A Romp at the Cottage


It could have been only a dream, a small flicker in the consciousness of one single solitary being of life. The experiences of one life all summed up in one expression of joy, respect and consummation of forever friends. One infinitesimal moment in a billion moments all experienced at the same time to result in such beauty.

The day was hot and dry, the lake water sparkled through the valley and lit the green brush. David had only come here for one reason. The girl he had loved forever was coming. Kerri and David had known each other since they were small kids, growing up next door to each other, side by side. David had always had the most powerful infatuation with her, his stomach in knots, tongue thick and clumsy when he spoke with her.

His thoughts were obsessed with her, even with the passing of years he still felt a deep love for her. Even with feelings so strong he was never able to tell her how he felt, although he suspected she always knew. She was always so much smarter than him, beautiful, athletic, sweet, he believed she was the perfect girl.

When she moved away it ripped him in half, he lay away at nights, sleepless and in a deep depression. No one understood and he could never tell anyone. It was just the way it had to be and he respected that fate. His chest ached every time he saw a picture of her, heard a song that reminded him of her, even when he saw girls who looked like her, he couldn’t think of anything but her.

And now she was returning. It made him sick with anticipation, his heart was ready to explode and his hands were shaking. His parents had a cottage out at this little valley, it was a small little thing, not even forty feet across. It had a small guest house that was maybe twelve feet across if that, the roof was so low that you had to duck near the sides. As the minivan with Kerri’s family pulled around the gravel road corner David sighed and waited impatiently. It had been 2 years since he’d seen her. His last memories were long, golden blonde hair that played all the way down her back. Silvery/green eyes that pierced your soul, yet warmed your heart. A killer smile that just made you return a smile for it was so contagious. Her body was that of a Goddess, one so perfectly shaped with athletic purity. Her skin so soft and perfect. He just got lost in the memory of her.

Now she approached him, walking towards him down a gravel path. She was spectacular. The image of her had changed, she was grown up now, her body had become one of a woman’s and her hair was cropped short around her neck. He was shocked at her beauty, his whole body was numb until she hugged him. All he could think of was how great she smelled, her hair tickled his nose, how great she felt, her breasts pressed against him and he was engulfed, and when her arms wrapped around him he didn’t want to let her go. This was heaven. He regretted never telling her how he felt.

“Look escort bayanlar at you” He beamed. “You look great” He tried to keep his adoration to a minimum, his family was around too. He whispered into her ear. “You look beautiful”

Kerri looked up and him and smiled. “You look great too Dave, you’re all grown up”

Dave smiled sheepishly. He had always been the small kid, last picked for everything and always left out. That was how he and Kerri became friends. She was a girl, and with it came the stigmas that girls can’t do anything, she proved all the neighborhood boys wrong and beat them all at every single game. Now it was Dave’s turn. He was the last one to grow up, and he had done a lot. He had grown taller, more muscular, he even had some muscle definition now. Working out had paid off.

As the families talked and reminisced Dave went and got a couple Pepsi’s for him and Kerri. He led her to the guest house so they could talk alone in private. They were the best of friends and they had always been able to talk, no matter how much time had passed.

The small little guest house was a perfect place for them to speak privately. It was hot and stuffy inside, but opening the sliding windows and the pepsi helped cool them down.

They talked for over half an hour together, David complimented her constantly, praising her and how she had effecting him. He was in fact spilling his guts. He had to tell her how he felt.

“W-what I’m trying to say is Kerri, I love you, I’ve always loved you. When we were little kids all the way until now. I passed it up as some stupid puppy love infatuation, that I was just kidding myself. But you are the perfect girl and I just had to say that before you left again. So I know you know how I felt and to see how you feel too…” He gulped and felt lightheaded.

Kerri didn’t even reply, she just sat there and smiled her smile. Dave watched as she pressed her pepsi against her chest and ran the cool can across the front, small beads of moisture collecting where she dragged the can. Her white t shirt was now lightly stained with sweat and he could see the outline of her bra, her nipples jutted out eagerly from beneath the fabric. Her pants were tight and fitted to her perfect form. All Dave could see was her beauty. He also was desperate for her to reply.

“Dave…I know you had a crush on me. You never hid it very well” She smirked. “I liked you too, you were always so sweet to me. You always treated me with respect”.

Kerri got up and leaned forward, allowing Dave the chance to view down her shirt into the dark shadows under her shirt and to her bosom. His breath was caught in his throat. Kerri placed a hand on the back of his head, her fingernail scratching his ear and kissed him gently. Dave nearly died. His heart was racing and his lips were tingling with her kiss, her soft cheek pressed against his tuzla anal escort and she continued to kiss him. There was nothing to be said. Only the past could be honoured now.

