A ranger meets an elf in the wild

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A ranger meets an elf in the wildSitting on his bedroll in just his trousers, Thanir watches as the first rays of the morning sun broke through the trees. He glances quickly at the smoldering remains of last night’s fire but decides against rekindling it. The next town, and a real meal in a tavern, is only a few miles away so there was no need to cook a breakfast. Rubbing the last of the sleep from his eyes, the young ranger stands and stretches.Just as he begins to roll up his bedding, a series of sounds jerk Thanir’s attentions to the east. Dropping the bedroll, he grabs his sheathed sword and runs off in the direction of the noises. Thanir slows as the forest thinned, trees giving way to soft grass under his bare feet as he approaches a small, brook-fed pool. He stops short when he sees the source of the earlier noises, a slender redheaded woman bathing in the waist-deep water.She turns toward the sounds of the approaching ranger, now only quartered away from Thanir. Her long, wet hair seems pasted to her radiant white skin, revealing to Thanir’s roaming eyes only the basic outlines of her body. His eyes are drawn up to her face, drinking in her delicate features and realizing, when he sees her elongated ears, that this is an elf woman.”I—I’m sorry, m’lady…” he stammers, slowly turning to leave her to her bath.”Are you just going to stand there?” she asks, stopping him. “Or are you going to join me?”Frozen for a moment, Thanir stares at the elf, the playful look in her emerald green eyes the key to breaking his paralysis. Laying his sword against a rock, he moves forward, stripping his trousers as he walks swiftly toward the water’s edge. Her lips widen into a smile as he takes the first few steps into the pool. She shakes her head as she turns, giving Thanir a full view of her perky breasts as she floats backward into the deeper water. As the water level reaches his thighs, Thanir leans forward and smoothly dives in, swimming strongly toward the elf.Thanir swims straight toward the woman, reaching out to her as he comes close. She is agile, though, and darts away from his arm, giggling at his attempt. Time and again he passes close to the elf only to have her twist and dive away. One more time he swims toward her. She twists away from him again, but Thanir had held back this time, only stretching halfway toward her. Extending fully, his hand reaches her small waist, and he pulls the elf woman to him.Their gaze meets for an instant, a lustful fire in both sets of eyes. Slowly Thanir leans in to kiss her. Her lips part under his, and she answers when his tongue probes into her mouth. His left arm pulls her tighter against his body while his right hand slides up her taut stomach to her small, firm breasts. She breaks their kiss, rolling her head back and moaning in pleasure as he rolls and pulls her nipples one after the other. Grinning, Thanir begins to kiss and nip down her exposed throat and across her collarbone. Then he feels her nibble at his earlobe as her hands run slowly up his muscular chest. She tugs on the lobe playfully and whispers, “I hoped that splashing would draw you here.”She lets out another soft laugh as Thanir pulls back his head, a questioning look in his eyes.”I’ve been following you for five days,” she breathes, wrapping her arms around his neck. “And I decided I want you—want you to be my first.”Thanir’s eyes search hers as a smile spreads over his face.”And do you always get what you want?”She pulls herself up using her hold around his neck and wraps her legs tightly around Thanir’s waist, grinning as his hands slide down to her ass and grasp each cheek firmly.”Maybe not, but I think I have a pretty good chance at getting this wish.”She gets no answer from Thanir as their lips meet again in a passionate kiss. Locked together, they move toward the water’s edge. Slowly emerging from the water, a line of curiosity creases the elf’s brow.She barely pulls her lips back long enough to gasp, “Where?”Thanir draws back, bringing his right hand up to push a stray lock of deep red hair behind her ear as he looks deep into her eyes.”Your first time,” he answers kissing along her neck. “Want it…be right.”Smiling, she runs her fingers down and back up his left arm, tracing an old scar before curling her arm back behind his neck and leaning in for another kiss. Stepping out of the pool, Thanir carries her up the sloping bank and kneels, slowly lowering her onto a soft patch of grass. He rocks backward, sitting on his heels and letting his eyes roam over her body. Out of the water and in the soft morning sun, her skin seems to take on an ethereal, shimmering quality that is only amplified as a light blush spreads across it. Slowly he moves forward over her, his right hand skimming up her thigh, over her soft, round hips, up to her breasts, and on to gently caress and cup her cheek as he gently presses his lips to hers. The kisses continue, down her throat and toward her firm breasts. Thanir takes her right breast in his hand, softly caressing it at first