A Practice Secret Ch. 01


Chelsea’s Practice Secret

Chelsea thought life couldn’t be better. She married her childhood sweetheart and has three adorable children. Her husband’s a dentist and has her own career in advertising. A distressing phone call placed her on a path to a traumatic marriage breakdown and a difficult divorce. She started seeing Doctor Love for help, satisfying an unexpected need.

Thanks Maddi. The secret’s out now! I’m looking forward to the other Guest stories. Love, Chelsea.


The phone call from Sky was more than a year ago but I remember every painful word as if it was yesterday. She was angry and upset. I thought it was a sick joke. It wasn’t. Martin had been having an affair with his 22-year-old dental nurse for months.

While Sky was happy to play around with my husband, she was upset that he started hitting on their new young receptionist. Martin terminated Sky’s employment and ended the relationship after she confronted him.

I was in shock. Neither of us had done anything like this before. Well, I know I haven’t. I’d never even looked at another man. I thought life was perfect until that phone call.

We’d been together since school and have three gorgeous children. We had our own dental business, owned a beautiful home and I love my own work as an advertising executive. The kids weren’t a bit of trouble and doing well at school. What was he thinking? His cock obviously did that for him. I thought we had a good sex life. Heavens knows, he was getting enough without looking for more!

Imagine my reaction at hearing the sex was wild and exciting with Sky. Was our love life that boring? How could he be so mean? I was devastated and Martin just laughed it off, claiming it was just a ‘bit of fun’. Our eldest child wasn’t much younger than his ‘bit of fun’. I’m only in my early 40’s and still an attractive woman. I’ve noticed the way men still look at me. I felt discarded for a younger and more thrilling model.

Things didn’t get any better. Martin was in denial and wouldn’t accept responsibility for anything. He even suggested I drove him to it! Did our marriage mean so little to him? Would he stray again? How could I trust him? I soon realised it was an impossible situation. It was difficult for the children. He could have at least tried to resolve things for their sake. That hurt me the most.

The divorce even got messy and I was finding it hard to cope. It was hard being on my own with three teenage children but a dear friend was wonderful. We’ve been close since school and Jane was just as shocked about the affair. Poor Jane had her own problems, having lost her husband in a tragic vehicle accident several months before I found out about Martin. In a way, we have both lost the man in our lives.

We were devastated but our friendship and sharing our loss helped us cope. We cried a lot and somehow helped each other through the pain. I realised that I needed professional help and started attending the Practice. I wasn’t coping with the thought of being rejected. Cast aside like shoes that weren’t fashionable anymore.

I was even questioning my performance in bed. It all seems silly now. The counselling with Doctor Love was great and provided such a relief from the trauma I was experiencing. It didn’t save my marriage. That was too far gone but I now accept things for what they are.

I’ve even recommended the Practice to Jane but she’s a little hesitant. I think it would help. I’m certainly happier, relaxed and confident about the person I am and the future. I’m still a young woman and with three lovely children and a successful career. I have another appointment with Doctor Love this evening. I’m quite excited about it, actually.

After the counselling, I discovered some intimate services the Practice provide for the pleasure of women. Surprisingly, it had instant appeal. The services blend easily into my life and it doesn’t impact on my children, an important consideration before deciding on the further treatment.

The Practice is discreet and convenient and it’s a relief knowing it will remain confidential. Why did I have to give up sex? Hadn’t Martin taken enough from me? I wasn’t prepared for a new relationship and the commitment with the potential baggage. One-night stands were simply out of the question. What was I really like in the bedroom? Martin’s comments were still played on my mind.

The Practice and the charming Doctor Love seemed the perfect answer. I didn’t need a man in my life, the Practice filling that need very nicely. Martin paying for the service also had a wicked appeal. While he keeps paying the bills for my ‘counselling and treatment’, I’m happy and satisfied. If you know what I mean?

The Practice is an exclusive medical centre located in the prestigious Park Crescent area, renowned for its historic buildings and lovely park views. Hardly the sleazy side of town you associate with intimate services. Most of the homes have been converted to professional suites and consulting rooms.

The building is a double-story kurtköy yeni escort terrace, beautifully renovated and furnished with period furniture and fittings. The classical décor and furnishings are elegant, warm and welcoming, making it feel more like a home than a medical centre. A wonderful and discrete place for some intimate pleasure, don’t you think?

