A New Challenge For The Scarlet Troopers

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A New Challenge For The Scarlet TroopersFor generations women had ruled the land, the male gene had been bred out and now females were the rulers, the law makers, the soldiers and the enemy. Scarlet Troopers a highly trained army of mounted female soldiers were there to protect their queen and try to uphold order but generally they were hated by many and few respected them or obeyed their rules, recent attempts by the newly formed White Warriors had failed to penetrate the Scarlets fortress. White Warriors were formed by the strict Nuns in the convent and were made up of young, naive and gullible convent girls. Again they patrolled on horses, Unfortunately for the Whites they were constantly outwitted and outfought by the Scarlets superior strength, bravery and tactical knowledge.Aside from the Scarlets and the Whites there were also the Amazonian Warriors, one time allies of the Nuns, they had deserted in protest at the Nuns harsh disciplinary methods, Amazonians are lawless and ruthless mounted warriors who don’t take orders well and after years of service to the Nuns they left forcing the Nuns to form the White Warriors. The Amazonians had also been targeted by the Whites, the Nuns seeking revenge for their betrayal, but each attempt to attack ended in extremely humiliating defeats for the Whites. Tales were rife of defeated White Warriors being stripped naked and hung by their ankles from the trees in the forest, the helpless girls would then have their riding crops inserted into their vaginas or anus, the Amazonians would then leave selling the soldier girls uniforms to wealthy female collectors, these collectors viewed the uniforms of both Whites and Scarlets as highly valuable trophies, often paying more for cum stained uniforms and for those of an Officer. These collectors would buy stolen uniforms from anyone who wasn’t a Scarlet or a White, apart from Amazonians this also included the villagers, these women were extremely poor surviving any way they could often working for the wealthy as servants and sex slaves. If they could trick a Scarlet or a White into thinking they were going to receive sexual gratification then they would seduce the oversexed soldiers often making them cum in their uniforms before d**gging the horny girl and stripping her out of her sexy uniform.So let me paint you a picture of this society. The Scarlet Troopers proud, fit soldiers their uniforms consisting of skintight red lycra catsuits, thigh length riding boots and a black riding helmet, the Officers wore red helmets to distinguish them. Scarlets join up at 16 the eldest being 50, now you may think the uniform is very revealing but it’s a sign of their confidence and self belief. The Scarlets are armed with 18 inch long batons that hang from leather belts and riding crops.The White Warriors, young and naive soldiers wear skintight white lycra catsuits, knee length riding boots, white knee length capes and black helmets. The capes cover the girls bottoms and is seen as a sign of weakness. As the Whites are recruited from the convent school their ages range from 16 to 18 years old. illegal bahis The Whites are armed only with riding crops.The Amazonian Warriors, lawless and ruthless they don’t have a uniform instead dressing in rag tag leather skirts and tops, some often go topless showing the enemy their breasts as a show of strength and power, they don’t follow rules and ride their horses bare back their naked vaginas in direct contact with their mounts. They are infamous for being filthy and use their stench as a weapon in battle often sitting on a fallen soldiers face until she passes out.But one fateful day the Scarlet Troopers realised there was a new challenge for them to face in their never ending quest for order, the Scarlets had an outpost that looked out over the ocean this was used primarily to keep watch on any villagers who ventured out in their rickety boats to fish, there were 30 Troopers based here and as a whole they didn’t have much trouble, the Whites had yet to venture this far from their stronghold and the local bands of Amazonians attacked at random but were fended off with ease, captured Amazonians would be sexually humiliated the Scarlets allowing their youngest soldiers to finger fuck the Amazonians anus, this was the worst form of shame for them to endure.The local villagers came to the outpost almost every day to sell themselves for sex, often trying in sheer desperation to steal the Scarlets uniforms in the process, but the experienced soldiers were wise to these moves and the villagers that tried were subjected to what the soldiers called “The Peg.” The Scarlet Trooper that was the intended victim would take her baton and insert it into the vagina of the villager, 12 inches inside the whimpering woman’s cunt leaving 6 inches protruding that the Trooper would use to lead the woman around the fortress using her as an example to other villagers present, this humiliation would go on for at least an hour before the Scarlet led the woman out into the forest wrenching the baton from the villagers stinking hole before delivering a painful kick between her legs leaving her collapsed on the muddy ground naked and alone.But suddenly a large sailing ship appeared on the horizon. The two Troopers in the watch tower were intrigued and shocked, never had they seen such a large vessel approaching their shore, who were they? Where were they from? As far as everyone in the land was aware there was nothing beyond the ocean. The guards raised the alarm with the rest of the troupe and before long all the Troopers were on the ramparts staring out at the ship. The Scarlet Troopers watched as the vessel dropped anchor off shore clearly the waters were not deep enough for such a large ship to get any closer, a small boat was lowered and one of the Scarlets who was looking through a telescope reported six people were aboard, the occupants then rowed towards the shoreline.The Scarlets looked on confident that their outpost fortress was well hidden within the forest, it was decided that a small troupe of soldiers would ride out to intercept the strangers. The women mounted up illegal bahis siteleri all of them apprehensive about what they would find, the youngest member was sweating in her catsuit older soldiers commenting on the young soldiers sweat stained crotch and arse. “What’s up girl you scared?” They one asked. “A little” the young Trooper repliedThe six Scarlets led by Captain Emma rode out towards the coast and when they caught sight of their uninvited guests they dismounted and observed from a safe distance. The visitors were much larger than the Scarlets and they were dressed in black catsuits, black boots and full face black helmets, one Trooper suddenly noticed something unusual. “What’s that strange shape in their suits?” She asked her comrades. Captain Emma had a pair of binoculars and zoomed in on the bulge in the crotches of the approaching group, she tried to see their faces but they were hidden behind the helmets, she then realised she had seen these people but only in ancient history books.