A Pleasurable Night


A Pleasurable NightI was dusting and happened to come across this story my fiancé wrote. It was in a bondage book of mine. Some of what you about to read is true and actually happened. I wasn’t aware of all that happened though-at the salon and at the mall. Just read for yourself. A Night Out…Of PleasureOur day started by going to the salon. We are greeted by one of the stylists. She asks you what we are there for. I speak up: “Manicure and pedicure, shampoo and possible low lights…for her.” She smiles and looks at you: “Okay, follow me.” You two walk away and she places a vinyl wrap around you and then settles you into the chair to shampoo your hair. Meanwhile, I walk over to the nail carousel and browse through the colors. As I walk over, I am asked by one of the technicians if I need any help. The sound of her sweet Asiatic voice and broken-English, compiled with her long, silky black hair perfume and smile gets me excited. I tell her I am looking for a nail polish for my girlfriend. She looks to the parlor in search of who I could mean. My index finger points at you, she nods her head in recognition. “Okay-what is her favorite color?” she questions. “Purple” I answer back. “And yours…?” her smile widens. “Red” I reply. She bends down to search. Her floral thing peeks from beneath the waistband of her tight jeans. Then she rises and turns around, handing me a bottle of bright red nail polish. Deliberately she places it in my grasp with her hand-allowing me to feel her soft fingers. My cock begins to become erect, as if to say: “Wrap around me!” I watch as she walks over to you-as her body sways…damn, what images emerge in my head of her, you, the three of us. Looking away from her and at you, your scalp submerged as the other technician gently and thoroughly washes your hair while massaging your scalp-I feel myself getting more aroused. Then she dries your hair. Like something out of a commercial-the way you fling your hair side-to-side, almost in slow motion. My heart races. You are taken to a massaging chair where the same technician that helped me pick out the nail color for you kneels before you. She then looks at me and smiles and motions for me to come over. I swear, I don’t remember my feet hitting the floor as I walked over to you. She takes the bottle from me and begins to shake it. My cock now screams: “Me next!” as I watch her wrist motion. You look at me and ask: “You okay? You’re beat red.” “Yeah…I am going to go get some air” I inform you. As I walk out, I hear her say to you: “You boyfriend cute.” Like I could hardly breathe before. As I am outside the salon, I compose myself and then re-enter. The nail technician is massaging your legs and feet. From your position and hers…she looks as if she is ready to perform oral sex on you. Your eyes are closed as you are enjoying the chair massaging you. She looks over at me and smiles. You let out a moan. The thoughts I have going on in my mind….She paints your nails delicately as the hair technician comes back over and applies lowlights in your hair. Watching these two women pamper you as you look so relaxed, I cannot help but wish we could take them home with us. The hair technician asks what are our plans for the day. “We are going to go shopping after this” you tell them. I look at my watch and wish they would hurry up, but as I watch you-time seems not to matter. The nail technician finishes with your toes just as your lowlights are allowed to set. You are taken to the manicure table where the technician finishes with your nails. I sit in the lobby-watching as she finishes. She looks over your right shoulder time-to-time at me. Now the hair technician removes the aluminum foil from your hair. Your hair…oh damn. You now have strawberry blonde portions in your radiant scarlet hair. She slowly dries and combs your hair while sifting her fingers through it. You look amazing, more than usual-I didn’t that was possible. Now we are on our way to the mall. I ask you to search for dresses. You give me this “mmm hmm” in a tone that I can tell you have blown me off. I watch you peruse through capris and jeans. You show me jeans that have a design or ‘bling’ along the back of the pockets or cover a great portion of the ass-cannot lie, got me aroused. But I was still frustrated that you completely ignored why I brought you to the mall in the first place. So I, frustrated with you, tell you: “I am going to go look around.” “Okay” you mutter back-which indicates to me: “Whateva”. So I go looking at dresses. I must have looked like some kind of cross dresser or something of the like. Here comes over this sales associate and politely asks: “May I help you find something?” “As a matter of fact….” I start to look back to where this voice originated: “yes” I tell her. Oh wow. Here stands this tiny, young Latina. She has her hand running up and down along the chain of her necklace that plunges between her cleavage. Her smile is warm, her green eyes sparkle like emeralds. Granted, her eyes are noting like your Heavenly jewels-but I cannot help but get slightly lost in them. I regain myself: “Dresses-I am looking for a dress.” “I can see that. Something in your size?” she comically asks. I chuckle-she responds with a chuckle of her own: “No. Actually something for my girlfriend.” Her smile diminishes a little and she stops toying with her necklace. “Oh? What size is she?” “I honestly dunno-I tomarza escort do know