A Pleasant Surprise


A Pleasant SurpriseI had been at camp for two weeks, and caught a ride home with a buddy of mine the summer after I turned 18. I was home a couple hours earlier than originally expected, and I thought nothing of it.My aunt’s car was in the driveway. No surprise either, as my dad’s older sister tended to visit about once every month or so. I walked in, went to my room, and put my bags down. I immediately removed my shirt and jeans and was standing around in boxers, deciding what I would wear, before I noticed noises coming from my parents’ end of the hallway.I followed the noise, a little curious, and not sure what I expected to find. Nothing could have prepared me for what I did see. The doorway was partially opened, and standing there was my Aunt Nicki. At 46, she still had a body women half her age would kill for. Standing at 5’9, she had long dark hair, piercing blue eyes, and full lips. She was completely naked except for something strapped around her waist, and god she was gorgeous. My aunt still actively worked-out, played sports, and kept in great condition. While not muscle bound, her muscles were tight and firm. She looked all the more attractive with her tan, which was so even she had to spend a considerable time nude sun-bathing. Her athletic legs tighten as she pushed her hips forwards and back, towards something on my parent’s bed which was still blocked by the door.As I approached, I could see that what she was wearing was a black strap-on dildo, and all that remained to be seen was who she was fucking with it.I was already rock hard, and thinking only with my cock. I inched closer to get a better look as I reach into my boxers to absently stroke my hard meat.Slowly, I pushed the door open and it revealed smooth legs, leading to a nicely curved ass eagerly bucking backwards on the rubber cock, then a flat toned belly, large breasts swinging back and forth, honey blond hair, and then I could see the blindfolded face of my own mother.Her arms were stretched out before her. She was leaning on her elbows with her ass in the air. Her wrists had leather bracelets that were bound together. Rhythmic grunts issued from my mother’s mouth as she eagerly rocked back and forth on my aunt’s thrusting rubber tool.My mom was younger than my aunt. In fact, my mom was younger than all of my friends’ moms. She’d had me before turning 19 and had only just turned 37 a couple weeks earlier. I’d known my mom was a hottie for a long time. I’d been in more than one fight at school for some guy calling my mom a MILF, esat escort but I can honestly say I’d never thought of her that way until that day, when before me she was acting like a wonton whore and my cock had been rigid before I had a clue who was involved.I stepped into the room the rest of the way, still unnoticed. I approached my mom’s head until my aunt noticed my presence.Aunt Nicki just smiled as she continued fucking my mom’s hungry pussy. I reached out to my mom’s face and stroked her cheek, causing my mom to moan until I got my fingers to her hair. Tangling my fingers in her hair, I pulled her face towards my cock as my other hand pulled my boxers down out of the way.My mom’s lips immediately wrapped around my cock head and I was instantly in heaven. My mom eagerly accepted my meat into her mouth and groaned as my shaft passed between her lips. I watched as her cheeks hollowed as she sucked my cock hungrily.I looked up to see my aunt smiling encouragingly as she continued to pump my mom’s pussy. I looked down as my mom swallowed three quarters of my manhood. After a few moments, my aunt slapped my mom’s ass.”Bitch! Roll over so you can suck that cock in deep!” My mom rolled over while both my cock and my aunt’s popped free. My aunt ruthlessly slammed hers back into my mom’s pussy, forcing a scream from my mom’s mouth.”Next time, bitch, don’t lose the cocks you are servicing or I’ll give you something to really scream about!”I stood over my mom as her head hung over the edge of the bed, and I began to feed my cock back into her mouth.I pushed forward more and more until I could see her throat distend from cock pushing into it. My mom was a cock sucking pro!I began furiously fucking my mom’s face in time to my aunt pounding her pussy. As my orgasm approached, I pulled out and shot my cum over my mom’s tits. As I shot my cum out, my aunt slammed into my mom with her own orgasm.I stepped back, wiping the last of my jism off on my mom’s face.My aunt pulled out, removed her strap-on, and lay back on the bed. Grabbing my mom’s hair, she dragged my mom to her pussy.”Lick my cunt, bitch!”I watched as my mom dove in, lapping at my aunt’s pussy like a dog at a water bowl.I realized as I watched that I hadn’t lost my erection and with my mom’s ass in the air, her pussy was an open invitation.Stepping up behind my mom, I lined up my cock with her already well fucked pussy and with all the force I could muster slammed my dick home.My mom moaned as my full length slid deep into etlik escort her. I couldn’t believe I was balls deep in my own mom’s sopping pussy.I began fucking my mom, but with the