A New Life Ch. 04


Tracey’s story continues from chapter 3. Brandi begins recounting the story of how she broke up with her girlfriend.

A short recap from Chapter 3:

“Did you play with yourself when you went to bed? Thinking about Justine and me?”

Brandi’s eyes looked far away, “Yes,” she said.

I released Brandi’s nipple’s, she sighed, and I said;

“I know you would love to explore this further. Take my hand. Come with me. Justine is back at home waiting for you.” Brandi looked at me, mesmerised, she took my hand. I stood up and led her out the front door. Her robe was still open, her breasts and pussy exposed. I was walking her virtually naked, across the lawn to our house. As we entered, Justine was standing in the lounge room, smiling at us.

I stood behind Brandi, my hands on her shoulders and said, “I told you my sister would be happy to see you. Do you know what would make her even happier?”

“No,” Brandi replied.

“My sister would be very happy if you were completely naked.” With that I peeled back Brandi’s robe and let it drop to the floor. She was now totally naked.

“Do you know what else my sister likes Brandi?”

“No,” Brandi said, seemingly completely under a spell.

“My sister likes her slaves to be collared. Would you like a collar Brandi? Would you like to be a slave?”

“Oh yes,” Brandi replied.

Justine stepped forward with a red dress collar. I held Brandi’s hair up, so her neck was exposed.

“If I put this on you, you will be my slave and do anything I request.” Justine said looking straight at Brandi.

“Yes,” Brandi replied again. Justine locked the collar onto Brandi, I let her hair back down.

Justine said, “Now, let’s all sit down and continue on from where we left off last night.”

We sat down on the lounge. Justine and me on either side of a naked Brandi.

“Now,” Justine said. “Did you enjoy kissing your daughter last night? Tell me.”

“Very much so. It was so forbidden, so taboo. It really turned me on.”

We were stroking Brandi’s breasts. Pinching her nipples.

Justine said to Brandi, “I want to hear more of your fantasies. Your deepest, darkest, fantasies, involving you and your daughter. Tell me.”

It was like a dam had been broken. Brandi just started talking.

Friday Morning – Erin and Brandi’s story

“I broke up with my girlfriend of five years a few months ago and we moved here. Her name was Tina and I really miss her. Tina was like another mom to Erin, even though she was only ten years older than my daughter.

Our sex life was wild. Very adventurous. Tina was into roleplay and threesomes, some light bondage and she loved watching porn with me.”

“Tell me,” Justine repeated.

“At some point, just after Erin had turned eighteen, Tina began introducing my daughter into our fantasies while we made love. I loved it, it was so wrong, so forbidden. Tina would whisper in my ear while she fucked me doggy style with a strap-on, ‘Erin’s watching at the door, she loves watching her mommy being fucked, being dominated.’ God it turned me on so much. We would be in the shower and Tina would say to me, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if Erin came into the shower and helped me wash her mommy?’ This went on for months and months. The fantasies became more erotic and started involving Erin more and more.

Then Tina introduced her twin sister, Ashley, to these fantasies. Tina started saying how all four of us could fuck together. A mother and daughter and two sisters. It was so wrong.”

“Tell me,” Justine said.

“Erin had turned nineteen and was away for a week at her Aunties. Tina invited her sister Ashley over to stay while Erin was gone, this wasn’t unusual as Ash had stayed quite often. What was unusual was that on the second night I walked into our bedroom, Tina and Ashley were both on the bed naked. I joined them in bed, and we made love all night. We hardly got out of bed the whole week.

As the week went on both Tina and Ashley would talk to me about how we could have Erin join us in bed when she came back. How we could all fuck her. How both Tina and Ashley would love to watch while I fucked Erin. It was so wrong, but so erotic, so tempting.

A few nights before Erin was due home, Tina and Ash brought a girlfriend over. She was about Erin’s age and looked very similar to Erin. Tina said to me that I was going to play mommy to her. The whole evening while we ate, chatted and drank I referred to her as ‘Erin’ and she called me ‘mom.’

After dinner we went up to our bedroom. There was a camera set up and Ash turned it on. Tina and Ash watched me undress my pretend ‘Erin’, kiss all over her body. All the time I was doing this she was calling me mommy, saying how she wanted mommy to fuck her in front of her girlfriends.”

“Tell me,” Justine said again.

