a new bench


a new benchMy wife got a new bench it’s amazing. She told me she wanted to try something new I agreed and she told me to be at home on Fri night at 8:00. I asked why and she said youll see. I got there at 8 and she met me at the door and asked if I was ready and I replied I guess. She said heres the deal me and some friends are having a toy party and we need someone to demo toys on. I was a little nervous then she said oh you will enjoy it and if you want you can back out. Well I couldn’t let her down she has tried so much for me so I agreed. She said follow me to the den. When we got there I saw the fuck bench for the first time. She told me to strip and hop up I asked what it was for and she said it will easier to demo cock and ball toys and lubes or anything else. She said hurry up the girls will be here anytime. So I did and she strapped me in and then blindfolded me. She left the room and in no time I could hear voices coming in the living room. Women laughing and drinking and looking at sex toys. Before long I heard her tell them she had another surprise in the den. They walked in and they all couldn’t believe karşıyaka escort it, they told her when she held a party she held a party. She told them to get there favorite toy and feel free to try it out. I could feel hands rubbing my cock and balls and ass. Before long I felt the first dildo rubbing my lips and then another and they just seem to get bigger and farther down my throat. Finally I heard her say is anyone going to bust this ass cherry or am I going to have to bust it myself. She said keep that dick down his throat girl and keep him quite. Well she had a strap on belted up already because it was just a few seconds she was behind me squirting lube on my ass and fingering it in and then I felt her pressing the head of her cock against my helpless asshole. She said you just need to relax and you will end up enjoying this I promise. She just kept steady pressure and it just kept stretching me out until it finally popped in. She was a very merciful like a great master is and I knew she could give me a very good pounding if she wanted. As soon as her cock went in she stated karşıyaka escort bayan fucking slowly but with increasing speed and depth. The moans and grunts were only making her thrust harder and deeper. Before long she had her feet up on the bench next to my legs and was squatting fucking me with blistering speed and to the point I could feel the sack of the strap on bottoming out on me. With the cheers of the women she only seem to get faster and harder. Needless to say I took several cocks in both ends before the night was done. She saw the last woman out she came back and I asked if she would let me loose and she said not quite yet. I asked why and she said her boyfriend would be over soon and she had always wanted to see a man suck another mans dick. I said no way, just tell her what you know. She said let me remind you, your cock and balls are hanging helpless and I will gaurentee you I can make you beg to suck his dick so just go ahead and save yourself some pain and just do it and it will be over with. Well when he showed up I gave in and sucked his dick, licked escort karşıyaka his balls or anything else she told me to do. She told me when he came I had better not spill a drop or I would be sorry. He finally grabbed my head and shoved his cock down my throat and I felt the hot jets of cum going down my throat. He pulled out a little and she told me to suck him clean which I did. She asked him how he enjoyed that and he said it was good and she said she was so hot watching that she wanted him to fuck her the rest of the night but she wanted to see him fuck my ass. He said he didn’t know about that but she begged him and he said ok. When I started to object she had already put her strap on back on and rammed it in my mouth. He slowly slid his cock in my ass and started fucking and she started fucking my face. Before long he was fucking the shit out of me and then I felt him pick up pace and then the hot spurts of cum in my ass. They both caught there breath for a minute and then she told they had filmed the entire night so I was her bitch now. We are going to let you loose and you get dressed and get out. Ill call you next time I want you to come over. You don’t show up I will make sure your friends get a copy and I will post it all over the internet. Actually, she didn’t have to threaten me….. I found out that night, well I guess Im bi. I actually enjoyed the night eventhough I could hardly walk. Thank you master

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