then kneading it with increased vigor. His thumb and finger roll her rapidly hardening nipple, pinching and pulling on it. At the same time, his lips lowers over her left breast, sucking the soft flesh into his mouth, licking and twirling his tongue over the nipple. His hands and mouth trade places often until she is moaning softly at the pleasures he is giving.A small chuckle escapes Thanir’s lips as the elf’s hand replaces his at her breasts as he continues trailing kisses down her body. His tongue traces a circle around her navel before he flicks the tip into it, drawing a soft sigh from her lips. Thanir slowly continues the line of kisses down her body, stopping just as the elf’s breathing shortens in anticipation.A small groan of disappointment escapes her when Thanir skips down to her inner thigh. The groan is replaced with a sharp intake of air when he moves to the other thigh and nips her gently. Thanir raises his head and looks up at the woman before him. He catches her gaze and smiles into her eyes, eyes pleading with him to continue. He then looks down at her cunt, hairless as the rest of her body and glistening with more than just the water from the pool. With one more glance up at those emerald eyes, Thanir lowers his head again.He hears her sigh as his tongue runs lightly along her slit before he tuzla escort gently parts her outer lips, but the sound barely registers. All his attentions are focused on the sweet pussy before him, licking, sucking, and kissing every fold, inhaling her intoxicating aroma, and relishing her taste. Her low moans come faster as he gently tugs at her inner lips and thrusts his tongue deep inside her.Thanir hears her breathing becoming shallow and switches his attentions. His tongue flicks lightly over the tip of her clit and she cries out sharply. His lips seal around her clit as he begins sucking hard, his tongue rubbing firmly around the engorged nubbin. His right hand caresses her thigh while his left snakes its way up to grasp and fondle her breasts.”Oh, Oh, Yes!” She cries out as her body shudders in orgasm.Thanir finds himself flooded with her juices, lapping up as much as he can while her cunt spasms around his tongue and her thighs squeeze tight around his head. Her body relaxes, and Thanir grins wolfishly as he slowly crawls up along her body, his mouth just a hair’s breadth from her body, letting her feel his hot breath as he moves. Their lips meet in a fierce, hungry kiss. When they part, she is looking up at him, breathless, eyes wide.”Is that what I taste like.”Thanir makes a show of licking his lips and slowly nodding.”And it’s even better from the source. Want another taste.”She nods, and they kiss again, long and deep. At the same time, he begins to rub the head of his cock against her slit. He presses slowly into her, and she whimpers around his lips. Thanir breaks their kiss, pulling away only so far that he can watch her eyes as he works his way into her tight cunt. He feels a new resistance to his progress, and his eyes carry an unspoken question. She bites her lip and nods. Despite her stifled cry, they never break their gaze as he pushes through her hymen and buries himself inside her.Bottoming out inside her, Thanir holds himself steady for a moment, letting them both acclimate to the intense feelings of their situation. Slowly he begins to rock inside her again, and they are both moaning and sighing in pleasure. Thanir begins to piston faster and longer into the elf woman, and she begins to tilt her hips up, changing the angle as she meets each thrust. Even as their bodies begin to move as one, they both hold each other’s gaze, neither able to look away from the other.The sounds of pleasure soon start coming more frequently and sound more urgent, and both begin breathing raggedly. The elf shudders as a series of small orgasms ripple through her body. The clenching in her cunt almost drives Thanir into his own orgasm. He can soon feel her body tensing again underneath him, and the fingers that had been stroking up and down his back dig deeply into his skin. This orgasm brings loud, frantic cries to her lips. At the height of her climax, Thanir joins her, groaning loudly as he thrusts as deep into her as he can and unleashes his own orgasm.Kissing her tenderly, Thanir rocks gently with the elf as she comes down from her orgasm, then rolls off into the grass beside her. When she turns her head to speak, Thanir is pleasantly surprised to see a hungry look still in her eyes.”Thank you,” she starts. “That was…more than I had hoped for.” A playful smile crosses her lips. “Now, can I clean you up?”Without waiting for an answer, she moves between his legs and begins to lick the mixture of their juices off his cock. He begins hardening again under her ministrations, and he groans loudly as she sucks the head of his new found erection into her mouth. Closing his eyes, Thanir concentrates on enjoying the sensations of this novice, but very enthusiastic mouth on his cock. Disappointment crosses his face when he feels the woman pull him out of her mouth, but that is forgotten when he opens his eyes and sees