A Pleasant Surprise Pt. 01

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Group Sex

Authors Note: All individuals depicted are over 18, this is an adults story concerning adults.

“Thomas Edwards?” the teacher droned in that monotone that only teachers seem to be able to produce.

“Here!” Tom replied, somewhat overcompensating with his enthusiasm for the complete lack of attention he’d been paying. Maths was not his forte, and his attention had wondered less than 30 seconds into rollcall, just in anticipation of the boredom that was to come. Bored as he was, Tom almost missed his best friend Josh whispering to him from the next desk over, “Hey dude- someone’s looking for you.”

Tom pushed his long brown hair off his face and gave Josh a blank look, Josh was always trying to make the most mundane news as dramatic as possible.

“Yeah? And who could that be?” he replied dryly, straightening his glasses.”

“Ellie Addison” Josh answered, suddenly grinning from ear to ear.

Tom looked unbelievingly at his friend, everyone knew Ellie Andrews, she was quite possibly the hottest girl in school. Officially, she’d never had a boyfriend, but there were rumours that occasionally she zeroed in on guys and… well the rumours weren’t specific, but the guys she picked always seemed on cloud-9 for the few days after Ellie had singled them out. Finally, Tom whispered back to his friend, “You’re sure? Where’d you hear this?”

Josh smiled widened, “She asked me where you were and what class you had next. Odds are she’ll be waiting for you after class.” Josh’s smile faltered for a moment before he leaned in closer and whispered, “You did know about… you know she’s trans right?”

Tom just nodded, even though she’d moved schools- the news had followed her, everyone knew that Ellie used to be Eddie. “What does that even matter dude, you’ve seen how hot she is- even if half the rumours are true…” Tom trailed off, if half the rumours were true, he was about to have one of the best afternoon’s of his life. Tom just hoped that Josh wasn’t messing with him.

The rest of Maths class passed in even more of a blur than usual and Tom jumped up as the bell for the end of class went off, he rushed to be the first person out of the room, pushing past his classmates until he reached the door, but froze about a meter away.

*What am I even doing?… I’m… I’m not even close to being in Ellie’s league.* Tom thought to himself.

Slowly the rest of the class filed past Tom, some of his classmates giving him weird looks as they passed him until it was only Josh and Tom left in the room.

“You okay dude? I thought you were excited?” Josh asked, looking concernedly at Tom.

“I- I was, then… I mean… look at me and… she’s Ellie bloody Addison.” Tom stuttered out.

Josh clapped him on the shoulder and smiled, “Look, you’re no jock with bulging oversized muscles, but you’re not the worst looking guy, chin up and I’ll see you tomorrow.” Josh opened the door ahead of him and headed off towards the bus line.

*He’s right, besides, Ellie already asked about me… which means she has to be interested… right?*

Confidence bolstered, Tom arranged his features into the most charming smile he could manage and pushed open the door to see-


No one was waiting for him, the corridor was practically deserted already. Face reddening in embarrassment, Tom headed off towards his car.

*Bloody Josh… always messing with me, I’ll make sure he pays for this one.*

Tom was in such a mood by the time he got back to his car, that he missed the girl lounging casually on the hood of his car.

“Hey Tommy”

One hand on his car door handle, Tom’s head snapped up at the voice and his mouth fell open at the sight of the girl sitting cross-legged on his car. Her long shapely legs led into a perfectly toned, full chested body. Her stunningly beautiful face was framed by her gorgeous long curly blonde hair. Her school uniform, which consisted of pleated skirt and white blouse looked to be stretched to breaking point over her killer figure. Ellie Addison sat with a mildly amused smile resting on her features.

“Picture would last longer you know” she said with a giggle as she slid down off of Tom’s car.”

“Uh- well- I-um” Tom struggled to form a cohesive thought, let alone a cohesive sentence.

Ellie quickly walked the few steps to stand barely a foot in front of Tom, pinning him with his back to the car. She gently placed a hand over his mouth to silence him. “Now… I know what you’re probably thinking… What is happening right now?” she said, favouring him with a smile. “How did I come to have, not just a blonde bombshell, but THE blonde bombshell sitting on the hood of my car after school?”

