A Novel Introduction

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“What the…?”

I came to, naked and tied to a chair, blindfolded. What had happened? I remember walking into my apartment and closing the door, and then…nothing until now.

I could hear movement around me, one…no two people at least. Before I could say anything else a knife was pressed to my throat.

“Where is the money?”

“Wh…what money?”

“Don’t fuck us around, where is the money?”

I had no idea what he was talking about. I hardly had any money in the bank, let alone in lying around in the apartment. I couldn’t even afford the rent on my own which is why I’d taken in David (he hates being called Dave). We’d known each other a few years and his broad sexual appetites unnerved me at times, but he was a good guy and we’d helped each other out of a hole. Anyway, where the hell was he? I hoped he was OK.
“Look, please, I don’t have any money in the house, just take whatever you want and go!”
A stinging slap knocked my head sideways. The knife was pressed to my throat again. I had never been so scared in my life.


“Yes, anything!” I was nearly in tears.

Whispers. The two were conferring, only one of them had spoken to me. The same voice came out of my darkness.

“If you don’t have any money, then we’ll take something more precious from you”

What the hell did he mean by that? Before I had a chance to think about it, I felt soft fabric against my right hand, tied-up by my side. It pushed into my hand and rubbed slowly up and down. There was a bulk under the fabric, it felt soft but hot. I suddenly realised it was a penis. One of the men was rubbing his crotch against my hand.

“What the…?” I said again, and tried to move my hand away. Again the knife was at my throat.

“Listen carefully honey, you don’t have a lot of choices here, so play along and be nice and we promise you’ll enjoy yourself”. He didn’t need to spell out the alternative.

Now I’m straight. I’ve never entertained thoughts of being with other men although natural curiosity made me wonder from time to time what it would be like with another man. David, as I said, had broad appetites and sometimes brought home men as well as women. The walls aren’t thick in the apartment so I could hear everything going on and I have to admit that listening to two guys going hard did occasionally make my own cock stir. I always wondered how he effortlessly got so many people into his bed. I was single and always found picking up really hard.

But now I was faced with a situation completely beyond my control. The voice was right, what choice did I have?

“Feel it” said the voice.

I was already feeling it up against my hand but I knew what he meant. Tentatively, I closed my hand around the still-soft flesh and squeezed gently. This isn’t so bad, I kept trying to tell myself but I wasn’t quite buying it. The man’s hips shifted and his penis was replaced by his balls. Without instruction this time, I felt and squeezed. A small sigh escaped the man’s lips and I realised that this wasn’t the talker.

He moved away and my hand was suddenly empty. Naively, I thought, hoped, that was all they were going to do, but immediately the talker’s penis was in my left hand. Still clothed but hot and getting hard.

“That’s it honey, get it hard” he said softly.

I felt and squeezed, all the time telling myself that this wasn’t happening. The penis was growing under my touch and soon the fabric was starting to strain. The fact that it was my hand turning him on caused the tiniest shiver in my groin. The panic in my head subsided the tiniest bit and the urgent voice trying to block this all out seemed slightly fainter.

He pulled away quickly and I heard rustling on either side of me. Without warning, a naked, semi-erect penis was placed into my right hand. Boy it was hot. I didn’t dare pull away but I didn’t do anything until I was commanded to feel it again.

With my eyes covered, my sense of touch was heightened. I could feel every bump, ridge and vein as it grew in my hand. I realised it was uncircumcised, like mine. It started moving back and forward gently and I gripped tighter, letting him fuck my hand. I had a hot, hard penis in my hand. What the hell was going on, and why did that thought give me another little shiver?

My left hand was also filled now and I was able to compare the two. The talker’s penis was smaller and circumcised, but the one in my right hand felt huge. I released my grip a little and felt the length as it moved through my hand. Fuck it was long too! I had masturbated enough times with that hand to know what my 7″ dick felt like and this was at least a couple of inches longer, or so it seemed with my eyes covered.

I was still terrified, even though I kept getting these shivers from holding hot, hard and, oh wow, throbbing cocks in my hands (did I just think “oh wow”?). But I was starting to get used to the feeling and didn’t mind too much when the man on the right adıyaman escort rested his now naked balls in my hand again. I felt the weight of them this time and I was not surprised that they felt big and heavy. “Full of cum” – the thought flashed through my mind and my penis gave an involuntary twitch.