her positioning her tight cunt above his erection. Thanir’s hands slide up her legs to grasp her hips, helping steady the elf as she slowly lowers herself on his cock. The feeling of her tight, wet pussy sliding down his erection could only be topped by the view he had of himself disappearing inside her. His breath comes as a long, slow exhale until he found himself buried completely inside her.As the elf begins riding him, Thanir raises his eyes, watching her enjoy herself. She arches her back, thrusting her breasts forward, but leaning backward and pulling them out of Thanir’s reach. Likewise, she throws her head back, rolling it from side to side in her enjoyment. Resting his lands lightly on her hips, he lets her control the pace and length of their coupling. As he feels himself coming closer to climax, though, he begins to rub tight circles around her clit with his right hand. This draws an appreciative moan from the elf and an increase in the pace of her thrusts. Thanir’s left hand grasps tighter to her hip, and, as they both come together, his right hand also grabs her hip, pulling her tight to him as he thrusts upward into her.The elf woman collapses into Thanir’s chest, and they lie together gasping for air. As they regain their breath, the fingers of his right hand slowly stroke up and down her back, sending little shivers down her spine. After several long moments, she laces her fingers together across Thanir’s chest and sets her chin atop them. There is a soft smile on her lips, and a far-off, satisfied look in her eyes.”By the way, my name is Nimahel.”Thanir chuckles as his hand slides over the curve of her ass and gently squeezes the firm flesh.”And I am Thanir, or did you already know that?”The look of surprise in her eyes answers the question even as she replies, “Why do I feel guilty for saying yes?”His chuckle deepens, and she joins in as the gentle vibrations of his laugh transfer through their bodies. The laughing fades, though, as his hands slide up her back. He brushes a few stray locks out of her face and behind her ears and leans forward, kissing her tenderly.”Don’t feel guilty. I certainly enjoyed this morning, and it seems that you have as well.””Mmmm…very much so,” she replies, her hands running across his chest as she moves forward to kiss him again.Breaking the kiss, Nimahel sighs happily and lays her head back on Thanir’s chest. A quick glance at the sky tells Thanir that it is past midday. His lips curl upward in a smile as he absently tuzla escort bayan strokes her back.”Nimahel,” he whispers. “Come with me to the next town.”The elf raises her eyes and beams at the ranger.”We can get a room for the night. A bed, some hot food, and,” his voice takes on a playful tone. “Perhaps a surprise or two.”Nimahel purrs in delight as she starts to rise. “You had me convinced at the mention of the bed.”Smiling, the two part to gather their belongings. A few minutes later Thanir, dressed again in the leather trousers and vest, heavy cloak on his back, and sword hanging at his side, emerges again from the woods only to find Nimahel waiting for him. He stops for a moment to glance at the elf. She was wearing a long tunic over tight leather leggings, all in muted greens and browns. Under her cloak she wore a quiver, the arrows easily accessible over her right shoulder, and she held a long elven bow.”Is this a mighty huntress I see before me?””Mighty enough to take a wolf,” she replies, in reference to the a****l skins Thanir’s cloak is made of. “And without weapons, too.””I think it was the wolf that did the taking,” chuckles Thanir. “But you certainly laid a good trap to snare him.”Thanir had misjudged the distance earlier, and it takes the pair several hours to reach the village. Arriving just as dusk is settling over the land, they enter the loud, smoke-filled tavern room of the inn. Nimahel finds a small table in the corner and orders food and ale for the two of them while Thanir seeks out the innkeeper to secure a room. Noting his smile as he returns, Nimahel asks Thanir what has taken him so long.”I had to make sure that everything was up to standards,” came his cryptic reply. “Besides, I have always found taverners and innkeepers to be the best sources of information when in new territory.”She reaches out her hand to take his as he sits. “And is the news good?”The food and drink arrive, and Thanir relays what he has learned as they eat. Over a second tankard, the conversation turns more personal, and Thanir searches the elf’s face and her words, trying to understand the source of his feelings for her. Never before has he felt this sort of emotional attachment for anyone, let alone so swiftly after meeting. It is unsettling, but pleasant at the same time. They finish the ale, and decide to take the conversation back to their room. Nimahel smiles as they head to their room, asking, “We have had the hot meal and are on the way to the bed, but where is the surprise or two?”The only answer she gets is a lopsided grin from Thanir as he turns the key in the lock to their door and swings it open for her. With one final glance at his face