A Prelude to Pornosexuality


The rise of the internet gave the world innovation. Knowledge could be spread, people can connect remotely, and the world boomed with new culture never seen before. With that, as we all know, came porn.

Of course, porn had always been around. Photos, magazines, literature. People always found a way to profit on humanity’s proclivities. The internet gave unprecedented access to nudity, kink and anything you could imagine.

By the year 2020 internet pornography was rampant. Most porn was free, with companies making money off of advertising and selling user data to data miners, but world events lead to a surge in amateur content. Popular paid platforms saw memberships increase as much as 75%. The industry was changing.

As a growing portion of the population found themselves turning to porn more frequently, standard porn had lost some of its edge. This was amplified by the boom in amateur pornography – paid platforms gave your average person the ability to sell their body on demand, and make a handsome profit. Because of this, many amateur sellers filled in niches and gaps in the market that the big companies found less profitable.

More porn flooded the market, and competition among amateur providers brought prices down to a reasonable level. Men could have their fantasies met with relative ease. Porn platforms adapted to meet the change in market, as capitalism does. Suddenly internet pornography was a well oiled machine – designed to keep buyers coming back, spending more money.

Men in particular found themselves somewhat victimized by the new landscape. Of course, some women also fell prey to the system, but by and large it was suited towards men. It wasn’t overtly predatory. However, the right individual could fall prey to the cycle, much the same as drug addicts do.

By 2022 the landscape of porn was dramatically different than it was before 2020. A growing number of men identified as “pornosexuals” – those that have denounced real sexual interaction in favor of pornography. While still niche, the concept was spreading. Even men who were already in a relationship, or married, fell victim to the system.

The psychological effects of pornosexuality often went unnoticed until it was too late. Most tried to hide it in shame, but some embraced their newfound look on life. Single pornosexual men often committed to being “pussy free.”

The hours a day pornosexual men spent viewing porn was subconsciously re-wiring their brains. It was inevitable, looking back. One of the most basic concepts you would learn in any psych class. Classical conditioning. The feedback loop provided by being a passive viewer of sex and the reward of orgasm solidified pornosexual’s role as a 3rd party. Without realizing it, men were willingly playing right into the system’s hands.

Many men swore off sex in favor of being a passive participant – the pussy free lifestyle. Many pornosexual men found that it could be lonely without a female companion. A seemingly contradictory statement to their lifestyle.

Yet, pornosexuals further embraced their new status. The “friendzone.” A status once I ended as insulting – when a woman sees a man as not viable for sexual intercourse, so she befriends him and keeps him at arms length. This concept as now embraced by pornosexuals. Out of desire for companionship, they offered themselves up as such. New “dating” apps emerged with the soul purpose of matching tandoğan escort single pornosexual men to women who desired non-sexual companionship.

This new system was embraced by all members of society. Women, even those in a relationship with another man, loved having someone to vent to with no pressure to be anything more, and in doing so found that pornosexuals were more than willing to bend over backwards to maintain the friendship. Many pornosexual men would pick up and deliver packages or food to these women, drive them to a night out or to their boyfriend’s home, clean for them or even massage their feet.

Around the year 2028 it was commonplace for women to keep at least one pornosexual male in the friendzone. The majority of the remaining male population didn’t mind their girlfriends or wives keeping pornosexuals in the friendzone. By nature of pornosexuality, they knew there was no chance of their significant other cheating in them. And, they saw it as a way to not have to deal with a portion of the “baggage” that comes with being in a relationship. I’m fact, many found the perks beneficial.

Even married men found themselves manipulated by the system. As porn began to format their brain to receive pleasure from viewing, the logical step was to be a viewer in their own sex lives. Many couples turned to cuckolding to fill their needs. It was a beneficial, symbiotic relationship for everyone involved.

Cuckolding was popular in large part because only the weakest of the male population fell victim to porn. By 2030 it was estimated that 19% of the male population identified as pornosexual, while only 2% of females fell into the same category. The impact on society was massive.

Many scholars were hard at work determining what the future could hold. By most accounts the worlds smartest minds seemed to agree that the effects of pornosexuality would level out by the year 2038. They projected that pornosexuality would max out at about 38% of men and 5% of women.

In truth, it leveled out much sooner. By 2033 the effects of pornosexuality were well documented. 33% of men and roughly 6% of women self-identified as pornosexual. By now pornosexuality was mostly mainstream, especially for men.

There was little-to-no reason for individuals to not be open about their pornosexual status. Most wore it like a badge of pride, but it was estimated that around 1% of the male population was being less than honest about their status. Women were much more likely to hide their pornosexuality, and it was estimated that another 2-3% of the female population were closet pornosexuals.

The rapid change had run its course. The world stayed mostly stagnant for at least the next 20 years, to present day. The year 2054 is significantly different than before pornosexuality.

Most historians identified that the changes to sexuality began around the year 2019 (though some argued that it wasn’t until 2020). The period of time that created pornosexuality is now known to the average person as “the change.”

A large portion of women participate in amateur porn as a way to make extra money to pay off student loans, their mortgage and the like. Still, porn is generally considered to be a supplementary business. It practically sells itself and requires little effort to make money.

Having the guaranteed income of their work in porn meant that they weren’t plagued by debt, tunalı escort were easily able to pay for schooling, and were generally able to succeed in life. This fact, combined by the fact that porn and women’s bodies not being seen as inherently taboo, have created interesting opportunities for women’s employment.