“Tina had laid out some toys on the bed. I picked up a strap-on, put it on and began fucking ‘Erin’ on the floor in front of Tina and Ash. They were going wild saying things like, ‘Yes fuck her istanbul escort mommy,’ and ‘We’ve waited so long for a mommy that would do this.’ Then they started saying how they were going to watch me fuck Erin for real when she came home. The worst thing was I was agreeing to do it for them!”

“And you were enjoying it weren’t you Brandi? You wanted to fuck Erin in front of them?” My sister said encouraging Brandi.

“Yes, I loved it. I loved the feeling of being controlled, dominated, directed by them. And yes, at that point I would have done anything for them. It was so wrong, so taboo.”

“Tell me,” Justine said again.

“Tina and Ash had undressed and were leading ‘Erin’ and me back up onto the bed.

Tina looked at me and said, ‘Kneel up in front of each other. Ash and I want to watch a mother and daughter kiss and tell each other how much they love each other.’

I was kissing my pretend ‘Erin,’ telling her how much I loved her. She was replying saying, ‘I love you too mommy.’ I kept thinking, this is so wrong, so taboo. But I kept imagining this was really Erin here with me. That I was putting on an incestuous show for my girlfriend and her sister. We fucked the rest of the weekend and then on the Sunday morning my substitute Erin went home.

My real daughter, Erin, was due home that afternoon. All day Tina and Ash were telling me how I was going to become a mommy slut for them. How I was going to fuck Erin while they watched.

I told them that I couldn’t do it. It was one thing to roleplay with a girl that looked like my daughter but a completely different thing to have sex with my actual daughter. Tina and Ash were disappointed but said that they understood.

When Erin arrived home, she was excited that Aunty Ash was there. We all had dinner and chatted about her visit with my sister and her cousin, how they had been shopping, to movies, the beach. All the normal things that teenagers do.

Everyone went off to bed and things seemed to return to normal.

The next day Ash said she was going to head home, that it was great to have caught up and we’d have to do it again. She kissed Erin goodbye, Tina and I headed out to the car with Ash while Erin stayed back in the house.

When we got out to the car Ash looked at me and said, ‘It was so much fun fucking you with my sister, watching you fuck your substitute ‘Erin’, We’ll have to do it again next time your Erin is away. Let me know, Tina and I will organise it.’

I couldn’t believe it, I was so turned on by the thought of doing it again, ‘Yes,’ I said. ‘Hopefully it won’t be too long.’

A few months later Erin, Tina and I were sitting around the table having dinner and Erin said she had booked a ski trip with her cousin and my sister in two months’ time.

Tina squeezed my thigh under the table and said, ‘Why that sounds like wonderful fun Erin. How long are you going for?’

‘Two weeks,’ Erin replied and again Tina squeezed my thigh under the table.

Tina then looked at me, smiled and said; ‘How about I organise something fun for us to do while Erin’s away babe? Would you like that?’

‘Yes,’ I replied to Tina. ‘Yes, I would.’

Justine looked at Brandi and said; “You knew what your girlfriend was going to do didn’t you? You knew she would be inviting her sister and your substitute daughter back.”

Brandi looked at Justine and said; “Yes. That’s what I was hoping.” Then Brandi continued with her story.

“Before I knew it, Erin’s holiday had come around and we were seeing her off at the airport for an early morning flight. We then headed back home. When we got back, I heard a voice shout out;

‘Hi mom. I missed you.’

Oh my god, when she walked downstairs, she looked so much like Erin. She was dressed in Erin’s pyjamas and looked like she had just woken up in Erin’s bed. Her hair was cut and styled exactly the same as Erin’s, it had even been coloured the same as Erin’s. I felt like I was watching my daughter walk down for breakfast just like any other morning of the week.”

Justine, then spoke again; “You were excited weren’t you Brandi. You knew that Tina had just given you two weeks of an incestuous fantasy to roleplay with. You loved your girlfriend for doing this didn’t you?”

“Yes, yes I did. I wanted to fulfil all my girlfriend’s fantasies, I wanted to roleplay for my girlfriend’s sister. I wanted them to direct me to do any kinky fantasy they desired.” Brandi replied breathlessly. Then she continued with the story.

“My pretend ‘Erin’, my substitute ‘Erin’, walked into the room and said to me;

‘So, mommy, do I get a kiss?’

I hugged her to me and kissed her like no mother should be kissing her daughter. Tina was smiling at me as I did this and said; ‘So you like my sisters present, don’t you?’

‘Yes,’ I replied.

Tina then said, ‘We have so many kinky plans over the next two weeks. You have no idea.’ Then she looked at my daughter, my pretend ‘Erin’, avcılar escort and said, ‘Now Erin, undress for your mother.’