for clues, she steps into the room and stops immediately. She looks at the tub, a small amount of steam still rising from the water, and turns toward Thanir with one eyebrow raised.”Since I interrupted your earlier attempt to bathe,” he explains, guiding her further into the room with a hand on her back and closing the door behind them. “Now, can I help you undress?”Thanir reaches around Nimahel, unfastening her cloak and drawing it from her shoulders before dr****g it over a small table. This is as far as he gets though, as she steps forward out of his reach, shaking her head as she turns to face him. Their eyes lock and a smile slowly spreads across Thanir’s face as the elf slowly begins to strip in front of him.She pulls her tunic up slowly, exposing her flesh an inch at a time to his hungry eyes then finally pulling it up past her breasts and completely off. Loosening the braid in her hair, she shakes her head letting the long red tresses free to run down her back. Thanir steps forward, one arm circling around her waist, the other hand cupping one of her breasts, and kisses Nimahel. She presses her body into his, opening herself to his kiss and feeling the rough texture of his clothes against her bare chest. Then she backs away again, freezing Thanir with a look that is far from innocent.”Patience, my dear, is a virtue that will be amply rewarded.”He forces himself to be still and watches as kicks off her half boots and unties the lacing of her leathers. She slides her pants coyly down her legs, bending and turning partly away from Thanir as she lowers them. She stands, hands joined in front of her, covering her sex.”Has my little temptress discovered modesty?”Nimahel smiles as she lets her arms fall to her sides. Thanir gazes into her emerald eyes before his eyes roam slowly down her body and back up. Their eyes lock as he whispers one word, the only summary of her body that he can form.”Beautiful.”Nimahel blushes slightly at his comment, her smile widening. She turns slowly and begins walking toward the bath. Her fiery red hair cascades down her back and below her waist. The soft waves in her hair accentuate the curve of her ass. The sight of that firm, round ass swaying rhythmically as she walks almost pulls Thanir toward her. A predatory grin flashes on his face as he thinks of springing forward, grabbing the elf, throwing her to the bed, and ravishing her. That line of thought only broken when he notices she is stopped at the edge of the tub and is looking back over her shoulder at him.”Naughty boy,” she breathes in a sultry whisper as if she is reading his mind.He watches as she slides into the tub, hears her sigh as the water covers her body. Distracting himself for a moment, Thanir builds a small fire; just enough to keep the room pleasantly warm for the night. Turning, he quickly strips as he approaches the tub.”How is the water?””Mmm…wonderful,” answers Nimahel, loosely putting up her hair after rinsing it out. “But it would be even better if you joined me.”Quietly stepping behind her, Thanir kisses the nape of Nimahel’s neck, eliciting a soft purr from the elf.”I plan to.”Nimahel turns her head, sees that he is already naked, and grins. “I should have known.”Thanir slips into the tub behind her. Picking up a sponge, he has Nimahel lean forward. With slow, gentle strokes he washes her back, eliciting soft moans from the elf. After several minutes, he reaches around and slowly draws the sponge across her stomach. Nimahel slides back into him and turns her face toward his. Softly their lips meet, and Thanir drops the sponge. His left hand slips around her, softly caressing the underside of her breasts. His right hand escort tuzla slides down her body and slowly begins stroking along the inside of her thigh. Nimahel rises and begins to turn her body to Thanir, but his right hand slides across her hips and pulls her back down.”Don’t. Just relax and enjoy.”Nimahel melts back into Thanir’s chest with a soft murmur of approval. His hand becomes firmer on her breasts, squeezing and rolling his fingers over her nipples as he caresses. His right hand releases her hip and tracks slowly across her left thigh. Nibbling gently on the lobe of her ear, he slides his hand between her parted thighs.”Your body is so hot,” he whispers, his fingers curling around and pressing on her mound.She moans softly as he begins to rub the soft lips of her cunt. Slowly he builds the pressure on both her tits and pussy. He runs his middle finger up the fold between her lips, then back down, plunging it into her hot, wet cunt. At the same moment he twists and pulls on her left nipple. Nimahel moans loudly, rocking her head backward and raising her own hand to her right breast. Thanir starts kissing her neck as he slips a second finger into her.”Oh, babe, you’re so tight.”Nimahel can only moan in reply, her head rolling back away from his, exposing more of her neck to him. Thanir continues kissing and nipping at her neck and throat, while thrusting his fingers deep inside her. Nimahel whimpers a bit as he adjusts the angle of his fingers and pulls his palm away from rubbing her