A Pregnant Swap Ch. 02

Alex Grey

This story involves the same characters as (and builds on the experience from the first story). I think this could be enjoyed without reading the first though. Enjoy, more planned.


The timing was perfect and we were well prepared. I had set up the padded deck chairs out on the edge of the dock, placed out some beverages and sensual snacks, grabbed a couple of clean towels and a large soft blanket. The lake was laid out before us and the sun would set in about 30-minutes. Ally and I were poised to be in a place to fully enjoy it and the rest of the night.

The cabin was well-known to be perfectly positioned to watch the sun go down on the other side of the lake. So perfectly positioned, in fact, that anytime our friend group visited, we all hustled out-of-town to be there before the sunset. On this particular weekend though, Ally and I had arrived a night earlier than our group.

Thursdays were generally much quieter on the lake than the weekend, our typical visit time. And tonight seemed particularly quiet, the loons could be heard just off the dock, and there were only a few boats out and about. A light warm breeze barely made a ripple on the lake. It was quite possible we could comfortably sit outside all night if we wanted.

I heard a gentle creak on the dock and turned to see Ally making her way down with a cute waddle. I could not help but take her in, even though I had seen her just minutes before. I first noticed her seven-months-pregnant belly covered by only by a flowing white cover-up; she looked absolutely stunning. Her dark hair was long and full, and as she told me yesterday, had not been cut since finding out she was pregnant. Even while pregnant, her yoga trained body looked fit.

She smiled as she got closer, “I can’t wait to see the sunset, although I don’t know how you are going to get your penis inside of me by the time it sets,” she laughed as she said it. “Or is that not your goal?” She smiled.

It might be important to know that Ally is my wife’s best friend but to also know that this meet-up was not a scandalous kind of thing. It was more of a prearranged set up due to our aligned situations. And talking about my penis inside of her was definitely not her normal approach.

My wife, who was also months pregnant, had no interest in sex. She had lost all interest early in her pregnancy. She had asked that I did not bug her about have sex at all because she felt bad about it. This was before she found out Ally was exactly the opposite. She was extra-horny now that she was pregnant. My wife actually thought up the idea for the two of us to come together.

I was completely surprised by this at first, but as a horny guy with his wife’s approval, I also did not hesitate to take advantage of the situation.

The whole thing was made even more surreal because Ally’s husband had zero interest in sex now that Ally was pregnant. According to Ally, he seemed to form an instant aversion to her, which seemed to only increase as she got bigger.

I had always found Ally attractive. Her changing body continued to add to my appeal of her. It was like my hormones were increasing my attraction to all pregnant women and that included Ally.

So while this was all strange in a way, it also worked out for all.

All that said, I’m sure plenty of some people would judge what we were doing if they knew, maybe even the friends we were meeting at the lake the next day. Even my wife who encouraged the union did not want to discuss the details. Choosing instead to ignore it was happening.

All told, Ally and I had managed to get together eight times in the last four months. The sex wasn’t all Hollywood-movie passionate – but it was real, fresh, satisfying and fun. Ally loved that I loved her changing body and guided me to feel her belly often and suck vigorously on her growing boobs.

She told me she craved to be touched and it hurt her that her husband did not want to. She loved him and knew he loved her, but still, it hurt. I was happy to play this exciting role but did worry about what happened after the birth.

The sexual connection was instant, Ally was very open to how she liked to be pleased and vocal about what she wanted. The only real issue was time, up until tonight, our time together was generally limited. Even though our spouses knew we were together, they did not want to ‘know’ anything about it or when it happened. Which meant it still felt rushed and left little time for flirting or foreplay.

Hence kurtköy yeni escort the early lake, it visited offered us a chance to actually do both.

As soon as Ally reached the end of the dock I took her in my arms and kissed her deeply. One of my hands easily found its way to the back of her head and ran through her hair. The other hand grabbed her ass. I quickly confirmed my suspicion that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath her cute lacy cover-up dress.

Her belly was large and full between us and I knew she could feel my penis grow as I pressed against her and enjoyed our kiss. Her hands found mine and placed them on her belly. She truly loved that I enjoyed gently massaging her belly. She had told many times how much she cherished my interest in her growing body. And anytime she did I could not believe her husband didn’t feel the same.

We still had a while before sunset, enough time to relax and enjoy some drinks and snacks. Ally wasn’t thinking about snacks though.

As I massaged her belly and started kissing her neck and collarbone, her hands found their way to my trunks and untied my suit – letting it drop to the dock. She wasted no time getting to her knees and putting my penis in her mouth. I sighed as she began an aggressive blowjob. Her hand was wrapped around my shaft stroking me while her mouth worked the tip of my cock.

I had my hand at the back of her head and ran my fingers through her hair, as she sucked my cock, but allowed her to work me without any guidance from me. I took in her small mouth and full lips as she swallowed the tip of my cock.