Kerri straddled Dave and kissed him again. All he was aware of was how close she was to him, her soft bottom pressed against his lap, her soft lips, her arms wrapped around him in an embrace. Dave decided he better do something with his hands, so he slid them up and down her back, playing with her damp shirt against her warm skin. The shirt bunched up under his hands so he pulled it up over her head and dropped it to the side. She stopped kissing him long enough to let him take her shirt off. Her breasts defied gravity, within the bra they jutted up. Her massive breasts were so perfectly shaped, they rose and fell with her every breath. Dave ran his finger across the bra line, his finger tip caressed her milky white skin, causing her to shiver.

“Ker-“ She stopped him from speaking by pressing a finger to his lips.

He looked into her eyes and saw what she wanted. She was repaying him for his loyalty, his love, his friendship. He didn’t have to say anything. Kerri reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, it fell away to reveal two perfectly shaped nipples, reddish brown, they were hard and perky from her obvious arousal. Dave eagerly sucked on her nipples and tugged at them with his lips. He worshipped her and her body, paying homage to something he had admired for so long. His tongue dragged across her breasts, flicking about her nipple peaks, playing with them, rubbing them. His breath came heavily between his sucking and he made slurping noises as he suckled her left breast. Kerri stroked his head and ran her fingers through his hair, giggling as he tickled her with her tongue and gasping as he brought sensations to her body with his mouth.

Kerri pushed his head away and let him look at her breasts. She could feel his erect member between the thin layers of cloth keeping them apart, rubbing and pressing against her hips as she grinded against his lap. Her hands left his neck and traveled down to his pants, unbuttoning the fly one by one. Dave shuddered and shivered as she attended to his cock. Her sharp nails and deft fingers manipulated his already hard cock to a heightened state. The head was now purple and throbbing within her hands, triple the size it had been before she had arrived. Dave groaned as she stroked her fingers and palm up and down his shaft, across the head and under the glans.

“You sure have grown up since I last saw you” She whispered into his ear. Her hand squeeze his cock playfully and firmly.

Dave grunted and kissed her on the lips. Kerri stood up and slid her pants down, kicking them aside. Her panties were these thin, white little piece of cloth than had a damp spot in the front. Dave raised his hands up and grasped her hips, he slid escort tuzla bayan her panties down her legs and let them fall to the floor with her pants. The air was so hot and stuffy that it made beads of sweat form on their bodies. Kerri straddled Dave once more and grabbed his cock, positioning it for the perfect entry into her pussy.

As the head of the cock pierced the lips of her pussy, Dave let out a muffled groan. Kerri’s hips slid down perfectly upon him, her body accepting his member in a slick, tightness. The muscles within her contracted and squeezed him, massaging his cock to the point of pure pleasure. Dave wrapped his arms around her hips and she wrapped her arms around her neck. Their bodies started to move in a hot, silent, moist, animalistic behavior. The pulsing, pounding reverence of lust was beginning to coalesce. Dave could hear her small panting as she arched her body against him, her breasts rubbed against his face and neck, the tense energies surrounded them. Up and down in a silent dance, his cock tingled within her tight, hot pussy, the up and down sliding motion sent lightning through their bodies paralyzing them in an embrace.

Up and down, moist lust. Dave thrust his hips upward and into her, wanted to go deeper and deeper. The instinct and emotion intermingled like their juices in their crotches. Slippery fucking, up and down, in and out, sliding so furiously. The need was so great.

Kerri started to moan. Her voice was high pitched and low all at the same time as his cock slammed into her.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, shit…yes” Each breath escaped with each thrust. “Don’t stop fucking me” Her moans were stifled as she buried her face into his neck. Her pants created a huffing noise against his neck. “Keep going, I am so close”

Dave grabbed her hips as tight as possible and pulled her down as hard as he could, his cock slammed against the back of her pussy. Dave reached the end, his fingers left marks in her hips as they humped. He slid his hands down to her ass and lifted her up. Still inside her hot body he slammed her down onto one of the cots in the guest house and mounted her readily. He started to slam his hips into her, in a symphony of lust, her back arched and her belly pressed against his. Dave groaned, white light shot across his eyes and blinded him. He let out a throttled moan and shot wave after wave of hot fluid within her, her body trembled beneath him.

Kerri watched Dave rock above her, beads of sweat dripped off his nose and onto her chest. His cock was huge and throbbing inside her, stimulating her whole body, sending pulses and shocks of pleasure into her. He was splitting her open with each fuck. When she felt his cock explode within her the hot fluids spread within her she came to the ultimate climax, her clit was stained with a hot steaming batter of cum. Her body rocked and convulsed in orgasm, lifting Dave up off of her and back down. His cock still inside her, throbbing and pushing. David kissed her forehead and rolled beside her. Tired and spent.

“Thank you Kerri,” he gasped.

Kerri looked over at him, her hair matted against her face, she grabbed his head and kissed him.

“You were always the best.”

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