she is 5′ 10″ and her bust is 44 and I think she is normally a 3X” I informed her. A look came across her face that I took to mean: “oh a fatty.” Anything else-like color?” she inquired. “Yes, preferably white. Short sleeved. Button down” I tell her. She now has this quizzical look in her eyes and facial expression. “I assure you-I am straight.” She laughs and says: “Follow me.” The way she walks in her tight black pants as her long curly, flowing hair slightly sways side-to-side-I find my eyes glued to her ass. I ask politely: “I am curious-your nationality?” She replies: “Cuban and Irish. Why?” “Nothing. Just curious was all. We come to a rack of dresses. Her hands grab on the neck of the hangers and push aside dresses to reveal these three white ones. The way she pushed them aside put me in mind of you-as if you were in front of her and she were pushing your legs open revealing….She drops the dress that she purposely took off the hanger ever before turning around to me. FUCK! That tight ass now bent over. I find myself very aroused. She grabs the dress from the floor and spins around to face me. Her hand glides along the buttons of the bodice slowly: “Something like this?” she asks smiling. I look the length of the dress. She has her left leg positioned in a manner to display the length of it-my eye travels to her foot. She is sporting these pink open toed flats, her toenails are painted turquoise and she is wearing this very sexy heart shaped rhinestone toe ring. The dress is sheer enough to where I can see her black pant leg through it. It has to be sheer-because even with the material doubled up like it was-I could still see her pant leg. “Yeah” a bit choked up “that is almost what I had in mind.” I compose myself: “What I’d like to do is find my girlfriend.” she interrupts me: “Oh she is here?” as she examines the store trying to pick out who might be my girlfriend. “Yes. I’d like to go get her and get her input. I’m sorry-what is your name?” “Cynthia.” “Cynthia-okay. I will be right back.” “All right. Well if I am not here-just go to the register in Juniors. I should be there. If not…have me paged.” “Great. Thank you. See you shortly” and I was off to find you as if I had just been flung out of a sling shot. I was speed walking to where I had left you. Not finding you in the area, I called you. I heard your ring tone in the not-too-far distance and started to walk towards the sound. I saw your head above the carousels and shelves of clothes. There you were in the dressing room mirror. You had three panels of mirrors admiring you. You turned around and pulled on your shirt tightly-looking over your right shoulder in the mirror to take notice of your ass. I called out your name. You looked at me smiling: “Just in time. I need your opinion.” Turning profile…the way you had your shirt pulled so as it showed just a little of your back, the waistband of the jeans you were trying on and the way they hugged your ass….I became jealous of your jeans. Wishing it was me hugging and caressing your ass in my hands. You slid your right hand along your right ass cheek slowly from just slightly below then straight up to the waistband: “So what do you think? Do they make me look fat?” I came behind you and grabbed you tightly towards me. You let out a giggle: “Phat with a ‘ph’-yes!” Then I whispered in your ear: “You have the opinion of my cock as well, don’t you” as I purposely forced your left ass cheek to feel my growing member while holding you from behind. “Mmmm” you moaned-gave a little giggle. Then you looked at me in the mirror as our faces were to the right. You closed your eyes and bit your bottom lip. Damn, how I wanted to take you right there and then. You then bounced against me playfully with your ass and with a chuckle in your voice: “You’re bad. Behave. You know what bad boys get?” “You!” I exclaimed. The look of surprise on your face was priceless. Walking towards the changing room you confirmed: “I am going to go get changed.” “Great, after you do-I want to show you something.” “What?” “You’ll just have to wait and see” I told you in a fatherly voice. I waited for you to exit the dressing room-your arm wrapped with capris and jeans over it. I quickly grabbed them and told you I’d carry them. Not meaning to grab your arm as tightly as I did, I pulled you into the direction I wanted us to go. “Damn, babe. Not so rough” you requested. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to.” “And where’s the fire?” “Sorry” I was so excited that I wasn’t aware of how forceful I was being or my speed. We got to where I had been with Cynthia. Finally I saw her against the wall placing a shirt on the mannequin with a pole. “Cynthia!” I yelled, not realizing just how loud I said her name. She looked back at us as if it was ex-stalking-boyfriend. “Sorry, didn’t mean to be that loud. Cynthia, this is my girlfriend.” “Yeah-you startled me.” She looked you up and down with a sultry smile then came around you while sizing you up. Upon completing her slow 360 revolution around you she stared directly at your tits: “44…..?” Your mouth dropped and looked at me then back at her: “Yeah-how did ya…?” She interrupted: “oh he told me. Just didn’t know your cup size.” The way you looked at me-pissy, I know I had to have blushed. “Oh really? ‘H’ is my cup size.” That was awkward. “I’ll be right back” Cynthia said before dashing off. I could tell you were embarrassed by how you swirled your