They must have seen this because they both pulled away. I tensed up, scared again.

“Don’t worry honey, you’re starting to relax. We’ll help you.”

Vaguely, in the back of my mind, I wondered how many robbers called you “honey” but anxiety kept me from thinking too clearly.

Four hands began to caress my body, moving all over my arms, torso and legs. Despite my predicament, I couldn’t help but enjoy it. I was imagining two beautiful girls doing this to me. My fear subsided some more and I began to relax. The person on my right took my hand and massaged the area between my thumb and forefinger. It felt bizarrely intimate and the hand briefly interlocked fingers with mine. It was like a jolt of electricity that ran through my hand, up my arm and straight down to my groin. I squirmed.

The movements of both sets of hands were becoming increasingly sexual. My nipples were gently tweaked and the hands moved into my inner thighs. Even though I was still nervous about where this was heading, I couldn’t help but get hard. My mouth felt dry.

Just as the hands were about to reach my penis, they stopped. I was removed from the chair (although my arms were still tightly secured) and lowered gently into a kneeling position, “so we can get to all of you”. Now, one pair of hands was massaging my ass, sliding up my back, down my legs, now slipping gently into the crack, brushing my anus. At that, my mouth dropped open in the first noise of sexual pleasure since my ordeal started. I say “ordeal”, but I couldn’t hide it from myself that I was enjoying this now. Two men were pleasuring me, I was hard and wanted to get off any way I could.

I felt a tongue run up my back and I gasped. The man behind me shuffled in close and I could feel his hot, hard, throbbing penis up against me. The panic returned momentarily but he didn’t make any attempt to enter me and I relaxed again. The man spoke, it was the talker:

“Now I know you’re enjoying this, the body doesn’t lie. But before you get off, we said we would take something precious from you.”

I knew where this was going. He moved right to my ear and whispered “we’re going to take your virginity.”

Should I have screamed for help? Maybe. But all those fleeting moments of curiosity came rushing back to my mind, hearing the grunts and pleasured moans from David’s room, wondering what it must feel like to have another man’s penis inside you. I was too turned on to scream in anything but ecstasy now. I knew I had to see this through. Not just because I had no choice, but because I had to know.

Talker pulled back and I felt a presence in front of me. If the other guy was Talker, this was, for want of a better name, Stalker. He wasn’t kneeling like me, he was standing, and he was moving closer.

I felt the heat of penis long before it touched me. I realised that I wanted to reach up, to touch it again, to feel it in my hand but I was still tied up. I guess they didn’t fully trust me not to run, even though it was last thing on my mind right now.

He moved closer still and the tip of his penis brushed my lips. It left a drop of something wet behind and I slid out my tongue and licked it off my lips, bringing into my mouth, pursing my lips to make sure none escaped. I knew it was precum and the flavour of it teased my tongue. Wow. I had never imagined it would taste so good. Salty, sure, but that was a good thing. I had never even thought of trying my own but I realised now what I must have been in missing out on all the times in the past that I’d brought myself off and just wiped it away.

I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue a little. The head of Stalker’s penis ran down it, leaving a trail of his nectar which got my taste buds tingling. If this was just precum, what the hell would his cum taste like? I realised I couldn’t wait to find out and I remembered how heavy his balls had felt in my hand. I got excited.

“Kiss it” said Talker.

I puckered my lips and leaned forward, tentatively because I was still blindfolded, and planted the most sensuous kiss I could manage on the head of the penis in front of me. In the space of minutes I had gone from straight to kissing another man’s penis and loving it. How could this have happened? Both the stick and the carrot had got me here and I was so turned on I was shaking. There was no way I would have done anything else at this stage.

“Lick it.”

Stalker moved forward till I could feel those balls up against me. I extended my tongue and ran it the length of the shaft being rewarded with another small dose of precum. Stalker moved forward again.

“Play with his balls.”

Without escort adıyaman hesitation I licked and sucked on the hairless balls in front of me, trying to draw as much into my mouth as I could, almost trying to suck the cum directly from them. Although if I did that, I wouldn’t get to suck his cock, and I couldn’t think of anything else in the world I wanted more right then than to bring that amazing piece of flesh inside of me.