Her mouth worked my cock – not in a porn star hard fuck way – but in a way that actually looked like she enjoyed it. She kissed and sucked on my shaft before returned to work my sensitive tip. If I pushed it I could easily have cum but I held back and enjoyed the moment.

In the background, I heard a boat getting closer and closer to the dock and realized that it was quite possible for someone on boating on the lake to see us if they came motoring by. The boat wasn’t in view yet but I could tell by the increased sound that it was getting closer.

Before this fantastic blowjob escalated further for all to see, I reluctantly brought her back up and quickly moved us to the waiting chairs – my shorts were left laying on the dock. Even though there was something thrilling about a boat of people maybe catching a glimpse of this beautiful pregnant woman sucking me off – it wasn’t a story we needed to be told among the other cabins.

The deck chairs were placed next to each other and we shared one large cushion, which acted as a small bed with inverted back. Laughing at our situation, Ally quickly grabbed the blanket and draped it over us – and my hard penis – just as the boat we had heard came into view – and eventually passed by – not paying any attention to us at all.

We both laughed at our predicament.

The nearby tray held our food and beverages. So we sat back and collectively sighed at the relaxing setting in front of us. It was perfect. The little breeze, the calm lake, the sun glistening over the lake. Dusk was not far off.

Still, tonight was about flirting, foreplay and sex.

Under the blanket, Ally had moved her closest leg to cross over mine spreading her legs slightly apart in the process. Her left hand was holding, softly stroking, my penis while we ate.

I imagined her pink clit and her soft labia spread slightly between her gorgeous legs and could wait no longer. I moved my hand first to her caress her pregnant belly, still covered by her thin dress, and then slid my hand slowly down to her waiting vagina. As I suspected, she was not wearing panties.

She moaned and I could feel her muscles contracting in her legs in response to my touch.

I caught a glimpse of the sun dropping and as beautiful as it was, I was focused elsewhere now.

I softly touched her wet clit and then ran my fingers over each side of her waiting labia. Under the blanket, I pushed her legs a bit wider to give me more access. My fingers continued to work her clit – up and down using steady pressure.

Ally sighed into my finger work, but she clearly wanted more, she reached over to the back of my head and pulled me to her. She then whispered, “go down on me.”

I knew from earlier times together that receiving oral sex was her favorite sexual act. And this was a request I was happy to fulfill. I loved how Ally tasted and truly kurtköy sınırsız escort enjoyed bringing her to orgasm with my tongue. As I made my way down I kissed the top of her exposed belly and ran my hands along her stretched sides.

She shivered in response. Spreading her legs even further for me to reach her fully.

With the blanket, I was no longer concerned about a passing boat, nor do I think I would have cared at this stage if twenty boats pulled up to watch.

Running my tongue along the top of her clit I could tell she was ready for direct contact. That and her hands were pushing the back of my head into her.

I inserted two fingers inside her as I worked her clit with my tongue. My pressure was pretty deep and she seemed to want just that. As I was licking her directly, I slowly finger fucked her to the same motion. Her large belly was pressing down on my head and I moved my other hand to again caress the side of her belly. She seemed to enjoy this motion almost as much as my tongue work.

She was moaning and quivering as she pushed to guide my pace with her hands on the back of my head – though I don’t know if it was a conscious action or not – she seemed to be fully engrossed in the pleasure of the experience.

After a few more moments her vagina tightened and pulsed around my fingers. I stopped moving my tongue and instead just applied direct pressure to her clit. She pulsed for a few more moments and I held my place tasting her delicious juices.

As Ally caught her breath, I looked up to see the sun was just about to set. Ally pulled me to her and we sat back to watch it together. As we watched the beautiful sunset, she again started to methodically stroke my cock.

We ate some more, drank some more, as the moon and stars replaced the sun in the sky.

Once a heavy dusk set, Ally said, “let’s go skinny-dipping.”

Without another word, I smiled stood up and dove directly in. I was already naked and it felt great to hit the water. Ally took off her cover and slid in after me – now fully nude herself. I was still very erect and horny and wanted to cum inside Ally, but I was certainly not going to miss the opportunity to swim naked with this gorgeous creature.

She seemed at one with the water. Her belly was fully submerged but her round, large boobs floated gently on the lake surface. She arched her back, giving me a full view of her chest, and leaned her head back to get her hair wet. She was teasing me.

We swam around to the end of the dock. Ally floated on her back for a while, exposing her pregnant belly above the water. It was a beautiful sight to behold. I imagined a professional photographer would have loved to capture it. She looked completely relaxed. I suspected her relaxation partly stemmed from the very recent orgasm, but maybe some of it was through taking the added weight off of her by floating.

After a few moments, she reached her hand to her bag on the dock. Exposing her round ass above the water, my penis twitched in anticipation. I chuckled as she pulled out soap, shampoo, and a tube of oil from her bag. I knew from all of our other lake visits that Ally loved to bathe in the lake. Usually, though, it was in the morning in a full swimsuit with our full group playing about.