tongue against your teeth. I stared into space ahead of me as your eyes bore a hole in my head. I swear, I could feel the heat of your stare in the right side of my face. She came back-not a moment too soon-with a seamstress tape in hand. “I need to take your measurements.” “What for?” you asked with a slight snap in your tone. “A surprise, honey” I informed you. “Uh huh-yeah?” the snap was more defined this time. I backed away, giving you two room. Watching Cynthia wield that measuring tape the way she did against your body…I fantasized it was nylon bondage rope. Especially when she allowed it to slide through her left hand so as to straighten it. Then with her right hand, threw it across your body with your back to her and caught in her left hand as your hands were up and to your sides. Only to push herself against your back while she pulled the rope….I mean measuring tape, across your breasts. Damn. I wish I could have seen the tape across the equator of your nipples as she pulled it tightly-digging into your breasts. Then I invisioned her pumping you as if she were wearing a strap-on. She quickly got me out of my daze as she told us both: “Yeah-we’d have to have the dress custom made. Could do it though.” “What dress? What is she talking about?” you asked looking at us both. Cynthia pointed to where she and I had been looking, I interrupted before she could make another sound: “For another time and place dear. Let’s just your things and leave.” She rang us up. Then you had to go and really put me in a jam by saying: “She was nice….and cute. Didn’t you think so?” “Oh God, what Hell did I get myself into here?” I thought quietly. “Very pleasant, yes.” You looked at me and smiled. I couldn’t help but wonder if your smile was to tell me that you knew something. (Now all of that-was actually true. That all happened. I was just completely unaware of his thoughts during a lot of what transpired. And I had no idea how the conversation between him and Cynthia started. Well I guess I do now. Enjoy the rest-the rest is completely fantasy. For now any way.)Upon getting back home, I placed some things that I wanted you to wear that night. Your white back closure bra with white lace trim along the cups. White nylon thong. White lace garter belt. White back seamed thigh highs. White open toed, sling back half inch heels. A black velvet choker that has an open heart rhinestone charm. And your rhinestone anklet to complete the ensemble. Then I present you with the dress. Long, flowing, short sleeved, white, semi-sheer dress that buttons up from the waist to an open sweetheart neckline. You ask me what the occasion is. I tell you nothing special, just that I wanted to see you dressed up. Meanwhile I have planned a night at an abandoned warehouse. I drive us to this warehouse. “This is creepy” you say with hesitance in your voice. “You need not worry. Didn’t you tell me you wanted to fuck where we have never fucked before? Somewhere remote, but where there are still people around. But we’d have privacy?” I remind you. “Yeah…but did not mean here. This borders on creepy” you insist. I get out of the truck and walk around to the passenger door-open it and assist you out. I then take you by the hand and lead you inside. On the floor are four chains with ‘O’ rings attached to them. They are spaced in a manner where two chains are four inches apart in two pairs and two feet is between the two pairs. On the ceiling directly above those chains is a bar that is attached by chain that is six feet off the floor. You look at me with reluctance. “Trust me” I exclaim. “I do need to go back to the truck for some things.” “Okay….”you reply with a untrustworthy tone in your voice. “I will be right back.” I go and get lights, candles, a table, wine, and a small picnic basket. Upon returning, the look in your eyes is more of one of trust now. Not complete trust. I grab two glasses out of the picnic basket: “Wine my dear?” You nod your head. Upon pouring your glass of wine, I drop a sleep aid tablet in it. You begin to drink and ask: “Is this champagne? Tastes slightly different and is carbonated.” “No, not champagne” I respond with curiousity in my voice. “I feel kind of strange” you tell me as you look uneasy on your feet. “Here. Sit down” I say as I approach you. “Where? Here? On the floor?” you ask. I nod as I approach you and you fall to your knees-I manage to catch you. You look up and then your head rolls to the side as you fall under. I lay you down gently. In the basket is a blindfold, a ball gag, ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs, and a collar. I place the collar on you and then the cuffs. I go back to the truck to retrieve a blanket, a chain that will connect your collar to your wrist cuffs-just long enough to reach over the bar attached to the ceiling that will not allow you to strain (too much), a twenty-five foot rope and five buckets. Four buckets are four gallon, the fifth is a one gallon bucket. I return to your sleeping body and roll you on to the blanket. Then I drag you into position where the bar is. I attach the chain to your collar then the rope to the chain. I throw the rope over the bar and pull to where the chains that will attach to your wrist cuffs are just over the pole. Then I attach your ankle cuffs to the chains on the floor. Skillfully I pull the blanket out from under you. I affix your blindfold on. Returning to the truck one last time-I drive around to where