“That’s it, suck those balls honey. Do you feel how heavy they are? They’re full of cum, just for you. Soon you’re going to know what another man’s semen tastes like. Does that excite you?” Talker was starting to live up to the name I’d given him. All I could do was moan is response.

Stalker’s balls slipped from my mouth and I extended my tongue again. It moved up the shaft again but this time at the tip, Stalker push forward and his hot, hard, throbbing and, oh wow, tasty penis entered my mouth fully for the first time.

I used my tongue to lap the underside while sucking gently. More precum flowed into my mouth and I welcomed it, swallowing it down while continuing to suck. I began to bob my head, letting it slide in and out of my mouth, using my tongue to flick the tip as it nearly withdrew, before bringing back into my mouth.

I was on my knees, sucking another man’s cock and loving it. I thought of the girls who had refused to suck me in the past and wondered if they had any idea what they had missed. I felt jealous of the ones who had sucked me, knowing they must have given many blowjobs in their time.

Talker slid down my back and brought his hands to my ass. He kissed and licked the top of the crack before spreading my cheeks and running his tongue right up my ass and across my anus. I was surprised my own cock didn’t explode right there and then, I moaned lustfully around Stalkers penis, still sliding in and out of my mouth.

That must have been Talker’s cue, because before I knew it, my hands were free. Automatically, I reached for the blindfold but Talker’s hand gently took mine and he said “leave it on”. I knew he was right. Behind the blindfold I was in another world, if I had taken it off I may just have run away screaming.

Talker went back to my ass, bathing my anus with his tongue, probing gently, allowing me to relax into these new sensations. My hands went to Stalker’s penis without any hesitation. I couldn’t believe how much of it was still outside my mouth. I tried to bring more of it in but I couldn’t take much. I guess I would need some practise before I could deepthroat him. Practise? Deepthroat? Would I do this again?

I settled instead for masturbating him, using my spit to lubricate my hands while I sucked harder and harder. I started to fondle his balls again, enjoying it more with my hand free to explore all around his groin. I reached between his legs and felt another man’s ass for the first time. It felt good. I touched as much as could before I felt his anus under my finger. The finger was dry and I didn’t try pushing it in, but I felt the tightness of the muscle and it gave me a cold thrill unlike anything I’d felt so far.

I brought the finger back and slid it into my mouth alongside his penis. There was no way I was letting that out of my mouth until I had swallowed every drop of cum that I could suck out of it. There was no doubt that I was going to swallow, the script of this transformation demanded it. However, I paused to enjoy the taste of his ass on my finger before bringing it around and back between his legs, reaching for that special spot again.

I was able to enter a little way this time. Not only was a man inside me for the first time, I was in a small way inside another man. I pushed a little deeper wanting to complete the circle, inside each other, pleasuring each other. At that moment, Talker’s tongue slipped fully into my own hot ass and I sucked like crazy, finger fucking Stalker’s ass like there was no tomorrow.

Stalker had hardly made a sound although his breath was escaping between clenched teeth so I knew he was enjoying it. His movements became erratic and his body stiffened. I grabbed his balls with my free hand and braced myself. I swear I could feel the cum moving down his cock as it shot the biggest load into my mouth. If I thought the precum was good, this was something else! Wow! I had to swallow quickly at first in case some semen escaped my mouth, and I wasn’t going to let that happen. After a few hot mouthfuls I was able to enjoy the flavours that coated my mouth, moving them across my tongue and breathing deeply. As I knelt there, I realised that I had just used my body to bring another man to orgasm; that he had cum only because I had brought to that point of no return with my mouth and hands. I felt empowered and so turned on.

Stalker’s softening penis slid out of my mouth and was replaced by his own mouth. He kissed me fiercely, passionately and I responded naturally adıyaman escort bayan – if I was going to let his penis into my mouth, then why not his tongue? I sucked on it and kissed him back. Eventually he pulled back and was replaced by Talker. It was a sexy kiss but not as passionate, and I realised I was tasting my own ass on his tongue. I sucked it into my mouth and ran my own tongue over it, trying to capture all the flavour.

