A New Experience

Double Penetration

The car pulled up outside the house and I got in. Kate was driving and I pecked her on the cheek as I sat in the passenger seat. Kate was older than me and we had spent some time together the last few weeks. We had had some fun and the last time had mentioned kinks and fetishes. Kate had said this time she would pick me up and we would go somewhere fun. She was curvy and lean, with light short hair and a nice smile and figure. She was wearing a tight white blouse and a short black skirt with heeled boots. I could see her black bra beneath her top, which was unbuttoned revealing her cleavage.

“Where are we going” I asked as she drove? “It’s a surprise” she smiled back. “You look nice” she continued. “What are you wearing under”?

“The tight shorts I usually wear…you know”?

Kate smiled and nodded. “And you” I asked?

“Black bra, which I think you can see, and black lacey boy shorts”. She winked. “Are you feeling adventurous” she asked? I nodded and smiled.

A while later we parked the car in a parking lot next to a store called Lovers Lane. We exited and she took my hand in hers and led me inside. A young woman greeted us and asked if we needed any help. I was too surprised to answer: there was lingerie of all kinds, corsets, underwear, stockings and in the back it looked like toys and media. “Its his first time” I heard Kate say. I looked back to the clerk. She was young about my age with olive skin and dark wavy hair. She was curvy and in a tight black blouse and unbuttoned like Kate’s with tight black slacks.

“Can I try some lingerie on” Kate asked? The clerk replied “sure, my name is Meg, follow me”. We followed her and she and Kate picked out some lingerie, a lacy teddie, a black corset and a lacy bodystocking. As Meg showed us to the dressing rooms, she turned and smiled “are you two a couple”? “No”, Kate replied. “Just having fun”. Meg smiled and let Kate into the dressing room. Kate closed the door and Meg turned to me, “you can go in if you would like, or wait out here”.

After a minute, Kate opened the door and stepped out. She had on the lacy teddie. It was a bodysuit with a very small front that barely covered her breasts and crotch. In the back it was nothing more than a string at her back and her hips, going down between her cheeks. “What do you think” she asked?

The only thing I could think to do was to run my hands up and down her body, feeling the lace tight on her skin. My hands wrapped around her, following the lace as it ended into a string thong and I hugged her as we kissed. “I can feel that you like that” Kate whispered.

Next she tried the lacy bodystocking. It was like stockings and a lace crop top connected by lace garters. She had on her boy shorts over the outfit to conceal her crotch but her breasts bursa escort were visible and her nipples poked out in the lace.

Lastly, Kate came out with her skirt back on over the bodystocking and the corset on. It was black satin and held up her breasts over the lace bodystocking. Her waist was slimmed and slender. She then pulled out a stretchy thong and handed it to me.

She helped me strip off my pants and underwear, giving me a little kiss as I sprang out of my shorts. Smiling she pulled up the thong and cupped my package inside of it while pulling the waistband up over my hips. It felt tight but oddly freeing and exhilarating. My pants came back up and I was truly excited as we walked with Meg over to the toy section.

Kate picked up a purple dildo of pretty large size with a nice head on the end and talked with Meg about its uses and functions. It could vibrate in various speeds and was waterproof. Then Meg smiled at me and brought me to a section of toys for men. She showed me cock rings and penis sleeves for masturbation. Kate smiled as I felt the soft material. Kate picked up a flesh colored penis sleeve with molded lips on one end. She nodded and gave it to Meg, then picked out a very small dildo. It was about the size of a finger and pointed. The other end was curved in towards the shaft. She added the blue toy to the collection.

Meg and Kate chatted about different sex toys and how to use them and then Kate paid and we left the store. In the car, Kate turned to me and smiled. “We are going to have some fun now”. I nodded. “Do you like your thong” Kate asked? I could feel it between my cheeks and hold my balls and cock gently up. I was still hard and I told her so. She looked really good in her lace bodystocking, her legs covered in black lace then hidden by her skirt and then her full breasts trying to escape the corset. I stared at her the whole drive back to her apartment.

Walking up the stairs to her apartment, I was watching her hips and ass swing from side to side as she climbed the steps, my cock getting harder. We turned and she was unlocking the door to her apartment when a voice said “Kate!” I jumped and she turned her head smiling to see a woman a little younger than her, with a cute petit figure, light skin and jet-black wavy hair.

“Hi, Andrea” Kate said. Andrea and Kate began chatting and then Kate introduced me. She was pleasant and pretty and then Kate took me inside her apartment. “She is nice isn’t she” Kate asked as she locked the door behind us? I nodded agreement and Kate backed me against the wall in a passionate kiss, her arms around my neck. Her breasts pushed into my chest and my hands snaked around her waist. My played with the laces of her corset and fondled the satin material, then slowly hiked up her skirt, the bursa escort bayan cloth bunching up over her ass. My hands played over her lace covered cheeks and her crack. She moaned and her tongue danced in my mouth and over my lips.