cunt, but that changes to a gasp when his thumb begins rubbing tight circles over her clit.Her breaths soon come in shallow gasps as her body begins to tremble with that delightful tension. With a sharp cry, she releases the tension, her body rocking and her cunt spasming in orgasm. Thanir keeps stroking his fingers inside her until the tremors subside and her breathing begins to deepen. Slowly he withdraws his fingers and begins to lightly draw them back up her body.A light touch on his wrist draws Thanir’s head up. Nimahel stops the progress of his hand up her body as he looks over at her. The pleading look in her lust filled eyes tells him exactly what she wants.”Of course,” he chuckles, his hand already sliding back down to her cunt.His hand slides over her cunt, and she pushes hard into the contact, moaning as his fingers slide along her clit. Thanir easily slides two fingers into her cunt and begins thrusting them quickly inside her. Adding another finger inside her, he gives a final twisting pull to the elf’s nipple, drawing a sharp inhale and a lusty groan on the exhale. His left hand slowly slides down Nimahel’s stomach, her own hand moving in to take its place at her breast.Fucking her faster and faster with the fingers of his right hand, Thanir slides his left down to stroke and rub her clit. Nimahel thrusts up with her hips, meeting his fingers and trying to take them deeper with each thrust. She calls out his name as a small orgasm ripples through her body. She quickly rises again toward climax under Thanir’s ministrations. Her right arm curls around his head; her fingers twine through his hair. Her hips buck wildly at his hands, and her fingers clutch desperately at the back of his head as she is shaken by a powerful climax. Her whole body shudders as wave after wave of pleasure roll through her.Slowly Nimahel begins to relax. Her body, spent, collapses back into Thanir. She loosens her grip on his head and her arm slips back down into the water. His right hand comes up to her face, caressing her cheek and turning her face toward his. He gently kisses her, tugging on her lower lip as they pull away.”I think they heard you cries in the next village,” he chuckles.She smiles sheepishly and lays her head against his chest. The slow rhythm of his heartbeat and breathing is calming, and his arms around her, his hands gently stroking her body, soothing. They lie like that, Thanir gently holding her, until the water becomes too cool for comfort. Reluctantly, the rise and step out of the tub and begin drying each other.As she finishes toweling him, Nimahel looks up at him, their eyes locking. Holding his gaze, she slowly drops to her knees, her hands trailing down his torso and coming to rest on his thighs. Without a word, she wraps her fingers around the shaft of his rapidly swelling cock, pumping the loose skin back and forth. A small moan escapes Thanir’s lips when she leans forward and swirls her tongue around the head. Soon she is running her tongue and lips all along the shaft, her hand still pumping at the base. Pausing, she looks up to make sure he is watching. With their eyes locked, she leans forward again and takes the head of his cock into her mouth. He groans louder as her soft lips close around him. She slides her mouth up and down his cock, taking more and more of his length into her mouth each time. One of his hands comes down to her head, the fingers twining in her hair. His grip tightens, and she stops bobbing along his cock and sucks on his head, her tongue flicking around the head behind the seal of her lips. His grip loosens, and she resumes sliding along his cock. As she continues to alternate this way, Thanir’s hips begin to thrust back against her eager mouth, driving his cock deeper into her.By the look on his face, Nimahel can see that he is swiftly nearing his climax. Clutching the back of his thighs, she feels his cock swelling again as she takes it as deep into her mouth as she can. His hand clenches in her hair just at the moment his cock twitches and he cums in her mouth. Swallowing quickly, she can feel his hot seed as it gushes down her throat. His hand relaxes, and he begins softly stroking his fingers through her hair. After a minute, she releases his softening cock and leans back to see the look on his face before moving toward his cock again. She licks him clean, noting with a smile that he has become semi-erect again in the process. She takes hold of Thanir’s offered hand and allows him to help her to her feet. As she rises, Nimahel presses her body against his. When she is standing, he meets her with a deep, passionate kiss. His hands slide down her back. She moans and presses tighter into him when he squeezes both ass cheeks at once, then gasps as he pulls her off her feet. Without breaking their kiss, her legs wrap around his waist and her arms lock behind his neck. As he takes the first few steps toward the bed, she pulls back from his lips and looks into his eyes.Leaning forward her lips almost brush against his ear as she purrs, “I want you inside me.”

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