Talker pulled back, breathless. “My turn” he said. I opened my mouth wide and he laughed. “Let’s go somewhere more comfortable”. Good idea, my knees were aching a little. They led me, still blindfolded into one of the bedrooms, mine I think.

I heard Talker get on the bed and I was helped up. I think Stalker sat down to recover. On my hands and knees, Talker guided my head forward and down. After giving me ass so much pleasure, I really wanted to do a good job getting him off. I wanted to give him the dirtiest, horniest blowjob he’d ever had. So I went to work slowly on his cock (did I say it was hot, hard and throbbing? Oh yes!). I kissed it all over first, the sexiest kisses I could muster, before licking every inch of it. Opening wide, I moved my mouth over his penis before breathing hotly onto it and withdrawing. He groaned in frustration and I looked up to where I thought his eyes were and smiled before diving onto his balls and giving them a loving tongue bath. I moved back up and began kissing the head of his penis. The kisses grew more urgent and my mouth opened more with each kiss until the whole head slipped into my mouth. The precum was flowing freely and it lapped it up and was excited about how different it tasted to Stalker’s. Did all men taste different? I knew that I wanted to find out.

As I got into a rhythm on Talker’s cock, I felt hands on my hips. The tip of Stalker’s penis touched my anus and I realised that it was hard again already. The panic sensations started bubbling again.

Sensing this, Talker held my head steady a moment and began to talk.

“My friend here has taken your mouth and now he’s going to slide that delicious, hard penis into your ass. You’re going to love it. I know him and he’s still got a lot of cum for you. Do you want him to fuck you? Do you want him to make you scream in ecstasy? Do you want him to cum inside you so completely that he’ll always be a part of you?”

His talk really hit the spot and I pulled off Talker’s cock and cried huskily “Yes….do it to me. Please!” and I plunged down onto the gorgeous penis in front of me and began sucking like crazy.

Stalker’s own gorgeous penis pressed up against my anus again. This time it was more urgent, looking for a way in. I pushed back a little, willing it to find a way inside me again. Slowly and surely, the head parted my anus and slipped into me. Wow. He waited, and then pushed in more. There was very little discomfort and it quickly gave way to little waves of pleasure as more and more of this incredible piece of flesh slipped into my body. In some fuzzy part of my brain, I realised I was in love with Stalker’s penis, actually in love with it. I would do anything for it, as long as it promised to stay in my mouth and ass.

Stalker paused again to let me adjust to the full length of him. Talker lifted my head, kissed me and said “time to really return the favour”. He shuffled around and I knew what he wanted. I stuck out my tongue and found an ass cheek. Licking crazily and swirled my tongue around until I found the cleft. I had never done anything like this before, not even with a girl, but I just couldn’t help myself. All my inhibitions had been cast aside and I could do anything. And right now I really wanted to lick another man’s ass. I made several, long, slow, strokes with my tongue up the cleft feeling his anus drag under my tongue.

“That’s it, lick my ass, you love it don’t you? Taste it. Does it taste good to you?” It did and I told him so.

“I love it. Licking your ass is the dirtiest thing I’ve ever done and it’s making me hornier than I’ve ever been. Now, please, fuck me!”

Stalker didn’t waste any time complying. He withdrew and pushed back in and I saw stars. In and out he went, each time rubbing me in a way I couldn’t even describe. I could barely concentrate on the task in front of my face. The distraction didn’t last long. I rolled up my tongue and pushed past Talker’s anus and as deep as I could into his ass. This drove him over the edge. Talker whipped round and just in time aimed his cock at my face. Spurts of his cum landed on my face and in my open mouth; I stuck out my tongue to catch more and then pulled his penis into my mouth to get the rest. The taste was different to Stalker’s but still just as good. After he was done, Talker leaned down, and started licking the cum off my face and sliding his tongue into my mouth so I could suck it off.

All the time Stalker’s steady rhythm kept on pounding my ass. Talker pulled away and left me to enjoy my first real sex with a man. I couldn’t believe how I felt, so full, so horny, not wanting this to stop. I was torn between these sensations and the desire to know what it was like to have my lover cum in me. Stalker starting grunting and I started moaning and I recognised the sounds from what I had heard next door a lifetime ago.

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