Maddisyn and Doctor Love really do look after their Guests, as we are known, and providing what they desired was a big part of the Practice’s success. It really isn’t like any other medical centre. I just adore the luxurious facilities and being pampered. It’s terribly expensive. Making the Practice even more enjoyable, knowing Martin was paying for his indiscretions.

Maddisyn manages the Practice and is such a darling. She’s in her mid-20’s with an attractive spiritual nature, an innocent quality that seems at home in the tranquil ambience of the Practice. Her voice is soft and gentle and her touch is just as heavenly, having enjoyed some of her sensual massages. Maddisyn’s innocent looks and demure nature can be deceiving. Not always a little angel, she can be a little vixen when the mood takes her.

Doctor Love is just . . . well, lovely. A doctor’s visit isn’t most women’s idea of a great time unless the doctor is as charming as mine. What is it about Doctor Love that excites me so much? He’s almost 20 years older than me but just so captivating and with an air of sophistication and such a sweet-talking gentleman. Bundle that up in an exquisite three-piece tailored suit over an attractive body and you have the gorgeous Doctor Love. He could charm his way into any Guest’s panties with that lovely smile, if they were that way inclined. I know, I couldn’t resist.

The wrought iron gate felt hot as it sat baking in the Summer sunshine. I walked up the path to the large stained-glass door. ‘Hello Maddisyn,’ I smiled as she answered the doorbell.

‘Nice to see you. Come on in out of the heat,’ she greeted me with her gorgeous smile. ‘Can I take the clothing bag?’

‘Yes, thank you. It’s a new little black dress for the session,’ I mentioned returning her infectious smile.

‘I can’t wait to see it later,’ she said taking it from me and closing the door.

I’ve shared a few wicked moments and laughs with Maddisyn. ‘It won’t take long. There’s not much to it,’ I grinned while rolling my eyes.

‘Sounds exciting. Doctor Love will be pleased,’ she softly laughed while replicating my eye roll. ‘I’ll hang it up in the Guest Lounge.’

The Lounge is where Guests get ready for their session with Doctor Love. The room has an enchanting view of a private courtyard garden and the facilities are wonderful, obviously designed with a woman’s needs in mind. Maddisyn’s beautician and day spa experience is every Guest’s dream. What woman doesn’t want to look her best before seeing her doctor? Particularly the gorgeous Doctor Love.

I always enjoy sharing time with her, assisting with my hair and makeup and getting dressed. Guests can pamper themselves with a spa bath or indulge in one of Maddisyn’s wicked massages. They’ve inspired one or two erotic situations I’ve shared with Doctor Love. The Lounge is off the Sitting Room but there is a convenient and discreet second door to the passageway that leads to Doctor Love’s suite at the back of the building.

We both giggled at our little eye roll joke and made our way into the Sitting Room. Maddisyn went to the Lounge while I put my shoulder bag down and took a seat on one of the comfortable couches.

I fell in love with the room as soon as I saw it. I probably decided to register with the Practice even before seeing anything else during Maddisyn’s tour of the facilities. The Sitting Room just has that ‘wow’ factor for women, perfectly designed and exquisitely furnished for their comfort and pleasure. What woman wouldn’t like the opportunity to enjoy them? The shear opulence of the period furniture and elegant furnishings made it classy room and even a romantic setting. I’m sure more than a few fantasies have been inspired by the intimate feel of the room.

I’ve enjoyed a few wines or a coffee sitting on the lovely couches positioned either side of the white marble fireplace or at the bay window with its spectacular view of the park opposite with its large trees and sweeping lawns. What woman wouldn’t be interested in a little romance or even some intimate pleasure in such a setting? Maybe a little erotic dreamy foreplay before the wicked main event. It got me a little excited, after all.

‘Would you like some wine?’ Maddisyn offered as she re-joined me.

‘Yes, thank you,’ sharing her smile.

Maddisyn and I have got to know each other very well and she certainly knew my taste in wine, among other things. She soon returned with a glass of red and a selection of cheese and biscuits on a silver tray and placed it on the coffee table.

‘Thank you,’ I smiled in appreciation.

I felt relaxed, sitting on the couch with my wine and cheese kurtköy sınırsız escort and enjoying the ambience of the room. Things had progressed wonderfully since I first started seeing Doctor Love and I was more than enjoying his company. The attraction I felt for Doctor Love was quite unexpected. I wasn’t just exciting about him being my doctor. I was soon having thoughts that were highly arousing, leaving me feeling a little frustrated at being his patient.