“The answer is simple- girls like me… well we tend to have trouble meeting people… cause most guys are too scared to approach us and those that do, probably fetishise us.” As she spoke, Ellie slowly slid her other hand up until it was resting gently, but firmly on Tom’s chest. “So what canlı bahis I do, is I approach guys and I see what happens. Sometimes he’s a pig and so I get out of there pretty fast, other times I make a good friend and sometimes… and you’ve probably heard the rumours, we click on a more physical level…” Ellie trailed off, gauging his reaction. “Obviously, I can’t just demand we hang out cause that would be rude, but-” Ellie broke off and slipped a piece of paper into his top pocket “this is my address, I’ll be free in an hour, I might see you there.”

With that said, Ellie placed a kiss on Tom’s cheek, turned around and began to walk off. Tom’s brain only began to actually start working properly when Ellie’s swaying ass was almost out of view.

Tom slumped into the drivers seat of his car, the after effects of having Ellie’s body pressed up against his was still clouding his brain. Eventually, he had the presence of mind to read the slip of paper in his pocket, if nothing else to prove to himself that what had happened had been real. Sure enough, written on the paper was an address for a house in the upscale part of town. Looking at his watch, Tom came to a decision.

One hour, that left him with just enough time to get home, take a quick shower and get over to Ellie’s house.


Tom pulled into the driveway of the address that Ellie had given him, he’d been around the block twice already in his beat up old ford, trying to make absolutely sure that the number was correct. Tom stared in awe at the size of the place as he walked up the steps to the front door. Knocking on the door, Tom wiped the palms of his hands on his jeans. Back at home his nerves had almost got the better of him and he’d almost worn a suit, but common sense prevailed and he was wearing a more casual jeans and t-shirt, under his long coat. The seconds dragged by until Tom was just on the verge of walking off when Ellie swung open the door smiling and Tom had to actively concentrate not to let his draw drop.

Ellie was dressed simply, in a snug fitting white and red sundress. But the way the dress started very late and stopped very early showed off every curve Ellie had and those were some serious curves to be showing off.

Ellie’s smile seemed to grow watching Tom state, “I can grab you that camera if you want, or you can come inside. Up to you.”

Some of Tom’s witts returned to him quickly enough to make a comeback, stepping inside he remarked, “The rumours said you were hot, they didn’t mention you were funny too.”

Ellie laughed, the sound of it made Tom’s stomach flip, “Oh so I didn’t completely melt your brain with the dress? I’ll have to try harder next time.” Closing the door, she took Tom by the hand, pulling him deeper into the house. “Come on, I’ll give you the tour later, if you’re interested and I haven’t scared you away by then. My room’s out the back.”

Tom allowed himself to be dragged on, but his attention was divided between the beauty holding his hand and the high ceilings he was being dragged past. “Some place you got here.” He managed to say at last.”

“Well thanks! My Dad does fancy things with computers. I don’t mean to brag on his behalf, but you can tell from the house he’s not completely rubbish at it.”

“You can say that again.” Tom murmured as he was dragged past room after room after room. Finally they came to the back of the house with a door labelled simply, “Ellie.”

“Home sweet home,” Ellie said, opening the door and pulling Tom inside, “Its the smallest room in the house, I picked it cause it felt more… normal- I guess.” For the first time since Tom had arrived, Ellie seemed a little unsure of herself, looking around, Tom smiled.

“I like it, I’m used to cosy, the rest of the house is a little overwhelming anyway.” Ellie grinned at the compliment.

“I’m glad, well awkward question to begin- but whatcha wanna do?”

Ellie’s blue eyes bored into him and Tom felt a sneaking suspicion that he was being put to the test. Not wanting to seem too eager, nor uninterested, Tom used the hand that was still holding Ellie’s to point at the Xbox sitting in the corner of the room. “Why don’t you show me what games you’ve got on that thing and whether you’re any good at them?”

Ellie’s grin intensified, “Oh you’re SO on.” Pushing Tom gently but firmly back onto her bed and into its mountain of pillows, Ellie quickly fired up the Xbox, grabbed some controllers and sat down next to Tom.


It turned out that Ellie was VERY good and Tom spent the next hour cheerfully losing at whatever game they played. Over the course of the hour, Ellie seemed to scoot closer and closer, until the she was laying back with her legs across his lap.

“You have got to be cheating.” Tom complained, as Ellie thrashed him in yet another round.

“You just wish you had these mad skills.” Ellie retorted as the game scrolled through their scores for the round. For bahis siteleri the first time since they sat down, Tom glanced across at Ellie, noticing that the hottest girl he’d ever spent any kind of time with was now draped across him.

