A Pleasant Surprise

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Sitting back in her seat, taking another sip of her Starbucks coffee, Diane returned her attention to her convention notebook. Skim reading the pages, her eyes flicked over the lines of text without taking in their content. Lost in a world of her own, she ignored the mass of humanity that buzzed purposefully around her.

“What am I doing here?” She thought as she watched people scurrying to register for the conference and check in at the hotel front desk.

Pausing only to take another mouthful of coffee, Diane turned the page then reached for her bag. Seconds later, the filter tip of a cigarette between her lips, she flicked open her lighter and brought the flame towards the end of her cigarette. She inhaled deeply before expelling the smoke from her lungs with a sigh. She hoped that since she was at a child’s pastors’ convention that she would not get many stares for being a sinful “smoker”. Diane, who was a hair stylist by trade, was there with a group of women from her church that volunteered to work with kids in their Methodist Church. She kept telling the others that this was not her crowd and that she felt a little unworthy of attending a conference like this. The ladies assured her that this was for all people who helped out and not just a bunch of pastor’s and their stuffy wives.

Diane, who was 37, was beautiful both inside and out and she was usually the life of the party with her friends. Everyone loved her from kids to adults. She was divorced and had a beautiful 8-year-old daughter she was raising on her own since her ass on an ex skipped town. She was beautiful in a very sensual way. She did not need to wear much make up because her natural features were more than enough. She had sultry blue eyes and long honey hair that hung down below her shoulders. Diane stood at 5’5″ and still had the tight body of the gymnast she was in her youth.

A voice intruded itself into her awareness. “Diane?” it said, “Diane Moore? Is that you?”

Puzzled, Diane looked up. A woman, about the same age as herself, stood at the other side of the coffee table. Her friendly smile and her deep, hazel eyes shone out from an attractive yet strangely familiar face framed with shoulder length auburn hair.

“I’m sorry,” said Diane with a smile, trying to collect her thoughts and figure out where she knew this person.

“It’s me, Audrey Steele,” said the smiling woman, “We were at St. Joan’s together back in high school.”

“Audrey, of course,” said Diane warmly, “I’m sorry, I didn’t recognize you. It has been what? 20 years nearly?”

Audrey shrugged. “Well, it has been at least 15 years since we last saw each other so that’s understandable, she said. “You haven’t changed a bit,” she added. “Mind if I join you?”

“Be my guest,” replied Diane, closing her notebook and putting it in her bag. “What brings you here?” she asked.

“Work,” replied Audrey with a shrug. “I work for an accounting firm,” she said, “I’m here for a couple of days doing an audit. What about you?”

“I am here for a conference,” said Diane, “It is a children’s pastor’s conference. This is where the convention is and where I’m staying while I’m in town.”

“Wild Diane Moore is now a pastor?” enquired Audrey with a shocked laugh.

Diane shrugged. “Not exactly, I help out with the children in our church on Sunday’s” she replied. “I am actually a stylist for a salon in Austin, TX.”

“You do not look like most of these women around here,” said Audrey, smiling sweetly. “You are beautiful girl! Seems like even more so than you were in high school.”

“Great jean pool I guess,” replied Diane with a wink, “C’ est la vie!” answering with a smile of her own. “You look very good yourself Audrey!”

“Thank you,” Audrey blushed, “I torture myself on an elliptical machine 5 hours a week. May I sit down with you?”

Diane nodded and Audrey sat down in the chair next to Diane. They drank coffee and chatted, filling each other in about the events of the last 15 years. Diane learnt that Audrey herself was divorced and she was raising two teenaged boys. She had been divorced for three years and had not dated much because she had lost over 80 pounds in the last 2 years.

“80 pounds!” Diane said amazed, “I am totally impressed Audrey! I am sure you have guys hitting on you left and right now.”

“Thank you Diane,” Audrey blushed again, “But hardly.”

“So you and Craig never did tie the knot then?” Audrey enquired regarding the boy that Diane had dated for 3 years in high school.

“No,” replied Diane, “it finally fizzled out once I left for college. We’re still very good friends and our paths still cross a couple of times a year.” She smiled, wickedly. “He’s married now and lives in Lubbock, but we still rekindle occasionally.”

“Some things never change,” laughed Audrey. “I was always slightly envious of you when we were at St. Joan’s,” she added.

“Oh,” said Diane, raising an eyebrow enquiringly, “Why?”