It’s easy to have intimate fantasies in such an idyllic setting. Of course, he was handsome and charming but he was much older and my doctor. It was wrong for so many reasons. Even sitting on the couch with my mind drifting to the last session with him, I felt like a horny teenager waiting to see the man of my dreams.

Maddisyn’s voice brought me back to the present. ‘Would you like help with your hair and makeup?’ She offered.

‘Yes, thank you. I can’t wait to show you my dress,’ the excitement obvious in my voice.

Maddisyn’s knowing smile was priceless. ‘Let me know when you’re ready.’

Continuing to enjoy my drink, my thoughts returned to my latest treatment. It was increasing difficult to conceal my interest and arousal. It must have been obvious to a sex therapist. I was pleasantly surprised and even a little relieved at hearing Doctor Love’s recommended treatment. That hint of desire in his eyes when he mentioned ‘sexual therapy’ still excites me.

It was inappropriate but the more I thought about it, the more the naughtiness of it appealed. Why shouldn’t I have some physical pleasure? Wasn’t I entitled to some intimate fun? I didn’t have Martin to think about. I hadn’t had sex since I found out about the affair, other than some personal pleasure.

I also couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put some sexual performance demons behind me. I didn’t need convincing, unable to resist the temptation of Doctor Love’s therapy. It shouldn’t have gone beyond the first session but it did. I just loved the therapy, wickedly good and ever so satisfying. Doctor Love’s reaction certainly squashed any lingering doubt about satisfying a man!

Finishing my wine, I grabbed my bag and stood up to catch Maddisyn’s attention to get changed. Maddisyn left her desk at the other end of the room and we made our way into the Guest Lounge.

Normally I’m a good girl, never dreaming of something so wild but the Practice brings that little bit of extra naughtiness out in me. It’s exciting going to the Practice for the sexual therapy, dressing seductively and teasing Doctor Love with my young and attractive body. Sexual therapy or professional sex? I’ll let you be the judge.

Oh yes, I know I’ve still got it and Doctor Love really knows how to satisfy a woman. He knows my body better than Martin ever did, what turns me on and pleasures me the most. Every session takes me to another level of pleasure. Why should I have been surprised? He is a sex therapist, after all.

Maddisyn unzipped the clothing bag and took out the black dress. ‘This is lovely. It’s going to look wonderful on you.’

‘Won’t cover much,’ I laughed, a little nervously.

Maddisyn raised her eyebrows suggestively with a devilish smile. ‘Well, it won’t be on long, will it?’ She replied.

That’s what I like about Maddisyn, sharing our little secret and having a laugh. She got ready to do my hair and makeup while I got dressed. I undressed down to my black lace panties and placed my clothing into my shoulder bag before slipping on the new seductive dress and changed back into my black high-heels.

I loved the way it loosely covered my body and moved with the bounce of my breasts and swaying hips. My breasts threatened to spill out of the plunging neckline with any sudden movement. The dress felt lovely and silky against my bare skin, the soft fabric teasing my hardening pink buds.

I took a necklace from my bag and put it on, looking in the mirror. I was thrilled with how amazing my legs looked in the short dress and heels. I wouldn’t think of wearing it in public, wearing it at the Practice was a different story. Thoughts of what Doctor Love could do to me in the dress brought a smile to my face. I felt incredibly sexy and excited at the image of his warm and roaming gaze discovering what was on display.

‘What do you think about the length of the hem?’ I asked trying to see for myself in the mirror.

‘With your legs, shorter the better,’ she sensually sighed. ‘Nothing wrong with the occasional glimpse of panties.’

‘Now, now, behave,’ a teasing smile accompanying my flirting tone.

I sat on the chair in front of the dressing table and crossed my legs, causing the dress to ride up even higher. Might as well give Maddisyn a show as well I thought. It wasn’t just Doctor Love that brought out the naughty girl in me. Maddisyn sat on a makeup stool, opposite me and a little to the side so I could see my reflection in the mirror.

‘Just as well I have black panties on,’ I continued to tease while sharing kurtköy sarısın escort her gaze.

‘Now, now, you behave!’ She replied with a giggle.

Maddisyn used the collection of cosmetics provided for Guests to apply moisturiser and foundation and then a touch of concealer. She brushed on some face powder to set the foundation and some blush on the centre of my cheeks.

Brushing it upwards just a little, ‘Happy with the colour?’ She inquired.

‘Perfect, as always,’ I softly answered, keeping as still as possible.

