A Night on the Town Ch. 02


…”So where’s the fun?” I thought aloud, after several minutes of silence, during which I was quite disoriented. Being tied to the bed post had it’s advantages, which surely would show themselves once the fun began, but initially I was very helpless.

I figured Jesse must’ve put one of the blankets from the bed up over the window, because it was pitch dark in the room. I couldn’t even tell where he was, though I knew he wasn’t on the bed.

A few long seconds later, I felt cool liquid landing on my bare stomach. I breathed in sharply at the surprise “attack” and began to wonder what this was that he was pouring on me. It was too cold to be fresh cum, and after what we had finished earlier, I doubted he could make another batch in just ten minutes.

My curiosity got the best of me. “What is that?” I squealed as I shivered, suddenly feeling a bit cold.

Jesse didn’t answer, but the pouring did stop shortly after that. I felt his hand softly trace the curves of my body, trailing goosebumps up to my neck, and then one of his fingers was in my mouth. I began to suck on it gently, and discovered that it tasted like chocolate. Chocolate syrup, I realized.

After I cleaned his finger off, he began to lightly kiss my neck. I could feel pleasure stirring in my loins as his tongue traced from the tip of my ear down to the lobe, where he nibbled gently. He knows my ear is a torture spot for me, and did it on purpose. He kept trailing kisses down my neck, across kurtköy escort my collarbone and shoulder, and down my arm until his cheek brushed against my breast — another weakness of mine. Ironically, they are his as well.

He has swirled the chocolate syrup in a spiral on my breasts, and he began to lick it up from the outside in, driving me crazy as he neared my nipple. Once there, Jesse suckled and nibbled, flicking every so often with his tongue, knowing he was making me hornier with every moment that passed. Remembering he still had another breast left, he proceeded to go through the same ritual with that one.

God, how I wanted my hands untied so I could stop him there, press his head against my breasts forcefully and enjoy the sensation forever. But my hands were literally tied, and he continued licking up the chocolate as he followed it down towards my navel.

His hands were on my breasts now, as if following his tongue on its journey towards my sex. He gently pinch and twisted my nipples, and enjoyed cupping my C-cups in his warm hands.

Jesse’s tongue had made its way to the start of my thighs and was lightly teasing the edges of my bare labia. I moaned softly as he teased me with his breath, the warm air leaving my outer lips cool as it collided with the dripping juices flowing from inside. His hands traced down my sides, coming to rest on my ass, pushing my cunt up towards his waiting lips. I inhaled sharply kartal escort as his tongue flicked my clit the first time. It didn’t take him long to have my hips writhing in his face while his tongue fucked my slit.

“I’m gonna cum, baby,” I whispered in between heavy breaths.

And then it stopped. It was as if his tongue had just disappeared.

“Not yet,” he whispered. I could tell he was grinning, even though the room was so dark. He untied my hands, turned me over so I was facing the headboard, doggie-style, and pulled out a pair of handcuffs, cuffing me to the bed. I was very turned on, and not just because he’d been working me up for a while already. Doggie-style is my favorite position, and the extra excitement of the handcuffs, knowing I couldn’t move anywhere, made my insides tingle with desire.


Feeling Jesse’s hand spank my firm ass as I knelt there, vulnerable in front of him, sent chills down my spine. When I didn’t verbally respond, he spanked me again, harder this time.

“Yeah, baby,” I moaned, “Spank me harder!” I stuck my ass further out, begging for more. He rewarded me with a continuous bombardment of spankings, until my add was pink and warm from the contact.

The next thing I felt was something cool sliding into my dripping cunt. Jesse spread my legs, and laid down beneath me on his back. I was on all fours straddling him, my breasts hanging down playfully, and a vibrator being pushed kurtköy bayan escort in and out of my pussy. As he worked me up some more, Jesse began sucking and playing with my tits, feeling them smack against his face as he fucked me with the toy. All I wanted to do was grab his dick and shove it inside myself and fuck him relentlessly, but I was not going to be able to move until he decided he wanted me to move. He turned on the vibrator now as he continued pushing and pulling the toy in and out of my lips.

“Grrrr,” I breathed as the sensation changed and my pleasure heightened even more. I started grinding my hips in rhythm with Jesse’s thrusts of the vibrator. I barely noticed that Jesse stopped sucking my nipples and moved out from under me, all the while still pleasuring me with the toy.

“Holy fuck!” I screamed suddenly, as I felt Jesse’s lubed up prick enter my asshole. I felt very full with the vibrator slamming into my cunt still, and now Jesse’s shlong in my ass. But boy, did it feel good.

He wasted very little time letting me get used to the new sensation, and it didn’t take long before I began to feel the stirrings of an orgasm beginning in my depths. I loved hearing the sounds of his flesh slapping against me, feeling his balls hit my underside as he rammed his hard rod into me. I began to shudder as the first wave of my orgasm took control of my muscles. All the tightening set Jesse off too. He pretty much dropped the vibrator and unloaded his jizz, coating the inside of my ass, as well as shooting some all over my ass cheeks.

I nearly collapsed in exhaustion as my legs began to feel like rubber bands. He managed to uncuff me from the headboard, and I sank into the comfort of his arms and the bed, falling immediately off to sleep.

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