With that I watched as my daughter began stripping her clothes off. She was standing naked in front of me. I looked up and down her body and there wasn’t a speck of hair on her pussy. God I was so turned on.

‘Would you like your daughter to lick your pussy Brandi?’ Tina asked me.

‘Oh yes, very much,’ I replied to Tina. With that ‘Erin’ was down on her knees licking my pussy. Tina was behind me, talking to me, caressing my breasts, while ‘Erin’ did this.

‘Ash and I have some very sexy plans for such a hot ‘mother and daughter’. We want to take you and ‘Erin’ to a very exclusive club and show you off. Would you like that Brandi?’

I was delirious with the pleasure of my pretend daughters’ tongue on my pussy, ‘Yes,’ I replied, ‘Anything to please you.'”

Justine and I were stroking Brandi’s breasts, pinching her nipples while she was telling us this story. “Keep going,” Justine said, “Tell us more.”

“My pretend ‘Erin’ made me orgasm, the first of many I would have over the next two weeks. Ash arrived shortly later and said we were going to go to a club later tonight. The sisters then led us upstairs and watched while I made love to my daughter through the morning and into the afternoon. We only stopped to eat and drink briefly. Then at about four Tina said it was time to get ready.

Ash and Tina dressed me in a revealing black skirt and white shirt with stockings and heels, I looked like a very sexy librarian. Then my ‘Erin’ walked downstairs. She was dressed in a short-pleated skirt, heels and a tight-fitting top that pushed her breasts up. God, she looked sexy, like a teenage vamp. We got into the car and drove to the other side of town, to a rundown neighbourhood I had rarely been in. We parked, got out of the car in front of a warehouse and walked up some stairs to a doorway with a huge bouncer standing in front. Ash looked at him and said, ‘Guests of the unicorn.’ This must have been some sort of password as he stepped aside and opened the door for us to enter. We walked inside and the room was very dimly lit. There were private booths, a dance floor and a bar at the opposite end to where we had walked in. It was filled with women; I couldn’t see one man.

We sat down in a booth and Ash said she would organise drinks for us. She came back shortly and said the drinks would be here soon. Sure enough a few minutes later a chilled bottle of vodka arrived with shot glasses in a bucket of ice. Ash poured us all shots and we threw them back. She poured again, and again we threw them down. The third time and I began to feel very lightheaded.

A very tall red headed woman walked up to our booth, looked at Ash and said, ‘How nice to see you again Ashley. I see you have brought some new guests.’

Ash smiled back at her and said, ‘Yes, this is Brandi and her daughter Erin.’

The redhead absolutely beamed at Erin and me, looked back at Ash and said, ‘Oh, how very exciting. I can’t wait. I’ll take my seat and talk to you later. Ta ta.’ And with that she left.

Ash was pouring us more shots, then she looked at me and said; ‘Are you ready to start the show?’ I smiled back at her and just nodded my head, having no idea what she was talking about.

Ash took my hand and my ‘daughters’ hand and led us up to a small stage at the front of the room with a large leather ottoman on it. Ash pushed ‘Erin’ and me together and said, ‘Kiss.’

I started kissing Erin passionately and heard a female voice announcing in the background saying, ‘And now two very special guests, Brandi and her daughter Erin.’ There was cheering and clapping but I was too distracted, Erin was undressing me, kissing my breasts, sucking on my nipples. We were laying down on the ottoman, making love under bright lights. I was vaguely aware of oohs and ahs in the background but all I could really concentrate on was licking my pretend ‘daughter’s’ pussy. It was sweet, delicious, forbidden.

I was vaguely aware we were fucking in front of an audience, that the audience believed we were mother and daughter, at that moment I even believed we were mother and daughter, I was screaming, ‘fuck mommy harder Erin’ and she was replying, ‘yes mommy.’ It was so wrong, it was so forbidden, it was so hot. After what seemed like hours of lovemaking, I passed out from my many orgasms. When I opened my eyes Tina and Ash were there, telling me how well I had done, what a good mommy I was, how everyone had loved the show.

God, for all intents and purposes I had just fucked my daughter in front of an audience, and they’d loved it. I looked at ‘Erin,’ naked and sweating under me, I looked up at the audience, everyone was smiling and clapping at the show we had just put on, I came again as I looked out at the audience, it was so forbidden, so wrong and everyone had loved it, I’d loved it.

