A Secret Affair


Sex. It’s really an interesting word. In general it is exactly what it means, two people ignoring all inhibitions and just going at it. Other times though, feelings get involved and it turns to more. That is definitely not the case with my situation. I used to be a very subdued, laid back woman until recently.

I guess it all started a couple of years ago when I saw him again after so many years. There is a 12 year difference between he and I and the last time I saw him we were quite a bit younger and the age difference seemed too far. Now it doesn’t matter. He came to visit at Christmas a couple of years ago and there was an instant attraction. He is incredibly sexy. Tanned skin, nice physique, beautiful almost hypnotizing eyes, and extremely full sensuous lips. Any woman would want him. Since I have a somewhat low self esteem level, I thought for sure he wouldn’t be interested, not to mention we are related. He however let it be known that he was very interested. Unfortunately nothing happened. We came in contact a few times after that and for me the attraction just continued to burn hotter. I wanted him. I wanted to know what bakırköy escort it would feel like to touch him and kiss him. I wanted to explore every inch of that amazing body, but the time was just never right.

Finally it happened. He came to stay with us for a while. It was awkward at first. It happened late at night the first night he was here. He, my husband and I (did I mention I was married) stayed up late watching a movie. I spent the majority of the time just staring at him imagining what it would be like to be with him. The movie ended and my husband decided to go to bed. I told him I was going to sit up and visit with my cousin for a while. We sat around just shooting the breeze for a bit and I went and changed into the sexiest lingerie I own.

I sat next to him on the sofa, hoping to give him the signal that it was the perfect opportunity. It worked. He started fondling my nipples in the most erotic way. It was sending chills up and down my spine. I leaned in closer, placing my back against him with his arms around me, giving him complete access to whatever he wanted. He touched beşiktaş escort me in ways that I had never experienced. Starting at my breasts, he worked his way slowly down my body and began concentrating on my already moist pussy. I wanted more. We moved from the sofa to the floor. I kissed his full lips, lightly at first but I couldn’t help myself. I grabbed him and kissed him fiercely. The kiss was amazing.

Before I go on I should mention something. He always teased me and gave this “guarantee.” Something he uses with all women. If I remember right it was “5 times in 30 minutes.” I didn’t believe him considering a have never been able to have a real orgasm. Or at least none of the men I had been with could give me one. You see, you grow accustomed to what you are used to and my husband isn’t the greatest at sex. At most it lasts maybe 20 minutes. I’m used to it. He gets off, he’s happy and so am I. I wasn’t prepared for what I was about to receive.

Back to the story. When we got to the floor, he instantly went to work. He began flicking his tongue over my clit, licking all beylikdüzü escort around, almost teasing me. My legs were already quivering. He inserted his fingers deep inside me, rubbing and pushing them in and out, continuously hitting every spot that makes a woman scream. Just as I was getting close, he would stop. He thrust his cock deep inside me, pushing harder and harder with each stroke. He pulled my legs up to his shoulders and pushed even harder. My body shook with every move. Again he was so close to completely pleasuring me and he stopped again. He went back to licking and fingering me. I wanted so bad for him to just fuck me. I was almost in tears at how incredible it felt. Finally it happened. I couldn’t withstand it anymore. He kept plunging his fingers deeper and deeper inside of me, all the while licking and flicking his tongue over my clit. I couldn’t take it anymore. My entire body shook in one of the most amazing orgasms I had ever experienced. It was so hard not to scream. (Doing that of course would have woke my husband up) I guess he realized I was orgasming so he began fucking me again. That just intensified things. It was amazing. Over and over it just kept happening. I wiggled and writhed under him, clawing at his back, arching my back closer to him. Finally I couldn’t take anymore and I had to practically beg him to stop. He looked at me with those enchanting eyes and just smiled. He was absolutely right about his 5 time guarantee…

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