Ellie looked away from the TV, noticing him noticing and smirked, “I swear to god – if you want a camera, just ask.”

Tom’s earlier bravado deserted him, “I- Ellie…”

Ellie shifted her position so she had a leg over either side of Tom. Straddling him, she put her arms around her neck, leant in closely and whispered, “Would you like me to kiss you now Tommy?”

Time seemed to stand still for Tom, a few short hours ago it had just been just another boring day and now here he was, in the bedroom of the hottest girl in school, asking if he wanted her to kiss him. Tom smiled a slow smile, “I think I’d probably be pretty stupid to answer any other way now wouldn’t I?”

The glint in Ellie’s eyes was intoxicating, “Good answer.” She said and pressed her lips firmly against his. Tom had kissed girls before, he’d even had what he’d considered to be some pretty good kisses. But all those paled in comparison to the kiss he received from Ellie Anderson. Tom’s brain briefly misfired at first contact with the soft perfection that was Ellie’s lips, but luckily instinct kicked in and he found himself kissing her back for all he was worth. Ellie’s tongue slipped into his mouth and danced passionately with his and seemingly without any effort on his part a small moan escaped his lips. Smiling into the kiss, Ellie took one of Tom’s hands and placed it gently on her lower back. Taking the hint, Tom moved his other hand up to get tangled in her hair.

Taking a liberty, Tom let his hand wander down to rest on Ellie’s ass. Squeezing her ample behind earned him a small moan from Ellie, “Someone’s getting brave.” she quipped, smirking. Tom could feel something hard against his stomach and realised with a start that it must be Ellie’s cock. Tom wasn’t too surprised, his own dick was straining fiercely against his jeans.

Ellie slowly tugged at the hem of Tom’s shirt before breaking this kiss and pulling it up and over his head without resistance. Ellie placed both hands on his chest and gazed deeply into his eyes. “Now listen a moment, if I make a move you don’t like, you tell me to stop, okay?” Tom wentto nod but Ellie gently placed a hand on his check to stop him, “I mean it- I won’t be offended, I just want you to be honest.” When he nodded again, she smiled that beautiful smile of hers. “Well in that case, give me a hand with that belt.”

Fumbling to comply, Tom undid his belt and no sooner was it loose than Ellie had his jeans and underwear sliding down his legs and onto the floor. Tom’s hard cock bounced to attention as soon as it was free and Ellie stared admiringly at it. “A little bigger than average, but nothing I can’t handle.” she said, smirking.

Tom smiled slightly, seeing an opening finally “Now, If you wanted a camera- oh shit.” Tom was cut off as Ellie took his cock into her mouth and glided smoothly down two thirds of its length without stopping. The moan that that drew from Tom made him blush but Ellie didn’t pause to allow him to recover, she bobbed up and down his length, quickly but smoothly. Tom’s breathing was coming in ragged bursts, he let his head fall back in pleasure, “Jesus Christ Ellie, where did you learn to do this.”

Ellie blushed and made a popping sound as she let Tom’s cock slide out of her mouth. Stroking his cock while she spoke, “Lot of practise with a dildo, some experience with guys. One thing I do know from the later,” she said grinning, “Is that you’ll love this.”

Suddenly, Ellie plunged his cock back down her throat, bottoming out with her lips around the base. Tom managed to look back down at Ellie to see the entirely of his dick swallowed to the hilt. Ellie looked up at Tom, eyes wide, holding the entire length of his dock down her throat, Ellie winked before slowly letting it slide from her mouth. “I thought you might like that,” she said, smiling. Tom could only nod faintly in agreement.

With that, Ellie seemed to quit playing around, increasing her pace pumping up and down on Tom’s cock. The small moans that had come from Tom occasionally before started to come out in a constant stream as he slowly began to feel his orgasm build. The warm soft feeling of Ellie’s mouth on his cock was pushing him closer and closer to the edge. Tom managed to stutter out, “El-Ellie I’m getting c-close” and as if that was the signal she was waiting for, Ellie used the hand that wasn’t holding Tom’s cock to start massaging his balls. The unexpected, but pleasant sensation drove Tom over the edge and with a loud grunt, he started to pump his load right down the back of Ellie’s throat, legs twitching uncontrollably as the most intense orgasm of his life ripped through his body.