“Well, it was just the way that you were sot güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri hot and confidant and seemed you never used to give a crap about anything,” said Audrey. “You did what you liked with who you liked and didn’t

give a care about what other people thought. Your exploits were legendary and I wanted to be more like you.” She shrugged regretfully, “I was always the quiet shy one and would never do anything that I thought my mom and dad would disapprove of,” she said.

Diane laughed. “The ironic thing is that I was jealous at how determined and dedicated you were in school and athletics. I used to be amazed at what a great basketball player you were Audrey.”

“Thanks Diane,” said Audrey, “I loved to play and it helped me pay for college with a scholarship.”

“Really?” asked Diane, her surprise clearly evident, “That is so cool!”

“Oh yes,” replied Audrey, “I even kept it going for about six months professionally in Europe until I met my ex-husband in Greece.”

“Greece huh?” Diane smiled, “I though all women basketball players ended up being gay.”

“Not all,” Audrey smiled bashfully, “Some of us did not play for the same team. Although, I cannot say that I never did have a few flings.”

“Oh my!” Diane exclaimed with a laugh and she let the comment pass without anything else.

“Well thank you Audrey.” Diane smiled and began wondering what this was about.

“I am sorry Diane,” Audrey looked at her with regret, “I know you are at a church conference and I should not have said that. Please forgive me.”

“Sweetie,” Diane winked, “I am a hair stylist I have seen and heard things much worse than that.

“Ok,” Audrey said in relief, “I did not want you to think I was some crazed tramp.”

“Hardly Audrey,” Diane replied, “You do not look anything like a tramp.”

Audrey smiled shyly.

Audrey was feeling a little embarrassed now and she told Diane she had to go check in to her room and start working on the audit. Diane asked her how long she would be in Kansas City and Audrey told her until Wednesday. Diane suggested they meet later for a glass of wine in the lounge. Audrey agreed and Diane told her she would be done that the dinner she was going to that night would be over at 9:30. They agreed to meet in the lounge at 9:45. Audrey stood up and smiled and told Diane how great it was to see her again and she looked forward to catching up with her later on.

Diane could not help but watch Audrey’s nice Khaki covered butt as she walked over to the front desk. Audrey certainly was hot! Diane looked around as if she thought people could hear her thoughts and quickly got up and headed to her room.

After dinner they met at the lounge on the second floor of the hotel. Audrey still had her clothes on from before as she had been working the last 6 hours and was in dire need of some unwinding. Diane, on the other hand, looked amazing! She was wearing a pair of black slacks that showed off her incredible butt and she wore a black blouse with black see-through sleeves. She was wearing a pair of 4″ heels that only made her look even hotter. As she walked into the bar, there were plenty of men gazing at her with lust in their eyes and sin on their minds.

The two women settled into a corner booth and placed heir drink orders. Audrey also ordered a salad because she said she had been two busy to eat dinner earlier. The two women quickly caught each other up on their lives and what they had been doing since high school. Diane asked Audrey how come she never really dated or hung around at parties like a lot of the people they knew back then.

“I Dunno,” replied Audrey with a shrug, “lack of confidence I guess. I wanted to go out; however, getting good grades was very important to me and my parents at the time. I was always envious of the way you just seemed to live life as a party Diane. The only way I could be better than others in my mind was to be even more of a goody-goody than everyone else. Definitely made for some lonely Saturday nights.”

“Audrey.” Diane smiled and touched her arm, “Everyone was jealous of you! You had it all! Brains, body, and a great athlete to boot! I know of many guys who wanted a piece of you back then.”

“Well, hanks for not telling me then.” Audrey laughed and threw up her hands in mock disgust. “I actually came out of my shell in college after I got away from home. I played basketball with a great group of friends. We partied hard! Played hard!”

Audrey began telling Diane about some of her overseas experiences and how she met her husband, who at the time was her basketball coach. She told her of the partying they did and the incredible times she had. She said she did have to be careful because there were some bull dykes who were always cornering her to try and make her their bitch. Audrey told Diane that she actually met a woman from Greece, who turned out to be her coach (Ex-husbands) cousin and she spent a weekend with her at a beach villa. What happened güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri between them was never spoken to anyone else until now.

“For some reason with you Diane I have no trouble saying that.” Audrey said as she gazed into Diane’s beautiful bedroom eyes. Subconsciously she may have been feeling Diane out.

“That doesn’t really make a lot of sense,” said Diane looking puzzled.