Most women work in professional settings. Business, law, and other prestigious areas previously dominated by men are now primarily women-led fields. This amplifies the advantage women already gain from producing porn. Two highly successful income sources, most of which are catapulting women into management positions, means women now make up most of the power positions.

CEOs, politics, you name it. All mostly women dominated positions. Still, men find their way into some of these positions. Mostly Alpha men. Men who do not identify as pornosexual, now referred to as “Alphas,” were a hot commodity.

Alpha men are seen as highly valuable. Their comparison to beta males (the new identifying title given to pornosexual men) leave them looking outstanding. Most institutions value Alphas for their skills in trades that women are typically unwilling to perform.

Universities and, typically, trade schools, give Alphas full scholarships regularly, as Alpha men are somewhat uncommon in higher education. Not because they are incapable, but because most women make enough money to support a family. Still, the skilled laborer market is a lucrative place for Alpha men who want jobs.

Alphas with skilled labor jobs (automechanics, electricians and the like) are paid highly due to a relatively small labor force. This part of society is made up of mostly Alpha men and pornosexual women. Even pornosexual women have benefitted from the changes in society and can make a living with trade skills.

Most pornosexual women are too preoccupied with their proclivities to get into reputable schools. It’s common for them to adapt to skilled labor jobs. It’s good money with low competition to fuel their pornosexual lifestyle.

In contrast to Alphas, beta males struggle to land high paying jobs. Most work in unskilled labor. Factories, restaurants, retail. Generally their meager income in combination with their lack of dependents would place them solidly in the middle class, but whatever spending money they have after the necessities typically goes to funding their porn addiction.

While socioeconomics identifies the largest impact, fashion has been the most visibly impacted piece of culture. Prior to the change women were experiencing a degree of sexual freedom distinct from years prior. It was a slow process, but it was more acceptable than ever for a woman to dress however they wanted. The change sped that process up. Rampant porn meant that men were more accustomed to scantily clad women than ever. With women in power and the diminishing male dating pool, women are forced to try harder than ever to attract a mate.

Women now dress more provocatively than ever before, and it is socially acceptable. Most workplaces’ uniform policy allows for what would’ve been see as clubwear before the change. Now, it’s seen as professional. A woman who puts her body on display is seen as free, independent, and powerful. She is taking her future into her own hands and doing her best to say “I’m successful in the modern world, thanks to my feminine power” to any potential bachelors.

Flaunting ankara türbanlı escort status is the best way to attract a desirable Alpha. The most attractive Alpha men do not work. Most Alpha’s share a goal; to attract a successful woman who will support them with a luxurious lifestyle. They spend all their time in the gym, sculpting their body into the latest body type desired by women. The dad bod phase has sufficiently passed (though most betas still rock one), women now prefer lean muscle and smooth, hairless skin. Alphas who can maintain a body like this demonstrate the most attractive thing in a modern woman’s eyes; restraint.

Managing your diet and dedicating yourself to the gym and cosmetics is a display of restraint. Restraint and dedication are what set Alphas apart from betas. Betas have no willpower, they give in to the temptations of porn. Alphas go out of their way to show their sexual viability by proving they have what betas lack.

As a result, lean muscle and hairless bodies are Alpha’s method of peacocking for potential mates. To compliment that, Alpha clothing was typically tight, but modest. Alphas often wear skintight pants and shirts to show off their dedication, with low V-cut collars and various openings to display their perfectly “manscaped” bodies.

With society developing in this way, customs have changed to meet the context. It is now out of fashion for men to court women. Instead – women are typically expected to initiate dates and, especially, pay for them. This has been reasoned to stem from a number of factors. First, women make more money today than even your average Alpha male with a paying job. On average women make 28% more than Alpha men, and 39% above that of a beta males. In addition, women typically have one or more beta males to supplement this stark contrast. Finally, again, the most viable Alpha males do not have a source of income.

Offering to pay is seen as a beta male behavior – something a beta would do to win the favor of an attractive woman that he could not impress otherwise. Paying the bill, or even “going dutch” would be social suicide for an Alpha male. Instead, they’re expected to carry themselves with the masculine swagger that only an Alpha male can. If brought to a social event, the right Alpha male can be a display of status for the women dating him. Workplace environments are hotbeds of this kind of social one-upmanship. And, of course, at the end of a particularly nice date, Alpha males are expected to “put out.”

The expectation for sex is a decision that falls to the woman’s shoulders, typically. After all, it’s her choice as to whether or not she is willing to get pregnant by a prime Alpha specimen. What happens behind closed doors has not changed much. Alpha males see sex as an opportunity to flex their physical prowess and be dominant. Women, now plagued with power outside of the bedroom, embrace a submissive state in the sheets.

All changes have been largely accepted by society. As always, there is a small set of the population that resists change. These traditionalists range from extremists who attempt to make an antiquated lifestyle work in the modern age, to average people who are behind the times with regard to a few of the smaller details of the new world.

Our story begins with a couple who fits the latter description. At the young age of 20 when the change started, Ryan Missler had just married Sarah (also 20), who was then pregnant with their first child. Ryan had high hopes that it would be a boy who would carry on the family name. Little did he know that the world was about to change. The name would carry on, but it wouldn’t be his first born *son* who would carry it on.

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