I was getting harder, my manhood pushing my thong out in my pants, the string in back biting between my cheeks. Kate lifted off my shirt and knelt, kissing my chest and undoing my pants. My cock sprung forth, still encased in the thong, as Kate kissed it and licked it. The pouch was getting wet and she continued with her hands. I was amazed, watching her work, her head low, eyes periodically glancing up at me and smiling, her cleavage in full view then her waist and hips below. The sight made me so excited.

Kate stood and took my hand and led me to the bedroom. I sat on the bed while she spread the contents of our shopping excursion next to me. The anal plugs, dildo, a vibrator, and penis sleeve lay on the bed and Kate opened them in an excited rush. She had me lay on the bed with her and we played with the toys. She put the dildo all over her and then I ate her out while I fucked her with it. She tasted sweet and she guided me to different spots and techniques as she moaned and sighed. Next, she pleasured me with the sleeve and even the vibrator, which I liked. Kate had me unlace her corset, letting her breasts bounce free. I kissed and licked them while I removed her bodystocking and panty then returned to the bed. We moved into a 69 position with her on top. Her femininity in my face as I kissed, licked and sucked her, she did the same to me, her lips going up and down my shaft. She spread my legs wide and her hand slipped one of the plugs to me.

“Put it in” she gasped. “Slowly”.

I responded by sucking her whole clit in my mouth, then slowly letting it fall back out. She moaned and I slid the toy inside her wet pussy. I turned it around and then slowly drew it out and ran the tip up towards her ass. I felt the same between my ass cheeks, teasing my cock and scrotum. She spread my legs wide and teased me while I slowly slid the wet toy into her. It went all the way in and stayed there, between her cheeks. Kate moaned and I felt the toy, wet with her saliva slide in me. It was a strange sensation, but I liked it and let her get it all the way in. The contour fit perfectly between my cheeks and she held it in place and continued to work her tongue and lips up and down and around my cock.

She lifted herself off of me and lay turned around on all fours, her ass in the air. I got on my knees and entered her from behind, holding onto her hips. I rode her and pulled her hair back, making her arch her back and throw her head back and moan loudly.

“Oh that feels good, you like looking at my ass,” Kate asked between moans?

“Yes,” escort bursa I said.

She started talking dirty to me, asking if I liked the dildo in her ass and if I liked it in mine. We were getting more and more kinky and then she was talking about her lingerie. I agreed how hot she looked in it and she turned her head to look back at me.

“Put some on for me, sexy”, she said.

I took the bodystocking that she handed to me, it was black fishnet. She guided me into it, legs first, toes pointed until the feet were in place. Then pull the material gently up the legs and over the hips. They were crotchless and my manhood sprang forth as I pulled the stocking up over my torso and fitted my arms through the sleeves.

I was looking at myself and feeling the fishnet over my body when Kate wound a corset around my waist. It was black satin and covered me from pubic area to above my nipples. She closed the hook-and-eye front closures and then began tightening the lacing in back. I gasped as it tightened around me, sucking me in. In the mirror, I had a perfect hourglass figure. I looked very feminine, surprisingly so, but with a very real cock sticking out from the black lingerie.

Kate knelt in front of me and sucked me some more, while I ran my fingers through her light hair. We moved to the bed once more and resumed our fun. A moment later, we lay gasping in the afterglow of climaxing. We looked at each other and laughed: her, completely nude, sweat glistening on her body, me all dressed up in fishnets and a corset, my throbbing cock slowly receding.

Later, we chatted about our experiences. She asked if I was okay with everything and I said that I was. We talked about exploring more kinky things. She talked about taking pictures or videos. She said she knew of a website where people go on camera. I was intrigued but said maybe next time we would try that. It was later in the day and I said I should head home.

I was starting to untie the lacing of the corset when Kate stopped my hand.

“Stop,” Kate said with a smile. “It’s yours, keep it on. Wear it home.” I was surprised but since I was going home to an empty house, I agreed. I put my t-shirt and shorts on over the lingerie after taking the plug out and washing it. Kate handed me a bag with the other toys in it. Kate dressed quickly in her miniskirt and corset with little flats. We exited the apartment to drive me back home. The ride was short and we talked more about things we would like to try. We agreed that next time we would do some video fun and maybe some bondage and such. We would see.

“Next weekend or before,” I asked as I got out of the car in front of my house?

“How about Wednesday?” It was in two days. “Sure” I replied. I turned and trotted up to the house, turned the key as quickly as I could and was inside. “I hope no one saw me,” I thought. “Well”, I continued with a smile as I ensured no one was home and went into my bedroom, “maybe I do…”

Next… “Another Encounter”

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