A Really Bad Day Ch. 02

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I wasn’t going to write a second chapter of this story, however I had so many lovely comments and emails requesting more that I couldn’t refuse.

If you haven’t read the first chapter of this story already then I would recommend it, as it provides much in the way of context and scene setting.

I hope you enjoy.



I woke the next morning to find that neither of us had moved an inch during the night. My beautiful Jess was still snuggled into my side, with her head on my shoulder and her arm across my tummy, pinning me possessively to her bed.

I gently eased myself out from under her and headed to the bathroom, the huge smile on my face belying the mixed emotions that were running through my head.

Yes, I was as happy as could be that Jess had welcomed me so wonderfully when I’d turned up unexpectedly last night but I had to admit to feeling more than a little scared. I knew that I was falling, maybe had already fallen, really hard for her. I knew that if I lost her now it would hurt like hell, but I also knew that Jess wasn’t a lesbian – at least she wasn’t before last night.

Would she wake this morning with regret or would we now move forward into a fully fledged relationship?

I knew she’d been scared of how other people would perceive her and I knew she was worried about bringing more prejudice into her life but I felt sure we could deal with it together if she’d let me help. The question was – would she give it a go?

I was roused from my reverie when I heard ‘Chris?’ called out in a worried tone and I instinctively called back to let her know I was in the bathroom, scolding myself for forgetting once again that she couldn’t hear me.

Walking swiftly back into the bedroom I saw Jess propped up against the pillows with a slight frown on her face, but the second she saw me the smile that made my heart melt was instantly plastered back onto her face.

‘Morning Gorgeous’ I said, as soon as I knew she could see my face, although I also noticed that her eyes didn’t stay on my lips for long but were descending to my breasts and pussy shamelessly.

‘Morning Lover’ came the reply that instantly calmed most of my fears.

I slipped back into bed to have my lips claimed instantly in a kiss that was so hot I thought my blood would boil. Yep, that got rid of any lingering doubts!

Just as I was surrendering fully to the sensations of her tongue gently probing my mouth Jess pulled away and cupped my face in her hands in a gesture that was now so familiar and heart-warming.

‘No regrets?’ she asked, confusing me intensely

‘Why on earth would I have regrets? Surely I should be asking you that!’

‘Because you’ve just saddled yourself with a deaf woman, silly.’

‘I’m sorry Jess but I don’t understand; why would that cause me regrets? What has you being deaf got to do with anything? I was worried that you might wake up today wishing you hadn’t saddled yourself with a woman!’

She grinned at me then before replying, as her hands drifted down from my face and casually caressed my neck and shoulder.

‘No Chris. I regretted waking up alone but I was fine as soon as I saw your clothes and knew you were still here.’ Her hand was now working it’s way lightly up and down my arm, the touch so light as to be barely noticeable but notice I did, my nipples springing to attention as her hand glanced across the side of my breast. ‘Especially since you said that today I could explore your body. In fact I seem to remember that your exact words were that I “could do as I pleased with you”; I’m just trying to decide where to start.’

I knew that I was putty in her hands as her words soothed my soul while igniting fires in my body. I also knew that it was Monday morning and that we had to go to work but as her lips once again sought mine and her fingers brushed my nipple, all coherent thoughts of a world outside of this room were quickly wiped from my mind.

Jess had never been with a woman before but she wasn’t about to let that be a problem. She was a woman, she knew how she liked to be touched and damn me, it seemed that she knew how I liked to be touched too.

I moaned into our kiss as I felt her tweak my nipple between her thumb and forefinger, pulling it gently as it hardened further to her touch.

‘Hmmm, I like that I can make you moan.’

‘How did you know?’ I asked in honest bewilderment

‘I feel the vibrations. I wonder how much I could make you moan if I did this?’ and she lowered her head until she could run her tongue across my nipple before taking it into her mouth, my much louder and prolonged moan answering her question nicely.

Laying me back onto the bed she leaned over me and lavished attention on my breasts for a blissful eternity as if fascinated with them, as I sighed and mewled under her. I felt instantly bereft as her hand left one nipple and the other exited her mouth with an audible ‘pop’ but as I looked into Jess’s eyes and saw the unbridled lust they contained güvenilir bahis I had to remind myself to breathe.