Tina and Ash put collars and leads on Erin and me and stood us up. They şirinevler escort began leading us around the bar introducing us to women who said to them how lucky they were to have such lovely pets, I loved it, I loved being owned, I loved being shown off and I loved the fact that they all thought I had just fucked my own daughter, I wanted to do it again and again.

The night ended and Tina and Ash took ‘Erin’ and me home in a friend’s limousine, we’d pick the car up tomorrow Ash said. Their friend introduced herself as Sabine, she was in her early fifties and absolutely gorgeous. They didn’t allow us to dress, they led us out to the car park on our collars and leads completely naked, put us into the limousine and we drove home. Tina and Ash let Sabine lead us out of the car and into our house, naked, they then set up a camera and sat down on the lounge with glasses of wine. Erin and I put on a private show for them over the next four hours, fucking each other in every position imaginable and with every toy we had. ‘Erin’ never stopped calling me mommy the whole time I was fucking her.

I woke up the next morning in Erin’s bed and she was lying beside me, naked. I couldn’t believe what I had done the night before with my ‘daughter’. It was so dirty, so wrong, so hot.”

Justine looked at me and smiled, I smiled back at my sister knowing that the story Brandi had just recounted to us meant Brandi could easily be persuaded to become our pet, to become our mommy slut. The thought of this excited me no end, both Justine and I had been rubbing Brandi’s pussy while she was talking to us and Brandi had been having orgasm after orgasm all through it. Brandi’s pussy was slick and wet from her juices. My sister kissed Brandi on the lips, drew back and said;

“Keep going. Tells us more,” Brandi continued, seemingly in a bliss of constant orgasm as she spoke. My sister and I continued to stroke her pussy, her breasts, lightly pinch her nipples and caress her face.

“Tina and Ash came into the bedroom and said we were going out for lunch. ‘Erin’ and I showered and got dressed. We both looked rather sexy, I had on a black dress with a zip straight down the front and was naked underneath, I finished it with some flat shoes. ‘Erin’ was wearing one of my real daughters pleated skirts, a very short t-shirt that showed off her midriff and thigh high white socks with sneakers. She wasn’t wearing any underwear either.

Ash had picked up the car while we were getting ready and was waiting for us out the front. We walked out and got in, I had no idea where we were going. We seemed to drive for hours until we pulled up to the gated entrance of a large country estate. Ash buzzed and the gate opened. We kept going up the driveway and pulled up at the front of the house and got out of the car.

The front door of the house opened and the tall red head that had been at the club last night came out.

“Hello, my lovelies,” she said walking over and hugging Tina and Ash. “And I see you’ve brought the lovely mother and daughter for a visit. I do hope they will be staying?”

“Hello Audrey. Yes, they will be staying,” Tina replied. “We thought you might like to keep them for a few nights.”

“That would be wonderful, bring them inside.” she replied.

Tina hadn’t even asked me if I wanted to do this, I just accepted it. Tina owned me and I was willing to do anything she said. My pretend ‘Erin’ and I hadn’t even been introduced to Audrey, we just followed them inside. ‘Erin’ took my hand looked at me, smiled and said; ‘This is going to be so much fun mommy.’

I looked back at ‘Erin’ and realised I didn’t even know what her real name was, I smiled and said; ‘Yes it will be baby girl, we are going to have lots of fun.’

When we got inside Audrey looked at me and said; ‘Undress for me mommy slut.’ I loved being referred to like that, it made me feel like I was owned, a slave, and could be ordered to do whatever a mistress requested, that I didn’t have any control over my actions or any responsibility for what I did. It freed me to let out all my deviant desires and was empowering at the same time. I took my clothes off and draped them on a chair.

Audrey looked at Erin and said, ‘daughter slut, undress.’ Erin immediately began undressing and we were soon standing naked beside each other.

Tina and Ash said goodbye to us and left. I didn’t know when they would be back. Audrey then led us into a lounge area, sat down with a glass of wine, looked at us and said, ‘Now make love while I watch.’ We spent the next few hours fucking each other, Audrey just watched, she didn’t even masturbate or comment very much, apart from sometimes asking us to refer to each other as mother and daughter more often while we were making love. Eventually she took us up to a bedroom and we slept.

The next morning, we were given breakfast and then spent the rest of the day making love again while Audrey watched. This went on for the next three days until Tina returned and took us home. It was so strange. I said this to Tina on the way back, that Audrey didn’t seem to get anything out of this. Tina laughed and explained that yes, she did. Audrey was broadcasting our lovemaking to a select group of friends and they now had hours of footage of a mother and daughter making love. It was my first introduction to being used like this.

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