“Oh my God I could be wrong but I think they’re males!” She whispered to her soldiers. The rest of the women gasped in shock.“It’s ok if I’m right they are weak and easily defeated by feminine wiles let’s mount up and confront them”The soldiers dutifully mounted up and rode two abreast towards the men confident in what their Captain had told them. The group of males suddenly spotted the Scarlet Troopers riding towards them and stopped, the Troopers approached them fascinated by the bulges in the tight lycra suits all unaware of the danger ahead of them. “Who are you?” Captain Emma demanded“We are Black Knights and have come here to conquer you pathetic bitches!” The men appeared unarmed what did they have to conquer with?Captain Emma was unimpressed “I’d like to see you try” with that the band of lycra clad Knights lunged towards the Troopers catching them by surprise at their speed and strength, each Knight engaged one Trooper and easily forced the shocked woman from her saddle throwing the soldier to the floor, soon each Scarlet was overpowered and pinned down. “Ok men lets fuck these whores rip their catsuits open and choose your hole!” The men then unzipped their black catsuits their gigantic cocks slapping the terrified girls on the leg, they then tore open the Scarlets shiny red suits exposing the soldiers holes before inserting their penises into the Troopers vagina or anus, the Knights weren’t concerned if the girl was ready, dry or wet they were going to fuck them.The helpless Scarlet Troopers screamed in terror and often pain as the men brutally fucked them, some had read of such actions and had seen pictures but never did they think that they would one day experience a real penis for themselves. But more was to come.“Knights pull out and fuck their mouths!” The men withdrew from the soldiers aching and sore holes and forced their cocks into the soldiers mouth, the Knights hadn’t fucked a woman for several months and all quickly shot their hot loads into the Troopers, all the women choked and gagged on their attackers cum having never tasted it before. canlı bahis siteleri The Knights stood over their victims cum dripping from their cocks onto the soldiers uniforms.The anguished screams of the Troopers had been heard by a nearby group of Amazonian Warriors, they had ventured over to see what the commotion was and watched on as the Black Knights humiliated their old foe, however the Amazonians were concerned they knew that these Knights were a threat and knew that these were men, Amazonians are well versed in history and have many historical documents recording battles between the sexes, something had to be done to repel these invaders even if it meant helping their sworn enemy the Scarlet Troopers.There were twelve Amazonians all powerful and muscular they could handle six men no problem, they did. They charged towards the Knights appearing silently and seemingly from nowhere, two Amazonians targeted one Knight each. They wrestled the lycra clad Knight to the ground, knowing that the penis and testicles were sensitive areas, especially after an orgasm the Amazonians targeted them punching the Knight in the balls rendering him defenceless, the penis was then slapped hard and the Knights testicles already very painful were squeezed and twisted. The men screamed in pain as the Amazonians continued the relentless attack, the anus was the next target.The Amazonian Warriors analized the men, one forcing their fingers deep into the writhing mans anus the other squeezing his balls, eventually the Amazonians tired of their game and left the Knights on the floor groaning in pain and humiliation, as the Warriors surveyed their handy work the Scarlet Troopers gathered round their now defeated attackers.Captain Emma was wiping cum from her face as she looked down at the pathetic sight, “You don’t look so tough now look at all your limp cocks still dribbling cum” She turned to the Amazonian leader “Thank you for helping us we are very grateful”“We still hate you but we hate these pathetic male soldiers more we humiliated them to protect our land” the Warrior replied with disdain.Captain Emma had an idea “I think we should take these toys to the nearest village and let the poor women use them as sex slaves, lets tie them and get a local to collect them and distribute them around the settlement. This was agreed the Knights were hogtied there naked limp cocks touching the muddy forest floor, a local group of women were summoned and they arrived with a horse and cart, the tied male soldiers were thrown into the cart often landing on top of each other soon forming a lycra clad pile of bodies. The Scarlets and Amazonians laughed as they helpless soldiers were taken away by the women.Captain Emma commented “I think those women will soon be having fun with those cocks, I don’t want to taste male cum anytime soon so they are welcome to them”“But there is still a ship out there full of these black lycra soldiers, what do we do about them?” The Amazonian enquired.“I think together we can deal with them, we have exposed their weakness they are powerless after they have orgasmed, that’s when we can defeat them, we just need a plan of attack” Captain Emma explained. “But next time you can be the victims and we will come to your aid”“Agreed, but we won’t let them cum in our mouths” the Warrior replied cryptically……

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