fucking she’d already received, she was so wet I was gliding back and forth effortlessly. Wondering how far I could take this sex slave whore my mom seemed to be, I pulled out all the way and re-aligned my cock with her backdoor. I pushed forward and my mom groaned into my aunt’s pussy. As I continued pushing forward my mom ground her ass back, aching for more until I was 3/4 deep, then she whimpered and pulled away a little.I pulled back and then pushed forward again, and once again my mom whimpered and pulled away before she could take my full length.I looked-up to see aunt Nicki staring at me. Our eyes met, and then she looked down at my mother and shook her head in disapproval.Taking this as a hint, I gripped my mother’s hips, pulled back, and then rammed myself forward with my full force, slamming my cock home deep into my mom’s ass.My mom’s ass clenched down tight around my manhood as she screamed into my aunt’s cunt. Then her ass was pulsing, and her entire body quivered.I was shocked! My mom had cum without her pussy being touched; by being forcefully violated in her ass!My aunt smiled at me a moment before grabbing my mom’s hair tightly.”I know you are a real cock slut, and have trouble helping yourself, but you better fucking make me cum at least two times before you dare to cum again! Understand, bitch?””Yes, mistress”, My mother answered meekly.”Now get back to serving me!”, My aunt commanded as she shoved my mother’s head back down to her pussy.I could hear the sounds of my mom’s cunt licking even as I got back to slowly fucking her ass. I enjoyed how her ass gripped tight on my dick, and pulled on it as I withdrew, as if it was reluctant to release me.I’d only completed two and a half strokes before I heard my aunt moan her first of two orgasms. I looked up to watch her cum and felt my cock twitch watching how sexy she looked while in orgasm.Mischief crossed my mind, and I began to pick up the pace of fucking my mom’s ass as I reached around and began to rub her clit.My mom moaned and her ass twitched. My aunt looked up and smiled at me with a look of mischief of her own, and I knew she was going to try and hold back her own orgasm to make the second a true challenge for my mom.As I pounded her ass, my mom grunted and groaned, trying to hold back her orgasm as she licked furiously at keçiören escort the cunt in her face. I could feel how my every thrust caused her ass to spasm around my cock. The tightness of her ass was having an effect on me as well, and I could feel my own orgasm fast approaching.Just as my mom’s ass clenched tight on my cock in a vice-like grip, Aunt Nicki screamed and slammed her cunt against my mom’s moaning mouth and tongue.With a final grunt, I slammed my cock deep into my mom’s ass and blasted my seed deep into her squeezing, pulsing ass.As my cock twitched and spurted its final bit of cum, I pulled out of her ass with a nearly audible pop.My aunt motioned me to climb on the bed next her.”Very good, slave. As your reward you get to clean the cock that brought you your pleasure.”My mom didn’t hesitate, moving her mouth over from her sister-in-law’s pussy to my slowly softening meat.I watched in amazement as my own mom slurped the cock that had just been fucking her ass into her mouth without pause.She sucked and licked my manhood and to my surprise, I could feel it hardening back up. My mom groaned around my cock and began sucking with more enthusiasm. I watched as her cheeks hallowed as she sucked deeply on my meat.To my left, my aunt began to moan again as she reached over and began lightly stroking my chest.I looked over to see her fingering herself. She then brought her lips to mine, and as my mom sucked my cock, my aunt sucked my tongue into her mouth.Aunt Nicki moaned into my mouth as she humped her fingers. I reached over and began brushing my fingers over her nipples. Nicki ran her fingers over my nipples, gently teasing them, and then she pinched and twisted my right nipple causing my cock to twitch in the warm mouth of my mother.I responded by roughly twisting her nipple in my hand making her moan loudly.The two of us were both moaning into each other’s mouths as our tongues wrestled and we pulled and twisted each other’s nipples.Once again, I began to feel the cum boiling in my balls. My cock was beginning to swell and twitch in my mom’s hungrily sucking mouth.Just before the cum was about to shoot out of my shaft, my aunt reached down and pulled my mom’s blindfold off. I looked down, and smiled as my mom looked up, and as her eyes met mine they widened in shock, and then I was shooting my load into her mouth.My mom continued sucking and swallowed every bit of my cum. Only after my cock had finished twitching and she’d drained every bit of cum from it did my mom release it from her mouth.”Have I pleased my mistress?””I don’t know. Have you pleased your new master?”I could see a tear come to my mom’s eye, and her head hung down.”Have I pleased you, Master?””You’ve done well, for now,” I said slowly with a smile, “you have a lot of potential for future amusement.”

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