A real Black Bull enjoys my wife


A real Black Bull enjoys my wifeI looked at that black bull Orson, as the sweat dripped from his glistening muscular body onto my sensual naked and wasted wife.The black bastard stared at me and he smiled with an evil grin.He ordered me to suck his black semen off Anita’s cunt while he rested for a while…Then he withdrew his massive and still hard dick from my wife.She shuddered as she felt the emptiness on her well used cunt.Ana was spent and limp on the sofa as I pulled her to the edge and knelt between the semen stained black nylons. I looked onto that gaping pussy lips and then I convinced myself that my sensual wife had become a black cock slut…She breathed hard, begging me to suck her cunt clean; but easily, because she was feeling sore after her new black lover using her.Her messy pussy continued to ooze the mixed juices, as I attempted to lick her clean. But the damage was already done…Ana regained her composure after I licked her abused cunt and then she began to kiss Orson, telling him she needed his cock… Soon his ebony canlı bahis hard pole was ready for round two. Anita had him sit and she squatted over his massive black cock. Using both hands she pried her pussy open and in one motion sat on his fully erected cock with a satisfied sigh. There was no pain or need to adjust to his size; now Ana was broken in well. I watched again as my beautiful slutty wife fucked him and begged that black bastard to blow his warm semen into her cunt again. I listened as she pledged to be his personal slut and have her hungry married pussy ready for him whenever he came into town. Orson smiled to me as I heard her saying that and he lifted her body and let her plunge again on his thick black cock.Ana then showed another shaking orgasm…Tired but still not satisfied she dragged her brand new Black Master to our own marital bed for more.As I passed by on my way to bed at the guest’s room, I saw Anita on all fours taking that huge black cock again from behind…For three hours I lay in bed listening to them fuck bahis siteleri and listening to my wife spew filthy words about herself, what she wanted from that black guy and what she would do for him. I heard him grunting wildly as he delivered three more potent loads into my slut wife before things grew finally quiet…Orson left early the next morning before my wife got up; he had to catch a flight home. I walked into our bedroom and I could smell the odor of sex in the air. Ana was lying on the bed; she still had on the black nylons but they were semen stained and had streams running down them…Her once tight pussy was red and swollen; with semen oozing out. I knew she was a truly black cock slut now…Anita spent the rest of week reliving her experience as we fucked. During the next month she interchanged messages with Orson and had a lot of sex phone with him. She even talked with him as she got me fucking her in our bed.Then one afternoon she called to my office, telling me that her Black Master would come to town on the week end. bahis şirketleri He had promised her to save his potent sperm just for her hungry cunt…Ana was delighted and she wanted to spend the week end with that black bastard. But she added that Orson wanted some privacy and I would not be allowed to watch as he fucked my sweet wife…Then I told her that on the week end I would visit some friends outside and could call her on Saturday night.When I called her, Orson just picked up the phone and warned me he was now starting to feed his huge hard dick into my wife’s pussy. As he hung up the phone I could hear Ana begging him to use her like a married white slut.On Monday morning I returned home, finding that Orson had already left just a while before. Ana was taking a shower…I found our marital bed was a mess. There I saw some fresh stains of semen on the bed sheets. The bastard had fucked my sensual wife for a last time before leaving that early morning…Anita came out of the bathroom; she was fully naked.Although she had taken a warm relaxing shower, her sweet body was a real mess.She had red scratches on her inner thighs, bite marks on her nice round boos and some dark bruises on her neck.Her Black Master had really enjoyed that sensual body…

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