the cargo bay door is and park it with the bed to the building. I go back inside and open the cargo door. Upon opening the cargo door, I look at you-you are still lifeless. I retrieve two wireless remote operated pedestal fans, monitors, four web cams-three attached to tripods, and four lights on tripods. Upon setting the fans up on your so they flank your left and right, I position their height so that they blow across your body. The lights I position in a diamond sequence where you are center. The monitors face you. I place a vinyl sheet in front of your head, close the cargo door, fill the one gallon bucket with water and shut off the lights. I don my night vision goggles, turn them on and check your pulse. I run the rope through the ‘O’ rings of your wrist cuffs. Then I finish up by placing the web cams-two directly in front set four feet apart and slightly angled. One behind. And the last above you looking directly down. From the picnic basket I then retrieve two dildos. One is six inches long by an inch in diameter. The other is four inches long by three inches in diameter-and I attach it to a pole. I have a crop whip and fixed knife. I stand in front of you and using the bucket of water-I dose you. You come to-coughing. Before you can get a fix of where you are and what’s happening-I come behind you and grab the rope: “To your knees whore” I command, disguising my voice. You continue to cough-I pull on the rope quickly: “To your knees I said!!” and force you to rise to your knees by hoisting the rope. You continue to wheeze and cough out the water from your mouth. I pull again quicker this time-forcing you to your feet and then remove the rope through one ‘O’ ring. Attach the chain from your collar to the wrist cuff. Continue to remove the rope from the other wrist cuff-taking your hand and positioning so that the other clasp of the chain attaches. Then I adorn your ball gag. I then turn the lights on and take off my night vision goggles. Then turn on the monitors. Then the web cams. I come around you with the crop whip and slap your tits. Then your ass. Then I grab you by your hair and pull back. I use my knife with the non-cutting edge against your right breast in a slow downward motion-following the outside curve of your bosom. I push my hand between your thighs from behind you-pushing the dress’s skirt up into your crotch. “This whore is not wet enough. Let’s fix that” I tell the viewers. I walk over to the buckets and fill them up. I place one on your right, one on your left, one behind you, and one in front of you. I then dose you from all sides. You shiver slightly. I turn the fans on medium and they oscillate. The one on the right blows in a manner that starts behind you and blows across you to the front, the left one is the opposite. Only meeting in the center. You begin to moan and make fidgeting sounds. I then grab your hair and pull again: “Shut up! Only sounds you’ll be making is up passion and ecstacy” I command you. I rip open the bodice of your dress-buttons fly everywhere. Your bra is soaked. I take my knife and cut off your right bra strap. Your breathing becomes labored. The wetness of your dress clings to your body. I then take my knife and tear into the back of your dress. Then rip it apart from your wet body. I grab on the chains and pull-you show off your beautiful tits for all to see. I trace your left breast with the blade of my knife-this time the inside of your bosom. You are breathing so fast and hard. I place my knife between your cups and pull down with the blade-your breasts become free. Your nipples are so hard. I grab the crop whip and slap your nipples. You make moans of disapproval. I come behind you and grab your throat: “Moan again. Moan again, bitch! See what happens!” You shiver in my grasp. My cock gets so incredibly hard and pushes between your ass cheeks while I am still in jeans and you in your thong. I tie the rope to chains that bind your wrists and collar together, then slip the rope through one of the ‘O’ rings on the floor and pull straight back to where you stand erect. Then I make a knot in the rope. Taking my knife-I come across the front panel of your wet thong, trace along the waistband then down the thong backing. Allowing the non-cutting edge between your pussy lips, I pull up and then slide back and forth. I pull the knife away and slap your thighs and pussy with the whip. I then come towards you and cut away the right side of your waistband. Then I pull on your thong-straight up. forcefully. Separating your pussy lips. I force you to grind your thong. Finally I rip your thong away. I undo the knot in the rope and let you relax a little. Grabbing the four inch dildo, I push it inside of you from behind. You squirm as I probe you. I slide it inside you slowly-then make a quick insertion. Then twirl it inside of you. You stand on your toes with excitement. I remove it from you and slap your ass hard with the whip. Then take the six inch and force five and half inches inside your pussy quick. Then slowly pull it out of you to where only an inch remains. Then I slam almost all of it back inside of you. “Cumshot?” I ask our viewers. “Cumshot!” I exclaim. You shake your head no. I grab your hair and pull: “I didn’t ask you.” I unzip my pants and begin to fuck your very wet pussy. Feeling me get close, I pull out and stand in front of you-exploding all over your body.

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