“First we bathe – holding up the shampoo, then you take my lake-virginity – holding up the oil,” she smiled and laughed at her own mild dirty talk – which I suspected wasn’t natural to her.”

For all the time she spent at the lake, I was surprised she had not had sex in a lake. I left out that neither had I. Though I had experience in baths and hot tubs and from those, knew lubrication and leverage were very vital parts of water-sex success.

She threw me the soap and a loofah. I knew this was my cue to lather her up.

I started with her back soaping it completely before working her exposed ass – which I spent extra time caressing. I ran my fingers along the inside of her ass cheeks and soaped her from top to bottom. My fingers cleaned every groove of her asshole.

Ally sighed and balanced herself on the dock. Pushing her ass gently towards me. She slowly turned around.

I washed her shoulders, breasts, and stomach before using my fingers to gently wash her vagina. She lifted her legs out of the water one at a time to allow me to wash each of them, balancing her back against the dock.

Grabbing the shampoo I turned her around again allowing my very kurtköy sarısın escort erect penis to rest between her now very clean ass cheeks. Then I focused the next five minutes massaging and cleaning her neck and hair.

The foreplay was amazing. I so badly wanted to be inside her but I loved taking her body in and massaging her fully.

She sighed and leaned back against me. Pressing her body to mine. My guess is she was feeling the same. To rinse she dove fully under the water. Ally was a great swimmer but this swim was quick. She reappeared behind me moments after diving in.

She pushed us both closer to the dock to where she could grab the bottle of oil from the dock. I had assumed the oil was part of her beauty routine but I still wasn’t sure – and honestly, I did not remember it being something she brought out on earlier lake baths.

She poured a very healthy amount of on her hand and lubricated my erect penis in the lake. I was surprised the oil didn’t simply rinse off in the lake. She then took more oil from the bottle and made of show of putting it on two of her fingers before quickly sliding them into her ass!

My mouth dropped as I put together what was happening, but I did not get to think long as she moved me into place behind her and guided my lubricated penis to the front of her anal opening. My surprise is gone, I helped guide myself inside by pushing down on her anus.

She placed both of her hands on the edge of the dock and allowed me to put more pressure on her backside. I slowly pushed my penis in her ass. Once the tip was inside her, the water and the lubrication did the rest of the work as I pushed fully into her ass.

My motion pushed the water deeper into her and then out as I thrust. I wrapped my hands around the front of her hips, just under her pregnant belly, to give myself leverage in the water. I began fucking her ass slowly.

Ally told me later that night when we were lying in bed, she had actually researched the best lubrication to use for water sex. Which she said many articles recommended against trying.

I was now thrusting inside her at a very good pace. She was well lubricated but she was still very tight. I was gripping her hips hard and pretty sure she would have bruises from where I was holding her.

She was groaning with pleasure and I knew I would not last long after our night of foreplay and her tight ass.

She braced herself on the dock while water swirled and splashed all around us. I wondered if anyone was within earshot and, if so, what they thought was causing all the splashing. When she screamed to fuck her even harder I knew if they were they had their answer.

I fucked her hard and though breathless I told her I was going to cum.

Breathless herself, Ally asked me to cum deep inside her. I could feel her ass contracting around my penis and wondered if she was having an orgasm. When I finally came, I pushed further inside her and leaned against her back as I finished.

We both rested in the warm water a bit before pulling our naked bodies back on the dock to towel off. We sat there for a moment and rested while watching the moon and stars.

The night was beginning to chill so we made our way inside. We were both tired and headed straight to the bedroom.

Ally slid on a tight white shirt that formed over her belly along with tiny white panties. I took in her sexy body before she crawled under the covers next to me. We spent the night together for the first time and perhaps it would be the only time we ever would.

We both had a deep satisfying sleep.

Ally woke the next morning as wisps of sunlight were just beginning to enter the room, I felt her belly push against me from behind and her arm reach around my naked torso. Her hand found its way to my already growing erection. She stroked me while lightly kissing my back to wake me further. It wasn’t long before I was fully erect.

I turned around and without a word or more foreplay knelt in front of her belly, pulled her legs and pussy up to me and pushed inside her. She was tight and it took a moment to warm her up but after a few moments of making out, we were fucking with all the vigor of the night before.

My thumb had great access to her clit and I massaged it while we fucked. We both came quickly and within a few moments of each other just as the sun pulled up and brightened the lake.

We finished our morning session a good hour before our friends arrived. Afterward, I went and ruffled the bed in the other room and moved my bags there to make things seem as our friends would expect. I wondered if our spouses would ask any questions. My guess was that they would not.

As I sipped my coffee by the lake, I thought about how amazingly strange our situation was, while at the same time being thankful that it was.

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