Her Lady and enjoying the sun and swimming. But she wasn’t going to complain. This was important. She would try her best to get on Vanessa’s good side. It clearly meant a lot to Her Lady for them to get along.

“Come in.”

Jenny came in and just stood waiting instructions. There were already things all around the room, some on the floor, some on the nightstand. Clothes all over the bed.

“Yes, Jenny. Hmm… I am supposed to put all my clothes into the wardrobe, but I am tired kinda and I feel like taking a swim. Would you mind doing all that?

“No problem miss” Jenny said, knowing it will take some time to sort all this and put it in properly.

“Thank you, Jenny” Vanessa said, grabbed a bikini and went to the bathroom to change.

“Ah, yes. My clothes are all clean, but they could use some ironing. Also, if you could check out my shoes and put them in proper place” Vanessa said as she was leaving the room.

Jenny sighed and went to work.

Meanwhile, mother and daughter were lounging on sunbeds.

“I gotta hand it to you mom. Jenny is really something”

“Yes, she really is a true gem”

“She obviously worships you, and I have never seen the house sparkling like this”

“She is fantastic and devoted in everything she does.”

“Everything, eh?” Vanessa said with a smirk.

“Yes, everything.” Diana said, her eyes letting Vanessa know not to push it.

“Ok, mom. I am really happy for you. I have to say it is actually really handy to have someone like that, I could really get used to it, I think. To live like a queen. “

“Yeah, I bet” Diana said. “Where is the girl actually?”

“Oh, she offered to help me with my clothes, and I soon realized I was in the way, so she just said I should go and relax while she finishes it.”

“Sounds like her.”

It took Jenny good 4 hours to sort and clean the shoes, and to iron the clothes and put them properly in the wardrobe. Vanessa obviously didn’t care much about packing properly, so almost every piece of clothes needed some ironing. Jenny sighed. She was finally done. She went to see if Diana needed her. At least there was no need to think about dinner. There were plenty of leftovers from lunch.

Jenny saw Vanessa in the living room, watching TV.

“My Lady is probably in her study, having a session, maybe I should check if she needs something”

“Jenny! Would you bring me a piece of that cake.”

“Of course, miss”

“Anything else?” Jenny asked, as she put the cake on the table next to Vanessa.

“Something to drink maybe. Cold juice would be great.”

Jenny brought the juice and turned to go check on Diana.


“Yes, miss?”

“I saw you give mom a foot massage earlier. Would you mind doing one for me?”

Jenny hesitated for a second.

“Of course, miss” Jenny said. She already decided she wasn’t going to be a pussy. She will do whatever is required of her.

Jenny knelt and removed the mules from Vanessa’s feet. Jenny recognized the pair of mules. They were Diana’s. Vanessa obviously borrowed them. Jenny had to admit Vanessa had pretty feet, more slender than Diana’s, but worse cared for. It was no wonder though. Diana’s feet were getting premium service from Jenny, and that was hard to compete with. Jenny started expertly kneading the soles.

“Oh my god, this is amazing” Vanessa said as soon as Jenny started the massage.

“Wow, you are really good at this. This is definitely your life’s calling.”

“Eh, thank you miss.”

Jenny massaged for a while, while Vanessa just relaxed and ate the cake. At one point Vanessa moved forward, as if to place the plate with cake on the table, but somehow a piece of cake ended up on the carpet in front of her.

“Oh damn!”

“I better grab a wet cloth. Hopefully this won’t stain” Jenny said and went to the bathroom.

Soon Jenny was back on her knees rubbing at the stained spot. Then she felt Vanessa place her feet on Jenny’s upper back, almost on her neck. Jenny was so surprised by Vanessa’s move. Vanessa obviously thought she can be used as a footstool! Jenny decided not to say anything. She kept reminding herself this was Her Lady’s daughter, so she has to do her best. One thing she certainly wasn’t going to do is complain to Her Lady. Oh no. To act as if to drive a wedge into mother-daughter relationship? The thought itself was appalling. No, she will endure it all.

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