“No, probably not,” admitted Audrey, “but it made things more bearable for me.”

Diane smiled and put a hand, consolingly on Audrey’s shoulder. As they’d talked, Audrey had slowly pulled her chair closer to Diane’s and Diane was very aware of Audrey’s knee brushing occasionally against her own.

Diane yawned. “I’m not boring you am I?” asked Audrey. There was a note of apprehension in her voice.

“No, no! Not at all,” replied Diane reassuringly, “It’s just been a long day and it’s starting to catch up with me a bit.”

“Well,” began Audrey, enquiringly, “if you wanted too, we could grab a bottle of Pinot from the bar, then we could head upstairs and carry on


The suggestion had been casual, friendly even, yet Diane had to fight back a momentary surge of excitement before answering. “Sure,” she said, “I do not have a class until noon tomorrow and I’d like that.”

Audrey ordered the finest Pinot that the bar had and two glasses. The

two women made their way to Audrey’s room. Once inside, Diane shucked off her coat and sat down as Audrey uncorked one of the bottles and filled their glasses. Handing one to Diane, Audrey took a long sip of her own drink then sighed deeply.

“Make yourself comfy,” she said, “If you don’t mind I think I’ll

grab a quick shower before I do anything else? It has been a long day.”

“Go ahead,” replied Diane, “Oh, but before you go, can I get out onto the balcony? I could do with a smoke.”

“Still got some of your bad habits, I see,” said Audrey, “I’ll only be a couple of minutes.”

“Bye-Bye,” said Diane as she watched Audrey make her way to the bathroom.

She stepped quickly out onto the balcony, dug her cigarettes out of her pocket, placed one between her lips and lit up. As she drew the smoke into her lungs she wondered where the evening was heading. Had she read more into Audrey’s invitation than there actually had been? Could Audrey be looking for nothing more than a friendly chat? Diane didn’t know. At school they could barley spoke to each other because they ran in such different circles. Something in Audrey’s manner had suggested that she wanted more than just to spend the night talking about old times. Audrey had admitted to having a quick thing with another basketball player; however, Diane was not sure if she was throwing out signals to her or if it was the wine talking. Diane had never mentioned the fact that occasionally enjoyed sharing her body with women just as much as she did with men. Diane shook her head and decided to just take events as they unfolded. Finishing her cigarette, Diane made her way back inside. Shutting the balcony door behind her, she poured herself another glass of wine and sat down on the sofa to wait for Audrey.

Audrey emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later, dressed in a short, fleece robe. She looked hot with her hair pulled up and her long legs going on forever. Smiling, Audrey refilled her glass then crossed the room to sit next to Diane. Her robe fell open slightly as she sat down, granting Diane a clear view of Audrey’s breasts. Trying not to stare too obviously, Diane smiled. Audrey had always

had a good figure and even at school for being a tall girl. She was nearly 5’11 and had nice ample breasts. The wine, Diane found, had ignited a warm spot deep down inside her. The warmth slowly spread to engulf her. She found her gaze being drawn repeatedly to the opening in the front of Audrey’s dressing gown, an opening that grew tantalizingly wider every time she leaned forward to pick up or put down her glass. As Diane’s arousal grew, she began to wonder if Audrey was doing this on purpose. Diane fought the urge to bury her face in Audrey’s cleavage, smothering herself between her large, full breasts.

Audrey demurely smiled at Diane. She knew exactly what she was doing! As her own excitement grew she could sense Diane’s arousal. Her breathing had deepened; the skin around her neck was flushed. Audrey opened her mouth to speak then, finding the words wouldn’t come she closed it again. She caught Diane’s gaze, held it with her own and tried again. Diane knew exactly what to do.

“Diane, I…” Before Audrey could say another word she found herself being pulled into Diane’s arms, their lips pressed gently together and their mouths opened and their tongues explored each other.

Diane’s hand slipped inside Audrey’s soft robe to caress and

explore Audrey’s captivating breasts. They were so smooth and soft. Definitely not a boob job for Audrey, although her breasts did not sag at all from her güvenilir bahis şirketleri age and having two children. Audrey moaned deeply into Diane’s throat as Diane caressed and slightly pinched her large nipples.

Their passion between the two women quickly grew. Their kisses became more urgent and Audrey shivered as Diane’s other hand slipped inside her robe and Diane’s fingertips ran lightly up Audrey’s spine.

“Oh Diane!” she gasped, briefly breaking their kiss, “I’ve wanted

this since the moment I saw you this morning!”

