A Saturday Afternoon


It was a nice sunny Saturday morning as Allison woke up to the ringing of her doorbell. Pushing the blankets off her, she made her way down the stairs in her parents’ two story suburban home. On her way down, her older sister Tracy yells from behind, “Please put on some clothes if you’re going to answer the door.” Allison rolled her eyes and continued on her way in a t-shirt and boyshorts. She opens the door and is greeted with a hug from her good friend and neighbor, Jason.

Allison’s parents’ are successful business people, often on travel to conferences and meetings with clients. Recently turned 18, Allison shares the home with her 21 year old sister, Tracy. Allison and her sister were raised in a conservative household, masturbation was forbidden and sex was considered taboo. Both girls were sent to all girl schools throughout their education, only recently was she allowed to hang out with guys. Jason, also recently turned 18, is the only exception by her parents since they were neighbors. Being the same age, they stuck together and became good friends.

Jason also comes from a conservative household, but being in a modern age, both Jason and Allison have grown to have a more open mind. Even at their age, they still ask “why?” and often do not take answers for face value immediately.

At 18, Allison is just starting to bloom into a beautiful woman. Standing 5’6″ with a tight body from being on the track and field team, she feels confident with a 34B. Although confident, she hopes she will grow into the body that her sister has, at 5’7 with a 34C. Tracy is always catching the eyes of guys everywhere, especially Jason. Jason is still growing, but being a surfer, he has a nice lean body with a six pack to go with his 6’0″ frame.

Releasing her from the hug, Jason says, “Just woke up?”

“Yeah, you woke me up. Thanks a lot.”

“Anytime!” says Jason with a smile on his face as he invites himself into the house.

Allison rolls her eyes, “I need to take a shower and get ready, you can just hang out.”

Jason continues smiling and says softly, “So, did Tracy finish her morning run yet?”

“Yeah, gross, is this why you’re here so early?”

Unable to wipe off the grin on his face, “Maybe… but you know how it is, she parades around in her sports bra and I can see her nipples poking right through!”

Allison starts walking up the stairs to her room, “You’re such a perv!” she laughs.

In the bathroom, Allison strips down and stares at her naked body in the mirror. With both hands cupping her breasts, she wonders if she’ll ever develop as much as her sister. Hoping one day guys will drool over her as they do for Tracy, she admires herself in the full body mirror. As she continues fondling her breasts, her nipples harden and she feels the natural desire build in her. And as quickly as the feelings came, they were quickly interrupted by a knocking on the door. Snapping out of her daydream, she yells “What?”

Jason giggles and responds, “I caught a peek of her changing and I saw her hard nipples poking through her sports bra. And then she took it off! I only saw the side, but it was hot!”

Slightly annoyed, Allison opens the door with a slight crack, hiding her naked body.

“Why are you talking about it so loud? She’s going to hear you, and think that I’m involved in your peeking activities and I’ll get in trouble.”

“Well she just left now, not sure where she’s going, but she won’t hear me.”

“Okay, well I’m going to shower now, go find something to do while I get ready.”


As Allison showers, she thinks back to how her nipples hardened earlier and wonders if Jason would look at them too, if they were bigger. Then puts her head under the water and shakes the thoughts out of her head, knowing that they’re inappropriate.

After getting dressed, she opens the door and does not see Jason. “Jason?” she yells.

“I’m in Tracy’s room, come in here.”

Sighing with annoyance, Allison ventures into her sister’s room to see Jason rummaging through a stack of disks.

“What are you doing? She’s going to come home and be pissed off, we’re not supposed to be in here!”

“I was just looking mamak escort for a movie to watch, she always has so many things to watch, so I figured we can borrow and watch one. She’ll never know we had it.”

“Well.. fine.. it better be a good one.”

“Here, let’s take this one, it’s called ‘My Stuff’. “

“Whatever, hurry and clean up your mess and we can watch it on my tv.”

Neatly stacking the disks back in place, Jason gets up and goes back to Allison’s room. They both pop onto the loveseat and Jason loads the disk into the dvd player and turns on the t.v.

“This better be good,” says Allison.

Before the image appears, the audio comes through with a voice that is unmistakably Tracy. As she finishes her sentence “Do you like my tits?”, a male voice answers “Oh yes, baby.” On screen is Tracy from her waist up, on her bed naked , touching her breasts. Shocked and speechless, both Jason and Allison let the video continue playing for a couple more seconds before Allison speaks up, “We should not be watching this!” She quickly grabs the remote and turns it off.

“Holy shit! I just saw Tracy’s tits!” exclaimed Jason.

“Ew, stop being gross! We should not be watching this, and she should not be inappropriate like that!”

“Who was the guy?” asks Jason, curiously.

“I don’t know…”

“I wonder if he shows his face later, maybe we know him…”

“Well, we aren’t going to find out, because we’re not watching it anymore.”

“Com’on, don’t you want to know who it is? I bet it’s that David guy..”