Turning her attention to my eyes, Maddisyn applied some eye shadow and then liner with a pencil and finally mascara on my eyelashes.

‘What about nude peach for the lipstick?’ She asked showing me the colour.

I confidently went with her suggestion. Maddisyn outlined my lips with a lip pencil and applied the lipstick, finally handing me a tissue and I blotted my lips.

‘Looks lovely. Thank you,’ excitedly checking out my reflection in the mirror.

Maddisyn smiled as she stood up and went behind me. She brushed my hair and applied some hair spray. Clips were used to sectioning my hair and she used a curling wand, shaping the hair away from my face. Maddisyn finished by running her fingers through the curls to give them a more natural look.

‘What do you think?’ She asked my reflection, looking very pleased as she applied hairspray.

I stood and gazing into the mirror. ‘Fabulous. Thank you so much,’ I shrieked for joy, excited at the sexy look.

Maddisyn stood behind me and adjusted the necklace nestled in my cleavage. ‘Chelsea, you look gorgeous!’ She said excitedly before lowering her cheek to my ear. ‘Just the look for Doctor Love’s slut?’ She whispered.

‘Maddisyn, you’re wicked!’ Laughing at her image over my shoulder.

‘I type up his case notes. I know what turns you on and the games you like to play,’ she answered, her reflected lips curling into a naughty smile.

‘I bet that turns you on,’ I smiled teasingly at her in the mirror.

Maddisyn’s innocent demure turned into a familiar mischievous streak. ‘I’ll soon get you turned on for Doctor Love.’

Maddisyn glided her hands up over my dress. I softly sighed with the touch of her soft hands as they slid inside the flimsy fabric and cupped my breasts. I wet my lips, relieving my dry mouth and cleared a lump from my throat. I found myself staring at Maddisyn in the mirror, her face flushed with desire as she caressed and fondled.

The rush of adrenalin was wonderful and my body began to vibrate with arousal. ‘God, I need a fuck,’ I softly moaned at our reflection.

My eyes finally fluttering closed and I whimpered, her fingers pressing into the soft yielding flesh. Images of her intimate massages sent a shiver up my spine. Her fingertips teased my nipples, tightening them into little pink buds. I small gasp escaped my lips as I felt a moistening sensation below. It was at that moment that I fully appreciated how much Maddisyn enjoyed her work.

She slipped a hand between my legs. ‘You’re very wet. Doctor Love will be pleased,’ Maddisyn whispered, her lips at my ear.

Maddisyn’s fingertips caressed over my opening through the sodden fabric. ‘I have another pair in my bag,’ I gasped, barely able to be heard.

‘Sluts don’t wear panties,’ she sensually breathed, slipping her hands up under my dress.

I felt the softness of her fingers against my bare skin as they slid into the top of my panties, causing a sigh of anticipation. She eased them over my hips and drew them over my backside. They clung defiantly to the wetness momentarily before flicking free and sliding down to my ankles. I carefully stepped free of them, afraid of catching my high-heels on the lace.

I had a last glimpse in the mirror before turning towards Maddisyn. ‘Wish me luck,’ I grinned.

It’s Doctor Love who’s going to get lucky,’ she giggled, placing the sodden panties in my shoulder bag and handing it to me.

I left by the side door that opened to the passageway from the entry hall to the back of the building, my high-heels making a confident and classy sound on the polished Baltic Pine floor. The dress felt lovely and silky against my bare skin, hardly hiding anything. The outline of my breast and enticing cleavage on display and aroused peaks clearly pushing against the thin fabric. I could sense the swish of the hem as it licked the cheeks of my backside.

My pulse was racing and my skin began to tingle as I approached the suite, a mixture of nerves, excitement, and arousal. Doctor Love was at his desk and noticed me enter and I shut the door.

I just stood there, drinking in his gorgeous blue sensual eyes. ‘Hello Chelsea, please make yourself comfortable. You look stunning,’ his flattery accompanied by his heart-melting smile as he stood.

‘Thank you,’ I grinned while adding a little more bounce in my step on my way to one of the couches, my breasts and dress swinging enticingly.

Hips and breasts are just made for teasing men, swaying as we walk and demanding their attention. Doctor Love is attractive and it’s enjoyable flirting with him. It was obvious he enjoyed our little game. The powerful sexual attraction I felt between us was wonderful. My heart began to pound under Doctor Love’s excited gaze, enjoying the blatant sexual interest as his eyes lazily drifted over my body.

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