She started to kiss along my ribcage, peppering me with small kisses, interspersed with lightly sucking on my skin and she was driving me insane with desire. I loved what she was doing but I was so turned on I had to refrain from pushing her down to where I wanted her the most.

If this was her first time pleasing a woman then god help me when she’d had more practice!

As she kissed her way down my body I lifted my arms over my head in pure abandonment only to find that Jess stopped what she was doing altogether. I opened my eyes to find her staring at my right arm, then she jumped up off the bed and circled it, scrutinising my body as she moved, finally coming to a stop next to my right knee.

I followed her eyes to see what had caught her attention, quickly noticing the large bruises that were starting to appear, similar to Jess’s from our incident on Saturday. I’d been so focused on Jess that I’d practically forgotten about them but Jess suddenly looked so sad it was heartbreaking.

‘Why didn’t you say anything Chris? You looked after me so tenderly and all the time you were hurt too!’

‘I’m fine, I didn’t see the point.’

‘You didn’t see the point?’ she was angry now and I couldn’t work out what I’d done wrong. Her mood had changed so abruptly that I was struggling to keep up, let alone understand.

‘You know what, for the last 6 years people have been treating me with kid gloves. Trying to save me from anything painful, trying to shelter me; well I’m fucking sick of it! I thought you were different Chris, I thought you saw me as ME, not some poor deaf woman that needed to be protected!’ and with that she stormed off into the bathroom, slamming the door after her.

I started to shout after her until I realised just how futile that was, so I jumped out of bed and followed her to the bathroom, listening at the door in an attempt to gauge what she was doing. Soon enough I heard the toilet flush and then I heard her blowing her nose.

I tried the door and found that it was wasn’t locked, so I opened it gently and peered around the door to find Jess sitting on the edge of the bath crying, but she looked furious.

‘Go away!’ she shouted as she saw me, and then she turned her head so that she couldn’t see my reply.

I wasn’t standing for this; she’d got me all wrong and she was damn well going to let me respond whether she liked it or not, so I strode into the bathroom and plonked myself down on the bathmat at her feet, grabbing her arms to ensure that she couldn’t storm away again.

‘Now you pay attention miss high and bloody mighty! I didn’t tell you because you were hurt much worse than me and you were also in shock. I was much more worried about you than I was about me, in fact I didn’t even really notice that I was hurt until quite late Saturday evening just before going to sleep.

If you remember rightly there wasn’t exactly much time to discuss it on Sunday morning, then we went to lunch with my Mum and the next time I saw you we were rolling around on your bed naked. It’s not my fault that my bruises didn’t start to come out properly until well after yours, otherwise you’d have seen them last night!

And as for protecting you because you’re deaf – get over yourself woman, your lack of hearing had nothing to do with it – although yes, I do try to protect those I love and I refuse to apologise for it!’

Jess had stopped trying to pull away from my grasp now so I loosened my grip, leaving her sitting on the edge of the bath as I stood and started to walk out of the bathroom.


‘What?’ I snapped back as I turned to face her again. I was beginning to learn that having a row with a deaf woman was far more logistically complex than usual.

‘I’m sorry. I’m just sick of people trying to cosset me like I’m some fragile flower and I assumed you’d done the same. I should’ve known better and I had no right to be angry with you, I really am sorry.’

The anger had left her now and she seemed totally deflated as she sat there, her shoulders hunched as she stared at the floor.

I touched my fingers under her chin to lift her face and kissed her gently on the lips, hoping that my eyes would tell her everything that she needed to know.

‘It’s ok Jess. I can’t comment on how people have treated you in the past but I’m not one of those people. I’ve only known you as deaf and I don’t know what I have to do to convince you that it really isn’t an issue for me.’

‘I have a pretty big chip on my shoulder don’t I’ and she smiled at me but there was no humour in it.

‘Chris, you said that you try to protect the people you love?’ It had slipped out without me even realising it and there was no point in backtracking now, especially as it was blatantly true.

‘Yes Jess. I said it and I mean it, don’t we all do that?’

‘So…. you love me?’

‘Yes Jess, I’m rather afraid türkçe bahis that I do.’

