A Night by Myself


It’s been a long day. Between work and kids, I never seem to have any time left to myself. On top of that, I don’t get to see you very often, due to our schedules.. and because of it, I haven’t seen you in about two weeks. And oh how I miss you. I miss your voice, your touch.. your comforting arms around me. My kids are away, spending the night at their dads house. I know there is nothing to do tonight, and that you won’t be here because of work. So I decide I will take a bath, then settle in for the night.

I start the bath, setting it on warm.. and pour my favorite bath gel into the water. It’s Vanilla & Sandalwood, it makes me feel sensual, and it’s so soothing to my senses. I strike a match and light several candles, then I flick off the light switch and just stand there, absorbing the glowing beauty.. allowing a sense of peace to start to wash over me. I undress and lazily throw my clothes through the doorway into a pile on the floor in my room. I step a toe into the tub, testing its warmth.. decide it’s just right and proceed to sink into the claw-footed, oversized tub.

The water is only a few inches deep, so I turn the water on even hotter, relinquishing the stress in my shoulders, and losing myself in the wet heat enveloping my body. I take a deep breath in and the scent of Vanilla and Sandalwood smell so good to me, it also puts me in that mood that I love so much. The water has risen up to my shoulders so I turn it off. I take a washcloth and soap it up.. I wash my body to cleanse away the day. I rinse off, and then I take the bar of soap and turn it over and over in my hands to get them all soapy and covered with the velvety foam. I put the soap down and proceed to wash my nether regions.

I topkapı escort wish you were here, and that these were your fingers touching me. I slip a rinsed off finger between the swollen lips of my pussy, which makes me take a deep breath in, and slightly moan on the out breath. I slide it in, back and forth a few times before I pull it out and start drawing lazy circles around my clit. Okay, that’s it.. I haven’t orgasmed in the two weeks since you’ve been here and it’s long overdue. I reach over the tub and open the drawer in the little tub-side table and pull out my little ‘friends’. I smirk, it’s been a long time since I needed these little, or not so little, guys…

I pick up the little purple vibe, that is my favorite toy by far.. I turn it on and let the vibration run through my fingers and hand.. my pussy tingles in anticipation, in remembrance of orgasms past. I slowly let it drift towards my clit, place it on a spot near, but not on.. and just let slide around so that I can get used to the fast pace of its movement. I close my eyes and let my mind drift to you. Your naked body, your eyes looking into mine. I imagine your face lowering down to my clit and for a second, I can almost feel your tongue licking slowly up and down my slit and around my little button. I run the vibe up and down my cunt, mimicking what I so badly want. But I know what I need.

I place the vibe back up, and closer to my clit.. and gently hold it there.. I let the vibrations reverberate throughout my clit and it is such a delicious feeling. I can feel the hot water, gently lapping at my pussy lips.. God this feels so good. And suddenly, I know it’s coming.. I take my other toy.. an eight inch, hot etiler escort pink rubber cock, and I insert it into my hot slippery pussy.. I slide it in and out.. oh God.. how I want your cock so much! My want is turning into lusty, wanton need. Still holding the littler purple vibe to my clit, and sliding the bigger pink cock in and out.. I feel it. I feel the tingle in my toes, slowly work its way up my calves, then thighs and finally my groin..

I’m not there yet, but I soon will be. I work the cock faster and faster into my pussy and then.. “Oooooh GOD Yeeeesss!!!!” I moan loudly, it’s almost primal.. nobody is home, so I don’t have to worry about anyone hearing me. I clench my thighs tightly, and feel the orgasm start to shake through me.. I feel the white, hot, molten, tingling heat spreading from my groin through my tummy. My body starts to shake uncontrollably as I push myself over the edge by imagining you there, begging for me to come all over your cock, as you always do.. “OH FUCK YES!” I groan.. my back arches in the water.. my eyes are still closed, but tears are streaming down my face from the intensity of how good it feels. My body shaking, and my pussy clenching the rubber cock so hard- that it’s difficult to thrust it in and out anymore. I push the vibrator away.. it’s movement too intense for my clit now.. I sink back into the water, it’s warm waves lapping at my sensitive skin. I’m contently moaning, but softer.. and tenderly. I stop moving the rubber cock, and slowly withdraw it from my pussy, it’s walls clenching it- in its final stage of orgasm.. then I reach up and wipe the tears away.

I slowly open my eyes, not wanting to let go of this final feeling of pleasure.. ataköy escort and look up. I see you standing in the doorway, with your hand on the doorknob. I don’t know how long you’ve been standing there, but your eyes are full of tears and glazed over with lust. I blush, I’ve never masturbated in front of you before.. I start to feel ashamed and look away. You come to the side of the tub.. and place your fingers under my chin and make me look at you. You whisper that I am the most beautiful woman you have ever seen. I smile softly.

You reach your arm into the water and pull the plug out, then you take my hand and help me out of the tub. You make me stand on the rug, and you proceed to take a towel and stand behind me to dry off my soaking hair. I bow my head out of humility.. still feeling the red hot blush, flushed on my skin. You walk around to my front.. place your fingers under my chin and make me look at you again.. you lower your lips to mine and begin to slowly suck on my lower lip.. god, you always do that just right.

You slip your tongue in between my lips briefly, while you towel dry my arms and shoulders. Slowly, you sink to your knees.. stopping briefly to flick your tongue over my ring-clad nipples.. and begin to dry off my tummy, then thighs, all the way down to my ankles and toes. You purposely don’t dry off my pussy with the towel, I look down, into your eyes and I see that familiar twinkle and mischievous grin.. you wink at me.. knowing that it always makes me melt when you do that.

Then you dip your head between my legs.. and slowly lick between my lips.. trying to get your tongue as far into my lovehole as possible.. trying to drink up as much of my come as you can. I begin shivering, both from the cold and from the traces of orgasm you’ve started in me.. You stand up.. pick me up and cradle me in your arms, and walk to my large bed in the center of my room. The look in your eyes, as I gaze into them, tell me we will be making up for lost time.

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