A routine gyno exam


A routine gyno examMy loving hubby woke up very early that morning. I heard the fucking alarm and I rolled onto my stomach. I slipped two fingers down to my shaven mound and inserted them deep into my cunt.It felt wet and very nice indeed.Victor noticed I was touching myself; so he lifted the covers and slapped my buttocks a bit hard. He then laughed, telling me I should not forget my appointment with the gynecologist… It would be just a routine general exam, including my asshole.As soon as Victor left for his office, I continued masturbating myself until I came crying like crazy. I relaxed my body and decided I could stay a bit more while on the bed.Two hours later I opened my eyes. I was late for the appointment. I noticed my cunt was on fire and I could feel my juices were soaking the bed sheets. But now I was in a hurry…I jumped out of bed and got a very quick warm shower.I dried my body and threw on some tight leggings and a loose sweatshirt. Glancing in the mirror, I noticed my hardened nipples were poking through the thin material. I completed my outfit with a pair of tall black boots and headed out to my car.Once at the doctor’s office, I sat down in the waiting room, a little embarrassed that I was the oldest patient in the room. I thought about those young girls, being touched for the very first time by a male doctor… I was called soon by the doctor’s assistant; a sensual black nurse in her early thirties, whose sexy name was Sharon.Nurse Sharon gave me a thin white gown and ordered me to get undressed. It was not the first time I stripped off in front of this sexy ebony babe; but every time I did it, I felt wet and horny about her…The gown barely covered my smooth shaved pussy.Nurse Sharon smiled as she saw my glistening pussy lips. She reached pendik escort out and rubbed my mound very slightly, as she looked into my eyes.“Bitch…” She called me, as she took out her sticky fingers.I was moving onto the black nurse to kiss her red plump lips, when the doctor opened the door. He approached me to check my breathing. The cold metal caused me to gasp as my nipples stood at attention. He teased me slowly.I noticed the doctor’s erection was now pushing against his pants. He began slowly massaging my boobs in circles, working his way towards my hardened nipples. I squirmed under his touch as he pinched and squeezed my areolas.I was now extremely horny and squeezed my thighs together, silently pleading with my juicy little cunt to calm down. I could feel my own juices leaking down the crack of my ass, soaking the white sheets underneath.The doctor left my hard nipples and smiled satisfied, saying he was now going to exam my vagina. So he made me spread my legs.As I did it, I could see that he had discreetly reached into his lab coat and unzipped his pants, allowing his massive cock some relief. His cock was really hard, pointing to the ceiling. He stroked it.I knew my pussy was soaking wet and my clit felt swollen.I sensed I was on the verge of an orgasm.The doctor ordered nurse Sharon to stand behind me and continue with my breast and nipple exam. He then sat down between my spread thighs and watch the sexy black nurse rubbing and squeezing my tits.The doctor placed each of my legs into a stirrup. He leaned on and I could feel his hot breath on my throbbing clit as he slowly traced a finger up and down my puffy cunt lips. Unable to control myself any longer, my betraying body began humping the doctor’s finger, as nurse kartal escort Sharon kept assaulting my swollen nipples.I heard myself moaning and grunting as the doctor pinched my swollen clit between his fingers and gently tapped it. He did not even need lube as he inserted a finger into my open wet hole.He shoved a second finger and began moving them in and out.All of a sudden, I felt also the black nurse’s fingers rubbing my clit, as the doctor finger fucked me. They teased me together.Bucking and squirming on the examination table, I could not help but cry out in agony and pleasure.Just when he knew I was about to explode, the doctor finally removed his fingers from my gushing slippery cunt.He then asked me to roll over onto my hands and knees, so he could examine my rectum. Nurse Sharon pushed a pillow under my head and she rubbed my neck as I got into this new position. I could feel my wetness running all over my inner thighs; but the doctor suddenly ran the tip of the thermometer against my wet cunt, lubricating it for insertion into my very tight asshole.Then, slowly inserting the thermometer, the doctor began fucking my asshole with the thick plastic rod, sliding it in and out with the help of my own pussy juices. I relaxed and muffled my pleasure grunts into the pillow as this man pumped the long thermometer into my rectum. And I could feel nurse Sharon’s hands gently caressing my buttocks, as she was pulling my firm cheeks apart and squeezing them together.I felt the doctor’s breath against my rosebud as he warned me that he was going to replace the thermometer with his finger. I gasped loud as I felt Sharon’s finger rub the cold jelly all around my rim. But the doctor himself pushed a lubed finger up against maltepe escort my tight rosebud and soon I felt two fingers exploring my tiny anal ring.My pussy was now dripping juices. But then I heard some strange noises. I raised my face from the pillow, seeing that the doctor was grabbing Sharon’s hips and he was pounding the black nurse’s cunt from behind. Nurse Sharon looked at me and she smiled, while she accepted the doctor’s dick in her cunt and kept fingering my tiny asshole…This black bitch began licking my running pussy juices.I moaned loud, burying my face again into the pillow. I heard the sensual black nurse was moaning too and the doctor pounding her cunt was grunting hard in pleasure.She finally came and she screamed loud in pleasure. She then slapped my butt and stopped fingering my asshole.But the doctor was not done yet. The black bitch had come on his dick, but he was still rock hard, wanting for more.So, this guy began fingering me, while he massaged his own dick.I suddenly felt him moving between my spread thighs and, with no warning, he shoved his hard piece up my swollen cunt. I gasped in surprise and began screaming loudly, as he started to pound my wet cunt with no mercy.The doctor suddenly pulled out and grabbed my hair, shoving his huge dick into my wet mouth. I swallowed all his cum as it shot out and down into my throat.The guy tucked his cock back into his pants and pushed nurse Sharon head into my crotch, ordering her to lick me clean.I squirted again under the touch of her plump lips.I cried out loud in pleasure, as I humped my hips in the air.The ebony bitch made me cum again and she completed her soft cleaning task with her nice lips and tongue.As Sharon stood up straight, I felt one of the doctor’s fingers sliding deeply into my tiny rectum. He pulled out, saying my corporal anal temperature was fine.The doctor left, after saying that he would meet me again in a month. Nurse Sharon helped me to dress up again.She went with me to the door and she kissed me deeply, saying she could not wait to see me again…

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