“Shh!” replied Diane before pressing her lips firmly

against Audrey’s once more.

Audrey reached and undid Diane’s sexy black blouse and pulled it off of Diane’s shoulders. Audrey reached behind her to unhook Diane’s lacy black bra as she began to nibble lightly on Diane’s neck and shoulder. Audrey saw a butterfly tattoo on Diane’s upper should and began to kiss and lick it sensuously. Diane loved to have her tattoos adored and this made her hotter knowing that Audrey liked what she saw. She hoped she would like the one she would hopefully find down below.

Audrey could feel Diane’s hand, warm against her left breast and felt her nipple stiffened even more in response to the pinch that Diane gave it as Audrey kissed her tattoo.

“Mmmmm,” Audrey purred, “your hand is so soft Diane.”

Diane tried to struggle her arms out of her blouse. Audrey sat back watching her lover with a smile and paused for a moment until she helped Diane to remove it. She leaned over and gently kissed Diane’s cheek then stood up.

Holding out her hand Audrey said, “C’mon, let’s go through to the bedroom.”

Diane nodded, took Audrey’s hand and stood up. Her bra joined her blouse on the floor. Kicking off her shoes, she undid her sexy black pants that showed her incredible ass and let it fall to the ground. Diane stepped out and was now only covered by a skimpy black thong and let Audrey lead her towards the bedroom. 4 strategically lit candles dimly illuminated the bedroom. The fragrance was light and refreshing.

Once inside, Diane melted into Audrey’s arms. They kissed. Audrey’s hands explored Diane’s body. Diane reached up and pushed Audrey’s dressing robe completely off of her shoulders. Audrey stepped back and let it fall to the floor. Standing there, naked, she waited as Diane devoured her with her eyes.

“Like what you see?” Audrey asked, smiling coyly.

“I do!” replied Diane; “You always had a fantastic body in high school. I used to love watching you run during games. You had a nice bounce to you.”

“Really?” giggled Audrey, breathlessly.

“Oh Yes,” replied Diane before pressing her lips firmly against Audrey’s once again.

The kiss was even more passionate than before. As their hands explored each other’s bodies Diane felt Audrey’s fingers tugging at her thong. Diane let her push them down over her hips, and then felt them fall to the ground. Diane stepped out of them with their tongues passionately exploring each other.

Diane let herself be slowly pushed back towards the king sized bed.

She let a small laugh escape her as Audrey gently, yet firmly, pushed her towards the mattress. Diane lay back, enjoying the scrutiny of Audrey’s gaze as she stared hungrily down at her.

“God, Diane, you’re beautiful,” said Audrey as she climbed on to the bed beside her.

Smiling, Diane reached out and gathered Audrey to her. Their lips brought to a passionate kiss once more as their hands lightly caressed each other’s bodies, tenderly exploring as their tongues entwined in each other’s mouths.

Overcome with desire, Audrey broke away and began to kiss her way down Diane’s neck. Diane moaned, her fingers digging into the soft skin of Audrey’s shoulders as she gently nibbled on Diane’s earlobes. Slowly, Audrey moved down further, her tongue working its way around the curve of Diane’s breasts, her hands cupping and squeezing them lightly as her tongue explored their surface.

“Oh Audrey, that’s good,” moaned Diane as Audrey coated her tits with soft wet kisses. Audrey’s hands softly massaged into Diane’s soft tan skin. Audrey lay with one leg between Diane’s and Diane lifted her leg up began to slowly grind her thigh against Audrey’s mound. Audrey began moaning softly as the friction of the contact stimulated her clit. Diane increased the pressure of her leg against her lover’s pussy as Audrey slightly rocked her hips up and down, moaning softly as the pleasurable sensations spread through her.

Concentrating on Diane’s left breast, Audrey sucked the nipple between her lips, flicking the tip with her tongue as she bit down gently on it.

“Oh yessss!” Diane gasped, her hips bucking even more forcefully.

Audrey moved her attention to the other breast, repeating the process, sucking as much of it as she could into the warm confines of her mouth. Diane’s head tossed from side to side, moaning softly in response to a warm tingling feeling that was spreading through her body.

Leaving Diane’s breasts reluctantly behind and the pleasure of her thigh against her excited pussy, Audrey began to move down further.

Diane’s body trembled in anticipation as Audrey kissed her way down over Diane’s flat stomach, pausing briefly to probe her bellybutton with her tongue.

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