She stood then and I wrapped her in my arms and held her close until she pulled away slightly to look at me.

‘Have we just had our first argument?’

‘Yeah, I guess we have.’ I smiled back at her

‘You know what happens now don’t you?’ I looked at her blankly and shrugged. ‘Now we have to have great make-up sex!’ The smile was real and full this time and I allowed her to take my hand and lead me back to her bed.

Jess had been about to taste her first (and only if I had anything to do with it) woman and she was insistent that she carry on exactly where she’d left off, making me lay on the bed so she could make herself comfortable between my thighs, which she kissed and caressed as she worked her way toward my pussy.

She planted small feather light kisses above my mound, and then down until her mouth was poised directly above me clit, at which point she extended her tongue slowly and took a gently swipe.

My hips jerked at the contact causing her to grin up at me. She obviously liked that fact that I was at her mercy and susceptible to her every touch and I thought she was going to tease me but I was wrong.

The next thing I knew her rigid tongue had speared my very core and she was fucking me with her tongue like a pro, nudging my clit with her nose as she did so. I tried to stop her, to get her to slow down, to allow me to breath – but no.

She hung onto my hips as they shot off the bed and devoured me, licking and sucking me into submission, my climax coming hard and surprisingly fast.

She would have carried on but I managed to persuade her back up the bed and into my arms so that I could kiss her, tasting my myself on her mouth.

‘Wow Jess – you’re a natural at that you know.’ I smiled

‘I liked it. It made me feel, I don’t know….powerful I think. Knowing that I had so much control over you in that moment; more so than with a man I think. Now I want more.’

She started back down the bed but I stopped her and flipped her over – this time I was getting to play as well and I quickly manoeuvred us into a sixty nine position where we stayed for the next 20 minutes, licking sucking and fucking each other with tongues, mouths and fingers as we came repeatedly until exhausted.

Eventually we dragged ourselves out of bed and into the shower and Jess got herself ready for work. I then drove her to my house where I got changed before driving us both into work. Pulling into a parking space I turned off the ignition and turned to speak to Jess, who startled me by leaning into me and kissing me deeply.

I hadn’t expected any form of public displays of affection, especially not in front of her workplace but I was coming to learn to expect the unexpected where Jess was concerned.

Walking toward my workplace I saw my manager Michelle beckoning me from her office, so I went straight into see her when I entered the building.

‘Hey Chris, you want the good news or the bad news?’ I parked myself in a chair and asked her to hit me with the bad news first.

‘Well – the bad news is that you won’t be getting any redundancy money.’ The smile on her face told me to hang on before I retaliated ‘The good news is that you’re keeping your job; in fact we all are!’

She went on to explain that over the weekend the company had won some pretty substantial orders at a trade fair, so for the time being we were all safe.

‘However, I’m now going to have to fire your arse for walking into work 3 hours late with a fucking smile as wide as the English Channel – just what in the world have you been up to this weekend and does it have anything to do with the woman that’s just climbed out of your car? I couldn’t help noticing that it wasn’t Sarah.’

Fortunately I knew she was joking about sacking me, like I said we get on pretty well so I filled her in on how Sarah and I had broken up, how Jess and I met and glossed over the rest, I knew she’d fill the blanks in for herself.

‘Jesus girl, you don’t waste any time do you! Well, I’ve decided to have a little celebration on Friday night since we all still have jobs; will you be coming and shall I expect Jessica on your arm?

‘I’ll be there. I hope Jess will be with me but I’ll have to ask her, I’ll let you know later in the week.’

Even though I started work late the day seemed to pass interminably slowly, mainly because I kept gazing out of my office window at the building opposite, wondering if Jess was also thinking about me.

We fell into a routine for the rest of the week with me mainly staying at Jess’s so as not to neglect her cat Jasper, travelling into work together and spending a big proportion of our spare time in bed.

Jess may well have been new to lesbian love but my god she was an insatiable and avid student, often leaving me exhausted but always very happy. She was keen to join me at Michelle’s party and so on Friday night we went home separately to get ready and güvenilir bahis siteleri I was to pick her up in a taxi later.