“It doesn’t sound like it…”

“Well, let’s find out!”

“Um… fine.. but we have to turn it off if I feel uncomfortable or once we see who it is.”

“Okay, okay, give me the remote.”

Allison hands the remote back to Jason as he turns it back on. The screen is still focused on Tracy’s face and breasts as they heave up and down while she plays with her nipples. Out of the corner of her eye, Allison notices the bulge building in Jason’s shorts. She can’t help but feel the moisture develop between her legs, as she tries to push it out of her mind. As time slowly passes, her eyes move between the screen and Jason’s swelling shorts.

“Oh her tits look so beautiful.”

“Yeah.. I suppose.. when is the guy’s face going to show?”

Tracy continues to fondle herself, and as Jason watches intently, the tip of his member starts to escape from the side of his shorts. Allison takes notice and gasps to herself as she watches it inch out more and more and it grows. “Uh.. Jason..” Allison stammers. “Yeah?” Jason responds with his eyes glued to the screen. “Your um.. ” Allison points to his exposed region and Jason notices and quickly closes his legs. “Uh.. shit I’m sorry.” Allison blushes and shyly replies, “uh its’ okay..” Her legs spread a little involuntarily as her panties start to develop a wet spot as she gets more and more moist. She had just seen her first cock outside of a science book.

The male voice speaks up again on screen which causes both to look up. “Do you like my cock?” asked the mystery man as he pans the camera down to his erect penis.

“Oh crap!” said Allison as she covered her eyes.

“What, you’ve never seen a whole cock before?” replied Jason as he paused the dvd.

“No.. only in the science books at school.. I don’t think we should watch this anymore..”

“But don’t you want to find out who the guy is?”

“Yeah, but…”

“And you’ve already seen it once now, hopefully he’ll point it back at Tracy.”

“Fine…” replies Allison as she moves her hands away and reluctantly looks back at the television.

Jason resumes the dvd as the man focuses on him stroking his cock. Tracy responds with a moan “yes, I love your cock.” It zooms in further and as Tracy reaches out and wraps her hand around his cock, it gives Allison a comparison as to the size of it.

“Wow.. that’s big..” Allison murmurs as Tracy then takes the cock into her mouth.

“Oh my… what is she doing? and how is she doing that?!” exclaimed Allison as she turns away once more.

Jason pauses it again. “She’s sucking his cock, and you think that’s big? ankara masaj yapan escort That’s okay.”

“Why?? And what do you mean that’s okay?”

“It feels good, and yeah that’s just average. See?” Jason says as he pulls out his cock.

Allison looks over, “See what?” and answers her own question as Jason continues, “Mine is a bit bigger than that.”

Freezing for a second, her eyes open wide as she is torn between her family taught values, and her curiosity. Snapping out of it, she turns away again. “Put that away! What are you doing?”

“You know you were curious, you just starred at it for a couple seconds. And besides, you already saw it on the screen. And really, it was feeling uncomfortable in my shorts. Can I just leave it out? Please?”

“I don’t know… well.. I guess you’re right. Is it really that uncomfortable?”

“Yes, now can we get back to finding out who he is?”

“Yeah.. I guess” says Allison as she turns back to watch the dvd, but she can’t stop looking back at Jason’s erect cock sticking straight up.

The video progresses as Tracy continues vigorously sucking the dick on screen. After a minute or two, she lies back and the camera pulls back to reveal the rest of Tracy’s naked body. “Mm,” moans Tracy as she runs her hands along her body. The male voice asks her to touch herself and she giggles and obliges. With her right hand, she slides her hands down the valley between her breasts down to her wet pussy.

“Oh wow, your sister is so hot.” Jason says as he starts stroking his cock.

Allison is now in a mix of emotions as she watches what is unfolding on screen and next to her. Unbeknownst to her, she starts developing a slight sense of jealousy that Jason is giving so much sexual attention to Tracy.

“Mm, she shaves her pussy into a landing strip. I personally like it completely shaved or waxed,” says Jason with his eyes never leaving the screen.

Jealousy filled and before she can stop herself, she responds, “I am.”

Jason looks over at her, “You are?”

“I.. uh…,” accepting that there is no way out of it, she continues “yeah, I am. So what?”

“Can I see?”

“Nooooo! We’re friends Jason. And that’s not right.”

“You got to see my cock.”

“I didn’t choose to.”

“Show me and I won’t tell Tracy you are watching her dvd.”

“But you.. You wouldn’t… Jason…” pleaded Allison.

“Just for a couple seconds.”

Reluctantly, Allison gives up. “You can’t tell anyone…PROMISE!?”

“Okay.” Jason eagerly responded.

Allison slowly slides her skirt up and spreads her legs as she exposes her moist panties already bunched up around her sensitive lips. Nervously, she hooks her fingers around the bunched up fabric and pulls it to the side revealing her virgin pussy to a male for the first time in her life. Her juices glistening from the sunlight coming through the window. Her face is flush with embarrassment in her vulnerable position, but her mind is racing with excitement and uncertainty. As Jason leans in for a closer look she slides her panties back in place, “That’s long enough.”

