A Night with Natasha

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Natasha is one of my technical staff. She was originally from Russia but had moved to London when she married a Brit. That marriage didn’t last long and, when she joined my team, she was engaged to another man who seemed to like.

She is an attractive woman – dark hair, brown eyes, heart-shaped face, slim and lithe with a flat stomach and a nice bust, not too large but in keeping with her slim figure. She has a cheeky and somewhat naughty disposition, is clever and articulate, and also damn sexy.

She had an ongoing affair with another colleague, and lots of the others would have loved to spend some intimate time with her. I enjoy teasing her and flirting with her and she responds in similar fashion.

Some time ago I had to deal with a problem in Moscow for one of our Russian clients. This required technical support, so I asked Natasha and one of her colleagues to make the trip. The client asked to see me, so I went as well. We were booked into a western hotel as it is a good, secure establishment.

On the second day of the trip, we arranged a dinner with the client at the hotel. This was a typical Russian dinner, with lots of vodka, endless toasts and expressions of friendship, and a thoroughly enjoyable evening. After it had all ended, I went up to my room, had a bath, called home, then got into bed.

I’d only just laid down when the ‘phone rang. It was Natasha. She asked if I could come and check what she had planned for the next day. I said that I was now in bed and I would check it in the morning. However she said she would really appreciate my opinion now in case she had to change her planned solution. I said I would but that it would have to be quick. So I put on a bathrobe and slippers and went to her room.

Natasha was still dressed in the clothes that she wore to dinner – a blouse and skirt. She had a glass of wine in her hand. I apologised for being in a bathrobe and she said that it didn’t matter. She asked if I’d like a glass of wine too, which I accepted. Then we sat down at the table and looked at her plans.

Once I’d been over them we talked a bit about the dinner and how the clients had been. We agreed that perhaps we’d gone a bit overboard on the vodka, but that it had been largely successful.

She asked if I was able to cope easily with the Russian culture. I replied that dealing with her had taught me a lot and I quite enjoyed the Russian approach.

Then quite out of the blue she asked me if I thought Russian girls were good looking. I said that the ones I’d met were very good looking. Then she asked if I thought she was attractive. Well, that got my attention and I realised then why she’d asked me to check her plans. So I decided to play along…..

“Yes,” I said, “I think you are attractive. I also think you are damn sexy.”

She smiled at me. “I think you’re very attractive eryaman anal yapan escort too,” and then leaned forward and kissed me. Not a peck, but a full-on passionate kiss with an open mouth, probing tongue and hands holding my face. That really turned me on.

I was at rather a disadvantage as all I was wearing was a bathrobe and my cock was about to poke out of it. But I thought the hell with it and pulled her close to me, my hands kneading her buttocks. Then I moved behind her and kissed the back of her neck, reaching round and undoing her blouse.

Her bosom strained against her bra, her nipples pushing out the material. I rubbed my hands over them feeling them hard and erect, then undid her bra and let it fall to the floor. I reached round again to take her breasts in my hands, holding and supporting them and using my fingers to pinch her nipples.

In the mean time she had found my cock and was playing with it, encircling it with her thumb and forefinger and running up and down the shaft.

I kissed her neck, then bit it gently and sucked it while still playing with her breasts. After a few minutes she turned around to face me and we kissed deeply.

Her blouse joined her bra on the floor and my hands roamed over her back, feeling her shoulders, up and down her spine, then the hollow just above her buttocks.

I found the zip to her skirt and undid it. She wriggled out of it and let it fall to the floor.

Soon I was feeling her buttocks through the material of her panties. I slid my hands over them and down so that my fingers could touch the back of her legs and then under her panties to feel the flesh of her groin. I could feel the pubic hairs around her slit and it took only a few more moments for me to touch her labia. She groaned into my mouth.

Oh, I was enjoying this and so was she. We just kept on kissing and feeling for several minutes. She reached down for my cock again and took it in her hand. She felt all around it, then traced her fingers over the head which was by now quite wet with my precum.

She broke our kiss, took her hand away from my cock and licked her fingers with a lascivious look.

I moved alongside her and kissed her neck again while playing with her breasts, then slowly slid my one hand down over her flat stomach under her panties and into her pubic hair. I played with her tight curly hair for a while before moving my fingers down to find her clit.

Oh and what a fabulous clit. It was large and extended, the shaft hard. I could take it between my fingers and masturbate it, which I did. Natasha squirmed. I rubbed her labia, feeling the moisture that had oozed from her cunt, and slipped my finger inside. She was was wet and slippery.

She was moving her hips against my fingers making soft noises. She forgot about my cock and used her hands ankara escort to feel all over herself — her breasts, her stomach, her hips.

