A return to J’s (nanother true story.)


A return to J’s (nanother true story.)Here I am back at “J’s” the Guy that took my anal virginity.I have used his bathroom and ensured I am squeaky clean were it matters.Today he already has a friend staying with him so I know I will be busy. ”S” is his name and I know they have been friends and fuck partners for many years so they know what they want and how to get it.It starts the second I enter the bedroom I am encouraged to get on my knees and I am presented with two cocks to suck on. I opt for “J’s” as it is almost 10” long and quite a mouthful, I try my best to take as much in my mouth as I can. J is hard in an instant and starts to push it deep into my throat making me gag. I break off and take a deep snort of poppers, I then force myself straight onto his cock as I pull back I am presented with “S’s” cock too. This one is cut and about 6” long. This was my first 3some and I was definitely going to enjoy it. So to have had 2 cocks presented to my mouth at once was incredible. I try my best to accommodate them both one is making me gag and the other is filling the rest of my mouth. I am gagging and enjoying every minute of this moment.They break off and push me to the bed I take this moment to have another draw of the poppers. They then blindfold me and tie my hands in front of me before laying me down over the edge of the bed on my belly with my head slightly over the edge and a cock is inserted into my mouth it belongs to J and I suck on it eagerly as S starts to lube my arse and finger my hole slowly opening me up. When he is ready he inserts his cock into me. And fucks my arse for all he is worth. While J fucks my throat, making me gag.Each time that S thrusts kocaeli escort into me I end up taking J’s Large cock deep into my throat I am nearly gagging on it but over time I am slowly getting used to it so don’t gag as much as I used to.S is thrusting into me pounding me for all he is worth lustful of my arse.J is loving me being impaled at both ends at once and I am loving it too. This is my first time and I hope it lasts a while.After a long while S & J changed places and the feelings I have experienced are carried on if not multiplied. J’s monster cock is now entering my arse as S is now on the bed with his cut cock being presented to my willing mouth. I am again filled at both ends but the experience is different as the longer cock is now up my arse, I am fully impaled but now being thrust onto the more manageable cock in my mouth. Gagging is less of a problem but I am still battling to breathe a habit I have gotten used to over the years, breathing that is. All I know is I am in 7th heaven and want it to never end.But this episode does as they break off and things change.I am left on the bed but now blindfolded and my hands are tied in front of my greatly limiting my freedom but allowing me to take poppers which I do greatly….I can no longer see what is happening or about to happen or who will do it. Obviously I will do when it comes to arse or mouth fucking as the two cocks cannot be mistaken…I am made to lay on the bed on my back with my legs over the edge, my legs are lifted and a cock is thrust into my arse. It is J’s and he is fucking me hard from the start. I feel movement on the bed and S thrusts into my mouth. I am once again taking both at once and kocaeli escort bayan I expect and hope for nothing less.Then S leans over as he fucks my face and take my cock in his mouth and bring me to an almighty erection as I am now being fucked, being face fucked AND having my cock sucked all at once by these two men , blindfolded and hands tied. This is awesome and my senses are all working at once. I am being used everywhere at once and it is all new to me and I am loving it. This goes on for some time and I can’t believe I am part of it. It is truly mind blowing and I cannot believe I have not yet cum my load, nor have they for that matter. Maybe I have spoken too soon as S shoots a load right down my throat and this make me shoot down his throat and J seeing this joins in and all three of us are now spent.. I have cum in my belly from my throat, in my belly from my arse and some on my chest from what I shot into S’s mouth.This bring us to a halt, they remove the blindfold but leave my hands tied… They move me around and snuggle up to me on both sides as we all enjoy the feel of each other’s bodies for a while. This is new to me as I am only really interested in the sexual side of things, not the physical/emotional side.We soon start again and they decide to blind fold me again. I am now set diagonal across the bottom of the bed standing bent over with my face over the edge. S starts to fuck my face and J starts to introduce toys in to my willing arsehole. If you recall J is not gentle in this department and I am well and truly getting fucked with a dildo. S is working my mouth and throat J has now moved on to a larger dildo and is working it with extreme izmit escort effort up my hole. I take more poppers and start wanting him to succeed with the dildo. Eventually he is and I now have a thick and long rubber cock rammed up my arse and a real one repeatedly rammed into my throat.The dildo is removed and they change places J now has his large cock at my mouth and I try to swallow all of it down my throat. S has decided that I am now open enough and he has lubed my hole even more and is pushing his fist deep into me. I am taking giant objects in both ends at once. And BOTH are becoming successful. He is well passed my outer sphincter and is now pushing my inner one to its extreme he is almost there. J is just about giving me enough time to breathe. But at least he is keeping my busy enough to take my mind off the beloved pain of the fist entering my bowels.S has now passed my inner sphincter too so is now well and truly fisting me. Knowing this J withdraws from my throat and moves round to my arse were S removes his fist and J immediately fills the gap with his own fist. S comes round again fills my mouth but only fleetingly as he returns to my arse and J and S take turns fisting me. I am taking poppers now like there is no tomorrow and I’m loving it all. Eventually they feel I have had enough and remove the blindfold.. was that enough poppers or the fisting I don’t know but I do know that they are right. Especially as they have now produced a baseball bat and stuck that up my arse. I really do not know how much has been inserted into me but it looks great sticking out of my hole like a large tail.Sadly they remove the baseball bat and it is over for the night. Time to get cleaned up and head for home. But only after I have shown my gratitude by blowing them both one more time before we get dressed.I loved every minute of what happened and savoured the event for some considerable time.

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