After what seemed like an eternity to Tom, Ellie allowed Tom’s cock to slip from her mouth bahis şirketleri and with a visible effort, swallowed down the load of cum Tom had just deposited down her throat. “I gotta say,” she said, crawling up to lay against his side, her chest sitting comfortably atop his, “that was extremely hot. And secondly- fuck that was a lot of cum, you been stockpiling or something buddy?” She asked jokingly, playfully poking his deflating dick.

Tom blushed deeply, suddenly becoming aware that he was completely naked while Ellie was still very much completely clothed and lying practically on top of him. “That was um- that was amazing Ellie. Thank you.”

Ellie giggled, “Hey don’t mention it, I enjoyed myself too you know.” Looking into his eyes, Ellie slowly leaned in and kissed him again. Ellie’s lips moved slowly in time with his, still firm, but more sensually than their first kiss. As she pulled away, Ellie nibbled gently on his lower lip and Tom opened his eyes to see Ellie’s blue eyes gazing deeply into his own. “Congratulations Thomas Edwards, you’re a first.”

Tom fronted up at her in confusion, “A first? In what?”

“Well, you see,” Ellie explained, adjusting her dress slightly where it had ridden down, “I’ve had a number of guys- and some girls over before. A few of them got, if I do say so myself, the special treatment you just received.”

Tom blushed and murmured, “Yeah… that was pretty special alright.”

Ellie grinned down at him and continued, “others did what you did at first and suggested something more… casual, and we hung out. None so far, have managed to convince me that they’re worth both.” Ellie looked past him for a moment as if distracted, “So I can’t help but think, that maybe that might mean something.”

Looking back down at him and fixing her with the full power of her piercing blue eyes, Ellie asked the surprising question, “Would you like to go out sometime?…” Ellie seemed to trail off and lose confidence towards the end of her sentence, “like a date… like a date date, with me. Out somewhere, dating.” She finished all at once in a rush, as if saying the words quickly made them easier.

Tom thought briefly about their afternoon, the easy banter they’d shared while gaming and the chemistry they seemed to have physically. There really wasn’t much decision to make. “I think I’d like that.” He said simply.

Ellie frowned a little at him, “And you wouldn’t have a problem with people knowing you were dating a trans-girl?” The hurt look in his eye made her continue, “I know YOU don’t care, otherwise you might not have let me stick my tongue down your throat just now, but do you care at all what other people might think? Some people at school…” she trailed off, leaving unsaid what some people at school might think.

“Fuck those people,” the venom in his voice surprised even Tom, “I had just about the best afternoon I can remember having in a long time with you Ellie and I’m not just talking about the blowjob.” He said blushing,”I mean you’re a lot of fun to be around too. I’d love to go out sometime.”

Ellie beamed down at him and gave him another peck on the lips, “You know just what to say to make a girl feel better ya know?” She said laughing.

“Speaking of feeling better” Tom said, remembering that Ellie had basically been the only active participant this whole time, “Would you like me to make you feel better… physically?” He asked, blushing red.

Ellie laughed again, “You know you’re adorable right?” Ellie took Tom’s hand in hers, “I appreciate the offer, but this was all on me. You have to earn any more of this.” She said, pressing his palm over the top of her dress, across her breast. “This is just to drive you crazy in the meantime.” She said, smirking at the hungry look in Tom’s eyes as he felt her up through the fabric of the dress.

“You know you’re a tease right?” Tom complained as Ellie rose gracefully from her position next to him and stretched.

“Yeah, but I’m also worth the wait.” She countered, watching him slowly gather his clothes and slip them back on. “Now, sad as what you’re about to hear is, I actually have a lot of homework to catch up on, you’re welcome to stay. I’d hardly kick you out after inviting you over like this, but you’d have to let me work, interested?”

Tom grimaced at the mention of homework and remembered his own pile which was still waiting for him at home. “I’d love to, but my own pile of work is calling. Can I ah… grab your number though?” He asked, suddenly nervous.

“Nah, I played games with you all afternoon, sucked your duck then asked you out, but you can’t have my number.” Ellie replied sarcastically, gesturing for Tom to hand over his phone.

“Alright, alright, no harm in being polite,” grumbled Tom, surrendering his phone. When she handed it back, he noticed the contact name she’d set for herself was “THE blonde bombshell.”

“Not just a little bit cocky?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

“You tell me, was the blowjob the best you’ve ever had or was it the best blowjob you’ve ever had? Feel free to answer in your own time.” She replied, folding her arms and smirking.

“Okay okay! You win Blonde Bombshell, you win.”

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