I knelt down, pulled her panties down and started to lick her groin. I licked the top of her legs, the tendon in the groin, her pubic hair, then up and down her slit letting my tongue enter her briefly. I swirled over the top of her clit then underneath it before gripping it between my lips.

She put her hands on my head and pushed me into her bush, holding me tightly against her. I concentrated on her clit and at the same time put two fingers inside her, rubbing the walls of her vagina. Her fluids were pouring out and I drank them in.

Suddenly she convulsed and pulled me hard against her as a spurt of liquid squirted into my mouth. Then she relaxed a little, rubbing her cunt against my mouth.

I stood up and kissed her, letting her taste herself. We kissed for a long time, my cock rubbing against her stomach, my hand holding her buttocks, my fingers against her slit. Then we broke our kiss and she looked at me and said “I need you inside me.”

She took my hand and led me to the bed. We got onto it and she knelt down, her face on a pillow and her arse up in the air. What a beautiful sexy sight that was. Her cunt, open and wet, her pubic hair matted with her liquids, her clit large and engorged.

She was just waiting to be fucked.

I was enormously hard, dripping precum and dying to be inside her, to feel her warm, wet vagina clasping my cock. I knelt behind her and, rubbing my glans up and down her slit, slowly pushed into her.

Her vagina was exquisite. My cock felt like it was onfire from the moment my glans popped through her entrance and started thrusting into her, opening and expanding her vagina. I could feel her velvety walls rippling around my corona and gripping my shaft.

“Oh fuck,” she said, “you feel so good. I can feel your cockhead inside me, tickling me.”

I pushed harder and carried on until I was completely inside her. The walls of her cunt massaged my cock, sucking me in until I felt my glans firmly against her cervix. Her cunt was warm and enveloping and felt heavenly.

My cock was pulsing and growing with each pulse and it took all my will-power to keep still and not to cum. After a while I gained control of myself and started to move in and out slowly and rhythmically.

Natasha moved with me. She pushed back on each instroke and pulled forward on each outstroke. She rotated her hips. She moved them back and forth.

She created feelings in my cock that were unbelievably intense, keeping me close to orgasm yet just far enough away. She was an absolutely brilliant lover.

She reached underneath and fondled my testicles.

“I feel so full, your cock feels like it’s inside my stomach. I feel completely etimesgut escort stuffed as if your body is inside mine.”

I looked down at the sight of this beautiful woman, my cock thrusting in and out of her while being held tight by her labia, her buttocks clenching and relaxing.

Her breasts were swaying to the ryhthm of our fucking. I reached under her and cupped them, lifting them up and pinching her nipples gently.

I felt her hand graze my shaft as she rubbed her clit.

“Fuck me, Alan,” she said, “fuck me hard.”

I fucked her. I held her hips and pulling her hard against me and pushing her back. My cock was so hard it felt like a rod of steel. My balls felt tight.

We fucked like that for as long as we could until I could no longer control myself and I speeded up, fucking her harder, faster, and deeper. I could feel my cock banging against something inside her.

She panted, she gasped, she grunted, she mewled.

I was fucking her really hard now. We were increasingly animalistic in our movements and sounds, completely lost in feelings of lust and pleasure. We fucked each other with incredible intensity.

Then I felt a stirring in the base of my cock and I knew that I couldn’t hold off any longer. I could feel my semen start to rise up the shaft, and my ejaculation started. I felt my cock jerk rhythmically, my urethra expand, my glans get bigger and I sprayed semen inside her cunt with each pulse.

“Oh fuck,” she cried, then “Ah. Ah. Ah……”

I felt her cunt spasm in the same rhythm as my cock, milking my shaft as she gave little cries with each spasm. My mind drifted off into another level and all I could feel was my cock. My whole being was inside it, inside her cunt.

We seemed to orgasm for ever – it just went on and on until we slowly collapsed down onto the bed. Her cunt felt warm and soft, wet and slippery.

We remained joined by my cock which was still quite hard as we turned onto our sides with me behind and inside her, but slowly getting softer. My semen was starting to ooze out around the base of my cock. It dribbled down her leg and onto the sheets. As I got softer more and more flowed out of her.

I caressed her breasts and told her what a fantastic lover she was. She told me that for a long time she had dreamed of going to bed with me and that had she known how good it would be, she would have done it much sooner.

I reminded her that I was married and she was engaged to be married, but that did not seem to bother her at all, saying that it only increased the intensity of the occasion.
We carried on talking about all manner of things as we lay there, idly caressing various parts of each other. After a while I said that I would have to return to my room as we had a long day ahead of us.

She asked me to stay, but I said that this wouldn’t be wise. She understood and said that she would be down for breakfast at 7.30. We had enjoyed a spectacular time together, but we both knew the dangers of following this path.

Then again, perhaps we would be able to find another time and place in the future …

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