“Aww, but I didn’t get a very good look. Another 5 seconds?”

“Just 5 seconds.. then..” said Allison as she pulled her panties aside again, this time slightly more willingly.

Back on the television, Tracy starts moaning loudly as she inserts a finger into her pussy. The male voice can be heard saying “mm yes, finger your pussy.”

Allison thinks outloud, “what is she doing? doesn’t that–” before she can finish her sentence, Jason had slipped a finger into her pussy, causing her to moan the rest of her sentence “hurt….?” Jason starts slowly moving his finger in and out of Allison’s tight virgin pussy, giving her pleasure she has never felt before. “Stop.. we shouldn’t be..doing.. this,” Allison mustered. His hand brushes across her sensitive swollen clit, causing her to twitch in reaction and let out a slight whimper.

Suddenly, they both hear footsteps coming up the stairs. They quickly turn off the television, recompose themselves, and try to act innocent as Tracy pops her head in. “What’re you guys doing?” mithatpaşa escort Both visibly flustered, they respond in unison, “Nothing. Just talking.” Upon Tracy’s exit, Jason goes over and closes the door with his shorts still tented up.

Allison takes this opportunity to try to clear things up and stop it, but before she could, Jason pulls down his shorts again and starts stroking his cock towards her.

“Jason, what are you doing? Stop, put that away,” she pleads again.

“Just touch it, you’ll like it” replied Jason.

Hesitantly, she allows Jason to take her hand and move it towards his hard cock. She tries not to look as he wraps her hand around it. The warmth and stiffness of his dick makes her even more wet, having now touched her first cock.

“Take off your skirt and panties, I want to see your pussy again,” said Jason in a slightly commanding tone. Allison stands up and slides her panties down along with her skirt and steps out of them.

“Turn around.”

Allison turns around. Jason smiles and says “you know, your ass is nicer than Tracy’s.” This eases Allison and causes her to relax a bit. “Really? you think so?”

Jason nods. “I bet your tits look nicer than hers too, now that I think about it. If only I can see them.” At this point, Allison’s primal instincts have taken over most of her decision making as she understands the request and slowly pulls her shirt over her head. “Are they?” she asks. Jason leans in and squeezes her breasts slipping her hard nipples between his fingers. Sliding his other hand down he touches her clit once more. The feeling of a man’s touch on her innocent body for the first time is too much for Allison as she reaches a climax for the first time, all the while holding onto Jason’s cock.

“Oohhhhh!!!!” Allison moans, “what.. was that? It was amazing.”

Jason leans in and whispers in her ear as he slides a finger in her pussy again, “You just had an orgasm.” Knowing full well that her body is taking over, Jason suggests Allison get on her knees. She gets on her knees and strokes his cock as she slowly takes his cock into her mouth, mimicking Tracy’s actions onscreen. Jason lets out a groan and guides Allison’s head further in to take his cock completely. Allison moves back and forth in a rhythmic fashion as she swirls her tongue around his cock paying attention to the tip. Without prior experience, her body takes over and she is a natural. She cups his sack as she strokes with the other hand, sucking on the head as if she had done this many times before. Her actions surprise herself as she takes one hand away and uses it to touch her attention craving pussy. Seeing this, Jason gently pushes her onto her back on the floor and spreads her legs as he moves his face towards her pussy.

“What’re you going to do?” Allison innocently asked. Without speaking a word, he leans his face in and parts her lips with his tongue ending with the tip on her clit. From there, he swirls his tongue around it paying close attention to this magical spot as he pushes another finger into her pussy. Allison begins writhing in bliss with this new found form of enjoyment. Sucking on her clit while flicking his tongue across the end, his fingers find her g-spot sending shockwaves through her body. Allison grabs a throw pillow to cover her mouth as she moans and cums. Panting, she watches Jason get up and climb over her body as he positions his manhood in front of her wet slit. Her body can’t deny it now, no matter how much she knows it is wrong, she wants it.

Jason rubs his cock around her pussy, teasing her until she begs, “Please.. please put it in.” Jason did not need to be asked twice as he fills her pussy, stretching it with his huge cock. Allison gasps as her virgin hole is penetrated. His hips begin to thrust back and forth as he fucks her tight pussy. Allison grips onto the throw pillow as she tries to contain herself, but can’t fight back another orgasm. Pushing his cock completely into her pussy, he groans as he feels the tightness around his cock. What seemed like eternity for both of them as they felt pure ecstasy, Jason starts thrusting harder and harder. And suddenly he stops as he pushes his cock deep into her pussy, arcs his back and groans. Allison reaches climax again as she feels Jason fill her pussy with his hot liquid. Jason pulls out, looks at Allison, and leans to peck her on the lips.

“Yeah your tits are nicer than your sister’s” says Jason.

“Shut up you perv!” laughs Allison as she punches his shoulder.

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