I was dressed in my usual attire of Jeans, boots, shirt and jacket – I knew it would be a casual affair and had passed this information onto Jess. I was therefore stunned when she opened the door dressed in a black cocktail dress that accentuated every curve; glimpses of her long legs visible through the thigh-high slit up the side and her back exposed.

Her beautiful curly brown hair had been piled up onto her head in a way that left her neck bare and her cleavage was making a daring bid for freedom.

Once again I was stood gawking like a teenager. I had seen this beautiful woman naked, had explored every inch of her body with my hands, lips and tongue, but somehow seeing her dressed (or almost dressed) like this sent the most amazing shivers down my spine and my throat was instantly parched.

‘You’re dribbling Chris!’ she laughed, as I stood there awestruck.

‘You have no idea how badly and where from!’ I croaked as I kissed her cheek and took her arm, steering her toward the waiting taxi. ‘I did tell you this would be a pretty casual party right?’

‘Yes, but it’s been ages since I had the chance to dress up and as this is the first time I get to meet your friends I wanted to make you proud of me, besides – I thought you’d like it?’

‘Like it? I love it! I’m just not sure I’m going to be able to keep my hands off you!’

When Michelle’s husband opened their front door Jess was standing slightly behind me. I moved to the side to introduce her and I thought he was going to graze his tongue as it scraped the tarmac.

I was greeted perfunctorily and instantly swept aside as he took Jess’s arm and guided her into the kitchen, with me following behind chuckling. Michelle and Bob had been happily married for 15 years and he was no threat. It was nice to see Jess enjoying the attention but I knew she was slightly worried about her deafness in a crowd of hearing people, so I hurried along behind to make sure she was ok.

I caught up with them at the kitchen island just as Bob was asking her what she’d like to drink and I knew she hadn’t seen him speak and therefore wouldn’t answer, so I stepped up beside her and wrapped my arm around her waist, wresting her back from Bob.

‘You trying to steal my woman?’ I said with mock annoyance ‘I’ll have a beer thanks, what are you having Jess?’

I was starting to see how this was going to be a problem in a crowd of people. I’d made my own assumptions before I realised Jess was deaf and had made more than a few errors since knowing. I didn’t want people to assume Jess was ignoring them and I knew she found it difficult to follow a fast flowing conversation involving several people, but equally I knew she didn’t want to announce her deafness.

I was just trying to work out the best way to handle the situation when it sorted itself out in a very surprising way.

Michelle glided up behind Jess saying ‘Well, you must be the lovely Jess that’s had Chris sighing and daydreaming at her desk for the past week.”

Now that’s not the sort of comment that’s easily ignored once heard, so when Michelle didn’t get an answer she assumed Jess was shy, walked round in front of her and said ‘I’m sorry – I didn’t mean to embarrass you.’

Jess looked at me, looked back at Michelle, then back at me. I had just opened my mouth to repeat what Michelle had said when I saw a look of determination cross Jess’s face. She placed a single finger against my lips to stop me speaking, took a deep breathe and turned to Michelle saying ‘Oh I’m very sorry, did you say something? I’m deaf so I don’t know people are speaking to me unless I can see their lips.’

Michele, bless her heart, took this completely in her stride. ‘Oh I’m sorry honey, Chris didn’t tell me. I was just saying that you must be Jessica and that you’ve had Chris a little distracted and tired for the last few days. I have to say she has impeccable taste – you look amazing!’ Said with a very pronounced and theatrical wink which made Jess blush in the most endearing way, totally removing all uneasiness she may have felt about having to announce her lack of hearing.

The next 3 hours flew by and were loads of fun. Michelle must have discretely informed all of the other guests and although a couple of people seemed to shy away from talking to Jess, most people just made extra effort to look directly at her, accepting her gentle touch to bring their face back into position if they looked away mid-sentence.

There were so many admiring glances, from both the men in the room and many of my straight women colleagues that Jess was often the centre of attention, however she regularly sought me out and attached herself to my arm possessively, happy to let the whole group know she was spoken for and by me. I of course was feeling very proud and happy and more than a little smug, after all she was absolutely gorgeous, smart, funny and best of all – she was coming home with me!

I was dancing with some colleagues when I looked over and saw Jess looking a bit down and pensive, so I walked over and joined her, asking what was wrong as I tugged her down onto a sofa next to me.

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